BlackBerry 9000 Photos!

BlackBerry 9000
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2008 10:11 am EDT

w00t! What a way to start the weekend!!! Engadget Mobile just posted pics of a BlackBerry 9000 spotted in the wild and it looks like more pics we're posted on the other side of the world as well. It looks awesome! More pics after the jump. I wants it, I NEED it!

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

 BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

Thanks Engadget!!! We Love You!
Check out their Gallery for Bigger pics!

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BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

BlackBerry 9000

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BlackBerry 9000 Photos!


well the 9000 looks amazing, and i'm turned on by it...but who is getting it?? verizon? or att? i ohpe verizon gets an addition for a blackberry takeover since the pictures surface form the curve, please verizon! please! take crown!

Pretty sure like most new BlackBerrys, it'll hit a GSM Carrier first. The picture with the battery cover off shows a SIM card holder, so that's likely the case (unless they're building it as a world edition for CDMA out of the hop), but would think that would come later...

(Oops) I see while I was typing, the same thing was answered above, sorry)
Doesn't the fact that the screen shots show "Insert SIM card" indicate a GSM network? Looks slick and fancy, kind-of iPhonish, don't you think? I personally would rather move up to a thin, touch screen with a sliding keyboard so I can get more screen space and only do the keyboard when needed. But that might be too big. Oh, and 3-G please.

The design on here is not reminiscent of the traditional BB styling and in my opinion is a step backwards. This looks like the Motorola Q or blackjack, and has no Iconic features to it, except the back of it. Close, but not quite there yet

We know Vodafone and Rogers are already on the list for this device from the previous pictures and the vodafone roadmap so yes GSM...probably no CDMA love for a while lmao!!, but I'm still not impressed by this device, the keyboard looks horrid imo, the "flat" buttons are ugly and it looks like that cheap curve knockoff that was floating around that ran on windows mobile...other then the incl features...I'm still waiting for the wow factor here and it hurts me to say that!

Wait, what will the 9000 have that the Curve does not already have now? Does the 9000 have touch screen? Did we all not expect a bigger display? The reason I was looking forward to the 9000 series was for RIM to make their device into a multimedia powerhouse like the iPhone while continue to be the best communication device on earth. What I see here is a cosmetically redesigned BlackBerry that does not seem to challenge the iPhone on the multimedia front. The 9000 series I envisioned, at a minimum, has a display size comparable to the iPhone.

I am not impressed and so far I seem to be in the minority.

I don't think the 9000 will provide anything that different BUT where can I get that theme (if it's a theme) or is that the new OS? I want that theme/OS, it looks hot!

I'm slightly disappointed in it, it's not very "sexy" is it ? How is that going to be the iphone killer ? The row with the answer / end keys is far too large & could have been used for a bigger screen, maybe even have those keys as "touch" within the screen itself.

Does just look like a reworking of existing devices rather than a new design concept all together. Maybe the new OS will be the killer ?

Until I see it "in th flesh" I'm not sure what'll I'll upgrade to now.

BB looks hott!

True to form it doesn't have a useless/irritating touchscreen.

How long would you camp out in front of your cellular carrier to get one!

Check this picture out from Endgadget... The second line says "Smartphone (3G, WiFi)". My curve says "Smartphone (EDGE, WiFi)". Could this be the 3G bb we've all been waiting for? =)

Yeah, the keyboard looks awful. Reminds me of the Motorola. I like the "distanced" keys on my Curve. That alone would be a deal breaker for me.

Welp color me unimpressed. Like others I think it looks like a step backward. I'll be hanging onto my Curve for awhile then...I likes it (sorta) but I don't NEEDS it :)

I like it but not as much as my 8320. It's comming out to close to me having this one. my next berry will be the one that has a slide and touchscreen.

I think that the 8330 will be a better device. The biggest problem for a while has been edge, evdo berrys, while late were far superior in speed to that of edge berrys. That is why they have never had wifi, which they should for people in weak coverage situations. The most underappreciated on a smartphone is the keyboard and this one is a step backwards. I do like the theme that it was using.

Please tell me thats a Family Guy reference!

I think i'll be holding onto my curve for a while even after this comes out. The software looks nice, but the hardware.... not so much.

The appearance is a joke! Somebody? Anybody? I definitely agree with posts above "Step Backwards" "Not impressed" "Not jumping for joy" "Disappointed". We all knew this BB was going to be "3G Wifi" but did the designers up in "O Canada" have to make it look so UNSEXY and HORRID?? I was going to line up for one of these the first day they hit shelves BUT not if they look like this! I sure hope this isnt the "final" design of the 9000. :(

I would love to have that theme for my 8830. If anyone know where I cn find one like please point me in the right direction.
The device looks great too.

I think the keyboard looks like its gonna take some getting used to. Im used to my curve keyboard, on the 9000 the keys are flat :\

Looks like the Blackjack and iPhone had an illegitimate child. The external card access is cool, I guess, I never take mine out. I'll keep my 8310 Curve until the sliding touchscreen model comes out!

