BlackBerry 9000 Talk - more details, more potential confusion

BlackBerry 9000 Details
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2008 10:59 am EST

Another week, another BlackBerry 9000 rumor post. This time it's Jibi over at BGR with some more details and further clarifications (some might say confusions) on the BlackBerry 8xxx/9000.

More Details:

  • 9000 will include UMTS and HSDPA Support (said to be official info from RIM)
  • a new era of OS is being worked on at RIM... v5. (no details yet, though it's probably safe to assume most companies are working on new versions of their OS at any given time)
  • 9000 will launch with OS v.4.3.2 but will be updated to 5.0 by end of the year

More Clarification/Confusion:

  • From what I read, it seems the images of the new device we have been seeing as a BlackBerry 8xxx are no longer valid (remember the Vodafone slides that called the new device a 8xxx).
  • Apparently this new device is in fact the BlackBerry 9000, and it will be set to launch at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (RIM's big annual show) in May. So it's likely not the BlackBerry 8920 which is what the most recent rumors were indiciating (leading us to believe there was another 9000 device in the works that has yet to be seen).

I have to admit even I am getting confused by what I read when it comes to these new device rumors. Apologies if I have any details confused here (feel free to clarify/add to them in the comments). I marked up the Vodafone leaked slide with some of the latest details of where things are at now. RIM should just make an announcement already and set the record straight!!

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BlackBerry 9000 Talk - more details, more potential confusion


Just judging by its looks, I'll be passing on this one. I like my phones to look good and this one is faaaaaaaaaar from it.

The Pearl and Curve set new standards for me as for how good a phone should look.

Look at it close, now look at the iphone. Need I point out more?

There is only one thing Id like to see RIM do that is even related to looking like the iPhone and that is its web browser.