BlackBerry 9000 Series Smartphone: Touchscreen, 3G HSDPA, 600mhz Processor and More!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2007 02:07 pm EDT

BlackBerry 9000

The BoyGenius published a photo today (photoshop creation) and some details of of the long-rumored 9xxx Series BlackBerry. Here's what the BG had to say:

The hidden-in-a-dark-secret-underground-lab BlackBerry 9xxx has sent out a couple distress calls to us, pleading to let people know it’s coming and what it should have in store for the incredibly faithful and addicted BlackBerry users. First off, 3G. It most certainly will have a 3G radio and we’re not talking about the European bands. (The actual 3G bands are not yet clear, but we can only assume North American 3G is a go.) Second, this isn’t your momma’s 3G, this is going to be HSDPA. Forget the Wi-Fi scam, this is real speed with simultaneous voice and data! That isn’t the best part, though…we’ve been told it will rock a 600MHz processor! Finally. We shouldn’t have those necessary and annoying lag times when performing basic tasks, and there should be a drastic reduction of the bottleneck for Internet speeds on the device. What we reported ages ago still seems to be spot on — RIM is actively looking at integrating a Backup/Restore function to facilitate transferring your entire backup to an on board memory card. We’re trying to lock down a solid release date at this point in time, but if we had to guess, we won’t see it this year.

What do you guys think? Do you like this addition to the line-up? Will I have to take back all of the mean things I've said about touchscreen input now that RIM is going in that direction with at least one of their phones? I do hope these internals make it into a BlackBerry with a Curve-style keyboard (and a nuclear-powered battery)!

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BlackBerry 9000 Series Smartphone: Touchscreen, 3G HSDPA, 600mhz Processor and More!


It sounds great, 3G, 600MHz processor, large screen. But I'm just not a fan of the touchscreen whatsoever. Here's to hoping the 9xxx has a series that has a full qwerty keyboard on par with the Curve. Looking at the pic, it does appear to be using the Curve frame, so maybe they'll just make a 3G, 600MHz 93xx line of the Curve?

Touchscreen ... color me disappointed. But, I seriously think that the rest of the technology will make it into qwerty phones eventually.

I'm not liking what I am seeing. Where is the keyboard?? I dont like the iphone nor do I want to see RIM go in the iphone direction. The 3G and high speeds are the things I would like to see in the next generation of RIM phones. These is something professional and productive of having a physical keyboard on the device instead of a virtual one. Who knows what it will look like in the end....I just hope it does not look like an iphone wanna be.

I am confident that like all the #xxx lines before it, the 9xxx line will have multiple series within the 9xxx line. I highly doubt that this iberryish phone will be the only one. It's obviously a direct competitor to the iphone and looking to steal much of Palm's consumer market share.

For example, I'm sure there will be one series that has a camera and another series that does not. I fully expect one series to have a full qwerty keyboard but without the camera. Seeing as the consensus is that the 88xx's keyboard is inferior to the 83xx's keyboard, I am confident that we'll see a more classical BB keyboard somewhere (likely similar to the 83xx Curve's keyboard is my guess).

All I know is that is a sweet looking Phone, but I am wondering did RIM finally get what they have been wanting to do, 3G with as much battery life as possible? I know that is why the Curve and 8820 did not have 3G because they wanted to have 3 - 4 hours of talk time..


why is RIM doing this? Unless it's an experiment kinda like the 7100 series. The touchscreen is why so many people don't like the iPhone for business. All the other features sound great though.


Can I be the first to coin the phrase the iBerry?? It looks a lot like a iPhone if you ask me. Don't get me wrong...I would love to have the cool touch screen feature and some of the other cool features that the iPhone has, but I like the SureType or Qwerty keyboard. I hope this isn't the final look and this is not legit.

Before you guys get all bent out of shape onappearences and such, try reading the article over @ BGR, he clearly ADMITS it's a photoshop job...

"On Oct 3, 2007 @ 11:53 am, The Boy Genius Said:

No, this is not a real picture of the BlackBerry 9xxx series…Although, we have heard RIM might be working on a touch-screen device…"

which makes me even wonder why BGR is announcing anything yet...rehashing hype at the moment.

