BlackBerry 7 still going strong - New promo videos from RIM

By James Richardson on 29 Oct 2012 09:36 am EDT

With the BlackBerry 10 hype getting bigger and bigger as we draw nearer to 2013, we must not forget that BlackBerry 7 is still around and will be for some considerable time to come. RIM is reminding us of this with a new set of online videos which go to highlight the benefits of using a BlackBerry 7 smartphone over a feature phone. It is one of those videos where you see some footage and then it stops - giving you the choice to either follow BlackBerry Curve guy or feature phone guy. Clearly, BlackBerry Curve guy is always going to have an enriched mobile experience over a feature phone but I suppose this is RIM's way of enforcing the message. And if you watch the videos with the mindset of a feature phone user you will want to ditch your current mobile and pick up a BlackBerry for sure.

Although we are set to see BlackBerry 10 roll out in Q1 next year, we must also remember that many current BlackBerry users may well be in a contract from anything from twelve to thirty six months depending where in the world they are. Plus, the fact that many networks worldwide will be pushing to sell current BlackBerry devices on the run up to Christmas - always a good time for sales. Sure, many of us BlackBerry enthusiasts are holding fire until the New Year to upgrade, but with the BlackBerry Curve range being so affordable for many people, the devices: 9320, 9220 and the 9360 (plus regional variants) will be rocking the streets for a couple of years to come at least. And with BlackBerry 7 subscribers still growing worldwide (up from 78 million to 80 million in the last quarter) I think RIM is on the right path in terms of continuing to market BlackBerry 7.

I'm personally loving this style of video from RIM. Who's with me? Sound of in the comments if you would be so kind.

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BlackBerry 7 still going strong - New promo videos from RIM


Doesnt' really seem "professionally" made :( Come on RIM, really hope your BB10 ones will be better (sigh...)


And it seems they've officially reduced BB7 to something that can only compete against a Feature Phone! That's pretty pathetic...

It's OK for Curve series promotional video.
But honestly, most feature phones in the same price-range as latest BB7 Curve could the same.
MP3 player, Alarm, camera, YouTube player are available in most today's feature phone.
The ads show a $199 Curve versus sub $99 feature phone.
Not a competition from my point of view.

I agree, there's no way a $199 smartphone can be competed to a $99 feature phone. You can name any new type/brand to compare. Because you can't compare smartphones with feature phones. Especially blackberry. No other smartphone that is being backed up with dedicated data center. Feature phone is not smartphone, you shouldn't only compare what's available on feature phone and not what smartphone have but feature phone dont. Those two are by definitions already not in the same category at all from the beginning.

Yeah, not an amazing video, but this ad is probably targetted towards places like Nigeria, India, where smartphones aren't all that common. Iphones are practically unheard of unless you're rich. Notice they are showing the Curve 9320 which is their lowest tier phone.
So for us in North America or Europe, we're thinking, hey, I ditched my dumbphone years ago, but many people haven't in other countries.

correct! people need to realize there is a world outside of North America!

even if u see the extras in the ad .. they are all of Asian Decent..

Ads and TV in Asian etc all have this type of feel to it..

read my comment above.. have u see ads from Indonesia? or Singapore?

it's pretty cheesy..

u gotta target the area ur marketing in with what they are used to..


I think people realize that these spots aren't geared for NA. But RIM positioning themselves as "slightly better than a feature phone" is pretty weak IMO and does not do much for their brand beyond very short-term uplift.

They are not the only Smartphone maker in the developing world.

they have to continue to try and put out BB7 phones.. they can't just stop until bb10 comes out..

people in indo are payin $5-$8 a month for features u cannot get without a data plan on other phones..

some people in indo have 2-3 blackberries just because..

and i would think a curve is a good transition from a feature phone to the smartphone market.. especially cause it;s cheap and the plans are cheap.. people that have feature phones obviously are on a budget... and BB7 offers them that ability to move up and get on bbm and facebook and twitter with email for $5 bucks a month

Please see the link I posted below. As of September RIM no longer owns market share in Indonesia - it's now Android.

