BlackBerry 8530 Headed To Verizon and Unnamed 9700 Specs Revealed

By Adam Zeis on 29 Jul 2009 12:48 pm EDT

* Update from Kevin - It's highly possible the onyx, aka. the 9020 has now been rebranded to the 9700. Based on the specs given, that fits. It won't be the first time the device model # has changed. Am sure we'll know soon in the weeks ahead. Am sure it won't be long before a shot of a 9700 About Us screen cap emerges. *

With the official release of the BlackBerry 8520 right around the corner, the CDMA 8530 (known prior as Aries) shouldn't be far off. We already know that Verizon said all future devices will have Wifi (wish it had made it to the Tour!) Upon release, the 8530 will sport a 320x240 resolution screen, 1xRTT, EV-DO, QWERTY keyboard, OS 5.0, Wifi and a 2 megapixel camera. In addition, BGR also unveiled some specs for an unnamed BlackBerry 9700 that we will hopefully hear more about soon and features:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • 480×360 resolution display
  • Wi-Fi a,b,g
  • OS 5.0
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2 megapixel AF camera
  • Bluetooth
There is no codename attached to the device, but it could possbily be the Essex or Nautilus we've discussed in the last podcast. While it seems that the Magnum has become the Dakota (touchscreen, physical QWERTY keyboard, trackpad and 3G), maybe Essex or Nautilus could be a better fit. There is a still a 3G Pearl (Stratus?) down the line as well. Check out our Other Rumored Device forums for more information and discussion.

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BlackBerry 8530 Headed To Verizon and Unnamed 9700 Specs Revealed


Nobody cares if you post first. Get a life. It's so stupid these little 12 year olds post FIRST OMG! I'm so cool I got the first reply to a forum post!

I wouldn't go so far as to say stepping up. They are adding a WiFi berry which is great...but that one is not my cup of tea. Let's see a serious BB coming to Verizon.

This will replace my wife's curve since she likes her curve keyboard better than my tour and sxhe could care less about memory and stuff like that.

My "new every 2" with Verizon is up in November. I was going to get the Tour, any idea if this Aries will be there by then or soon after? Should I wait?

Should I return the Tour? The Aries has wifi, but it looks like the Tour has a better screen and better camera. What is xRTT? What does crackberry nation think? Please help! My 30 day return date is still 10 days away,

To "upgrade" or not, that is the question. Hold on to my 8330, hope for an OS upgrade, save my new every 2. Dammit verizon just give me my 8930

all these devices are just so damn similar. a lil feature here, a lil feature there. where are all the real innovations?

The tour only been out a few weeks and I am sure is the money maker for Verizon right now. I do not see them putting any new Blackberry out before October. As would they really want you to have an option to pay half price than you do for a tour? They need money right now and it all about money not the customers right now. When the last time two full keyboard Blackberry came out within 2 month of each other to Verizon?

Hm, well the tour is a five hundred dollar phone. This new one is a 'entry-level' blackberry. Therefore, people that want a blackberry but are not willing to shell out 500 for the Tour or Storm are going to purchase this one. Because of this, Verizon will sell more data plans. Which is where they make a huge chunk of their money.

As for the 9700, i really really hope it comes to verizon because i held out on the tour because i don't have an upgrade right now. It would be nice if there was something out (9700) by that time, which is feb 2010. I'm sure there will be!

Since when does verizon need money, what are you talking about? To the person who said should they return their tour, chill out. Everytime something new comes out doesnt mean you have to have it. If oyu like your tour, keep it. I mean you said yourself, it hasnt been 30 days, and now that you hear about a new device youre already talking about switching it out. BE CONTENT!

main reason im excited about this device is because I loved the keyboard on the curve but I had so much trouble with the trackball on it. so this one having the pad should be better. Im using the Storm right now but im ready to go back to having the physical keyboard.

according to sprint will be getting the aries around the same time as verizon which right now is expected to be February 2010.