BlackBerry 9000 Pics Leaked?

By James Falconer on 2 Jan 2008 11:22 am EST

These pics look pretty legit to me, but really it's too soon to tell. Certainly looks like there is NO touchscreen on this device.

The bezel around the outside is reported to be aluminum. Two big thumbs up for that. One of the big things I was dissapointed with on my 8800 was the plastic bezel around the outside (I went out and got a case immediately for it).

This device also appears to have an external microSD slot. Woohoo!

For some reason this doesn't really fit the form, design or 'wow' factor I invisioned the 9000 to have. So take these pics with a grain of salt. 

What do you think? Is this the 9000?

The BlackBerry 9000?


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BlackBerry 9000 Pics Leaked?


Insiders and beta testers at rim are laughing hysterically at this and everyone who posted it as being the way is this even part of the 9XXX Series, if anything it may have been a prototype of some sort, but not something we will ever see implemented.

/me awaits the flood of people that will come to the site claiming they have seen this device "in use" at every RIM location from Halifax to Waterloo to Texas.

PS: Don't forget about the whole backwords "B" debate as well.

and are you kidding me? how does this not look like the future. It probably either the same size as the curve or smaller. A full keyboard. It takes full advantage of the width of the device so you dont have a larger than neccessary device. If the sides are chromed..thats awesome. Chances are it will include both gps and wifi since that is becoming a must. the centered camera is just smart. and as for a touch screen? who cares. I have used one and theres nothing special about them. I prefer the trackball on my curve. no more smudgy, impratical to use for the most part, touchscreens for me. Like read the round robin for cripes sake. Also, the unit in the pics looks like crap. If you saw a crappy pic of crappy looking curve sure youd be dissing it too. But if you take that unit make it all pretty and shiny, most of you would have a different tone.

i really like the look of that! when i got the pearl i was certain it was the only berry i'd ever need...til tmobile got the curve, then it was curve for life. and now this...i love the changes each time!!!! my friends love it too, they get all my old ones!

Seems as if it took the look of the new music Q for Verizon and meshed the two cosmetically.

Nice pics of that model, the name of this unit is HUDSON is HDSPA with GPS and WiFi. The launch of this model is for the 1Q08....

I hope this is just some sort of "practice shell" for the internals. This layout doesn't really seem that innovative. I am curious about that button where the pearl should be. Could it be some sort of "touch-pear" that senses movement? It would be nice to remove moving parts that get dirty.

But truthfully it would have to have some pretty awesome capabilities internally for me to early adopt this one. CES is coming up and I am sure RIM will "tease" us with more stuff about the 9xxx series.

Yeah I second what blaze said... What about that upside down and backwards "B" in the word "Berry"?? Also I thought I read a blog about this phone a couple months back being a Chinese knock off.

Google "AMOI engadget" and go to the link that says "AMOI busts out vaguely familiar Windows Mobile smartphone" and you will see a similar device.

No way, looks like a older prototype BB. It looks downsized from the 8320 curve. If it really is a 9000, then something is really wrong with the designers head.

To me it looks like a proto type that was fished out of a dumpster. This device was on E-bay, and caused a big stir on another BB Forum. It was pulled before it was sold. Last price was up to $410, it had no battery and would not power on. I do not think this is a 9000, it looks like a pre-Curve proto type. Actully it looks like what a BB would look like in the 60s ( yes I know they were not around but this looks very retro LOL ), compared to how they look now But that is just my 2 cents.

To me, it looks like a Motorola-built prototype for a Blackberry device.

You know, I guess kinda like how Moto has started building Sidekicks?

The keyboard + aluminum bezel are straight off the MOTO Q9.

And the trackball + navibuttons look like they could be repainted versions of the one on the Motorola-built Sidekick Slide.

how in the world can ANYONE think this is the 9000 series?? This is obviously some old prototype. compared to the curve I would take the 8320 anyday over this,,, This is NOT the 9000 series. Come on people, listen to your rational

the curve has a 2 megapixel camera and this has a 1 megapixel camera mmm seems odd than rim would downgrade the camera i looks to me like a knock off

It doesn’t look very impressive going by the pictures. I hope their not doing it justice. It looks very bulky, yet slim. It looks very plain and boring. It doesn’t look appealing. Hopefully, this isn’t the finished product and only a model to test the internals.

In one word, YAWN!

Take a closer look at the pictures.

1. Where does the battery go?

2. There is no trackball

3. It's mis-shaped.

4. The ALT, SPACE & SYM keys are written in lower-case letters, which BlackBerry doesn't do

5. The Num and Cap keys have no arrows, which is a characteristic of all modern devices.

6. The BlackBerry logo is the darkest text on the device which is uncharacteristic.

7. The headphone jack is too small

This is not a BlackBerry, nor was it made by RIM.

Simply put, this could not possibly be the speculated 9000 series as it's rumor to be on touch screen technology. Yet despite that one rumor, could this be a mix up off both traditional keypad and touchscreen input technology? Best of worlds? RIM leads the way!

Either way, this is a device I look forward to -