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BlackBerry 8220 KickStart Hands-On Video Tour

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jul 2008 12:43 am EDT

Time for our next installment in the BlackBerry 8220 KickStart Review Series!! If you missed the fun of Part I, be sure to check it out - it provides a hands-on review of the BlackBerry 8220 KickStart's hardware along with specs, features and some initial impressions. Coming in Part III (a few days away) will be a more in-depth look at the 8220's operating system along with my longer-term impressions having spent some quality time on the device. As for Part II, well... just click play on the video above. Consider it one CrackBerry addict's look at RIM's first flip phone!

Reader comments

BlackBerry 8220 KickStart Hands-On Video Tour


So long as this bad boy is tagged at an affordable price, it will definitey be a big hit with teens and smart phone newbies.

you make everything sound so good kevin, this phone really looks like a winner in my books, I think the older gen of business people will like it because of the flip style the are used to, Women will love it and I think the teens will really like it, my daughter already has a BB but says she wants a flip like her friends have...well now she can have both....very kool


Schweet walk through Kevin! When you said "Let's check out my second favorite video after new haircut", I had a feeling I knew where you were going lol =) That's not fair, my video got to play on a kickstart before I did! lol Thanks for the credit brother! Keep up all the hard work.


I'm hoping they price this at the rumored $50 price point. That's just exciting stuff for the bb community with the possibilities of the huge numbers of new blackberry users. Good times for a 3rd party developer. :)

Even better, if they keep producing the Pearl like they have the 8700, yet drop the KickStart at $50, expect the Pearl to drop to the cheap-to-free range.

great review, the kickstart looks like the perfect pearl successor, I can already see hoards of teenagers who call every phone with a qwerty a blackberry asking for the "flip blackberry" for birthdays and christmas

Don't see why it would have to be. My Pearl does it all the time while holstered, and AFAIK flip closed == in holster, so it should be alright.

I admit I am no "Power User", after all I still have a BB7250. But I like a flip phone so I wanted to ask. What is that the Bold will be able to do that the Kickstart will not?

I wouldn't say the KickStart is necessarily for beginners, but it's definitely not the Bold.

Bold has 3G/WiFi/GPS all in one device, while the 8220 is Edge and WiFi only (or 8210 will be Edge and GPS only). Bold also has a much nicer LCD screen and faster processor.

KickStart is more akin to the devices currently available - Curve/Pearl. Take those phones, put it into the flip form factor and add OS4.6 and you have the KickStart. So definitely a BlackBerry through and through and a great device, but also not in the same class as the Bold.

Yeah, I know. Too bad!! Dieter over at theiPhoneBlog has the eBay Bold right now, so I don't have it in possession at the moment for that comparison.

As soon as Rogers/RIM release the Bold, I PROMISE to do it up right!!

this looks really neat! i love my curve, and am already salivating at the thought of a bold, but for work, this might be a better option for me. i'm hoping since its a flip phone,it will be a little more "durable" for lack of a better term. my curve is plenty stout, but i'm always afraid of scratching the screen, accidently getting rain on it or something. the flip phones always seemed a little more protected. i dont know, probably all in my head! lol

Yes you make everything sound so good kevin, this phone really looks like a winner in my books, I think the older gen of business people will like it because of the flip style the are used to, Women will love it and I think the teens will really like it, my daughter already has a BB but says she wants a flip like her friends have...well now she can have Yes Hydraulic Jacks Promotional Merchandise

Just loving the fact that yet another unreleased device is up for review on this site!! Atta boy, Kevin you've done it again...This is why I check this site like 10 times a day!!
"looks pretty pimpin" ha :D

What company is getting the kickstart first? Will it come to At&t? I like the looks of it. I love my Curve though. I am really excited for the bold I hope it comes out in the next couple months

9/10, T-Mobile will get it first (like the Pearl). Most of the rumors have T-Mobile getting it in September, and the myFaves on Kevin's model more or less confirm T-Mobile is getting it first. AT&T will probably get the 8210 at some point, just like the current Pearl situation (8120 to T-Mo, 8110 to AT&T).

The KickStart is cool like many of RIM's "proposed" devices. However, RIM's inability to actually deliver new products to the market in a timely manner is not cool.

I just wanted to say that the guys at CNET.com could learn and few things from you. You really explained the Kickstart's features well and the use of the camera angle pointed in the direction you are looking at is great!
Great job!

I agree that this will be a great "newbie" BB. I'm trying to get my wife to switch to a BB, but she always wants a flip phone. This is just perrrrrfect!

When I fell in love with Blackerry's a few years ago, I thought I was through with flip phones. Guess I was wrong. The Kickstart is looking pretty nice.

