BlackBerry 7 phones outselling BlackBerry 10 phones

BlackBerry 7
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2013 07:49 am EST

Numbers aside, this is easily the thing I enjoyed reading the least in today's BlackBerry earnings announcement...

During the third quarter, the Company recognized hardware revenue on approximately 1.9 million BlackBerry smartphones compared to approximately 3.7 million BlackBerry smartphones in the previous quarter. Most of the units recognized were BlackBerry 7 devices. During the quarter, approximately 4.3 million BlackBerry smartphones were sold through to end customers, which included shipments made and recognized prior to the third quarter and which reduced the Company's inventory in channel. Of the BlackBerry smartphones sold through to end customers in the third quarter, approximately 3.2 million were BlackBerry 7 devices.

Clearly, the company has work to do on all fronts to get BlackBerry 10 phones into the hands of more smartphone users.

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BlackBerry 7 phones outselling BlackBerry 10 phones


Hopefully using foxconn will allow them to get their prices much lower and they can replace bb7 phones with bb10.

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Do Foxconn use child labour? I'd be surprised. They get adult labour cheap enough.

It's as plain as the nose on your face that the BB10 strategy was a complete mistake. Too much change too soon.

They should have created an improved BB7. It would have allowed continuity, and they could have built out BB10 down the tracks. And they'd have avoided that huge gap in releasing phones back in 2011/2012.

It was obvious at the time but BB execs were so full of their BS they couldn't see the obvious.

+1 they lost so many customers who were out of contract and got fed up waiting for BB10 so jumped ship.

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To protect its corporate customer market share, Blackberry need to issue an update to the Bold 9900.
This is solely for the corporate customers to convince them to continue to use BlackBerry servers (instead of shutting them down in favor of BYD).

This following device would outsell the Q10:
~Update to Bold 9900, with:
~Bigger removable battery
~Autofocus camera.

Honestly, this updated Bold 9900 *will* outsell the Q10, and is aimed to keep the corporate BlackBerry customers!
(And BlackBerry needs to quickly grow up BB OS10 to the point that corporate customers want these devices).

We MIGHT see a significant software update for the Bold. LTE is not on the table. Revised hardware with a bigger battery and autofocus are outside possibilities (and the EDOF cam on the 9900 was actually pretty decent for MOST users in MOST circumstances)

If they brought 4G to a 9900 with a few little perks (like camera, as you mentioned) and perhaps something like support for a 64gb micro sd, i'd move back to OS7 in a heartbeat! I miss my 9900 dearly and the Q10 just ain't cuttin' it. Unfortunately, my carrier wanted over $600 for a 9900 off-contract and I cannot justify spending that kind of money on a 9900. I wish BBRY sold them direct and unlocked.

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You just described the Q10 with os 10.2.1, Legacy devices are called such for a reason, they are classical out of date

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The camera on the 9900 was terrible, and worse than the 9810. I had both phones.
The camera on the 9900 could not read QR codes that every other phone could. I tried this at a conference Nov 2012, and iPhone, and Android phones could read it. It was embarrassing. Luckily the 9810 moved to a personal phone, so I still had it with me. The upgraded 9900 camera needs more than just adding autofocus.

I would like the camera on the Z10 / Z30 to be a bit better, but at least it does the job. It doesn't handle glare as well, and requires more light than many other cameras, and the autofocus is pretty slow. If they could up this even just a little bit, it would bring it above average, and make it very usable as a general all purpose camera. It's still better than any of the tablet cameras I've tried from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Nexus 7, and older generation iPads. Those cameras suck big time.

I agree. My Bold was a great device. The Q10, however, has been a disappointment. After several months with the Q, I'm going back to another Bold. Sad.

It pains me to say this (as a shareholder) but I can totally see why you went back to the Bold. The Q10 is a great phone and everyone I have set up with one loves it, however personally I made the choice this past spring to move from my trusty Storm 9530 to a Bold 9900 even through the Q10 was moments away from being released. This was because many of the features I have been relying on since my 957 haven't yet made it to BB10. Things like holster awareness, the ability to fine tune notifications, real tasks app, etc. Oh and with no BESX equivalent for BB10 I'm forced to open up ActiveSync to the world, or pay for a BES10 license to stay secure.

