BlackBerry 9000 Review - eBay Purchased Device Emerges!!

BlackBerry 9000 Review - eBay Purchased Next Generation BlackBerry Emerges!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 May 2008 03:55 am EDT

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The Web's First Review of the BlackBerry Bold 9000. 

Remember those three BlackBerry 9000 units that showed up on eBay? As I made note in an earlier post, when the auction got pulled by the powers that be (err.. RIM?!!) there were still two units remaining, leaving one Crazy BlackBerry Addict anxiously waiting for the delivery of this next generation BlackBerry smartphone.

As luck would have it, it turns out I’m the Crazy BlackBerry Addict! When mention of the eBay 9000s came up in the forums, there was plenty of discussion as to whether the devices were legit or not. The images accompanying the auction seemed too good to be photoshopped and were unlike any other leaked 9000 pictures I had encountered previously, so it only took a few minutes to make the decision to click the Buy it Now button and PayPal over the funds. At £399.99GBP + £19.99GBP shipping (~ $828USD) it was a gamble, but potentially a good deal considering previously reported rumors that the 9000 could carry an MSRP in the $900-$1,000 range. Worst case scenario if things went south I’d eat KD for a month and have a good story to tell.

As for these particular BlackBerry 9000s, the image above says it all. 100% the real deal. It was delivered to my house yesterday afternoon and I’ve been playing with my eBay-purchased toy ever since. You’ll want to keep it locked to I was planning on writing up one super review, but there's simply WAY too much info to put into one post. Part I (this post) will cover the unboxing and initial impressions/comparisons and after getting a few more hours facetime with the device Part II will get into the device features and OS4.6. I'll follow that up with an in-depth video walk through and we are also going to record a Special Edition BlackBerry 9000 podcast. Craig and I will record the show Friday evening, so if the posts and video leave you with any unanswered questions be sure to call them in to our Podcast Hotline at 1-866-904-5772 ext. 222 and we will answer them on the show. My fridge is stocked with Red Bull, I have a BlackBerry 9000 in hand and I don't plan on sleeping until every feature has been tested and menu option explored. Let the FUN begin!

[ Disclaimer: Changes to the Hardware and upgrades to the Software will likely be made before the BlackBerry 9000 is officially released ]

Unboxing the BlackBerry 9000

I made the eBay purchase on April 27th and it arrived a week later. The seller didn’t offer any alternative shipping options so I was stuck with 5 Business Day International delivery. The last couple of days I was beginning to think my BlackBerry 9000 would wind up meeting the same fate as did the O2 8300 Curve I had tried to buy from the UK when it wasn’t yet available from AT&T. Apparently it left Europe but got lost in transit and never made it to Canada. I like to think it’s lying at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be discovered by a worthy individual. That image is more pleasant than the unfortunate truth (thief!).

BlackBerry 9000 Unboxing BlackBerry 9000 Unboxed
No Fancy Box, but the eBay BlackBerry 9000 Crossed the Pond Unscathed

The 9000 arrived in a well wrapped package that contained an even better well-wrapped package. No fancy BlackBerry box, but inside were the goods that mattered:

  • Wall charger (European connector – thanks, but no help to me!)
  • USB cable
  • Black rubber skin case – unbranded and stinky (the whole box smelled like rubber)
  • Battery
  • & last but not least, one BLACKBERRY 9000 Smartphone

Once unpacked, I pulled the back cover off the device (you push in the button at the bottom and the entire back side of the phone essentially comes off) and inserted the battery. Now for the moment of truth. After a few seconds the red LED lit up (blindingly bright LED light I might add) and a few seconds later the display lit up and from there the 9000 took a leisurely 1m49s to boot up.

