BlackBerry 8820 Coming to T-Mobile: Would You Buy One?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Feb 2008 10:44 am EST

T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820The Boy Genius just reported a rumor that the BlackBerry 8820 is heading to T-Mobile and will be available coming March 5th. I always like rumors with precise dates.

The T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820 will be identical to the one currently available from AT&T, with the one exception being the T-Mobile 8820 will of course work with T-Mobile's popular Hotspot @ Home service.

Here's my question though - with T-Mobile already having the WiFi equipped BlackBerry Curve 8320 available, who's going to actually go out and buy this new device? It seems to me most BlackBerry users who have tried both form factors (be it consumer or enterprise user), prefer the Curve form factor. I guess this is geared towards all those people who reallllly are not allowed to have a phone with a camera on it (for work security issues). I'd be interested to know exactly how many smartphone users that rule applies to.

Question of the Day: Assuming you can own a phone with a camera on it, would any of you choose an 8820 over an 8320? If so, why?

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BlackBerry 8820 Coming to T-Mobile: Would You Buy One?!


I've often wondered this. Why is the 8800 series more expensive with most carriers than the 8300 series? Does the 8800 have more muscle under the hood? Or is it because it's billed as an "enterprise" device.

I would think the ladder is true, but the construction is different as well. The 8800 feels like a more hearty device. Of course the actual cost of parts is probably like $3, but the "enterprise" designation is what throws it high.

I'd pick up the 8820 over the Curve.

Some people like their phones smaller but for me, the Curve is just too small.

The 8820 feels better in the hand and more "substantial" for paying my hard earned money.

I wish the 8820 had a camera but I'd forgo a camera for the 8820 because of the "feel" which is completely subjective.

I hate going for branded devices. I love my print-less 8800 and it's RIM OS theme. I love the 88s though.

i would definitely pick up an 8820...IF i had the money. i've played with them and I actually prefer that to the curve. the curve is only a few fractions of an inch skinnier, but that increased width makes for worlds of difference when it comes to thumbing on the 8820

i would miss the camera...but honestly, no camera phone has a good camera

8820 over curve is an easy choice... Not a fan of the keyboard on the curve (could care less about a camera, would be nice to have one, but not worth losing a real keyboard).

Sweet, Glad to see supporters of the 8820! I knew you were out there, but just wanted to hear for sure.

I guess that's the great thing about BlackBerry. You have options - small (Pearl), medium (Curve) and large (8800s)and there are distinct users of each.

Finally! The only thing that is going to really suck about this is its going to cost over $350 like the current 8800. It just sucks seeing the ATT get all the better devices and prices. :(

As a Curve user, I do like the looks of the 8820 more and am not a fan of the plasticky feel of the Curve, but the smaller size and the camera appeal to me. I don't know about the keyboard since I haven't experienced it.

Can anyone say what other differences there are between the phones? Faster processor, more memory, ...anything?

p.s. Camera phones do suck in general, but I've been very happy with the quality of pictures from the Curve. I've taken some that are almost up to par with real camera shots.

I have an 8830 from alltel and i would not trade it for any other blackberry, it has a very nice sleek look to it. i have a friend that has the curve from AT&T and it feels like plastic, the keys feel like half a bubble and is a pain to use when you have long nails, on the other hand the 88s the keys are flat and again has a very very nice look to it.

Well, I am one of those wierdos that actually prefers the 8800 series over the curve. I HAD a 8320 and moved up to a 8800 on T-mobile, and you can bet your berries that I will be trading up to the 8820 on T-mo when it is out...the curve's keyboard was not to my liking, and I like the look and feel of the 8800 series over the 8300 series.. it is way more sleek and stylish, and I can type quickly and effortlessly on the 8800. my 2 cents.

Yes, I certainly would get a Bberry with a camera (and video)! I currently have the 8830 from Sprint and that is my only disappointment with the device. I am waiting for Sprint to come out with one that has a camera and will definitely upgrade to that. On that note, how come Sprint is so slow to get new Bberry devices? They only have the 8830 in black and the Pearl is black and red. Sprint (or Bberry) is so slow!

I would definately go with the 8320. Love having the camera, but aside from that, the curve has a few other favorable features. The biggest sell point for myself being the keypad, with the keys actually being separated it is easier to feel the buttons and know what you are typing. It is also just a bit smaller, which, as a women I love. Not real keen on the idea of carrying around a 'phone' that is bigger than my hand. And last, the color choices. I originally had the 8300 from at&t. When I heard that the 8310 would be available in red I couldn't wait for it to come out. Needless to say, I now carry the red 8310. Not only is the color more appealing, but I now have the GPS option to boot.

What I really want is my curve to have hotspot AND gps, so I'd consider buying th 8820 but the camera is a bit of a sacrifice (especially with the promise of video capture coming).

The 8820 beats the 8320 for two reasons: First, the bigger battery (1400 mAH vs. 1100 mAH). Second, GPS. WiFi really zaps the battery life on the 8320, making this a crucial point.

Ok everyone my response may be a tad bit late, but here is the skinny. the 8800 series Blackberry was meant/designed for business usage.. hence no camera.. the Curve is more of a personal phone hence the camera usage.

on a personal note, and outside of the original design intentions.. my hands are big, so i do prefer the 8800 series. not to mention the original blackberries were the biggest. The Curve and blackberry pearl are meant for women and Men with smaller hands..