BlackBerry 9570 spotted running BlackBerry 6 but what is it?

By Bla1ze on 22 Sep 2010 12:40 am EDT
BlackBerry 9570 

With all the talk of surrounding the BlackBerry Storm refresh and BlackBerry Storm 3, a new picture has emerged of the BlackBerry 9570. What is it? We're not really sure to be honest. We're certainly under the impression that this is indeed the BlackBerry Storm 2 refresh we seen pop up though. The question really is what will it go to market as? BlackBerry Storm 2? That name has been used already. BlackBerry Storm 3? Well, that previously leaked image was thought to be the BlackBerry Storm 3 but that may or may not be the case.

While those questions can't be answered as of yet we do know some specifics on the "BlackBerry 9570" though and that's the reasoning why for now, we'll call it a basic Storm 2 refresh until we know more. Basically, you're getting a SurePress device with 512MB of RAM, a 5MP camera and fully BlackBerry 6 capable. And of course, a presumed 624mHz processor that RIM is so fond of (although Qualcomm 528mHz are more commonly used for CDMA so that's more likely). All of which is running on CDMA and looks identical to a BlackBerry Storm 2. That's all we know for now folks but, I'm sure some more information will come out now that it's been publically shown off. How do you BlackBerry Storm 2 owners feel about this devices arrival? Would any of you non Storm owners consider buying this with the minor upgrades it has?

Source: BBLeaks

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BlackBerry 9570 spotted running BlackBerry 6 but what is it?


And... This could be exactly what BGR was talking about... Looks almost identical to the 2, but slimmer. Altho, A Storm2 with OS6? ILL TAKE IT..!

Yea, you are one of the many bummers who fall for RIM business model hahaha. Release a "upgrade" version and pay a crap load $$$ for it!!! yay!!! Research in Slow Motion.

Yea, you are mad that a good amount of blackberry users can pay full price for a new device every six months

Not at all because I enjoy paying the same amount for a more powerful android phone hahahah.

Sux. They will be getting that ugly thing pictured with the thumb ring... And the thumb ring will prob be included with the phone. Ha Ha. Losers ;) V Dub foe shiz :)

Congratulations on getting the same phone as the storm 2 with 6.0. I'll take my 9650 and happily save $30+/month for something that does exactly the same as your phone.

I noticed on the newer desktop software they simply call the S2 the 'Storm 9550' dropping the annoying 2. None of the other BB models have a name with a number like the Storm 2, I hope this is a sign they are abandoning 'Storm3' etc in favor of just calling them 'Storm 9570' That's just my little pet-peeve haha.

It sounds too dated with the 3G; BB was smart to stick with names like the Bold 9700, 9650 etc. Just sounds a little better I believe.

I referenced the source (bbleaks), as ya see I noted it's not common as Qualcomm chips are used for CDMA so, 528mHz is more likely which I don't even understand how it'll boot, lol.

Most of the posts that I'm seeing about the tech specs of the 9330(CDMA) state that it has a 624MHz processor to go with the 512MB RAM & compliment OS6. Is this not possible?

Although this is my 1st BB I've had several smartphones but I've never really paid attention to tech specs until I got a BB not too long ago, so I'm really curious.

For the most part, RIM doesn't divulge the processor speeds of their devices anyways. Most times it's based off educated guesses. Look around for specs on the Bold 9650. Many reviews pegged that anywheres from "approx 500mHz" to people undoubedtly stating it was "running at 624mHz"

You can actually figure it out by looking at one of the engineering screens. But that doesn't seem to be talked about around here too much, and I haven't had access to a 9650 or any other recent CDMA device like a 9330 or this thing - whatever it is.

I am about 99% sure it won't have it. The 624 MHz processor does not support OpenGL and unless RIM wants to take a step back with gaming on the Storm, it will have a 528 MHz processor or something else.

From what I have read the Qualcomm Chips in the S1/S2/Tour/Bold 9650 can clock between 528 mhz and 1 ghz.

So they could be suing the same chip and upping the clockspeed. Plus don't forget that the Qualcomm chip, while running a slower speed than the GSM 624 mhz chip, does have a dedicated GPU. So that's where the open GL support comes in, but it also can crunch a lot of #'s very quickly adding to the computations speeds of the chip set.

