BlackBerry 9650 Makes An Appearance On Sprint Order Forms

BlackBerry 9650 Makes An Appearance On Sprint Order Forms
By Bla1ze on 4 Apr 2010 06:15 pm EDT

Just in case we all haven't been teased enough with the prospect of the BlackBerry 9650 being released soon, BGR drops some new information on us about the possibility of us actually getting ahold of one before 2013. As the picture indicates the BlackBerry 9650 with and without cameras has shown up on the Sprint order forms. In addition to the 9650, the 8230 flip was also listed as being available. Surely, we'll see a release just before or at WES but at this point I really have to wonder who's still holding out for the 9650, let alone the 8230 Flip. Anyone still waiting on a 9650 release?

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BlackBerry 9650 Makes An Appearance On Sprint Order Forms


Do Not Want .... switching to the HTC Evo as soon as it comes out ... blackberry has done nothing but disappoint me lately with empty promise after empty promise

Just switched from the tour 1 to the curve 8530 and couldnt be happier....I guess if that comes out before my 30 days is up Id give it a try....But I guess at this point it really cant have too much more too offer other than a better camera.. Which really isnt a neccessity.

Cuz I actually switched to the htc hero first....and that phone was good but it was laggy.. and when it was time to switch back the curve had the wifi that tour didnt plus I would get money back....and honestly I like the curve better than the tour.

i did the same thing and never looked back. with the exception of the screen the curve2 has worked better for me since day 1 then the tour has. plus i was able to get one brand new off ebay for 75 dollars more then it cost me to upgrade to the tour and i get to keep my upgrade. hopefully i'll be using it on the slider

I think a lot of people, myself included, are still waiting for it. A brief check of the forums will show that the Tour2(Bold now) are still mentioned quite frequently. I just hope the delay has resulted in changes that will make this new BB more competitive with the other phones.

I should have gotten the first Tour but waited around for the Tour2. I am almost over it! It has taken so long for this thing to get out! If it isnt much improved over the current Tour who really cares?!?

I've had the Sprint Tour 9630 from July last year. It's a okay phone. But extremely boring to use. This coming from someone who has had. The sidekicks years ago. Widnows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1. Then the Blackberry device. My next phone will be the HTC Evo 4G. Rim is doing nothing revolutionary nor evolution. Just remaking phones with 1 or 2 changes. (trackpad, wifi) and selling it to you for another 200. They better wake up and get a creative team going. By the end of 2012 their consumer market and probably some of the business market won't be receiving them well. Hell even Microsoft has been doing their thing with Windows 7 and the soon to be released Windows Phone 7

Who cares? Bring us some new phones already not some old blackberry design that got us through 2009. This year better bring some of the wow factor that other manufacturers are bringing this year. Better quality control too, I went through 4 blackberry's since last summer. If RIM is telling us to get excited for the upcoming year, we better be wired up on crackberry once again.

I still have my 8130 and have been waiting for the Tour2 but since they announced EVO 4G, I"ll most likely get that when it comes out, unless RIM comes out with something worth sticking with.

Absolutely. I cannot wait to get rid of this 9630 with it's junk trackball. What else do Sprint customers have to look forward to when it comes to BB's? Answer: NOTHING. I'm anxiously awaiting the opportunity to take a hammer to this trackball. Other than that, the Tour is a decent device and I have no other issues with it.

What specs do ya want? lol. It's pretty much all laid out for ya. A tour..with wifi and a trackpad. :)

thats all tho? how bout they tell me if it has more ram? more memory? if it supports the 3d gli gaming thing? if it supports more audio formats? video formats?

the little details count too lol

I'm definitely waiting on the 9650 (tour2/bold?). My 8330 is holding up well and offers pretty much everything the 9630 has (including os 5.0 support.) But the introduction of wifi and a touchpad will make this a must have for me.

I have the tour and the track ball doesn't bother me. I have never had a problem with it. I maintained it with regular cleaning and it has never failed me. I can't see myself upgrading just for two things and not that great of an improvement. I personally need a big change in order to trash my tour for the next big thing. Great for those that waited and is now ready for an upgrade but, me, I'm waiting for the next storm (aka storm 3). If its what they rumor mill is putting out then thats the phone I'll be getting. Till then me and my perfectly fine tour will be waiting.

the 8330 curve is my first BB, and it has served me well, but Im ready for a new device with more memory, trackpad, os...ect. So I will be getting a new device when it finally rolls out..and I will be eligible for my upgrade by then.

Not me... I'm holding out for the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. I'm tired of holding out for BB greatness considering the latest pain-in-the-a## is that my microUSB port is loose (why, I don't know) and the phone looks like it's charging but doesn't really do all that well. An hour or so after I disconnect from power supply, the unit has a LOW BATTERY. I'm just flat out tired of all of this nonsense.

