BlackBerry 8220 Easter Egg: White Screen of Death is Apparently "Sexy, Isn't It?"

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2008 12:33 am EDT
Easter Egg Easter Egg
Easter Egg

Instead of spending yesterday evening on a patio enjoying a cool bevvie, it seems our pal Jibi decided to stay in doors and play on the BlackBerry KickStart (or is it Pearl now?!) 8220 device simulator he got a hold of. And ya know what, it was time well spent as he discovered an Easter Egg buried within the simulator! As explained by Jibi:

When given a JVM error we all love to hate, scroll to the VM internal test option and click the trackball. It will now go through a series of screens. As to what these actually do, if anything, is unknown to me... however, I found myself quite puzzled when more than a few of the screens were displayed.

Looking very closely at the last image in the sequence, there appears to be some sort of statement, although it is blocked by the title quote. From what I can make out (yes, I actually spent a good bit trying to transcribe the hidden message), it looks to be something along the lines of:

Oh no mr bill. something has
Oh nooo. Oh nooooooooo.

TOO FUNNY. I've always considered the BlackBerry white error message screen (not something I tend to enjoy seeing) to be RIM's equivalent to the Microsoft Blue Screen of Death, but the next time I see one I know I'm gonna laugh at how 'Sexy' it actually is. As for the hidden message - most likely a reference to SNL's Mr. Bill. You can check out the full sequence of images here. I guess RIM engineers DO have a sense of humor!

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BlackBerry 8220 Easter Egg: White Screen of Death is Apparently "Sexy, Isn't It?"


yay im second to post. omg if at&t waits till it wants to release the bold then ill be so pissed at rim for making the decision to tie themselves to this god awful cell company. they should have died many years ago along with nextell! im so pissed at rim. i honestly hope rim has learned from this mistake of tying a single phone to one carrier. so disappointed. RIM make better business decisions for future reference.

LOL, I just love how Jibi and everyone at BBF is against leaking OS Betas, but apperently it's ok for him to leak the simulator. :rolleyes: