BlackBerry 9000 Hardware Specs - Now What to Call It?!

Guess the 9000's Name (assuming it gets one)!
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2008 03:54 pm EDT

Building upon yesterday's OS4.6 feature enhancements news, the BG followed up today with confirmed final hardware specs on the BlackBerry 9000. Nothing too new to report here that hasn't been rumored before, but figured it's worthy of a post as I wanted to Pose a Question to the CrackBerry Community. It seems whether this new device gets released as strictly the 9000 or will be given a consumer market name like the CURVE or PEARL has to be determined.

What I want to know is, what you would name the new BlackBerry 9000?! I was thinking I'd give it a name like Earl or Duke or Betsy or Daisy...that would be sweet. Check out my BlackBerry...she's a Daisy. What's that gadget? It's the Duke of Smartphones. Maybe not. Leave your ideas in the comments... they HAVE to be better than mine.

Heck, let's turn it into a contest. Be the first person to leave a comment on this post with the name that the BlackBerry 9000 is ultimately released under (assuming it gets a REAL name and not just numbers) and we'll hook you up with a new case and standard bluetooth headset of your choice courtesy of!

  • Make sure that you're logged in or your entry won't count.
  • Contest open until RIM actually makes their official Press Release.
  • In the event the device gets released under the 9000 brand (no catchy word to go with it), we'll give the prizes out to the most creative answer. carried away with the contest...I almost forgot the topic of this post. Here are "final" specs for the BlackBerry 9000 (to hopefully be released along with a cooler name) as reported by BG:

  • Bands - Quad-band GPRS/EDGE: 800/850/1800/1900MHz
  • HSDPA: 850/1900/2100MHz (praise the lord!)
  • Expandable memory - microSD
  • Display - HVGA Color LCD (480×320)
  • TrackBall Navigation
  • Camera - 2MP (Boo!)
  • Wi-Fi - a,b,g
  • A-GPS
  • Battery - 1500mAh
  • High quality material, high-end finish
  • Operating System Software - version 4.6

I love how "high quality materials and high-end finish" is a feature. I think that's the tell-tale sign that the info above is legit.

Don't forget to post your NAME suggestions in the comments!!!! 

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BlackBerry 9000 Hardware Specs - Now What to Call It?!


So we have Pearl, Curve and unamed 88xx series. Guess this is some big release for RIM so they should make some fancy and rather unique name...

I would like to have some name like Wave, Flux or Neon...

Blackberry Cuboid...

A Cuboid is a rectangular prism... i feel it looks less round then a curve or pearl, thus closer to a rectangle



BlackBerry Sleek

–adjective, -er, -est.
1. smooth or glossy, as hair, an animal, etc.
2. well-fed or well-groomed.
3. trim and graceful; finely contoured; streamlined:
4. smooth in manners, speech, etc.; suave.
5. cleverly or deceitfully skillful; slick: a sleek confidence man.

Look at says it all...

Meteor was/is the internal project name for the device - not what it would be released under. Curve and Pearl both had "galatic" names prior to their release too!

A few jump off the top of my head....

Blackberry AK 9000 (yes, in Apple Killer)

Blackberry IPK 9000 (take a guess. hahaaa...)


Blackberry PWN9000

Blackberry Smooth

Blackberry AK Slayer (as in; Apple Killing Slayer)

The PWN (simple and to the point. Just rolls off the the tounge)

/that's all i've got. For now.

thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard dude!!! im so glad your just a dumbass and not in charge of naming phones

Come on wouldn't you want to own a Genesis? It represents a new beginning in the Wireless Phone world.

the blackberry rumor? haha
or.... the blackberry decade (becuase it seems like its taking a decadeto come out! haha)

edit: mabe it is the meteor or however it was spelled... saw iton the link.

Jibi, is gonna come along and disagree with me on this one if he happens to read this post, but I'm still sticking with Meteor. :P

Then again, I also heard they were gonna call it "The Super Duper Jibi Machine" ;)

Just razzin' ya Jibi :)

I would name it The Iceman because it's so cool. But I think Rim should name it the Blackberry Glacier.



