BlackBerry 7.1 made available in the Philippines for the Bold 9900

BlackBerry 7.1 made available in the Philippines
By DJ Reyes on 10 May 2012 02:57 pm EDT

It seems like RIM wants BlackBerry 7 owners to get downloading BlackBerry OS 7.1. While many carriers across the globe are releasing the OS update, there are also many that have yet to do so. RIM looks to be helping those BlackBerry 7 owners on carriers that haven't yet released it.

We've previously seen this happen in the UK, where only Three and O2 UK were the only carriers to have officially released BlackBerry OS 7.1, then RIM went and released it for the most of the BlackBerry 7 devices. RIM has gone across the world and have made BlackBerry OS 7.1 available in the Philippines. This time around it is only currently available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 owners, Torch and Curve owners are out of luck for the time being. That being said, if you don't mind installing unofficial OS updates you can drop by our forums or check out our BlackBerry 101 on installing leaks and update today.

If you're a BlackBerry Bold 9900 owner in the Philippines visit the Philippine BlackBerry website today to update your device.

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BlackBerry 7.1 made available in the Philippines for the Bold 9900


I payed £350 for my 9900 and in the Philippines, it's ₱30,000 (£438). No one really has smartphones over there apart from the well-off and business-types.

is curve considered a smartphone to you? if it is, then id like to say your wrong. there are LOTS of curve users in here for the main reason of bbm. BOLD is not advertised properly here, with very little support from the carriers. i dont think we even have a blackberry store here.

last time i checked, curves are FAR cheaper than iphones. but with the help from the carriers and good advertisement, demand of iphones are huge here too. a friend of mine ordered and would need to wait a month in order for his to be shipped.

so yeah, people here can and will buy smartphones.

There are Curve series users around, mostly in Manila/Luzon and mainland areas. I have been through Sun, Globe, Smart etc stores and sure, there are a lot of Curves being advertised, but most mobiles users, compared to my home country of the UK, don't own as many smartphones. I have been to Panay and Boracay Island many times and most have a simple Nokia, let alone a Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot (The iPhone and Bold users are mostly Koreans and Americans in Boracay I have seen). I hope OS 7.1 and the advertisement of RIM products will start to go up. I have seen plenty of Samsung and HTC adverts there, but really, no RIM. I have only seen one BlackBerry stand in SM Mall of Asia and their prices were more expensive than the UK. Are electronics taxed in the Philippines? My cousin in Roxas City, Panay, bought his gaming PC for more than the equivalent of purchasing it in the UK…

We should encourage any or all nations outside of the US to use BBM instead of texting.

That'll show folks at Apple what works most efficiently and allow more development to take place with BBM to leverage power and security of this amazing platform.

The most BB users here in the Philippines are from the BPO industry. Especially the young executives. Some are apprehensive to purchase a BB because there is no official store and repair shop here. If RIM can provide those -especially the repair shop- they would attract more users to switch to BB. Who wants to lose their BB for 3 months because it is being repaired abroad? Think about that RIM.

Come on RIM "It's more fun in the Philippines! " (Maybe Kevin and the rest of the crackberry nation should have a well deserve vacation in Boracay or Palawan). RIM should focus also to put up store here in the Philippines not just in Indonesia (1400 store in the future ). I know the law here is different, even apple doesn't have direct store here but they manage to partner with someone (Power Mac - and it's almost in every major mall). I say this because I even bought my playbook in online market ( Carrier postpaid plans was so expensive).  I can't even find a decent accessories for my phone and playbook.  RIM should also partner with the two major carrier here ( Smart Telecom & Globe Telecom) to bring the competition which is good for us the consumers. I hope the new CMO will transform the way bb was marketed here and I hope their will be a solid marketing strategy when bb10 finally hits our land.  I want RIM to succeed, I know they are listening as my experience thru blackberry beta program. Come on guys, together we will succeed, count me in as one of the owner of blackberry 10 phones when it's hit our land. Thanks!

I bought my BB 9900 in Bangkok. And use it here in the Philippines. And NO! I cannot find any OS 7.1 update! I'm in the airport now and really want to update before heading to Malaysia. Is it possible? Or should it be bought in the Philippines?