There are plenty of cheap Android options, and I guarantee they don't sell themselves short by positioning themselves as slightly better than crap...

Yes I agree, android has the most sales in indonesia now. Yes, there are lots of android under $200 price range. Yes, those under $200 are not positioning themselves slightly better than crap. You know why? Because those are not advertised. Most ads here is about samsung galaxies. You know how much those galaxies are? More than $500. If you think there are companies that willing to make similar specs with +$500 for under $200 gadgets, you are not cut to be bussinessman.

I will edit my comment later when I'm on computer, I'll show you what android brand&type that sells good here in indonesia.

EDIT: i should explain more by samsung galaxies that's being advertised here are samsung galaxy sIII and samsung galaxy note. according to idc (i can't find any reference other than idc for now) 5 top selling phones in indonesia are:
1. nokia, mostly from their asha lineup which is at price range $85-$140.
2. cross. this is chinese made phone with indonesian brand. it only have 2 types of android devices for now, with the price range at $85-$140. cross is known not for their android, but for their cheap dual sim card with tv receiver phones.
3. samsung, with a mention that what sell most are the low end types, while it's android types are not the low end types. because samsung's android types are at price range $100-$700. samsung has lots of low end non android types that's being used here.
4. mito. this is another chinese made phones with indonesian brand for indonesian market. and they only have ONE android phone, at $125. i see a lot of people here using mito, but not the android. those are the dual sim card with analog tv receiver that sell most from mito.
5. blackberry. the only smartphone brand that sell only smartphone here. samsung doesn't count because it sales are mostly driven by it's low end types which are mostly NOT android.

I agree, but the comparison is unfair.
Besides, most African and Asian country filled with 'cheap' feature phones from China or Nokia that offers better/similar feature at lower price.
And the phone shown on the ads is sub $99 and not fair to compare it to $199 Curve 9220.
If RIM has the guts, they need to battle Curve 9220/9320 with feature phones that has the same price-point.

I think what they want to say is rather than buying cheap feature phone it's better to get the cheapest smartphone from blackberry. That is for people who still using feature phone but now are using more data service than voice/text service. But yeah, it is what they can do now, with their cheapest lineup. BB10 to fight other high end smartphones, Davis&Amstrong to get more sales from those who still use feature phone. A little unfair for the feature phone, but then, Davis&Amstrong are designed to take the low end market.

I think that ad is for brainwashi- I mean educating people :p

this ad would have been golden 6 years ago.
but sadly, that is what's become of our beloved BlackBerry phones; "BlackBerry 7 - Better than a dumb phone!"

in a way, it is sad to see so many people thinking that US is the only market in the world... as someone mentioned, you must target your potential buyers with an ad that would make sense for them... not everyone lives in US or Europe and then, they have different priorities and way of living... they don't have the fanciest phone, but they are very valid customers... some people should take a plane internationally and see (and learn) other cultures IMHO

Ignorance is not just thinking that North America is the only market, but failing to realize that the developing world is not technologically as far behind as one would think.

RIM is going to loose this war quickly if the best they can do is position themselves as a slightly better feature phone. The market is stiff - even in the developing world!:

You need to check with people from 'developing world' to say something about them. On most developing countries internet speed is slower than turtle (I am exaggerating it lol-but you should check internet speed from asian&african countries). Most carriers capped their speed around 64-128kbps in real,not in ads. LTE? We'll be lucky if we can get a decent 3G signal for a whole day. LTE is not available yet to most asian&african countries. NFC? Where and for what can we use it? Heck, even most computers here are still with CRT monitors instead of LCD or even LED. Lol. Internet connection via TV's white space? Broadband here is at 1mbps at most. Lol.