BlackBerry 9000 Battery Release Button BlackBerry 9000 with Battery Door Off
Battery Door Release at Bottom - Reveals BIG Battery Compartment

BlackBerrys always take a long time too start up – it’s a smartphone law of nature - but I thought maybe the 9000’s mighty processor would cut down on that time. And it did, but not by much. I conducted a quick boot-up race with my BlackBerry 8320 Curve clocking in at 1m59s and BlackBerry 8830 at 2m13s. There’s a good chance the 9000 will be snappier come its full commercial release, as I’m sure this pre-production 9000 is running a lot of “diagnostic stuff” in the background. Regardless, boot up time really isn’t an issue, as unlike so many other smartphones (cough..Windows Mobile...cough), BlackBerrys rarely crash! :-)

BlackBerry 9000 Unboxing Video

On the initial loading sequence a warning message came up (I haven’t been able to get it to pop up again) that contained a bunch of legalese. I clicked OK to the message before reading any of it. What I don't know can't hurt me right? I’m thinking maybe the eBay Seller had the same thought process – is it breaking the rules if you never see the message?!

Initial Impressions Surprises

From the images I had previously seen online of the BlackBerry 9000, I already had a good idea of what to expect when my package arrived in the mail. Since the original leaked photos of the BlackBerry 9000 emerged, I have remained adamant about reserving my final judgment on the 9000 until I actually got to lay my hands on the device. That said, my initial impressions were not observations, rather, the details which immediately caught me by surprise:

Surprise # 1 - the metallic band around the perimeter of the phone is not metal. Based on the photos I had seen to date, I just assumed it was metal. But plastic she be! At least on this particular phone. Think back to the most recent post on BlackBerry 9000 Final Specs and you’ll remember the hokey line that read “High quality material, high-end finish”. Maybe that means the final-spec 9000 will ship with a metal band, though I doubt it. To be honest, plastic trim is probably better - it saves on weight and is not as cold to the touch.

Surprise # 2 – keyboard seems pretty good! I’ve never been a fan of typing on the 8800 series, preferring the small keys with spaces between approach offered by the 8700 and Curve series. But I only had to thumb the keys for a few seconds while the phone was still booting up to realize I could quickly get used to the 9000’s keyboard. Maybe this is just me being overly enthusiastic about a new device (and never fully giving the 8800 a chance before as I had the Curve), but I think maybe the very slight changes to the 9000's buttons (compared to the 88xx’s keyboard) have made a big difference. 

BlackBerry 9000 - metallic plastic band BlackBerry 9000 - 4.6 and a Good Keyboard
Too bad the metal band is plastic, but OS4.6 ROCKS!

Surprise # 3 – Screw waiting for OS4.5, OS4.6 is WHERE IT IS AT! They say looks don’t matter, but when it comes to your mobile companion that’s simply not the case. The leaked images of 4.6 have looked good – seeing it in person is SO MUCH BETTER. It’s smooth, it’s fast, it’s pretty. We’ll talk a lot more about 4.6 in Part II.

Surprise #4 – the display is AWESOME. I knew it would be an improved display, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as bright and crisp as it is. The 480 by 320 HVDA Color LCD delivers. For the 88xx, Curve and Pearl users reading this who shunned the notion of upgrading to the 9000 when it comes out, let me just say this display alone will make you want to reconsider.

BlackBerry 9000 Display is Amazing! BlackBerry 9000 in Skin - note the 3G logo!
The 9000's Display is Amazing! Note the 3G at the top right corner - SWEET!

Surprise #5 – 3G logo?! Seeing the 3G logo on a BlackBerry for the first time…now that’s just special. It nearly brought a tear to my eye.

At this point I realized I did not have my SIM card yet installed in the 9000. I rebooted and to my relief quickly discovered my BlackBerry 9000 was in fact completely and fully usable (I had a feeling that since the eBay auction was pulled maybe the device would be remotely locked out somehow). With SIM card installed,the device Registered on the Rogers Network. I logged into my BIS account online where it detected the new PIN and asked me if I wanted to switch to this device. I did, sent the Service Books and was up and running. Last thing left to do was sync my contacts over (yup, BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 seemed to work fine for me with the 9000) and insert my Media Card into the externally accessible slot. The BlackBerry 9000 is officially now my daily driver!

Form Factor & Comparison

The BlackBerry 9000 has a familiar form factor. Within the BlackBerry family, I’d argue it most closely resembles the BlackBerry 8800 Series – both in terms of physical dimensions and general appearance, with the 9000 delivering an overall sleeker and more modern package. Outside of the BlackBerry family, while the “chrome” band provides an iPhone-esque appearance, I think the 9000 more closely resembles other recent entrants into the smartphone arena, such as the Motorola Q9H.

