BlackBerry 9620 Introduced by Nextel Mexico and RIM

By Adam Zeis on 4 Dec 2012 09:08 am EST

BlackBerry Curve 9620 

RIM and Nextel Mexico have released the BlackBerry Curve 9620 today. The latest addition to the BlackBerry 7 line of devices, the Curve 9620 features BlackBerry OS 7.1, a 5MP camera with flash, Twitter, Facebook and more. The Curve 9620 also allows users to instantly connect with contacts over the Nextel’s Evolution Radio service. Find out more about the BlackBerry Curve 9620 at Keep reading for the full press release.

The new BlackBerry 9620 smartphone offers all of the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features on Nextel's Evolution Radio Service

Mexico City, Mexico and Waterloo, ON - Nextel Mexico, and BlackBerry®-maker Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today launched the first BlackBerry® 7 smartphone for the new Nextel Evolution Network. The stylish new BlackBerry® 9620 smartphone supports all of the core BlackBerry services that let customers keep connected and productive, and allows them to instantly talk with another Nextel customer, or have group chats with up to twenty five other customers, using Nextel's Evolution Radio service.

"BlackBerry smartphones are very popular with our customers in Mexico. We're excited to offer the new BlackBerry 9620 smartphone with the Nextel Evolution Radio service, which offers customers instant communications and additional features such as being able to chat and access the Internet at the same time. We're pleased to strengthen our relationship with RIM and expand our portfolio of BlackBerry smartphones," said Alberto Escobar, Vice President of Marketing for Nextel Mexico.

"The stylish new BlackBerry 9620 smartphone has what you'd expect a personal and work phone to have, combining the instant voice communication that Nextel customers want with the unique features that only BlackBerry smartphones offer. We're pleased to expand our long partnership with Nextel and bring the first BlackBerry 7 smartphone with support for the Nextel Evolution Network to customers in Mexico," said Jose Maria Fregoso, Managing Director for Mexico at RIM.

The new BlackBerry 9620 smartphone from Nextel is an attractive, stylish handset that houses a fast, powerful processor and support for 3G and Wi-Fi® connectivity. It features a classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy typing and supports all of the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features that can keep customers connected to the people and information that matter most to them. On Nextel's Evolution Radio service, customers can instantly start a conversation with other personal contacts on the Nextel Evolution Network directly from their address book, BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM), or instant messaging apps like GoogleTM Talk, Windows Live® Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger. While in the middle of a talk session, customers can seamlessly switch to a regular phone call.

The smartphone includes a camera with a flash and support for video recording, built-in GPS for maps and navigation applications as well as for geo-tagging pictures, and a memory card slot for adding up to 32GB of additional storage. Customers can enhance their experience with access to apps and content for work and play, which are available for the BlackBerry 9620 on the BlackBerry App WorldTM storefront. The smartphone also features a long lasting battery to help keep customers connected throughout the day.

The BlackBerry 9620 smartphone from Nextel is available in Mexico starting today.

For more information about the new BlackBerry 9620 smartphone, please visit: and

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BlackBerry 9620 Introduced by Nextel Mexico and RIM


Don't know what to say about this. The phone is basically a Curve for different network type. Thank god it not release in the US or the media gonna have a field day

Not exactly: it has got the same 1,2 Ghz CPU as Bold 9900, same for the RAM, 768 MB. But it hasn't got a touchscreen, I don't know why someone should choose this phone rather than a Bold 9790.

It's a 9360 minus the thin form factor, but with better specs. 1.2ghz processor, so it should be a helluva lot faster, considering how the 9360 is sort of fast at 800mhz. wish they released this before the 9360...

Wow, seems to have almost the same specs as the flagship Bold 9900/9930 if I'm not mistaken. Does anyone know if the camera has autofucus? My main gripe with the 9930 is the inability to take closeup shots which is a step back from my old Bold 9650.

The camera doesn't have autofocus. Also, you can't really compare it to a Bold 9900, because of materials, the lack of touchscreen, typical Bold keyboard and HD camera. We can say that this device is a nonsense. The 9360 is less powerful, but has got a much better design.

This should sell very well. There are over 3 Million Nextel subscribers in Mexico, and the only competition is Huawei and Motorola phones. Prior to this, the only Blackberry available was a trackball model.

Assume only 20% of current subscribers pick up the phone (which would be a small number; there's a ton of Nextel Blackberry's out there in need of upgrade). That's 600k phones from one carrier in one country.

In this hyper-competative market, even selling 200k more (or fewer phones) per quarter than projected has a substantial effect on Share price.

BB10 will be great when it launches, but while much of the 1st world will jump on the new, shiny and expensive models, the rest will still be running with BB7 phones for years to come.

In Mexico, and much of the world outside of the US, Canada and Europe, most of us have no time for Angry Birds and the like, we need phones that help us make money. No work, no job = no money.

Ain't no food stamps down here. Very little time or money for anything other than the bare essentials.

This phone is a working man's phone, and good for Blackberry to invest in a smaller market that they can own.

Have a look at the website to see the 'HERO' status this phone is receiving:

This a GSM BB Curve with a custom Push To Talk application for Nextel Mexico.

This device looks outdated to most of us but is in fact leading the transition from the old iDen network to GSM 3G (Yes 4G is mostly nonexistent in the third world). Nextel Mexico has mostly business customers that are still rocking BB OS 5.0 devices. That's 3M customers on a country of 110M that still has phone plans with limited minutes and small data allowances.