And is that security not worth $20 a year to you? BlackBerry used to be able to afford to offer its customers that security for free, but everybody knows thet can't afford to now.

I don't think what they are charging for it now is unreasonable at all, but you do have to be competent in IT to implement it.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK

It's not really the cost of a BES10 CAL that's the issue (only $20/year, or $99 forever...RIM doesn't want to sell perpetual licenses but if you call them and ask nicely, they will). As a small IT firm we are more concerned with making our customers work properly than managing our own infrastructure so the trusty SBS2003 server we run with BESX chugs merrily along. BES10 has much higher requirements so I'd need to add another box (or VM) running Win2K8. That's time which doesn't make me money. It also won't talk to Exchange 2003, which would necessitate upgrading the SBS server. We already have port 443 forwarded for other purposes and while the ActiveSync port can be changed and I believe BB10 allows it on different ports, that isn't really relevant when BB10 is still missing the features I rely on in BB7 (and below). I also hate to say it but a BES10 installation at my customer has been so problematic that I've begun to curse it. Mainly licensing issues because the CALs I purchase don't seem to activate, necessitating support calls to RIM, which they are NOT fast about resolving.

Is there any idea if BB would enable BIS for BB10 devices? That might help get more BB10 devices in countries where data is so expensive (along with a price cut).

There's been no indication that they will. Unlike BBOS devices, BB10 devices are just regular data devices on the network and don't have BIS baked into the OS at the core of the networking stack. BB10 devices on BES get extra compression (as well as encryption, of course) applied though. I think it was a major mistake for RIM to remove BIS entirely but they did so mainly under pressure of carriers who didn't want to pay BIS fees (and then markup and pass that on to the consumer).

You might want to give the Z30 a try, or the Z10. I was a 9900 keyboard user and was very surprised that after a couple of weeks, I was ok without the keyboard. I miss the short cuts, but the keyboard is fantastic. I am able to often type a short line or two email / text / BBM to people with one thumb. Also, I write in two languages and I'm amazed how well it works with the word flicking. Then I got hooked on the larger screen.

FoxConn does not use child labor. It has had a long-known history of what we would term workers' rights abuses, which it began to address a few years ago. Be clear: FoxConn has positioned itself as a manufacturer of choice for the tech industry globally and will continue to be the go-to manufacturer for the foreseeable future.

Maybe the difference is that Apple is using Foxconn for a high cost, high profit device, where BlackBerry is using Foxconn for a low cost device with slim margins.

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I can't believe you typed that response. Are you suggesting that as long as Foxconn is producing low cost devices, the work conditions there are acceptable? Are you being serious?

Good call out. Though I must admit, the reality in the corporate world, is that many executives *would* elect to use child labour, if they thought no one would find out and if it were more cost effective, of course.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

My point was that Apple is pocketing lots of cash by using a cheap source, which seems greedy to me. Foxconn got a lot of bad press for working conditions, and have since made a lot of changes to work rules, overtime limits, etc. I'm not sure if that now makes them "ok".

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After all announcements today, the BB stock is up 15%,
despite losses shown on OS10 devices and low phone sales.
It matters not if they sell OS7 or OS10; OS7 is just fine.

I don't think it's the price point. People will pay for a device that they love. THe problem is, few people actually love BB10. It doesn't measure up to BB7 or legacy devices in terms of efficiency or quality.

Might have to agree with you to an extent. BB10 is snazzy, quick and fun to use, clever and cool, but it simply doesn't offer the same depth of personalisation (customisation) as BBOS 7. That's how good BBOS 7 is. I believe BB10 will get there, but it's a little late, to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer BB10 and overall, for what I need I believe it's the superior choice. Problem is, I am evidently in the minority!

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They have the Q5? Wait its over price and not in the US. The Z10 is $250 on Amazon wait again not all US carriers have that device, Sprint does have the Q10, Verizon has the Z30 by order only. And we wonder why there not selling in the US market.