The BlackBerry 9000 features a full-QWERTY keyboard that is similar to that of the 8800 Series, standard issue trackball, and oversized central navigation/phone buttons which are smooth, look great and seem pretty easy to locate and press. Around the perimeter of the device the 9000 features left and right side convenience keys, volume controls and mute/standby button. Generally speaking, the phone feels solidly built, deceptively light for its size (from looking at photos I expected it to be heavy, and it's not!) and you can just tell RIM put great care into the overall visual package. Between holding the 9000 in my hand, and seeing the recently leaked images of the BlackBerry KickStart, I think its safe to say the days of a function before fashion are gone for RIM.

BlackBerry 9000 BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000 BlackBerry 9000
The BlackBerry 9000 - the 1st of a New Generation of BlackBerry Smartphones

Unlike its other full-QWERTY BlackBerry siblings, the 9000 features an externally accessible microSD port which should be able to handle BIG Media cards. On the bottom left/right corners of the 9000 are two “indented silver buttons” – after a few minutes of pondering it dawned on me that these are not buttons, but are most likely charging leads (typically gold-colored on other BlackBerry models) for a to-be-released at a later date BlackBerry Desktop charger. The 9000 also receives the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Compared to the BlackBerry the 88xx, the 9000 is longer, appears to be a bit wider (though when you line them up they are the same) and is maybe a little thicker. But when it comes to holding the 9000 in the hand, compared to the 8800 it feels much thinner. Unlike the 8800’s straight sidewalls (think ‘Brick’), the BlackBerry 9000’s battery casing is 'set into the phone', reducing the bottom half of the device’s width, making it feel extremely thin when held in the hand. If you are currently a BlackBerry 88xx user, you will have no trouble transitioning over to the 9000.

BlackBerry Curve, 9000, 8830 BlackBerry Curve, 9000, 8830

BlackBerry 8830, 9000, Curve BlackBerry 8830, 9000, Curve
The BlackBerry 9000, 8830 and Curve Compared

The transition from a BlackBerry Curve to a BlackBerry 9000 may require more of an adjustment period for longtime users. RIM really got things right with the Curve. It’s small, lightweight, fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to type on. In comparison, the 9000 is quite a bit wider (I think that’s my only form factor gripe - it throws my grip slightly out of the totally "natural" feeling) and is a bit heavier - about 30 grams heavier than the 8320 according to my kitchen scale.

BlackBerry 9000, Curve 8320 BlackBerry Curve on 9000
BlackBerry 9000 vs the BlackBerry Curve

I’ll leave the BlackBerry Pearl out of the comparison, as that’s a completely different form factor altogether, but push come to shove while the Curve gets a slight edge for feeling good in the palm of the hand, the 9000 really does not give up that much to it. After using the 9000 for only a few hours, it's beginning to feel quite natural. And for that little bit the 9000 does give up in terms of feel, when it comes to hardware and features it seems the 9000 will leaves every other BlackBerry made to date in the dust.

Be sure to check out Part II, which features a Video Overview of the device and OS and more reactions to the BlackBerry 9000 after spending more time with it.

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BlackBerry 9000 Review - eBay Purchased Device Emerges!!



it's beautiful.

I already know I'm going to fall asleep sitting here. reading this. again :)


ohh hell yea. choke on THAT.

doesn't get me any closer to a 9000. oh well.

love me some CB. and some 8830 for now :)

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overnight delivery will work just fine.

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GREAT Job Kevin, cool how you kept it all under wraps until the unveiling!! keep us informed on what you discover.


Nice review so far. Thank you.

If you've an opportunity to use it on 3G, it would be good to know what the subjective battery life is compared to a Curve (with a *similar* usage pattern). 3G has a reputation for higher power consumption in phones.

i have to confess to being really excited to read this review as i spotted it in my google reader. but being a very long term BB user, and now loving my Curve, i can't really see any real kick ass features there to ditch my curve.

the fact the device is wider and longer is not a good start.

nor is the fact the device changes the keyboard; RIM cannot fiddle with a winning formula.

the 9000 will not be making me change, even though it will probably support 3G and stream Flash movies.

