BlackBerry 9000 to Launch With OS version 4.6?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Feb 2008 02:54 pm EST

BlackBerry 9000Our friend Jibi over at BG just posted some new news about the hopefully soon to be released BlackBerry 9000 smartphone. The news? An OS (operating system) rebranding.

It was originally thought the rumored (yet to be announced by RIM) BlackBerry 9000 would ship with OS version 4.3.2. But just as OS 4.3.1 has been rebranded to OS 4.5, the 9000's 4.3.2 OS will be rebranded to version 4.6. Straight from Jibi:

OS 4.6.0 has un-officially graduated from internal development at RIM and has been moved on into the official builds and carrier certification process. This same process started for OS 4.3.1 in the September / October 2007 time frame and we’ve yet to see an announcement of availability from RIM or any carrier. It has been widely reported in forums that the successor BlackBerry - model number 9000 for those who are still spreading rumors otherwise - was plagued with battery drain issues due to the inclusion of Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G, much to the shared chagrin of every other vendor who can’t seem to perfect this flaw with 3G devices. The good news is that the introduction of the carrier certification process may indicate the remote possibility that a workaround and/or resolution has been implemented for the new does-it-all device.

Nevermind OS 4.6 though...I just want OS 4.5 to be officially released!

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BlackBerry 9000 to Launch With OS version 4.6?!


if i just ordered a red curve 8310 from rogers
then what is the OS I will receive and is it a good one?

Your gonna need to spend some time looking around the forums, thats a rather LENGTHY answer to have posted in a blog post, but your curve will come with

I'm getting tired of all these changes and rumors surrounding the OS...RIM just needs to launch SOMETHING to ease our minds in the meantime.

I'm due to upgrade my current BB device, but I'm not sure if I should wait for the 9000 to be launched.

Any ideas on what timescales are likely. eg. 2-3 months or more like 6 months? Also, I will be on the o2 network in the UK, so not sure which region may get priority in the launch.

I just loaded the version 4.6 on my BOLD and am impressed with some of the enhancements, the single most improvement is that there is now less drain on my battery. Also, I notice that my BOLD does not now randomly reset itself as I am listening to Pandora thru my bluetooth headphones.

With that said, has anyone else noticed any improvements....oh one other, sms text's are now saved as converstaion tags..