We are far left behind from you,heck even from Singapore or Malaysia, Indonesia is like ten years behind, but we are not sitting still and do nothing you know. Market here is not stagnant. My government is really pushing RIM to build their data centers here. Foxconn is building two big factories here.

We are tens of years behind US&Europe but we definitely are not idling and do nothing.

I don't know... my Bold 9900 with OS is pretty slick. Actually have no real reason to move to BB10 just yet.

I've seen a lot of Blackberry on Movies and TV Shows lately. RIM has step up their Marketing looking forward to BB10 release.

I am from Singapore and this video was shot in Singapore. If they are to target the local market with this video, I think they have embarrassed themselves. If this is meant for other markets in Asia, then I can't comment on its effect.

This is about two years late. . .but I will say the basic theme is a good one. . .wonder how a BB10 vs. other platform spot would look. . .hmmm. . . .

What's going on in RIM's marketing department? For instance, every other commercial of Samsung's that comes on are milking NFC sharing like its something brand new? BlackBerry had that ability since last year but who would know If its not prompted? Marketing is everything when trying to compete. People talk about lower specs are the reason RIM is falling off but lower specs don't stop apple from selling boatloads of iphones & ipads. Why? Because they have brilliant marketing that shows people what their products can do that makes the general public not care about what their products can't do or what the competion does better. Os7.1 is a damn good series of phones for what they are but who would know or have the opportunity to know if it's not promoted properly?

Was this video made 5 years ago? They are comparing a normal Blackberry phone with someone who still uses the old "dumb" phone?? Why don't they just compare someone with a Blackberry phone and another person who still use pen and paper to write things down? Better still compare to someone who still uses the old Motorola StarTac phone without SMS function!!

Although I am a fan of Blackberry, I felt that this is a bad commercial. I can't relate it and it doesn't accentuate the strength of Blackberry.

Would it be better to show that Blackberry can type an email faster, get things done faster. With BBM, you know if the message its being Delivered or being Read but not on most IM apps.

It shows productivity. Notice how the different paths are?

Blackberry, all in one. Feature phone? Not so much.

Considering that Apple and Android have everyone convinced that BB can't do the things shown in the video, I think it works.

Ya maybe dated but just reminding folks that BBs can play videos, link to facebook, play music, browse internet, just like any other smart phone. You don't have to go Android or Apple just to do those things

I have a local telecom rep who has everyone in my town (in western Cananda) convinced that BB can't do these things, so how else are people going to know if you don't show them.

Some one needs to grab app developers by the throat and drag them to BB7 Devices. I'm hearing App makers say they're waiting to see what BB10 does before they updates/release apps etc. So I'm sat here with buggy apps or apps that need a well earned update and I'm not going to get it.

I "like" how the incoming messages make the receiver smile. Most any messages I get first thing in the morning would be reports of issues at work. Nothing to smile about.

I dont believe OS7 is running strong. I get lag every day and the black clock b.s. I have to frequently battery pull at least once a day to make sure all things run smooth. Like the previous article from here...i shouldn't have to accept that.

I have the Torch 9850 from Verizon Wireless. I have been speaker phone less for 9 months now since Ive owned the phone when it first came debut. Ever since the 7.1 update, IT HAS LITERALLY made my speakerphone useless. I cannot here anyone through barely unless I put my self in a closed area like a restroom or closet without any noise from the outside. I have complained to Blackberry/RIM/Verizon for my issues and still no one has made a resolution for my issue. I have re sent my phone in and they gave me a new/used one..(re-firb/Certified Brand New. It has never been fixed and it never will. Hey RIM thanks for not being not so loyal on updating crucial features for my cell and everyone elses. I have been on forums and crackberry forum to promote my issue as many Torch owners have experienced the same and Verizon is aware but said there is nothing they can do unless RIM/Blackberry update and fix the damn issue. I hate the fact I paid for a phone that has 1 main feature that I needed and used for the longest time

Often it's the carrier's fault, not RIM. Take a look at what AT&T users are suffering from. Muted microphones.