Kevin you kept that under your you were dying to tell us :) Great review, looks pretty cool so far, although I'm not sure of the theme / black & white icons, looks a bit basic & boring.

Look forward to hearing more about 4.6 OS

Congracts you made it !!

How´d you get the "" text behind the carrier name on your BlackBerry ?
Is it even possible to completly replace oder hide the carrier name ?

but, is really his service provider?

Rogers is the service provider, and it is labled as:

Rogers -

it is the "" that he is asking about.

If he was on wifi, I don't think the 3G would be showing...

He probably was able to change his display factor in the settings of the device.


to answer the question of a fellow user of how he got "" behind the carrier name, it is because he has wifi enable and that is his SSID

Its very nice to see 3G + WiFi

Question about 4.6
Can you stream video via WiFi (unlike 4.5)
Assuming you install Google Maps does the proper Google Maps logo appear (on i get an DOS icon)

What is the storage space on the blackberry? (please don't say 64MB)
Can you install application to the Micro SD card (i know i am dreaming.. but it doesn't hurt to dream)

Any improvements with the video camera?
The vanity mirror appears to have a Blackberry logo, does this affect the use of self recording?

Maybe its just me, but is the track wheel crowded? or is it just because its black.

And lastly, are the buttons rubbery like the 88xx

hey it totally awesome you got it and thanks so much for the info. What I am most curious about is the memory. How much does it have and does it have the memory leaks like my 8130 does?


I cant wait to get one! It so sexy, and of course I expected no less than YOU to get ur hands on the 9000!!


Purp, come on. I am going to bare him 12 kids just for the chance to touch this phone. Leave love out of this!

Congrats on being the First (to anyone's knowledge) of getting the 9000. It does look great, but I am happy to get get my Curve from VZW. Would like to know more about what does the new 9000 do better than any of the other models. good luck and great review so far.

Great looking phone however and congratulation on being the first! Like you rpalumbo i'm still shaking in my boots over the curve by vzw. They may be a bit slow with the latest toys but it has been well worth the wait.

Jury is still out on the 9000.

Awesome snag getting your paws on one. Yes, please - 3G tests & real world battery life results. Then send me large sums of cash so I can buy one.

I have a 3g berry: 8707g in the Netherlands. Using 3g constantly! Nevertheless, berry is the way to go for me. I will go for a curve next month and move on to a 9000 later on I guess....
Nice article!

You forked over $828.00 and didn't even know if you was for real. I like your style. For all you cheap Mother F-----s take a lesson from this man. No balls no glory. Enjoy your purchase and I look forward to your reviews.

whaaaaaaat???!!!!!! no 2nd camera for video calls.
After 3 years rim puts out a 3g Blackberry and no video call support?

yet.. i still want... not happy.. but still want

I felt you had something up your sleeve, maybe it was the way you kept saying "one lucky crackberry addict" and you are the addict to end all addicts...something about what you wrote had this feeling of "look look im getting it but im not gonna say anything till it shows so i dont jinx myself like i did with the curve!!" lol
beautiful work

i cna only hope that we se a CDMA version in 2010

You Dog - enjoy the 9000. Hopefully the rest of us will get to get one soon.

Cannot wait for part 2 of the review to our way

Pretty funny that you were the one that got it. Pretty fitting, though. The 9000 looks amazing, I wish it were an option for me when it comes out, unfortunately, I'm on Sprint for the next year or so.

Looks awesome though, looking forward to Part II.

Glad that it worked out for you and you didn't lose your cash. But I still prefer my 8330. I don't like typing on that 8800 series keyboard even though this 9000 appears to be improved. The size is too big, looks to be the size of a iPod Touch or iPhone. I've held these in my hand, and it's pretty long just like the 8800 feels. Enjoy the 9000 glad that it is a total functional model and working on Rogers! :)

Nicely done. Looking forward to reading Part II. Thanks for allowing us to all be 9000 owners- at least vicariously through you, anyway!

Now that's One Sexy Blackberry Right There. Me = Jealous! Wish i had the money to buy it for sure! But than again it's probably better to wait to the final product.