Let's try this again so I can actually be qualified if I win:

Blackberry Zen or Blackberry Mist.

Blackberry Bend
Blackberry Eye
Blackberry Pie
Blackberry Kiss

Mac Berry
Walk Berry

Blackberry 3
Blackberry Box

Blackberry Mother
Blackberry G

or my favorite
The smart phone formally known as Blackberry 9000

Blackberry is always changing to adapt to the every changing market, so why not Evolution? This phone is evolving into a new work, new change, new life!!

Go-Blackberry Evolution!!

So does anyone know if the creen size for the new upcoming BB 9000 is actually bigger than current BB 8800/8300 etc? (320 x 240) official reports say the screen size is actually 480 x 320 but every photo I've seen including one from ebay which I almost bought looks the same as current generation scree size.

is this made by RIM so they can test the new BB or what?? i think they are trying to know if we like it or not and they want us to name ot for them too!!! niceeeee

How about Blackberry Ultimate a.k.a. The Edition? Or just The Crackberry. I think further recognition of what this site has done for Blackberry would be appropriate.


Apple cider is the name used especially in the United States and parts of Canada for a non-alcoholic beverage produced from apples by a process of pressing.

Is sounds alot better than APPLE KILLER

Another nice name would be BB "REFELCT".

to think, ponder, or meditate: to reflect on one's virtues and faults.

i would call it...

the new "blackberry galaxy"


RIM's new "Inferno 9000" blackberry

these are just what i think it looks like from the picture

I think that they should call it the "EDGE". It seems fitting that we have the curve and the pearl and now this is the "Edge" of further technology from RIM!!

How about...

Blackberry 9000 - EDGE
Blackberry 9000 - Vantage
Blackberry 9000 - Slate

My name is Kenneth Giraldo and I own a curve. I can't wait until the 9000 comes out. If i had to guess what the name would be then maybe:

Blackberry 9000 Touch
Blackberry 9000 Simple Touch or Easy Touch

If I was to give this phone a name,it'd be the.....
Blackberry Superior
Blackberry Endeavor
Blackberry Force (I'm a Star Wars fan!)
Blackberry Sith
Blackberry Jedi
Blackberry Power
Blackberry Intrigue
Blackberry Sharp

When Sprint gets it, it'll be called the BB9000 2011 edition, unless its released in mid 2012 - customer service isnt sure, but theres a ton of rumors swirling...

Seriously though - what about The BB Communicator - cheezy but plays on its 3g/wifi/gps/BB nature....

Blackberry 9000 Genius

How about, just call it God..., after this all phones will bow down in submission!

Blackberry 9000 Platinum

Blackberry 9000 Serene (As in, I will truly be at peace once this phone is in my hands... For all of 5 seconds after I throw a party!!)

It should be called the BARON, just like Trump and his son, it's got it all and you can't get much better that him.

Blackberry CRUSH...
For obvious reasons.

Goes along with one of the most popular names for Blackberry Models "Curve" (the whole C alliteration thing)... And Judging by the specs its going to "Crush" the competition. Maybe a little cheezy, but I think its a strong and kind of brazen name for a new phone like this.

Didn't like this thing first glance..but the more I see it the more I am liking it...I think these names are fitting for a device that can do so much; Zeus, Aries, Morph, or Life...
Let me know what you all

Double post possibly first one never posted....

Areis, Morph, Zeus,Prestige, or Life are all fitting names for a device that can do so much...they all are prestigious names..