That 600 MHz processor jump will kill the heck out of it's battery life. Not to mention more screen and a higher powered transmitter. This looks less like a BB and more like your common PDA, which isn't a good thing.

hi my name is..... and i am a crackberry addict!

i love this website, ever since i found it, i've been hooked.

very excited to hear about the touchscreen, though i am extremely pleased with my tmobile curve and feel we'll be together for a while!

This doesnt work for me. Where is my Qwerty keyboard?? I dont want RIM going in for a touchscreen. The 3G and high speeds are the things I want in the next generation of RIM phones.

Doesn't work for you..... If you look closely at an i-phone, you would know that the qwerty keyboard is on the touch screen.

This works for ME!

Sorry this not for me!

If i wanted an iphone i would buy an iphone. Blackberry have a unique look, design and if this is the way that they intend to go i can only see their current client bank changing, and that would include me

I LOVE my 8300 Curve. I am so happy with it, but a few improvements could be made for the 9xxx series.

First, a faster processor. Face it, the Curve is slow. Its annoying but thats the way it is. It is so slow that it makes surfing the Web (mostly) unpleasant. Thats why 3G and/or Wi-Fi is needed, BUT even those features are worthless if the BB can't handle the data and takes forever to process and load the information. Having a full web browser in the palm of your hand that has almost broadband speed is the ultimate goal for a next generation Blackberry (from a consumer standpoint, iPhone is heading that way) Obviously EDGE is needed when your not near a hotspot or out of a 3G area (another annoyance, AT&T's 3G coverage). Basically a faster (in every way) Curve.

More on-board RAM. More space for applications and messages. The 64MB currently on the Curve means weekly battery pulls and memory management issues.

Touchscreen would be fun, BUT NOT AT THE COST OF THE CURVE KEYBOARD! I love its small size yet accurate and quick typing. Something along the lines of the way a treo works, without the INSANE weight or size. If touchscreen isn't on my next BB, I don't care, but it could aid in faster navigation through menus and such.

GPS is useful and would be appreciated as long as AT&T doesn't charge you every time you use it.

All the bells and whistles of the Curve should be brought over as well (2MP camera, MP3 and Video support and so on)

We showed this to some RIM engineers and they laughed saying this was a photoshopped curve. They were pretty tight lipped about anything else new.

I have NEVER had a converged device with the battery life of the Curve. I have gone a regular 3 day weekend of push email, full phone usage, and limited web browsing on a single battery. EVERYTHING from my first (Samsung i500) to my last (AT&T Tilt) were nightly charging only.

True, that means EDGE and a lower processor speed, but so be it. When they can shoehorn a bigger battery and screen into that Curve body, WITH NO DECREASE IN BATTERY LIFE, sign me up.

Personally I got the blackberry for its look had it not had the querty keyboard I would not have bought it.

Call me old-fashioned, but I would hate to not have an actual querty keyboard. The iphone is really frustrating in that department, choosing letters you didn't want, etc. Can't type fast on it. I hope that Bberry gives us the bells and whistles, but I won't pick one up if it has a cumbersome "touchscreen keyboard".

How about a t-mobile side kick kind of blackberry. I've thought for years this would work will for blackberrys. It could have a touch screen for media kind of functions and then the screen flips up for a keyboard underneath.

Well i think that the phone should have a fold out keyboard or aleast have more space than the what my blackberry curve 8320 have now yall on point with the power of the phone and if it's black thats great my favorite color for phones and thats good your running 3g now it might not benifi me becausei have t-mobile and they are working on 3g but i dont no if the will have it the time the phone comes out but also its so many formats of 3g and i they are not running the right form of 3g who no's but i hope that you dont count t-mobile out because i dont want to get a t-mobile dont like there service had a sprint but then helio came out and they were using the same towers as sprint and had 3g with the promo pack 100 unlimited everything so i had to get that the plan fit me right dispite they just came out last year good company. So over all i have a t-mobile blackberry and a helio ocean be for real if you come out with a black berry for both of the companies im with im most deffiently going to but it. But the touch screen blackberry is what i was waiting for with the power but if yall could ever pull of a blackberry phone that is fully touch screen that run windows mobile6 and blackberry internet on one device that would be bad because i love internet explorer and blackberry internet but out of the to i love windows because thats what i use in my house but both are better that one but rather you allow the 2 companie im with or not the opportunity to have your phone nice idea on the touch screen blackberry it will cell well when it come out.