US carriers don't sell BlackBerrys because they don't make enough money selling BlackBerrys.

The Foxconn partnership should solve that problem.

That's not the case. BlackBerry should take off exclusive right from Verizon, so customers from other network in the US have options.

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Verizon doesn't have exclusive rights to sell BlackBerry Z30. They're the exclusive US carrier to agree to sell it so far. Others could anytime they want. But they don't want to & that's the problem.

BlackBerry should sell them direct in the US for non Verizon customers.

Keith H. via CB10 on Z10

BB needs to reduce the Z10 and Q10 prices on their website (and in general). Not just the dopey super-short term price drops that not enough people know about. (Personally, I've been waiting for the drop in order to shore up my family plan with BBs.) A reduction in price would also get the units out to a larger user base, and hopefully a broader market (not just BB fanatics).

Well in the UK with the price of the z10 so much lower I hope it helps sales. My daughter is going for a white one when it comes to car phone warehouse in January.

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It's too late for the z10. They need to release new phones at low prices. Not wait until they gain the reputation of a failed device and then lower the price

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Its already in carphone warehouse, i got one for £159 (pay as you go) the other day for a present for my son :-)

I think absence of BIS and affordability of handsets are some of the main reasons for the slow uptake of OS10.

Z10 goodness

Actually I think it has to do with the slow corporate approval process to new systems. Many major corporations (Including the Fortune 500 company I work for) are still "testing" BES10. Currently the only options for phones in my company is the iPhone or Bold 9900.

Good point.
The corporates killed the phone market by allowing BYOD.
It is not a question on quality of the product, rather, marketing by Samsung and Apple to make consumers think utility (size and app market) is better than security (BB)

Agree. By the way my Fortune 500 employer explicitly states on its intranet that BES10 is too expensive and that it won't migrate to BB10 devices. I fear that it's only a matter of time until they come and take my Bold 9900 away from me and tell me that my personal Z10 doesn't fit their BYOD criteria.

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I think innovating a transition will help, I was speaking with someone and they had a blackberry and came to update in January they didn't even.know about bb10 so they got an iPhone instead..

She said if they had sent her a message or something saying hey check out our new phones like an email that would have at least made her aware,

They need to make it so simple and easy in terms of contacts data etc switchijh from 07 to 10..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

Stop selling the legacy BBOS devices. Do not deliver any more of them to carriers. (Deliveries to Enterprise is a stickier question.)

Clear marketing that trashes legacy BBOS, shows this isn't the old BlackBerry that freezes all the time and needs battery pulls, that this is a platform capable of running apps & games like the other platforms do.

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Only problem is that legacy is still the money maker.
BlackBerry 10 is not up to scratch yet. Once BlackBerry 10 has the legacy features in it then I would agree but for now BlackBerry 10 isn't ready for the company to rely on it solely

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Not true. The dynamics are simple: BB7 is cheaper, BB7 uses BIS so there is an extra layer of security for messages. BB7 has nothing over BB10. However, it does pollute the BlackBerry brand with legacy devices that aren't up to snuff with the competition. It is a huge mistake that Thorsten and company pushed which showed a lack of confidence in BB10. Simply, the company needs to decide if it wants to live in the past or the future.

Yes. People at my company who use 9930s think BlackBerry socks and is out of date because they have never used BB10 devices. They all cry that they want iPhones. The IT department won't invest in BES10 servers because they think BlackBerry is dead or dying.

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iPhones run on ActiveSync or a 3rd party MDM. Tell your IT department that BB10 uses ActiveSync, so they don't need to make a BES10 infrastructure investment unless they intend to use the management and security features. And if they do invest in BES10, not only can they manage BB10 but also iOS and Android through it.

While I have moved to BlackBerry 10 smartphones I miss the integrated synergy of smartphone and table via BlackBerry Bridge like I enjoyed with my BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780 and BlackBerry PlayBook. For me the loss of integration has become a thorn in my toe - email, contacts, calendar, call notification, et. al. The file size restriction via BlackBerry Bridge is annoying as well, particularly for PDF documents stored on the media card yet I want to read them on my tablet.