I knew it was you, Kevin! I could tell by the way you said it in the podcast!

Hope you enjoy, and I can't wait to see these on the market!

So what will the RIM boys at WES say when you whip out the 9000? That could get interesting....

awesome Kevin! nice gamble, so glad it paid off for you. you've been nothing but helpful for the crackberry community, enjoy the toy and keep us posted!

Oh you evil little man! Why didn't you just tell us you were getting it? I wasn't gonna sit outside your house 'til I saw the USPS guy and say "I'm Kevin Michaluk, I got locked out of my house and I need this...", honest. *shifty eyes*

Well thanks for the review, this has made me want one (I was seriously unsure at first, second and third)

I may need to be contacting that guy about one of the other two 9000s...

Thanks again.

hello fren,

that is a sexual phone u have aquired and i would like to have it, can u plz send it to me. i would enjoy it alot. beat reppa sen boor, rik such sena blackberry rikkkaa!!!

p.s. do u know a mark tustin in winnipeg? if so tell him to such it,

bye now frens!!! yay boooor

$900 is peanuts for the publicity this will grab for your site!
I know that I will personally be glued for weeks.

I do have questions about your new toy.

BG posted specs for the Niagara and Javelin each wielding 3.2MP cameras. Does your 3G version also have a 3.2, or the 2.0 cam that everyone was previously expecting.

I'm sure you'll go over this, but I (along with everyone else) and dieing to hear about battery life.

A-GPS: is the assisted GPS chip designed to still work without cellular network? (I've not owned a GPS-Berry, and not sure what previous setups are like.)

Very nice job!


The financial community would like to know, what chipsets are powering the 9000. Specifically, the main CPU chipset, the gps chipset, and the wifi chip. Incredibe catch!!!

The internet browser, it will be this that makes me either stick with RIM or abandon them for Apple.

Sad but true.

When you get to reviewing video performance, let us know if you can full-screen while in video, unlike on 8800, on which roxio player controls take up 20% of the screen--why have a big screen if it's wasted with roxio's controls?

You finally beat BG to the punch.

Suprisingly, it is different, and at least one way the 8800 is inferior to the curve--unless someone can show me otherwise. I've been looking for a year. Full-screen option does not come up on the menu

Hey, I love technology as much as the next guy, but I'd have a hard time shelling out anywhere near that kind of money for a phone, yes, even a BB 9000. The last time I did anything like that was in the late 80's...I paid $1000 for a Motorola Ultra Classic.

With all that said, the phone does look great. Kevin, you are doing a great job with the usual. Keep up the good work!

How beautiful! Make sure to get *some* rest... even though I know that won't happen, lol.

YEAH GO IPHONE!!! Iphone 2 will blow Blackberry 9000 out of the water!!! Oh, did I mention that the Iphone 2 comes out earlier also? Yeah, that means that RIM can't keep up with Apple. And Apple's only made 1 phone!

W O W .

W A Y T O G O , K E V I N !!

Keep up the great work. Another reason why is THE best BlackBerry website/forum on the net.

Keep on Crackin',

- CB

Maybe a disassembly guide? :P

Actually i would like to see the browser and if it really support ajax

Edit: Congrats by the way

AJAX, like most we technologies, are not well suited for a mobile device..

Even if the JavaScript implementation on the phone were perfect it would be to slow to use. (latency on the wireless network is pretty bad)

lol disassembly maybe too soon..let kevin play a few days before He brooke trying to do it.

Just kidding Kevin, really nice job!

uh Justia have u noticed that BGR is not a blackberry addict? So u can't really say that Kev scooped BGR. No offense but BGR has also released a lot more pre-info on devices than Kevin.

Off topic, I really like the script you use to magnify the thumbnails.

Can you tell me what script that is / where I would find it?


How can this be real?! The new BlackBerry and it's not even announced let alone released. Looks really cool though and I really want it. I just got my Curve though and getting attached to it. Also ordered an $85 Vaja case for it... this is gonna be a touch decision...