I'm pretty certain that the idea here was to create ads for RIM markets outside of North America. The lack of spoken dialogue allows them to input text of any language to lay out the message.

Additionally, the "feature phone" looks like just a regular GSM cell phone. If this advertisement was aimed at North American markets, they'd be warring with Apple and Android, not an LG Chocolate (or whatever the phone is in these videos).

I wouldn't get too caught up on the degree to which this ad reflects RIMs advertising strategy for BB10. This is clearly an ad to drive sales in developing markets. Nevertheless, it's good to see that RIM isn't giving up on BB7. It has a lot of mileage in those markets, despite the fact that we're pretty much fed up with it in North America.

I dunno. This video doesn't work for me. It shows the feature phone guy as a loser to start off with. Disorganized, always rushed, and using an ancient phone from the 90s. He also has an MP3 player from the early 2000s. Anything 2010-ish will be better than what he's got so this is no great news for BlackBerry.

The marketing folks at RIM must start looking at what makes BlackBerry cool not making generic statements.

Apple has iPhone ads that just show the benefits of their ear phone design. These little cool things -- attention to the finest detail -- point to a relationship to the iPhone itself. These ads make the iPhone even cooler! People's brains extrapolate from those small things to bigger things.

Updates from me, around two weeks ago I convinced another friend of mine to convert from her samsung to an amstrong. My gf got 2 of her college friends to upgrade from gemini to Davis and one to buy a torch.

As I've mentioned few weeks ago on an article here,there are huge number of people here where I live are still using gemini/old bold, you wanna know from what I type this comment? I'm typing this on my odin(9550).

I've mentioned too about this before, in case you missed it, most of my gf's friends didn't know that blackberry has monza until I bought one for my gf. So the fact that RIM pushing Davis&Amstrong is a good thing. Though I agree, that ad shouldn't for US market, but for asian&african market.

Sorry for saying this, but the video is really sad and pathetic. Honestly - it is crap. I understand the need to survive until the BB10 launch and new flagship devices, but this is just awful.

The creators must really think of Curve as a very incapable device if it needs to be presented alongside a device with black and white screen, no music player, no camera etc...

At least they could have shown that Curve is better than some Bada or Symbian device... Now it looks like they were afraid to loose and took the weakest opponent they could find. In 2006 I bought a Sony Ericsson W810i and it had a good music player, color screen, auto-focus camera and a primitive browser. Even that could have beaten the feature phone in this video.

This video creates impression that RIM is a maker of low-end, incapable phones. It brings humiliation, shame and disgrace to Blackberry name... So many people are trying to prove that Blackberry stands for something innovative and truly awesome - such videos are like spit in the face to them...

If RIM needs to sell low-end phones - please do, but don't do it using Blackberry name (Toyota and Lexus may be made by the same company but they are two different brands which stand for completely different values).
Cheap, affordable, modest - nothing wrong with these values, but I do not think they should be the first things that come in mind when thinking Blackberry.

High-end, powerful, innovative, smart, advanced, luxury, unparalleled - now that what should Blackberry stand for.

When people see me with a Blackberry I want them to be like - "Wow, is it the new Blackberry? Lucky you - I still got an iPhone... Too bad my contract does not end till next month. I can't wait to get a Blackberry"

And what I do not want them to be like - "Is that a Blackberry? I thought they do not make these things any more until I saw an ad that the new ones now get a color screen"

Blackberry has taken a beating from countless opponents this video is just a stab in the back.

You got it wrong, that ad is not for places where people can afford expensive smartphone/subsidized contract phones. It's for places where people are still using old phones, and brainwas- I mean educating them about the benefit of stepping up to blackberry ;p

That's why I said I don't think it was comparing/competing an old phone vs blackberry, but more of persuading non smartphone users to migrate/stepping up to blackberry's cheapest new devices ;) because if it's comparing/competing then it should've been between smartphones ;)