I totally agree with you that they should stop selling the legacy devices and start marketing the BB10 phoned.

No it sould be the other way round like darkehawke above says once BlackBerry 10 has the legacy features they will sell to the die hard BBOS gang, until then its a slog

If they'd stop selling legacy, their sales figures would be beyond brutal.

People need to stop saying such stupid shit.

It's the legacy devices/OS that drove away millions and millions of users to other platforms.

You're looking at it too "small picture" imo. If BBOS devices aren't an option, and there's price-competitive BB10 models and/or a trade-in program, and good marketing, then it can work.
If they had pulled off the band-aid and cancelled new BBOS production when BB10 released, BB10 would be in a better position now.

Some other things are needed too. Delivering on commitments. On time! (Gasp! I know, right?) Releasing anything, devices or OS, simultaneously in US and rest of world. I know there are reasons for OS delays possibly, but devices coming out 1-2 months later? That's ridiculous and can't continue.

Agreed, just get rid of the bbos. If people go into the stores just knowing it's a blackberry but don't know the difference between a 9900 and a q10 they are obviously going to go for the cheaper one, that is if the sale person hasn't gotten to them yet to look at iphone. I still see people buy bolds and they feel cheated when they see my phone, simple because they didn't know

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Enterprise I think is a different story. Just before I left my other job the managing partner was saying how switching over to BB10 would be expensive because of how many of their other systems had to be upgraded to work with the new BES. I don't know of this is true or not but if it is how many companies can afford to do that especially if they are small?

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Yes, it's definitely a hurdle to overcome.

But it's up to BBRY to get there. Would have been better to be handing out free Z10's and extra support than to make them all and warehouse so many. Some BB10 "evangelists" dedicated to helping Enterprise update anything they need to BB10 compatibility.

Regardless, I don't think they should sell one single more legacy BBOS device, at least in first world countries. Pull 'em all from shelves.
It's too confusing for consumers that don't follow tech. And then many end up with a new phone from the family of products that drove millions away from BB to begin with.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

People like me, heads of micro-enterprise small businesses, can't afford corporate BES servers, so use third-party services like 123Together. 123's still waiting for the BB10 BES server rollout, so if I want that level of security and real-time email processing across all devices on my web domain, it's BB7 for me

O2 in Ireland has stopped offering the Z10 and Q10 saying that the're dated (they have been available nearly a year) and is only offering a BB7 model which seems ridiculous

That logic seems bass ackwards

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

It's no surprise really. Bb7 excels as a communication device while BlackBerry 10 tries to be a bit of everything but master of none.
They need to look at what made os7 great and put it in to 10.
This really should have been done by now

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Let's be clear here, BB7 doesn't excel at anything except BIS. In North America anyway, BB7 simply reminds folks why they left BlackBerry for iOS and Android. The same will soon be true in the rest of the world by which time folks will switch away from BlackBerry to Android.

Yep you're exactly right. Whatever legacy BBOS gets right isn't what most consumers want, or isn't good enough anyway compared to what it can't do.

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That's crazy talk. The only thing BB7 beats BB10 at is customization. When it comes to communication and the ease and flow of it, BB10 kills BB7. The legacy device holdouts are causing as much damage to BB10 as BB's poor marketing. And it's all because of their refusal to adapt to something new. God forbid they can't download some stupid theme that makes their legacy device look like SOME OTHER device! I even saw a post in the forums asking about a theme to make BBOS look like BB10! <rolleyes> Are you freaking kidding me!?! Just BUY a BB10 device, for crying out loud!

Legacy holdouts can be holdouts because the device they own does what they want it to. The smartphone market is much larger and growing and BlackBerry has not figured out which segment to address.

Here's a very simple example of something my BB10 z10 doesn't have, but all previously released "legacy" blackberries do have...

The option to automatically BCC a copy of messages to myself when sending.

Simple feature, without it I still get massively irritated every day and want my old BlackBerry back.

I specifically need that functionality in my usage scenario. It's just pathetic it's missing and totally trivial to add.

This is one of many simple examples.

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I guess this is why I still see Curves in the discount phone section at Walmart.