The 96 what? I have forgotten about this phone thinking it was a early aprils fools joke never to be seen or heard from again.

I feel like the reason this phone was delayed so long was to separate it from "what the tour 9630 should have been"

I went out and purchased a Storm2 on March 19th. Nice phone too. Too bad the 9650 was/is delayed so much....I really wanted it. But, my 8330 was starting to really crap the bed, and I needed something sooner than whatever nebulous date Verizon ends up settling with for the Tour2/Bold.

So, no, I won't be getting one.

Being a WIFI hotspot I can get rid of my MIFI and use the EVO only. If I find the Evo screen to hard to type on I can add a Tour2 later to my account for only another $10.00 a month. I can share minutes on the same account and carry both and have my WIFI handy at all times.

This is the best idea I've seen yet. I'm due for my yearly upgrade in July. I think I'll do exactly what you're suggesting. I can link the two phones with Google Voice, and carry whichever I choose. Brilliant!

Still waiting on the 9650 for Verizon. I've been on the bandwagon since October'09. Here's to hoping this thing releases VERY soon! I can't wait for a full QWERTY

I truly hope this means that Verizon is might be inching a bit closer to a release as well. With all the delays I cannot help but have my doubts, but maybe??

I'll wait till years end after the bleeding edge folk test it out and post thread after thread about what's great/crappy about the device... Do not want to waste my yearly new phone credit if it's not better than the Tour I already have... RIM really needs to step it up..

Had tour since release and it's ok. This will most likely be my last BB. I'm going to wait and see what the new W7 phones will look like and wait for 4g to be up and running

This will be my first ever BB :D .. since October! i been waiting for this bad boy, i been keeping up with all the news and stuff, i cant be teased no longer :( HURRY SPRINT!

Yeah, still waiting...I'm married to sprint because of my job, and I still have an 8330m, so I'm apparently never getting os5. I've been holding out on a tour because of waiting for this. Bring it, already!

Cant wait to sell this eris. Does anyone else think rom has an ace up their sleeve. I mean y for such a minor upgrade is it being kept so secretive. Please get some exact release info.

Not waiting anymore, Im takin some time off from the RIM world in July when I get my next upgrade, gonna give Android a shot for a while depending what devices are out by then anyways.. maybe even a VZW iPhone if it becomes a reality by then and isn't a piece..

I've got an update coming up on June 1st. I think I'll be going back to Android on either hopefully the Incredible or the Nexus One on Verizon. This whole 9650 thing has been dragged out long enough.

Verizon Sucks!!!!! It is time to leave the evil empire!!!!! If really want an IPhone, switch to AT&T... They will not screw you. I promise you... the iphone for vzw will be crippled!!!! That is what they do!!!!

Unfortunately for AT&T I like this thing called solid service coverage.. so I'll be sticking with Verizon.. and how do you figure the VZW iPhone will be crippled? The Droid isn't crippled.. if anyone is crippling the iPhone its Apple.. it would be a thousand times better if it were more open source like the Android OS.

This model is relevant. What value does this new device possibly add over the 9700 for RIM's lineup of Blackberry's?? I think RIM needs some new exec's.

I still love my 9700 over all the other crap on the market.

this is a CDMA world phone.. the 9700 while being a great phone wont work on VZ or Sprint so please allow us to have a decent

I'm so dissappointed it .591 that I may just take a pass unless they upgrade the app memory, processor, webkit browser, and a 6.0 OS. I may just keep my Tour that I'm happy with except for the OS failures (went back to my 419/484 hybrid today) and get an Android/Iphone or some other new phone that comes out later this year to compliment my Tour.

would consider it, on Verizon. More interested in the iPhone on Verizon.However, I'm not really unhappy with my 9630. Hasn't been perfect, but I sure like it a whole lot better than I did my Storm 1. I just really like the physical QWERTY. But, the browser on iPhone is so much better....I want the best of both Blackberry and Apple..... on Verizon.

Sorry RIM earlier this year you had me with the 9650 but now with all the info about the EVO 4G and the delay of the 9650, I have switched camps. The fact that Miami will have 4G by the end of the year was the nail in the coffin.

yes that is a persusive instrument. If the EVO hit the sales table before RIM on the 9650 and the price is affordable then.....................

I'm not a "must have the latest thing" person and was about to trade my Pearl in early last fall for the 9630. Then I caught wind of the Essex/Tour2/Bold9650 on these forums, and since I keep phones for 2-4 years I figured that I would wait. Big step up from where I am, and probably worth the wait.

