BlackBerry 9000 Specs Revealed!

By James Falconer on 30 Nov 2007 01:35 pm EST

BlackBerry 9000 Specs RevealedOur friends over at BGR have revealed initial details of the 9000 series. Exciting stuff! Here's what we know so far:

Screen dimensions are going to be 480x320 / 320x480 depending on how you hold it! Looks to me that the device will be like the iPhone in that you can hold it portrait or landscape. Cool stuff. However, does this large display mean a touchscreen keyboard is built-in? No more tactile, easy to use keys? We'll find out soon I suppose...

The device will also have a gig of on-board memory and an Intel XScale processor. The processor is slightly faster than the one found on current iPhone models.

The 9000 will also have built-in GPS and WiFi.

We would also expect to find a built-in camera, but there are no details on that yet. No details on price either (of course).

Expectations have this unit up for sale in early 2008.

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BlackBerry 9000 Specs Revealed!


Wasn't the qwerty part of what made the BB great? I've played with a friend's iPhone and it was a neat gadget. But trying to use the touch-screen qwerty just didn't work for me over a real keyboard. I just find it more comfortable to know when you're pressing a button or two at the same time or know when you're pressing a button at all and feel the click.

It has been shown that iPhone users have the most typos, and in addition the iPhone is a toy, not a tool. Perhaps this will have some sort of next-gen touch screen with haptics?

Internal pictures of the device or it doesn't exist for me,BGR has pulled this before still failing to produce any sort of internal spec sheet or pictures...or any other documentation for that matter...just words on my monitor at the moment, which overall mean NOTHING to me.

I completely agree. The reflections on the face of the phone aren't really consistant with a real image taken with a camera. The reflection on the black part of the face should match the reflection on the main screen part on the sides...

We already know that the pic above is photoshopped, no one claimed that it was just looks pretty lol

As much as I dislike touch screen smartphones, this would be a good model to have in the BB lineup as for those who want the "gadgetiness" slick features of iphone and what not, since they have an option of getting exactly that with the added bonus of the famous BB push email and excellent OS.

RIM is getting more and more consumer friendly and this is a good thing. As long as they don't forget their core user base who love real keyboards.

That sucks. I just got the curve and now this. Tmobile needs to offer a discount on this like 100.00 just as apple did with the iphone.

I too picked up the Curve from TMO. Don't worry though, it'll take TMO probably til the end of 08', beginning of 09' to release this 9000.

No keyboard? NO WAY! I was waiting for the 9000 as I have an 8800....but unless there is a real KB hidden, I am staying with the 8800 or an 8310 style.

This is a fake image:
First: you can see the line between the original 8100 end of the display and other lines (that are the keyboard of the original 8100).
Second: this is a 8100, the new 81xx BlackBerry have a different design on the speaker, they will not go back with design for next models!

Don't follow fakes..

Of course this is a fake image. James took three minutes to photoshop it up to go along with the blog post. Thought that was very clear - apologies if there's been any confusion.

Definitely helps to stir conversation of what a touchscreen BlackBerry would be like... at this point everything on the 9000 series has been pretty much rumor. Will be exciting to see some real proof, which I'm sure will be coming soon enough.

I wouldn't mind the reliability and nice keyboard of a BB, combined with a larger screen. Why not have a slider? The we get more screen space, and only have to interact the the keyboard when we need it. If it was the size of my Curve, and had double the screen that would be quite attractive.

Pleeeeze! I really like the BB keyboard vs. the one on my now traded in Treo 650 and another of the same would be nice.

i think this is a great idea and have no doubt that it'll be fast, strong and worthy of the bb name but no board ????? just dont know.

I have the Curve now, if the 9000 series comes with a touchscreen keyboard, NO THANK YOU!!! I tried the iPhone's keyboard the only use of the KB option is for quick replies, either "yes" or "no". I use my keyboard for more then just the 5 letters. At first I was excited for the 9xxx line, but without a physical keyboard, I'm going to have to pass!

I am excited for the 9xxx. I used an iphone for a weekend and I did ok with the touchscreen. Plus because RIM is handling this one it will have a much better overall user experience. What I think will really put the 9xxx over the top will be the availability of 3rd party apps and iphones dont have blackberry messanger. Ha beat that iphone!