I love Boy Genius but....
Lets face it, even if you only like Blackberry a "little bit" THIS IS NEWS!
EVERY mobile tech-blog/website should reporting this (even if only as a follow story to the Ebay auction that was pulled)
Rimarkable, Blackberrycool, Engadget, Gizmodo, phonedog, and more have all posted the story but Ive seen nothing on the BGR.
Everybody gives BG recognition for the stories he releases on his site and Kevin is no exception.
It almost seems a little rude that there is no mention of this story on his site.

Anybody disagree?

I love Boy Genius but....
Lets face it, even if you only like Blackberry a "little bit" THIS IS NEWS!
EVERY mobile tech-blog/website should reporting this (even if only as a follow story to the Ebay auction that was pulled)
Rimarkable, Blackberrycool, Engadget, Gizmodo, phonedog, and more have all posted the story but Ive seen nothing on the BGR.
Everybody gives BG recognition for the stories he releases on his site and Kevin is no exception.
It almost seems a little rude that there is no mention of this story on his site.

Anybody disagree?

I disagree. Y? Because this is sort of illegal since the device is not on the market yet. It is like if a copy of Halo 3 went online to download for free before the game was ever released yet.

P.S. Kevin should have told us about him being the crazy addict. I am suprised and disappointed that he had known all along about this and waited for like 5 days to tell.

is it just me or does that red "swirl" background on the OS of the blackberry in that first picture look EXACTLY like the OS of the Playstation 3???

Yeah, I want one! My fiance is already pissed cause I said she'll have to wait for her ring so I can get the new 9000! I just wish that VZW would be 3G and WiFi, that'd be awesome.

I dont care how good it is, I am never going to back to that keypad! I just hope RIM will one day develop a new "curve" with the current keypad and all the cool features of the "bold".

Also, the only other thing I hate is the name!! Are we talking about a comic book hero, or the latest breakthrough in mobile phone technology??

the question is, is this new model good enough to push back the increasing incrusions of iPhone in the smart phone market?


I would like to know is that if you got one then how come their not available here until june or july of this year. But overall your review is nice I am going to get one when it comes out because of the 3G capability and the 4.6 capability as well as all its new features of next generation phones. I am glad you got one now but i would not buy a phone that cost that much in euro dollars in my honest opinion to much of a chance to get ripped off.

Well and Good, sir! The BlackBerry for which we've all been clamoring, for at least four years now!

Good things come to those who wait, and those who are CrackBerry Addicts get the good stuff 'fore the rest of us! Congrats on your good fortune!

I'm looking forward to when this is released. Until then, I'll just keep lamenting my recently deceased BB 8800 from T-Mobile, whose charging jack plastic center piece just went belly-up last month!

It's nice to see the 3G and Wi-Fi combination! This is going to make this highly desirable, especially if T-Mobile makes it compatible with their hotspot@home service. VOIP via Skype and the like should also be nice, and with that processor speed at--what was it, 614MHz?--that should do well to improve that experience. Video, as well, as the YouTube Movies already seen to show.

One thing I'd like to know: Is this unit capable of receiving phone calls while also using it in data mode? Units like the Motorola Q9 Global do this already, so I was curious if our illustrious 9000 could do the same, finally?

Well, nice review, anyway. I'll look forward to picking one up later this year when I'm better heeled. Keep up the addiction! ;-)

Best of the Best,
Stephen Brown
Jefferson City, Missouri
A/K/A Firefishe

Can Anybody tell me where I can buy it already???? My friend is going to the states tomorrow and I would like her to buy me one...So please can someone tell me??

Unless I'm balling one day, I would not spend that much. But hey, everyone's got their preference. Hopefully you'll meet a tech-geek that puts up with your addiction or a random Sponsor girl (if you're balling). Either way, congrats.

Is that coming out in california anytime soon im with tmobile and ive had the blackberry pearl and i just got myself the 8320 curve love that phone but im looking at the 9000 bold let me know if you anyone has any info on that phone for me if you do please email me at thanks and also the carrier its going to be with

I hate to say this but this phone is not even out on the market yet as Att or anybody that carries the phone for them. It has not been produced yet that i have seen and i have been keeping tabs on it. So if you got one your lucky but i feel this seems to be a hoaks or a reproduced copy of something of the original. But anyway what ever it may be have fun with your reproduced copy of a original source.