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They never released a bb10 phone at a good price point. Q5 was a little too pricey and there was no Z5. I suppose the precious execs thought it had to sell above that of the BB7 phones they were still trying to sell.

I think that they should make it so that the new phones are in the local carriers and actually promoted from time to time. Tell them it's a new android phone.

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Until they have a viable low cost phone along the lines of a lumia 5xx then I'm not surprised. As well as that ppl still need bis.
Does BlackBerry still profit from that?

Having said that it goes to show that they need to fix their retail channels so that more people have access to their phones.

Where im at there's only one retail outlet that stocks the BlackBerry z30 and they're practically out of stock of them in around my local area. Not really good enough when I have a feeling these places probably only had 1 or 2 in stock.

Buying online isn't an option for me right now.

When I picked up my Z30, the Best Buy where I grabbed it literally had one in stock. Luckily for me it was a Telus model, my carrier. Crazy that they'd "carry" it but literally have only a single unit in stock.

But not sure why "people need BIS" as you put it.

Yeah I went into Best Buy to get the Z30 for Bell and they only carry the Telus version. I ended up getting that one and unlocking it.

Posted via CB30

The weekend before the Z30 released, I was i. A Best Buy and they had one Z30 received already. They let me see it. According to them it was a Bell model.

The Bell stores definitely stock them. So far, a Bell store is the only place I've seen a live demo unit Z30.

Anyway, glad you got yours too!

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The customers you are doing business with now are the easiest customers to sell to in the future. BlackBerry must simply focus and MARKET to these customers.

Posted via CB10

Has she tried the q10 or q5? Everything new takes some getting used to but once you get used to it, there is no looking back.

Just over 3 million BBOS devices. Interesting to see how strong that line of devices is still doing compared to what I was expecting.

Someone should draw up a line chart of the BBOS sales over the past two years just to put todays numbers into perspective. I feel that even though the margins are bad the erosion of BBOS is not as strong as I was mentally prepared for.

1) If I'm not mistaken the bbos 7 is compatible with more languages and character sets tha bb10.
2) bb10 is really new as a platform and it's not everyone in the enterprise market that have make the switch to bb10.
3) Companies do have internal apps that were developed for bbos and running java. These apps are NOT compatible with bb10. It takes time and money to recode them for bb10 and as one of my customer said, why change something that is working well.

Its still beyond me why BlackBerry chose to integrate adobe air but refused to integrate the java micro virtual machine. They could have done the something with java as they did with android.

Posted via CB10

It was a serious error in judgement not to support Java. However, companies will take time to convert their users. Often it takes up to 2 years to switch devices. bb10 isn't even a year old.

1) Yes, but this gap has been almost closed. (Almost, there's a few which still need to be added)
2) I think this has to do more with the violability of BlackBerry as a company and more so with your the third point you've mentioned
3) Absolutely

I use my Bb for emails, sms and phone... Not games, social media and other gimmicky stuff... I must say that os7 just works... Bb should work more on their assets: business and data security. They are the best in those fields (for now)...

If they are the best at those things, then surely you can see how those things were not enough for them to be successful.

Media, games, even html email formatting, etc -- these aren't gimmicks. These are expectations of today's consumer.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

I guess you're right. Must be confusing my needs with what everybody wants. But still... Put a Bb in every public servant's hands and BlackBerry would be in a much better position...

Yes, and you're still right about the business & data security point. They need to keep capitalizing on that.

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I've said all along I'd prefer my 9850 with upgraded OS to the Z10 which VZW gave me as a replacement. Kind of like a C1 Corvette body on a C6 chassis and drivetrain.

Posted via CB10

I was wondering that too. I couldn't figure that out from the release.

1.1 million BB10 devices sold through to end users supposedly, less than 25% of total number of devices sold through.

Yeah, really not sure. Seems to me that's just as important if a stat as the other details they did release.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

I think they need to do a few things to turn things around.

First of all, convince people that BB10 is a whole lot better than BB7. But still as secure and a lot more user friendly. I've seen some people using BB6 and BB7 and the frustrations they have with them. Most of their frustrations are no longer an issue in BB10.