I am happy with my Tour but I am quite disappointed with the 5.0 OS that was released. I had it for two days and downgraded to the 4.7 I am staying with the 4.7

I emailed Verizon about the issues and they replied telling me they are sorry I am not happy with the 5.0 that they haven't had any complaints as of yet. Oh please.....there are plenty of people unhappy. I hope you all email Verizon about it too.

But other than that, the Tour has been an amazing device for me. But if the others have poor 5.0 I think I will just hang on to what I have in hopes for 6.0

Jude526: I got the same comment from Verizon after upgrading my wife's phone. I was told that they have had no complaints at all about 5.0 - I was the first and only! :)

Verizon Sucks!!!!! It is time to leave the evil empire!!!!! They will just continue to lie to you and screw you over!!!!!

Earlier this year I was all hot to trot for the 9650, but with the HTC Incredible and Nexus One right on the Verizon horizon, there are just too many other far more interesting options than another iteration of RIM's hopelessly behind-the-times OS. Not to mention that the iPhone is gonna show up at Big Red sooner or later, and Windows 7 may actually be's just hard to spend that upgrade on a platform that seems increasingly irrelevant. And I am a 44 year old boring IT type, not a twenty something fanboy, too.

I had the 8330 and fell in L O V E with Blackberry! It was Blackberry till I die. Then the Tour came out, well gotta have the next step up! Bigger, better, faster, everything I wanted...but in the end it was the S A M E thing as my 8330 or as I like to put it I went from a 07 model to the 09 model. Everything was the same, look, feel, presentation and so forth (sure it was faster, better camera but in the end, the same device).

I am still Blackberry till I die BUT I am really tired of seeing all of these other phones coming out with a great UI and all we see is a trackpad and wi fi, big deal! Now if what we saw for 6.0 software becomes reality, now that is what I am talking about! Something N E W ! ! ! !

You can only repackage the same product so many times before others start to temp you I.E. pre, hero, nexus, HD2 etc.

RIM has to do something different because this salty old dog needs something new, fresh and clean even though he has old reliable, Tour!

I agree... I am a die-hard Blackberry fan, but really feel that RIM is falling behind quickly - not just in the area of hardware, but some of these OS's as well. I hope their R&D kicks it into gear before they fall too much farther behind.

My sister had the pearl when it came out she got rid of it awhile ago and I showed her my 8530 and she new how to work it better than me she said she remembers blackberry I said I can tell lol. All in all this just shows that my os is really just the same as the first pearl sad right. But I love my bb I just hope they keep up with all the new technology cause we will start looking at those cool new ones.

@ NewBerryBoston
I am SOOOOO with you on this! all these new phones coming out with great OS are very tempting to jump ship from RIM! time to step up there game or game over!

With the Nexus One and HTC Evo coming out soon who would stay with Blackberry!? Iv been a very loyal BB user for a year now but im getting so bored. Even with 5.0 and OS updates like every other day, theres really nothing new.A track pad and wifi is nothing exciting in my opinion compared to Android and Windows mobile7. I think Blackberry has alot of catching up to do and i hope they do. The only thing they have going for them is a sweet key board.

You are so right my former crackberry addict. I've been a die hard fan of blackberry since the 7290. I'm tired of making excuses why the lack of OS or web. Don't even get me started in the boot time RIM!!! After all our crying and shouting you would think RIM would get the hint correct NO. Watch out for HTC to turn some heads around - they certainly got mines. I'm even getting rid of my 9630 & 9550 and using a 8310 to store my passwords. Until the HTC EVO 4G drops it like its hotttt!!!! Bye Bye RIM and hellllllo HTC - cause they care and listen.

I'm eligible for my upgrade anytime, and so is the wife. If the 9650 is available when we go to upgrade, I might get one if the price is right. Otherwise the 8530 will be enough for me. Unless the specs are so much better I can't pass it up.

I'm eligible for my upgrade anytime, and so is the wife. If the 9650 is available when we go to upgrade, I might get one if the price is right. Otherwise the 8530 will be enough for me. Unless the specs are so much better I can't pass it up.

Im kinda siked that the 9230 flip is coming to sprint!!! i wonder though if they upgraded everything in it like that of other BB phones, like 256 ram, wifi, 3.2 camera would be nice but i really wouldn't care.

I am holding out for it and just keep getting my 8330 552 errors in the mean time....
However, could RIM have scrapped the 9650 design and now has the 9700 design?

I figured maybe GSM= 97xx series from here on out
CDMA= 96xx series from here on out

when this thing shows up, after all the time we've waited, there'd better be significant changes. all of the technology to create it was available when the original tour launched. so what was the wait for? to get the morons, me included, who bought the first tour to shut up about being molested? the HTC Evo 4G looks great but i'm not a fan of touch screens. we shall see. but this is enough to put my tour on ebay and switch back to the red 8830.