Still, BB6 on a 2-3 year old chipset is ridiculous!

People... look at the branding version. That's a Verizon Odin Refresh. 105 in the carrier designation section of the branding version is Verizon. So, Storm2 with 512MB and OS6. Where's mine? ;)

I'll be waiting still. Only thing i wantd was the webkit browser, but i'm okay with mobile versions of sites for now

I don't see why the name change is all that important, the hardware hasn't really changed enough to require it. I could see them just saying that going forward, this is the Storm 2, and if it needs to be identified versus the old Storm 2, it'll be referred to as the 9570, the refresh, or simply "the new one that runs OS6". It's really not that much of a stretch; when Sony redesigned is PS3, it didn't become the PS4, it's just the "new" PS3 with some hardware and software changes. When people ask what console you have, you say "PS3". When they ask which PS3, it's simply the "fat" or the "slim". Why should this be any different?

I had the 9530 for a couple years and quite enjoyed it, although I think blackberry should give any new storm a new brand name. Neither of the storms did overly well since their release and BlackBerry should start fresh.
New 'storm' offers OS6 and no surepress (i enjoyed it but relatively few others did) this is rim's chance to start a fresh image associated with the storm family.
Either way I'm looking forward to checking it out!

I have the 9550 right now for VZW, I'm on my parents contract, so either I break away and get my own line so I could get this, or wait until 2012, pay nothing, and get something that destroys any phone out for the next 12 months...I think I'll wait til 2012.

83xx series, 8900, the 2 NON North America Curves, 8520, 8530, 9300, 9330...BOLD 9000 Bold2 9700 (9780)..."Bold"/TOUR2 9650...what's in a name?...STILL CLIX STILL. SUX!!!...NEXT!!!

No happy! having the 9550 less than a year with no hope for an os6 update, now to purchase a new one with not much oh a hardware upgrade... RIM seems to be asleep or blinded by their current market share, but their upgrades are hardly that. I'm no fan of the torch (and it still isn't able to match any other device in it's "class" and with the Win7 phone to be released next month... well) so unless RIM releases a device with a real upgrade they'll lose this fanboy and his recommendations.

RIM is new nokia. They lack innovation and absolutely have no idea about consumers taste.
RIM’s still dreaming about crackberry addiction, which is over now. It’s ip/android fever.
Windows Phone7 in horizon with bags of mixed goodies on app+games+social integration+more.

RIM must learn to live with next level of consumers. and their needs.

If RIM sticks with appealing to professionals who use email day in and day out, they have nothing to lose. Let iPhone and Android duke it out to appeal to those who want to watch movies and play games on their $500 phones.

Who really cares about apps that fart or race car games or needing to know instantly who poked you on facebook?!?!

To an extent yes, but that isn't even what they're doing. They released the 85xx series to grab as much "non-professional" users as they can as well as the storm series to compete with those want apps that fart or race car games or needing to know instantly who poked you on facebook... Actually facebook and BBM is what gave them their large market share.

With regards to the professionals, as we move to cloud and mobile computing the demand on both software and physical capabilities of these devices would increase. More desktop apps are doing to be ported to mobile and online which for easy of both the professionals and developers would require some more power under the hood.

I wonder how "high-profile" professionals feel using the same device of almost every other 16yr old girl???

I just can't believe this.

RIM is biggest procrastinators, they hate to work. This 2010 end an 2011 will begin soon after few months.

And still same lame hardware, with browser with no support to flash/silverlight.

R -   Retarded
I -    In-capable
M -   Monkey’s

I may be the only person happy with this. I am still using my original 9530... Yeah thats right still have that phone. My contract is literally up in 20 Days. So I can only hope that in the next month this 9570, Odin Refresh, Storm 2 Update, Blah Blah Blah, will be ready to go. Quite honestly I am used to wait and let downs when it comes top new and exciting phones. The reason things work this way is because of the consumers signing these crappy 2 year contracts, then when only a year in they come out with the next best thing. It sucks but we are the idiots. Get used to it. I am only looking forward to doing one thing when this new/ updated phone comes out. Play with the OS 6!!!! My brother just put the leaked version on his 9650 and I hate him for it. Everyone that really has an issue with all of the let downs and software not living up to expectations need to just blow it out there ass and find some thing better to do with there day.