I likeee!!!!
I gotta say... at the beginning I didn't like that much but now I gotta say.... It's nicee!

wow kev, very in depth review there.this has everything you need to know about the kick wrapped up in a quick detailed video. absolutely perfect and dead on with hitting all the perks and features of the kickstart.
RIM should PAY you to do this stuff!
thanks for all the scoop on the kick, im thinking my stepson will be looking at this in a few months.

That is a pretty nice device!
I can't wait for the bold.. this is nice!
Word on the street for us Canadians is that Rogers is looking to release it sometime in September...

Hmm.. Can't say I'm too impressed. It just looks like a big fat pearl. I guess for some people the bigger keyboard is nice, but its not even a full one, and i think the only reason not to have a full one is to save on size.. so this doesnt make much sense to me. Hopefully RIM will price this right so that there is some logic to the kickstart.


K-man, you did it again! Your video was shown tonight on Cramer's mad money when he did a spot on RIMM (why'd you ditch the green CB disc as the background...gotta get the CB logo out front!). He was talking about how RIMM is now an awesome investment opportunity during the next month due to the upcoming product cycle. Kinda scary sometimes when he mentions certain stocks b/c there's an apparent backlash on Wall Street from his picks, but I definitely have to agree with his logic (you can go to cnbc.com to read his take on RIMM). Anyhow, thought it was really amazing to see how much influence blogs have based on their insight into products and new releases...goes to show that Wall street always follows Main street! Anyhow, love the insight, keeps me as a RIMM investor happy, and more importantly, more inclined to be a fellow Crackberry abuser (currently have a treo...I know, please don't throw up too hard; i plan on switching asap)

Got a question though. Regarding the kickstart, are there any enhancements to the "next gen suretype" other than the enlarged keys, ie - on the software side of the house?


Was recording in a different location than normal!! Looks like I'm gonna have to buy another green table and get some more CrackBerry stickers made up.

Cool that Jim used the video on the show though!

Re: SureType software enhancements on SureType...will do some tooling around. I think it's mainly the physical side of things that are improved, but will dig deeper.

Will RIM produce a 3G (UMTS) Kickstart? There would be huge markets for it in Europe and Asia, and, personally, I would prefer to get the Kickstart instead of the Bold.

Hey man where the fuck is Part 3? You said in a few days but it's been a week. I know your busy but come on you guys slack a lot. This whole weekend there was like 2 posts. Post that shit.

i loathe SureType, and i loathe phones that don't have 3G. other than that, the kickstart looks like a pretty good phone.

Dude come on where is part 3? Did you lose your 8220? You don't even have it do you? Post the god damn third part. Kevin you slack way too much. You post like twice a day how do you not have time for this review. You said it would be out weeks ago.

BAD, I love berry's but have always, always, always hoped for a flip phone. I may need to switch to T Mobile just so I can get my hands on this earlier!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I might switch from my plain old phone to a Blackberry, when my boyfriend - knowing I love my flip - said, "Hey come look at crackberry.com, the flip is coming soon!" Since that moment, I have been anxiously awaiting T-Mobile's release of the 8220 so I can see if it's the perfect phone for me. This morning, I noticed that they increased the price on the Curve to $199 - it has been $149 until now - which leaves me wondering, are they opening up a slot for a new phone at the $149 price? Does this mean the 8220 may be out soon? And Kevin, I can hardly wait for Part III of your review!

I like the 8220 but I wonder why no QWERTY keyboard? Everything is bigger, bigger, bigger. But why not the keyboard? Ouch... Ehh.... always changing, always getting better.

OS 4.6 is screamin' and I love the browser. Finally, they're ready to shut the iPhone 'people' up. Remember, this is an enterprise solution that is now going consumer. The iPhone is the reverse. No wonder it's not making it. Way to go, RIM. Another killer! I want one.

Crackin' in Ohio.....

I need to replace my BB which was stolen & I have been living without for 2 months because I really want a flip!! I suspect the trackball's inconvenient to navigate with when sunk into the face of the phone & I want too know if it's a deal breaker, If so I'll just give up the vigil & buy a Curve.

Really Awesome, i never see in my life the batter Business phone then BB. Really awesome, i am using right now same Model and really like this a lot. :) I highly recommend this to you.

The 2-megapixel camera is spectacular. Daylight pictures are uncommonly sharp and well balanced. There's some blur in low-light photos, but not as bad as with many other camera phones. The video mode takes smooth, clear 240-by-180 videos at 14 frames per second.
Emil, best quotes.com

The 2-megapixel camera is spectacular. Daylight pictures are uncommonly sharp and well balanced. There's some blur in low-light photos, but not as bad as with many other camera phones. The video mode takes smooth, clear 240-by-180 videos at 14 frames per second.

What a cool new innovation. I never through that Blackberry would actually do it - a flip phone.

I better look into this further.