BlackBerry 9630 (Tour) Appears In Bell Inventory System

BlackBerry 9630 Appears In Bell Inventory System!
By Bla1ze on 13 May 2009 07:41 am EDT

We've seen the accessories appear in Telus systems, this time around BGR got the above pic of Bell's inventory system showing the actual device being listed along side the $599.95 price which of course will be decreased by the time it hits market after Bell promotions and subsidized pricing kicks in.

The $599.95 pricepoint will hopefully round down to about $199.95 which is more reasonable, but at this point it still needs the "subject to change" stamp to go along with it considering the info is not yet official. Heck, RIM hasn't even announced the 9630's existence yet. But with all the news flowing I'm sure it's just a matter of time and that will come up as well. Now, where is all the information from the US carriers? 

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BlackBerry 9630 (Tour) Appears In Bell Inventory System


I hope that's true, I'll be calling Telus asap to give me that credit of $150 that is showing up in my account.

It's True!

My co-worker needs to get a BB now, they phoned Telus, the rep said the Tour (but their actually still calling it the niagara, weird!) will be available in two weeks.

So they're getting a World Edition for now....then sending it back for the Tour because they have 13 days to return it if they don't like was my idea ;)

I was reading, I think it was that all BlackBerry Devices released after the Tour will have WiFi Enabled.