Add more languages to bb10, better vpn for consumers, give away write down z10's to corporates that are upgrading or renewing bis, start marketing z30, push out updates faster (while keeping them stable) , make premium devices other than just low cost ones from Foxconn to appeal to consumers. Actually start marketing please.

Owner of z30, z10, q10, iPhone 4 and 5, sony xperia z1

Yes, such a broad appeal that so many millions of BBOS users left BB for other platforms and now many even despise BB.

is security going to be compromised with Foxtron making phones ? Isn't end to end build the key to security

BBRY hasn't been building their phones in Waterloo at headquarters.
It was outsourced before too, just not to Foxconn.

If you have mature product that is outselling your new product after 3qtrs in the market, why would you discontinue it. BlackBerry needs all the revenue it can get. There are many long time "crackberry" users that love there old BBOS phones and will continue to buy them because it suits their needs. Not everyone wants a 5" touchscreen. BB10 isnt well known to these folks and they would likely end up with an iphone or an andriod. BlackBerry should continue to sell BBOS until it can enhance BB10 functionality and successfully market it.

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I've used both a blackberry bold 9900 and a blackberry Q10...and honestly...the 9900 is so handy, simple to use and gets the job done. A Q10 is an overprized device and does not give the satisfaction a legacy device offers .

You can't please everyone. Personally I completely disagree.

I gave my 9900 to a friend who had trashed her 9800. Setting it up for her and showing her how OS7 worked made me want to get it out of hands ASAP. Totally behind the times.

I totally agree with @jeffbenf, OS7 is a real timesaver concerning the messaging part. Beside a Z10 and Q10, I also bought this year a new 9900 to replace my (dead) old one. When I need to be productive => 9900, when I've time => Q10 (or Zed).

In order to sell BBM devices, they have to be available for sale.

Where I live in Mexico, only the Z10 is available. The most logical phone for this market is Q5, and it's unheard of down here.

For the first time in years, I have seen a lot of people I know who us iphone, actually switch to another device! Only ONE selected a BB because they wanted the keyboard back. If more people are leaving apple, NOW IS THE ONLY TIME to get people to buy. BB needs something to entice them to select the 10 over the others. Current lack of faith & bad news stories is not helping sway their decision to make the move to BB. Added with the lack of knowledge on the part of sales people in the stores. Too bad, there's nothing wrong with this phone.

You're right. I know many previous BB-to-iPhone converts leaving iPhone now. But they're going to Android. Not because Android is better than BB10. For most BB10 wasn't even a consideration because they have no idea about it and/or hear negative press.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Yepper, this drives me nuts too.

The management in our company uses BB10 devices in the main (about 90% - we have a BYOD culture). Personally, I carry a Q10 and there are Z10s in our department too.

Yet, the two guys sitting beside me were surprised that BlackBerry was still around and staying! OK, ok, clearly they have selective hearing and were avoiding all the chitchat we crackheads in the office spue out daily.

Yesterday, when I was talking about the Q3 earnings call, they asked about BlackBerry! They had NO idea about any BB10 device. Nothing. And both of they live about 30 minutes from BlackBerry's HQ!

Oh, marketing.

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"Clearly, the company has work to do on all fronts to get BlackBerry 10 phones into the hands of more smartphone users."

Gee, ya think?

Hey common sense isn't all that common. Chen's predecessors didn't fully understand just how much work they had to do.

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ATT dropped all bbos7 devices so it bb10 or need to switch. ATT is forcing hard core to end the BlackBerry corporate love. They are pushing Ios and Android to corporate customers

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has to stabilize first OS10 before they can expect sales improvement for BlackBerry 10 smartphones as the current OS10 versions are half baked & full of bugs which discourage many from hopping in.

Posted via CB10

BB10 is more stable than legacy BBOS. Period.
Do you use BB10 currently?

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Well obviously you must use it at least somewhat since you posted from CB10! Didn't see that at first!

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

The good news is that the resale value of my old BB7 devices will be pretty good on ebay! :-)
Just because a tech is old, doesn't mean people do not still love it! :-)

How so?