I have the 9530 as well. I love Sure Press (once you know what you're doing it adds another level of control) and this will be a huge upgrade from the phone I currently hae.

Is it the fastest? No. Is it loaded with all the specs that make it look like the best phone in the world on paper? No. Is it running on a platform that we love and has all the tools that you need? Yes.

If the rumors are true, I'll have WiFi, 3G, a WiFi Hot Spot, a better camera and a hot OS. What exactly am I missing that other phones offer? Apps? I have yet to see an app for another phone that would make me want to abandon BBM.

The surepress tech between the 30 and 50 is such an extreme leap you will love the jump in quality. Gone is the moving screen which can attract debris in favor of the piezo tech screen which despite all the negative commentary it receives from the other sites remains a revolutionary option that has kept me using a 9550. I'm sure you already have played with the S2 and know all the specs as well as anyone, but once you start living with it you realize how woefully primitive the screen tech in the S1 is.

Well I went from my 9630 to my 9650 and I couldn't be happier. My Tour was working just fine, but with all the trackball problems I couldn't trust it with the warranty running out. It was a teeny upgrade but worth it.
Now with this its kinda different. I guess if surepress is killing you and this doesn't have it then it might be worth it. Hopefully RIM will be more forthcoming at DevCon and we'll have more information to speculate on, argue about, and make our choices with. IS possible that this is INDEED the Storm 2 re-release (I refuse to say 'refresh') and that they plan to release it at the same time as the Storm 3 at a much cheaper price--BUT clearly as an updated Storm 2.

SurePress is an abomination. The tiny fraction of BB users who think otherwise all happen to post here.

It's a BB! What's there not to love?!?! And second, it's in the Storm line of phones! What's there not to love?!?!?!

My upgrade isnt until the end of 2011. Hopefully the Storm 4 will be available :) and still with surepress!!

As a storm 2 owner, I wont upgrade. However its good to see BB is not abandoning the Storm platform. I personally feel it is the best device they put out.

All of those with 9550 Storm 2's saying "No way Im uprading to this, RIM has lost touch blah blah". I'm thinking this one is geared towards the original Storm owners. As I still have my 9530 I'm thinking, heck yeah, this is my next phone, since my upgrade is due in a month.

Remember, not everybody gets a new phone every six months like some of the people around here. This is the exception, not the rule, despite those who are most vocal around here. Those with contracts on S2's should be coming due right around the time S4 drops. Makes perfect marketing sense to me. They certainly cannot come out with complete revolutions to please those who want to upgrade every six months or so, that makes no sense at all, and outrages those who can't afford to buy a full price smart phone every few months.

I think I'm going to stick with my Bold on 6.0, BUT when the Real Storm 3, or whatever they call the LTE Storm comes out, THEN we can talk. ;)

As some of u may not know this but recently Rogers bought fido and it looks like they only did this to get them out of the competition picture and we are paying the price. How do I know this? Well since every canadian carrier is getting the torch on the 24th, Fido is the only carrier who won't be and guess who runs things now. And some of u maybe thinking I should get a different bb. Well the only smartphones fido have are the overhyped iPhone 4, pearl 8100, and the curve 8520 which they got recently. So now i'm stuck with them for another 2 years and all of u guys are complaining about 2 year contracts where here in Canada its 3. *sigh* Anyways enjoy all the different bbs that are coming your way everyone as I will be counting down the days my 3 year contract will be up (one year down).

Im close to replacing my Storm 1, I'm just waiting on a cheque from the insurance, and I must say that I'm thinking of switching out of BBs.

As a phone, they are GREAT devices! Don't get me wrong, it's just everything else seems to be lacking in comparison; either it's the screen quality, the lack of sufficient application memory, the slower-end processors...

If only they could just increase the app. memory (more than what we find on the Storm 2 or Bold) maybe I could install more than 4 applications without having my entire phone slow down in the process... Or maybe I need to spend time on a BB that isn't the Storm 1...

LOL, a 624 MHz processor and sure press, it looks like RIM just keeps shooting it's self in the foot.

RIM basically uses two processors in all of their high end phones:

Marvell Tavor PXA930 (624 Mhz)
Qualcomm MSM7600 (528 Mhz)

The GSM devices: Bold 9000, Bold 9700, and Torch 9800 all have the Marvell.

