BlackBerry 8800 vs. SamSung BlackJack

By James Falconer on 6 Apr 2007 05:00 pm EDT
Veronica Belmont compares the BlackBerry 8800 to the SamSung Blackjack

Cnet's Veronica Belmont recently compared the BlackBerry 8800 to Samsung's Blackjack.

Another job well done by Veronica. Click here to watch the review.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry 8800 vs. SamSung BlackJack


I am sure if phones were really tested that way...then results would always be fixed....

I still know too many people who have Blackberry, and not the other way!

I have watched other Prize Fights involving Blackberry and they never win.
I'm not saying that they are fixed but what is the process they use to determine the score?
For instance she states that both phones had spotty phone calls, but then turns around and give the Blackjack a 4 which I take to mean it's almost close to perfect. The Blackberry gets a 3? Where was she making the calls from? It could not have been bad enough to be 2 off of perfect. That should have easily been a tie on that one.
On top of it all the Blackberry gets no credit for being the standard for mobile email?

I like Cnet and look at the site almost everyday, but sometimes they just plain miss the mark.
The Blackberry did not have to win the fight, but to get beat that badly by the Blackjack. Not likely. As tmag2005 said no ones rushing out to get a blackjack in my office of almost 3000 employees. I would know if they did since I am in IT.

Venting session now complete.