BlackBerry 9500 Simulator Released Using OS

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2009 10:05 am EDT
BlackBerry 9500 Simulator Released Using OS

Whoa! Don't go getting too excited folks, it's just a pic from a simulator - not an actual leaked OS or anything. In an effort once again to bring developers up to speed with the 5.0 OS platform, they have gone ahead and released the BlackBerry Storm simulator for everyone to download and play with. This one does come with 5.0 loaded on it so developers may put that to use to debug applications, and it should help create new ones considering all the new developer tools being made available.

While it was released for developers, this does not stop anyone from downloading it and poking around with it. Might want to check it out, especially if you have never installed a 5.0 OS onto your device. It's a great look at what's up and coming for it.

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BlackBerry 9500 Simulator Released Using OS


I did not know these simulators were available for download. This is AWESOME. I can practice (with the phone and my patience) while I wait for my NE2.

umm, its a .............simulator :p

You can see and feel hows "new" OS work on BB Strom (and not only, if you are user of oldest BB's then you can download Bold/8900 or Tour simulator and look how its work), see the features etc. Also you can test themes (apps?) which you made. Try it, its free :D

If you go into Security Settings-> Wipe Handheld and uncheck "Emails, contacts, etc." you get an uncaught exception error! I hope this isn't the final release but some of the new features are cool. Any ideas what the latest version of 5 is?

I have never used one of these simulators. But under the "Simulate" option you can toggle on and of "Multitouch Mode"

Does this means the storm will get multitouch soon?

Ok I was playing around, loading different themes on this, then decided to use the camera..... viola! INSTANT Reset of my laptop!!

(JUST KIDDING EVERYONE!!! DON'T panic... I just couldn't resist throwing that out there...LOL )

Wow... got this error, maybe it was a simulator issue and hopefully not a OS issue.

I went to the contacts, selected to add a new contact, entered some info, went to add a picture, started scrolling through the onboard pics using the mouse wheel and when I tried to scroll down beyond the edge of the bottom screen I got the error. Where do I report?

Do I get paid now? :)

Does the release of the simulator mean that app developers will now be able to test their apps to ensure compatibility with the 5.0 OS?

I did check simulator and there is not much change at all and looks pretty much like I am sure many people will be little disappointed with this