I'm surprised at the number of indifferent or negative comments. I really like the subtle improvements that they used for the CDMA Pearl.

The keyboard looks and probably feels like the 8800's. Which at first I didn't care for, but now that I have used it for almost a year I acutally prefer it two to one.

The real kicker isn't going to be the way the phone looks but how it works and the OS improvements. The theme is obviously a step in the right direction. But what I'm more interested in is the rumors about the processor being slightly faster than the iPhones. If that's true it pretty much doubles the current processors speed that is available. Also the rumor of a dramatic internal memory increase (in the range of 1GB). Those two things alone make me very interested. There probably will never be a CDMA iPhone and there isn't a chance in the world that I would get at&t.

Also GSM uses...3G. Seriously you know EDGE is getting old.

I completely agree with you. I have an 8830 and i love the flat keys on it i think is the best thing in the world. the bubbly keys on the pearl are annoying to say the least. but overall i love the look of this phone, i was hoping that it would have a bigger screen but hey i'm sure all crackberry addicts are into them because of the performance and not the look and screen size

I second that. If I cared so much about how the phone 'looked' as opposed to how it functioned, I would have gotten an iPhone instead of my awesome Curve. The new OS, bigger internal memory, and a faster processor all turn me on. Can't wait to upgrade!

For those who don't like it, you're missing the point. Its 3G W-CDMA capable. Stream video, audio, email, video conf, talk all at the same time! GSM will be obsolete in about 7 years is my guess.

This isn't impressive at all. It looks like a spoof of the new treo that recently came out. Get back to the drawing boards!

I doubt that this will be the final product. I think manufacturers of electronics leak images of the early product so they can check out the consumers reaction. I'm sure some BB employees are going through big forums like crackberry to see what people are saying, what they like and don't like. That's my own opinion though

I think you are right because on the blackberry homepage every week they have a poll about how often you use certain features and thing of that nature, so i definately don't think this is the final look

I think it looks great I love my curve but even i will admit that keyboard is a little lacking in the sturdy feel department but the 9000's keyboard looks really nice. But not to be all roses the 9000's screen does look a little small than the curve and the 8800. And I liked how Blackberry stole the homepage backround screen from the PS3

The features seem nice, and I can definitely see the appeal for 3G, WiFi, and possibly more memory. I would think this to be an "upgrade" to the 8800 series (since they have similar keyboards). In essessence, it is an 8800 with camera and microSD slot.

I still like the look of the Curve. The 9000 seems a little more retro in appearance.

If it wasn't for the number of photographs of the same unit, I would remind everyone that April Fool's Day is Tuesday. :)

Very nice, I'm sure people will complain about the 8000 style keyboard but still buy it. This is great news for me because I can finally find a Curve at an affordable price to upgrade my 8700r! I'm sure there will be a bunch of Curve owners ready to upgrade! LOL

So the 64,000 question... Is it rude to give your subordinate your current BB (curve) and replace it with the 9000??

Your vote matters!!

looks a bit thick

should be as thick as the aluminum frame

i too am a little disappointed

especially if this is delayed to sept (fall 2008) and apple releases 3g iphone in June....this release will be a wimper

I don't know what the big deal is about the keyboard!!! Both the Curve and the 8800 type with the same accuracy and this keyboard is a hybrid of both (obviously more like the 8800 but with a more contour). If this is comes out with NO touchscreen and 3G you'll have a new BB customer for life!

The Specs. on this phone look pretty good, but that keyboard looks like it was designed by Nokia. That is to say... LAME.

All I ask is, please Engadget guy, please cut your nails. I don't know why, but the thumbnail makes my stomach hurt.

OK, really?? This design looks rediculous, could it be more of an Iphone ripoff???(even the silver around the edge) I really hope RIM has something else up their sleeves for the casing of this bad boy.

Considering the developing competition between RIM and Apple, would it really be prudent to design a phone that resembles the competition's product so closely? Did RIM cruise the Iphone forums looking for the one thing people didnt like.... and then change it? (i.e.Keyboard)

Although, 'Blackberry Iphone' does have a nice ring to it.

p.s. Maybe its a girls hand in the picture. The cuticles do look quite manicured.

First of all I like the design of the new BB. Ya I will admit looks similar to the iPhone, blackjack, and Q; but the design works. It works really well and thats the reason all the other companies started using that style handheld device and that is one of the reasons why I love BB because they do work. The physical keyboard is a win/lose. I love the keyboard on my 8830 I can type faster than most of the sidekick losers any day. But because of the physical keyboard it cant have that cool giant touchscreen display like the iphone. The fact that it's not CDMA doesn't surprise me at all. Verizon would just cripple all the cool features on it so they can charge for them anyway. But overall I like the 9000, I feel it is going to be the best blackberry yet, and I know that is kinda a no duh but that blackberry has everything I wanted in a blackberry. So thanks RIM for making my perfect phone for me.


it deffinitely says blackberry 9000 in the 8th picture of the bb version im guessing not a hoax.

i know pictures can be photoshopped, but i think its legit.