So I am with Sprint and I have a Curve 8330 which is showing its age. I can upgrade to a new phone this fall and I am waiting for the BB 9650, even though it should have been out about four months ago. Now with the HTC EVO coming out this summer, I may have to consider the options of leaving Crackberries. Phones just seem to be getting more and more cutting edge and Blackberry just seems to be lagging behind... The only thing holding me back from switching is BBM.

I'm with ya, for some reason BBM has a hold over me, otherwise going elswhere wouldent be such a big deal!

Was waiting for it to come out to sprint got tired of waiting for the Bold/Essex so went and got the Tour happy with it so maybe my next upgrade I will get it after the bugs are worked out but as of right now happy with the Tour

This is fake i just checked FDT and none of the info on the photo is right, no fdt version more pages of equipment than what real FDT shows this totally fake take it down i got my hopes up over this just to be let down by some fake asss shit

Switching from Blackberry Tour 9630 to Evo or Nexus as soon as my contract is up in August. Blackberry seems to be falling further and further behind. Updates are far between with little improvement. Why would I want to renew a contract with the 9650. The same phone as I have now and have had for a while, except with wi-fi and a trackpad. Bye-bye Blackberry. Too many hopes for improvement and nothing seen after months of rumors.

Is anyone waiting on the Nexus one? I like the EVO its just to big! The nexus one would be perfect for me! BB is just getting sooooooooo boring! Android is whats in now!!

I was due for an update in February and was going to wait for the Tour 2 to arrive. When it didn't arrive I decided to go ahead and get a Tour 1. This was an upgrade from the 8330 which I had had for 20 months.
I have found the Tour 9630 to be excellent. The trackball is responsive and accurate. The Operating system 4.7 was a major upgrade from the 4.5 of the 8330, and the new 5.0 is terrific. This is not to invalidate the comments of others who may have had problems with their units. However, the barrage of negatives about the Tour which is very little different from the Bold 9700 strikes me as overkill. My understanding is that the trackpad is an improvement over the trackball, but, frankly, I have experienced no problems at all with the ball. It works perfectly. The absence of WiFi is not a major problem for me. I have Wifi at home, but I also get an excellent phone connection from Verizon at my home address. At work WiFi is unavailable. Therefore, having WiFi on my phone would not enhance my service in the least. With Verizon's superb coverage in the Puget Sound/Western Washington area I have experienced no drops and rarely if ever am I ever below three out of 5 bars. Battery life was initially poor, but that was easily resolved by changing the amount of time the backlight remains on and the intensity of that light. Dropping the numbers to 30 seconds and 70% had little or no effect on functionality and improved battery life significantly.
I suspect that there have been problems with the Tour 2 just as there were problems with the initial release of the Tour 1. New equipment almost inevitably have bugs. Given the level of anger and disappointment I read about the early Tours I can understand their wanting to be sure that they got all of the bugs out of the new model.
One way or the other, I am very pleased with my Tour 1 and do not for one moment regret getting it. Perhaps in 20 months the Tour 2 might have appeal, but for now I am completely happy and comfortable with what I have.

ive always been a die hard bb fan. i have the 9630 since it came out...but even hybrid OS installs my blackberry has gotten not interested in the bb 9650 im very excited for HTC EVO a previous user here said...Miami shall have 4G by end of year...ill jump ship and go Android =]

Your comment about the your Blackberry being boring is indicative of a generation who sees a telephone (cellphone) as toy, entertainment. The Blackberry is essentially a business application, a telephone which can be used as a personal organizer. If you want a toy, buy an iPhone. I really sense that RIM made a serious error when they attempted to turn their superb instruments into toys for adolescents. As a business application, personal organizer, and general aid it is unmatched. As a video game it just doen't make it. RIM should leave that market to the Droids and iPhones, and their ilk and do what it has always done best.

After looking into the other smartphones, I'm still sticking with Blackberry, it fits my needs best. And, I've been holding out for the 9650 "Essex" so I can switch to Sprint. But, I can't blame other people for jumping ship to the other smartphones, especially if they are serious web browsers. RIM really needs to at least offer an outstanding web browser at least on their top end phones.

Kinda glad I waited. The 8830's been good but it's slow now and the lack of memory and no wifi is killin me. Good to at lease see it on an official Sprint list!

i was when everyone thought it was coming out in the beginning of the year, but now that the HTC EVO is coming out nope. thinking about getting the EVO when it comes out.

I really can't wait until the new tour 2 comes out, I have a tour now and I'm so in love wt it! I can pretty much doing anything I want wt my tour.. The only problem that I have notice is the trackball!! That's the real reason for me wanting the tour 2, because it has a track pad, and Wi-Fi... I've had every blackberry that sprint has came out wt and the tour is bout the only 1 that I can really say that I love!! So no I can't wait until it comes out!!!