The CDMA devices: Storm, Storm2, Tour 9630 and Bold 9650 all have the Qualcomm.

Most likely, this will have the POS Qualcomm MSM 7600. The Marvell processor imo is far superior. It must not only be because of the slightly higher clockspeed, but for some reason there is something plagued about the Qualcomm MSM7600. The Storm, Storm2, and Tour were all very slow devices IMO. I have never tried a Bold 9650 but I assume it's the same deal.

The GSM Bold line are very fast devices IMO. The 9780 will probably have the Marvell Tavor 624 Mhz.

You are actually right, I had installed OS6 on a Bold 9700 for a friend, and it ran much snappier on his Bold than on my Bold 9650..

It is great to hear something on the Storm 2 platform, be it the Storm 3, Storm 2 refresh or whatever you want to call it. I love my Storm 2 and only hope this rush of news, updates and maybe even Devcom announcement will see some ray of hope for my Storm 2 device getting at least some of the OS6 enhansements somehow. As the many Storm 2 forums suggest, we are not a happy lot at the time.

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE CALM DOWN! theres a trick that will help all of u...i had the storm 1 when it first came out and had many problems with a defect and it was very glitchy and dropping calls...apparently if you change your phone 3 times within one year, they bump u up to an upgrade! and i kno alot of us are poor because of VZW and BB (like me) but it was deff worth the trouble of changing the phone...i then got my storm 2 and only changed it once since i had it because i didnt have much problems with it so since the storm 3 is coming out i changed mine today and will do it again in another week or 2 for the third time and complain to VZW for an upgrade, VOILA! and then wen the storm 4 comes out ill just use one of my fam members upgrade hahaha...hope this helps u guys! CANT WAIT TO SEE THE STORM 3!

This is not an option anymore. Verizon discontinued this program, because too many people were taking advantage of it. They will just keep replacing it with the same device now. I have seen people get as many as 10 tours, and they will not upgrade them to the bold.

And you wonder why smart phones are so expensive and contracts are long. I dunno, here's someone exchanging a perfectly good phone in order to scam a free upgrade.

how is it scamming a free upgrade if im still paying for the new phone idiot?? and they are basically scamming me every month with every bill and with a phone that is NOT WORTH $200...oh yea i scammed a free upgrade alright? dumbass

I'd go for this. I actually like the 9530 and have become comfortable with it. an upgrade to OS6, Wifi, and other details improvements would pretty much fill the bill for us.

The Storm is not known as a real fast device, never was. Now add the extra "weight" of OS6 to the same old low-end, outdated processor with the same old hardware.........

I'd pass. That image shown around the tech blogs, and here on CB, of the supposed Storm3, may be worthy of a look if it specs out competetively with the current smartphone market. I''l wait for now.

This would be great if it didn't cost much or like how BB 9630 Tour was upgraded to BB 9650 Bold allowed users of the Tour to replace it with a Bold. Although, you did have to say your Tour was defective. Verizon responded with the Tour was not available and sent out the Bold as replacement upgrade. I definitely do not want to sign up for another 2 years for a Storm 2 Refresh.

I think most Storm users have upgraded to Android phones.The blackberry hardware is to slow and lacks the memory that most users want. It is a shame because I would love to stay with RIM but the phones are just to far behind the times.

OK...this was a bad decision! I think people were expecting more from this phone, at least I was! Sorry, but Android phones are killing it right now! I know Apple is worried and if Apple is worried, RIM should be too!
Isn't the 4g here, if not real near? Isn't he standard for mobile phone cameras 8mp's, HD with front and rear cameras? Aren't processors now headed to at least 1ghz? Touch screen is a given! Application development should be priority, because if there's no apps, its no fun! Thats why Apple dominates, but Android is changing that!
I think to much is going into the PlayBook and not everyone is going to want to haul a tablet around! I hope RIM hits a home run with the PlayBook otherwise customers will playing with the Ipad or one of the Android tablets!
I think RIM you should really consider letting customers update their OS instead of the telephone providers dictating it! I think customers would even pay for OS updates if it was an option. Having to buy a new phone with just for a cosmetic changes, is bad for biz! It's like going to a car dealer to buy a Ferrari with a Volkswagen engine! Beside thats what the Apple does, leak things slowly!
SUX! :(