I'll go on the record to say it will be called ...... insert drumroll here....... THE Blackberry. That's it. I could easily see them not using a numeric name nor a "catch" name. Just call it The Blackberry. This "Self title" thing seems to work well in the Music industry when naming albums
ie. Metalica,David Bowie,The Greatfull Dead,Elvis Presley,The Rolling Stones, Santana, get my point :)

I bought the curve, wish I would have waited for the 9000. I think the IDEAL name for the BB9000 would be the *drum roll* BlackBerry Diamond... yessssss... lol

BlackBerry Diamond!!!!


well since blackberry is my world and a lot of your guyes world whey should call it

world 9000
life 9000
or all in one that can do everthing phone

I have a new one... I think it should be called...
Blackberry 'apple thought they had a sure thing, in your face apple, now this berry is one that you can't mess with'

the new device will likely not have a consumer name, but will be known in elite circles as the "cascade" ;-)

Since the last was a curve and now blackberry wants to get everything straight.. i'm taking my chance with blackberry straight...

I like Storm but looking at it I would have called it like...

Blackberry Stratus or
Blackberry Endeavor

*those just sound so cool to me*

I think it should be called the Blackberry Chrome, due to the awesomely sleek chrome rim around the edge. Or the Edge or even the Fantom after me(lol). When are they expected to be out again?, I have to have one.

Well, I think that it should have a real name, so that it has it's own personality so to speak. What about Ozzii (pronounced like Ozzie, just with a cooler spelling)?

Isn't it supposed to be the Blackberry Storm? I don't know if this is an Iphone killer, but I will stick with that. The Blackberry Stormm

in keeping with the theme of the popular 'pearl', and seeing how this 9000 is suppose to be the big daddy of them all...(at least until the 'kickstart' comes out)...i would have to call it the crowning "JEWEL" of all the blackberrys.
or maybe the SLATE or GRANITE

Call it the Hurricane:
It will blow your mind, will be at the center of attention, will spin around the world, and everyone will have their eye on it!

The Hurricane:

It will blow your mind, be at the center of attention, spin around the world, rain on everybody's parade and everyone will have their eye on it!

My name is Parsa Daneshgari and I think that this Blackberry should be called the "Blackberry Blade". I think this name fits the device well and has a nice ring to it. Also, I think "Blackberry Blade" fits well with the device RIM has that looks similar to this one: the Blackberry Curve. I think "Blackberry Blade" goes along well with the other Blackberry device names and that is what I think RIM should go with when naming this device for release.

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but when I went to post the comment before my computer gave me an error that I wasn't connected to the internet.

Anyway...I think calling the BB9000 Series the Blackberry Smooth would be cool.

My screen name is Keywest610. My choice, if you haven't already gotten the previous posts I sent is "Blackberry Smooth."

Blackberry Wizard?
Blackberry Evo?
Blackberry Beau?
Blackberry Berk? (Turkish name meaning "solid, strong")
Blackberry Bliss?

Blackberry Fire. Not sure if someone said it before.

But since they have a "Curve," this one could be the "Quadrilateral."

IMHO, I think it will just stay the 9000

Zeus 9000....

Used in a sentence... Dude, check out my BB Zeus 9000, the power of the world in the palm of my hand!

Zeus 9000....

Used in a sentence... Dude, check out my BB Zeus 9000, the power of the world in the palm of my hand!

I work for Vodafone UK and we recently (2 months ago) had an internal spec sheet going around for a bunch of pre release phones, including the W890i, c902 etc etc... and this or what looks like this was on it and it showed as a blackberry 8900... which tells me that as soon as this comes out that Vodafone will get hold of it mainly for its business bunch...

...either way i don't think it will get a consumer name. i think it will be like my trusty 8800 and be stuck with a numbers only deal. Oh and people will hate me for this but we in the uk think that the Blackberry "kickstart" seriously sucks and looks like a fat Motorola, then again the UK really doesn't like flip phones... But bring on the AK!!

If we can go off of my sentiment i would use the adult friendly "Holy f***ing s**t this phone totally owns the iphone, i think i just c**e in my pants"

or the kid friendly the "apple sucks" phone

ok ok, ridiculous, but we all have dreams dont we???

Sounds like BlackBerry Bold is the name of the game here.... which hasn't yet popped up yet.

Once it's confirmed by RIM, we'll pick a winner regardless form one of the names above!