Truly guys, why would anyone else even consider trying to compare a smartphone to the Bold or even the curve for that matter...the iPhone is officially "crushed" once the Bold hits the market!

mmmmhhhmmmm.........nice job kev. sounds like a wonderful lil phone.....can't wait to see reviews on the other new RIM phones as well!!! soooo excited about the summer of bb fun!!

Its a very nice looking device but i cant help but notice its looks FAT!!!!!! :( and i know in the review they said it is the depth but it looks alot fatter when it is shown on its own. " HAVING SAID ALL THAT I WOULD STILL HAVE ONE ANYDAY :p:p:p:p:p:p " Thanks Andrew

this amazing thing happend to me yest!! i went to my parents house for lunch and my mom went on about geting a blackberry..she cant even start a pc ( no offence mom love ya!) then she goes like oh but i got two!! and im like wha?..( she hasnt even got the service yet) then out of her hand bag she pulls out this little beauty taht actualy made me jump off the table i snatched it from her hand jsut to make sure im not dreaming! and O M G it was a freagin bb bold!!! yes a real unlocked totaly usable i offered her everything! even to trade my trusty 8310 for it but she wudnt lsn cuz she wanted to give it to my dad since her second bb was a one of those new pink pearls..anyhow! after a realy serios situation i convinced my dad to let me have it and O M G its seriously uh-mazing im not a review guy but seriously from an 8310 to this..i admit i miss my 8310 but think of it like this..when you get a realy big bonus..u trade ur pinto for a caddilac...yeah and not just any caddy im talking escalade..u kinda love the feeling!! anyhow cant wait to see part2 of the review!! im still playing with it but i love it!! works jsut fine and im in the UAE btw..

Hi just found this web site.Great for virgins to the Blackberry Family.Was considering purchasing the Curve, but reading about the Bold,I think we will wait for this ,as this will be our first attempt at Blackberry from normal mobile phones. What do you suggest for first time users? The Curve or Bold??
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated,seeing you are an addict to Blackberry. Thanks.PS Just how easy is it to send and receive emails, cause this is the big buying point for my daughter and myself. - One Stop online store for all your BlackBerry Bold Accessories need like BlackBerry Bold Batteries, BlackBerry Bold Chargers, BlackBerry Bold Cradles, BlackBerry Bold Headsets Bluetooth, BlackBerry Bold Memory, BlackBerry Bold Software, BlackBerry Bold Cases-Pouches, BlackBerry Bold Cases-Holsters, BlackBerry Bold Vehicle Mount and more.

Can this phone be purchase thru blackberry and or crackberry and verzion can give u wireless service. Please give me some information........I WANT THIS PHONE IM HOOKED?

Hello Everyone,

I know this is a Berry-Domain however the dilemma I have here in Europe (Holland) is that the 9000 / BOLD as its called here came to our markets approx. the same time the Nokia E-71 arrived. I've been lucky enough to have tested both however I’m still worried about the Standby times!!! As we all know manufactures are often too optimistic with their stats.
Will CrackBerry be comparing these products in the very near (i.e. before Nov12) future?
I just can’t seem to make up my mind! And YES I am a NOKIA Power USER. Did however back in the day have a very very old version of the BlackBerry (5790) and still to this day MISS the Scroll-Wheel!
I will be using either device to grab Gmail and the likes. No exchange as yet and will not be connecting to a BES. I also DEMAND the best Call & Standby time. Don’t feel like running around with an adaptor around my neck… . Synching with PC-Outlook is my third and final requirement.
Any suggestions..?!?

Last but not least tested the 3G (HSPDA) on both devices and they were both AWESOME! Websites popped up in 3-4 seconds! No winners here unfortunately.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Nice phone. I have used it for 1 year then moved to iPhone. eBay is a great place buy anything as I had bought blackberry and iPhone itself from eBay and still using it without any problem.

Thank you

Kind regards,
Ajay Dumasiya

Great, just another reminder of all the mistakes that Blackberry made. Why did they make the next Bold series smaller? Why didn't they have GPUs in all of their phones after the first Storm? Why was the Storm only 3.2"? No OS updates to older phones up to BBOS 6 and 7, or at least partial upgrades e.g. the web browser.