Don't know that this will be the next phone I rush out to get. May give it a chance though. (When I am bored with my curve...) Keys remind me of the 8800...

In a few months it's gonna be time for me to upgrade my Blackberry. The drop of the new 9000 was hitting at just the right time. I was just sitting back waiting to pounce.

Now I see its a big brick with just shinny sides. Ok, I love my current big brick with shinny sides (8800) but I was hoping RIM was going to take it to the next level like all the other phone designs out there. Forget the Iphone and it's touch screen, but at least come up with something on the same level and cutting edge as some of the other sliding, flip, touch screen, rotating phones out there now.

I guess we're expected to just accept it for what it has on the inside. The old, " You'll like her, she has a great personality routine" huh?

The curve with the new software download is starting to look more attractive everyday.

Ok, the keyboard imo isn't as good as the one on the curve and its not as nice either but why do most people want a horrid virtual keyboard. The iphone is an ugly pile of useless crap....slider phones are pieces of sh*t as well.

All you people that want nothing but eye candy then go with iphones. I'll take functionality over eye candy any day.

That being said I do want 3G, wifi, more internal memory, and a better camera but please RIM, stay away from touch screens and slide out keyboards. I really want the same form factor kept with all their phones but I guess one slider phone for all the gossiping teens wouldn't be a bad thing, it'll get them more market penetration that's for sure...but for those serious about their BB...and I'm really serious about my BB...the same form factor needs to be kept with the addition of better hardware of course.

I'm glad to see they cleaned up the interface with some smoother fonts and such, but a lot of the BlackBerry design touches are lacking, here. I agree with other readers that it is quite Q-like. I'll stick with my 8800, for now.

A RIM Engineer goes to my daughters church, and he has the phone in his hands. I said to him, hey isn't that the RIM 9000? He said, "I can't tell you". It was the exact same phone. Looks slick and nice. Didn't get a chance to see the interface however.

Will the 2008 Curve be 3G or WiFi? Are there any plans to update the Curve w/these features? If you ask me that's
all they have to do. Or they could add cammera to the 8820 etc.. call it a day and deposit the money. Wouldn't that make more sense? I'm disapointed in the new 9000 look.

1. 3G- Wonderful
2. Camera- Wonderful ( my 8800 doesnt hava a camera ).
3. New applications- Wonderful
4. Upgraded Keyboard- Wonderful ( no silly touchscreen )

5. The fact that many of you will choose not to get one, means you will not be in front of me, when I'm in line to get one...................WONDERFUL !

There's alot of phone designs and phone makers claiming the iphone killer slogan. I personally think that to compare their phone or any phone to the iphone is, well, suicide. (meaning they always kill themselves when they battle the iphone in comparison)

I love my BB and wouldn't compare it to the iphone and while the new 9000 isn't the iphone killer, it'll have a faster processor than the iphone for now. Until the iphone comes out this summer with 3g capabilities than what?

I say, BB and the innovators at RIM started this type of messaging/phone/email/web browser thing so BB users be proud that you have your BB. Although it isn't touch screen, or doesn't have the hype.....or pricetag (599 at release? ridiculous!) or different price releases in a six (dropped from $599 to $399) month span, or locked to itunes, or a slow happy and proud that you hold in your hand "THE INNOVATION THAT EVOLVED THE IPHONE"

I really hope this phone is goin to sprint because i'm with Verizon now and they SUCK!!! Sprint is the future and have the better technology and plans...hence the $99.99 Simply Everything Plan. While Verizon is stuck in the past with the $99.99 unltd talk plan Sprint has unlimited everything (thats unltd talk, unltd text, unltd internet, unltd email, unltd picture mail, unltd gps/navigation, unltd tv(which verizon doesnt even offer), and unltd music)for $99.99 living in the NOW!!!

And for yall out there who want to challenge me do your research. Yall think verizon is the best bc you see so many commercials on it with "Can you hear me now?" but i know from experience it isn't.

Who was the first to have internet on a phone? Sprint
Who was the first to have gps on a phone? Sprint
Who has the largest mobile broadband network? Sprint

It's Sprint Speed baby!!!

cant wait for wifi with a cdma one and the os looks slick but clearly they should stick with the keyboard format the curve has not the 8830! i have an 8830 and rate its kb 8/10 but the curves kb is 10/10

I think everyone who is comparing this to the iphone needs to rethink what kind of phone blackberry makes. but first let me start off with this. THE IPHONE SUCKS WITH OR WITHOUT 3G, it is the worst phone i've ever used. And on that note, Blackberry isnt a multimedia powerhouse kind of phone, its a functional kind of phone, its a work horse. Who needs all of the multemedia touch screen garbage that you get with the IPHONE, give me a freakin keyboard ANY DAY!!!