BlackBerry 9300 "Gemini" Details Emerge!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2009 08:56 am EST

BlackBerry 9300 Gemini

Update 2: BGR posted an update, confirming the first update, that the Gemini is the 8325. But there is a 9300...which it's safe to say is what we're all excited about. It's all good. *

Update: Rumors wouldn't be rumors if they were easy - then they'd just be the truth. Over the course of the day since this information surfaced the forums and email inbox have been a buzz with people saying this leaked info is not quite up to snuff. The confusion appears to be between codenames... apparently the 9300 is not the Gemini. Rather, the Gemini is a low-cost Curve in the works that (8325??). So what's the 9300? You can jump over to BBnews for their take on it or into our CrackBerry Forums for a whole lot more speculation. I'm pretty happy with my Bold, Curve 8900, Storm and Pearl Flip at the moment, and my brain hurts just thinking about this stuff (I actually think RIM is on a mission to confuse the heck out of us - remember the Storm/Thunder name games?), so I'll leave it at that. Let's just say new stuff is coming, and it will be awesome. *

Finally!! It's been a while since we've had some stellar rumormill info on upcoming device models! The word from the BoyGenius today is of the BlackBerry 9300, currently codenamed Gemini, which you can think of as a souped up BlackBerry Curve 8900 gone 3G. There's no word concrete word on timeframe, but BG thinks it will be a while -- late '09 or early '10 -- seeing as how the current Curve 83xx replacement, the 8900 is just rolling out. The speculation is that the 9300 will feature a larger, higher resolution screen, a more powerful processor, will be silver in color and have a slightly different look/feel but retain a lot of Storm/8900's design influence. You can jump over to BGR for the full details.

Looking back to my Logical BlackBerry Smartphone Speculation editorial I wrote up in October, this falls nicely in alignment... a Curve "3G" only makes sense. Slap in a few gigs of internal memory for all those apps we're going to be buying via the app store and this might just be the ultimate full-qwerty BlackBerry. Excited much??

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BlackBerry 9300 "Gemini" Details Emerge!


Yes I'm excited about this one! As a Bold user looking for a more pocketable 3G device and as a gemini, I think this is the phone for me! Just hope the code name makes it to the final device!

i think that it'll probably keep the curve name, as the 8900 did. BlackBerry Curve 3G sounds just about right, similar to how the iPhone became iPhone 3G

i suspect 18 months after the release of the Bold that this 3G curve would be released and become the new device.....

Where's the CDMA lurve? From the looks of it, Verizon will only have one RIM exclusive EVER. Lol.

i know right....i wish i wasn't stuck on verizon (my dads contract im a minor) im sick of all the locked down phones. But i am loving my storm 8]

What the heck?!?! I just dropped nearly $500 on the 8900 and now I am going to have to upgrade again at the end of this year or early next?? I'm going to need a second job to support my blackberry habit.....

This looks like it could be the blackberry I've been waiting for from the as long as it has everything mentioned above....but of course, it would have to be on T-Mobile, so it could have UMA as well.

If this device did make it to market with that kind of spec, it would surely render the Bold obsolete too.

Damn, I'm going to be livid if a better 3G version of the 8900 comes out in 2k9 after I just got my 8900 last week. If I'd have known this, I probably would have just stuck with my 8310 for a while longer.

This is the common theme isn't it :) I have the Storm but am jealous about the 9520 that will roll out. That is enough of a gen 2 Storm for me. Sucks that I won't be able to use it. I don't think that Wifi is a need, but I certainly wouldn't scoff at it if it was included. They are always going to be designing the next best thing. Fact of life.

RIM is like a crack dealer!!haha 1st they start you out small until your hooked then BAAM you gotta have more. Im on VZW an have opp'd to hold off on the Storm and wait till the Niagra comes out hopefully in May 09' the wait is killing me! My poor 8130 is MAXED!! But the Gemini looks great then if it makes it to VZW in 18 months it will be time to upgrade AGAIN!

I am still going to get a Curve 8900.....but it would be worth pushing my 8320 to the very end of it's life if I knew this would be out in time! No mention of touch screen?

For those liking the Curve form factor, it looks like RIM not only is taking in new technology, they are listening to how people use the device and making small changes to help with the use of the devices (like hearing about the rounded Send/End keys).

