BlackBerry 8800 Now Available at Rogers

By James Falconer on 27 Mar 2007 12:13 pm EDT

BlackBerry 8800 from RogersFor those Canucks out there (myself included) that were patiently waiting for the 8800 to be released in Canada... The wait is over. 

The 8800 is now available at Rogers. To check out the terms and pricing, click this link:
BlackBerry 8800 from Rogers Communications

Pricing Details:

$599.00 with a 2-year term
$649.99 with a 1-year term
$499.99 with 3-year term after rebates on
select Voice & Email packages.

Should I upgrade? Running the 8700 over here and that 8800 sure looks sweet! 

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BlackBerry 8800 Now Available at Rogers


All I want to know is, when is T-Mobile getting it? I just got my Pearl, and am still within my 14 days. If they could release it next week, that would be brilliant...