An 18-month cycle sounds like a decent business model. You always have something new coming out with the different model lines approximately every six months. You can get feedback from the current models and look at upgrading technology as you go.

I find it intereting that word/photos/specs for this have come forth before more prominent specs and images for the Niagra, which seems to be just a few months away... :-)

an 18-month cycle fits perfectly with the carriers 24-month contract cycle. typically after 20 of those months someone is able to upgrade and renew a contract with termination fees.
sounds like a good business model to release a new device to a carrier at the end of a cycle.
can anyone else do quick math to figure out who might get this new model 18-20 months from now?

curve form factor, with Bold like specs? maybe RIM changed the name from Niagara to Gemini to throw ppl off?

Even though new technology is awesome, I think "sometimes" it moves too fast (note: I said sometimes). I would like to get the 8900, but already feel a bit outdated - even though the official release date for the 8900 hasn't come yet (couple days away). This does look like it will be the ultimate BB. I wish this would have come out now instead of the 8900 - because of the lack of the 8900's 3G . I'm sure I'll be happy with the 8900 for now though.

And I just got my Bold one week ago after having a Curve for a year and a half. I settled for the bigger phone to get the better features. Oh well. By the time this comes out, I'll be a year in and can probably convince at&t to upgrade me again.

And I just got my Bold one week ago after having a Curve for a year and a half. I settled for the bigger phone to get the better features. Oh well. By the time this comes out, I'll be a year in and can probably convince at&t to upgrade me again.

that the release date is more around the time mentioned in the main article post. I can't imagine RIM ticking off so many thousands of users of Bolds and the new Curve by releasing this little beauty so soon. It would have everyone up in arms. I suspect a year down the road would be a good time to release it.. everyone would have had enough time with their Bolds and Curves to be looking for the next better devise. This looks like one that would satisfy nearly everyone.. sans the touch screen guys.

This looks awesome! I cant wait for more details and specs about this device and most of the all the release date

when i bought my knockoff 8900 crystal case, it said for the 8900/9300 model. wow, someone out there had a crystal (pun intended) ball!

Late '09 or early '10... have had my Bold for about 6 months now and by that time, depending on my options, I'll take one please :~)

But Silver... WTF?

It will replace the 8900 curve next year I bet. They can't even get there new devices right, and were talking about another berry? WTF?

This is what I've been waiting for, I told myself I won't get the 8900 until RIM comes up with 3G for it. I can only hope Telus will support GSM by the time this comes out..sooo EXCITED!

that thing is pretty looking. looks better than the bold cause of the seperated buttons.

i could see myself using that phone if it was CDMA and if the storm doesnt ever get its foot out of its own mouth...

"The speculation is that the 8900 will feature a larger, higher resolution screen, a more powerful processor, will be silver in color and have a slightly different look/feel but retain a lot of Storm/8900's design influence."

You mean the speculation is that the "9300" will feature all that stuff. Lol

Ya, I noticed that... I made that asumption as well. But, what can you expect? 8100, 8220, 8300, 8800, 8900, 9000, 9300.... so many friggin numbers.... not to mention the good old **10 **20 **30 **00 as the last two that changes. >.< Reminds me of the one podcast they talk about that... I sell these things, and I ALWAYS get asked what the difference is. -_-;;; Drilled into my head...

I'm pining over an 8900 right now but since my 8310 is still fairly new I just can't justify the upgrade cost when I have tuition to pay...but if this takes a year to come out it'll be perfect for me...I'd love to upgrade to 3G and I love my curve it just doesn't have the memory for me.

My only complaint is SILVER? Or are we talking a Titanium type colour? Either way I'm sure it'll be making a trip to colourware within the month...

"The speculation is that the 8900 will feature a..."

should read:

"The speculation is that the 9300 will feature a..."

Just when I thought I had the latest and greatest and envy of all Berry lovers!!! A NEW ONE?!?!?!? I'm gonna lose my mind!

Then what's the Pluto? There's so many new blackberry devices that it's becoming difficult to keep up.

Keep in mind the silver BlackBerrys have always been exclusively Verizon... 8830, 8330, 8130... 9330 might be the correct number especially since it looks so similar to the 8900... This could be RIM's answer to a CDMA Bold and 8900...
I'm just puttin that out there :)