Most consumers don't care. Actually I'd say most are completely unaware, and of the rest that are, most don't care.

If you think BIS vs not is a primary issue in BB10's success or failure, you would be incorrect.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Yes, what is BIS exactly? What benefit do I reap from having BIS versus the deficit I suffer when I don't have BIS? These are the questions which need compelling answers, or else using BIS as a USP for the consumer is BS. Personally, having gone from being an employee with first BIS then BES, to what I am now, a self employed consultant with no BIS and no BES, I am not feeling the lack of anything apart from corporate network integration, BES. The mystery of BIS continues.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

My wife got a Q5 , my son got a Z10 but I still got my bb bold /bis. I would have bought a z30 if : every big provider/retailer/carrier would sell bb phones and I don't have roamings cost and very expensive data cost wenn I go over the borders

Let's see what John Chen has up his sleeve before we start the pessimism. I for one would like the two remaining variants of the Z30 to be released do that U.S. users such as myself have the required LTE and 3G bands (since no one but Verizon will be carrying it here). That, or force developers to make apps compatible with Q10 and Q5 from day one so that people aren't upset with their choice of device every time a must-have app rolls out. Uniformity is a huge weakness in the BlackBerry universe ; I don't really need to reiterate the OS update issues we face as well. Uniformity.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

It's not the price of the handsets. BlackBerry 7 has BIS and BlackBerry 10 doesn't. Massive difference in monthly bills for customers. I think BlackBerry annoyed a lit of existing and potential clients when they discontinued BIS on BlackBerry 10. This was their major point of difference and they wiped it out.

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I am not surprised. I work at a company that only buys Blackberry and only allows Blackberrys to connect to their email server (purposely blocks Activesync). I have not seen a single BB10 here. For one we don't update phones that often, only when they break, and they recycle phones for new employees whenever possible. Second, BB10 uses Activesync. I have also never seen a BB10 in the wild yet anywhere (in NY/NJ area). Mostly I only see the 9900. We mostly do work for the Government and they too have not made the switch. Watch any TV show (like Homeland), they always make a point that the work phone is a Blackberry OS7 and their personal or civilian phones are iPhones. No Z10 or Q10 to be found.

Actually, my wife is a huge fan of Scandal. We watched the final episode together & early on in the episode, Olivia's father is seen rocking a Z10. My wife & I are both BBRY fans & spotted that immediately. She has a Z10 & I have the Z30.

Saw that too on Scandal.

FWIW, the last Michael J. Fox Show had MJ with a Q10 - longish close-up, too - while his "son" character had a Z30 or Z10.

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That title pretty much spells the problem BlackBerry has as a smartphone manufacturer! The end result of virtually no marketing, inertia and complacency...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

The truth some are on the ropes about bb10 because they still use the playbook and other don't know BB10 even exist in the United States.

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This should surprise absolutely no-one. At least most apps are available for the older phones. I still use my 9810 instead of my Q10 most of the time for this exact reason.

Loving my Q10

"At least most apps are available for the older phones." Huh?

Yes, there are some examples, but saying "most" apps are available is just plain ignorant.
If you mean most apps that you personally care about, then fair enough, but that's not what you said.

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Clearly new BlackBerry devices are not selling. There mus be good analysis about why. Without that analysis and adjustment by the company, the future is bleak.

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Blackberry ' s issues are not hardware related anymore. It's user mentality. Too many BB die hards want the same freakin thing they had in 2006. Technology has moved on. The market has moved on. Blackberry is also trying to move on with bb10. Is it perfect? No, what first Gen software is? But it's a pretty great effort. Until the majority of BB users give up the idea of the physical keyboard and trackball/pad, BB will struggle. If it doesn't happen soon, BB will be a niche phone for the techogeeks and hackers, complaining each week about the lack of apps and the loss of yet another developer, ala WebOS. Put the Curve down, throw your casette tapes away, and get on board the bb10 train... IMO :)

What do you expect Mr Crackberry when BB10 were priced 3 times the price of Bb07 plus whole strategic review thing....fix these things and watch BB10 take off like crazy!!!! Go Team BlackBerry

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i see some clearer info here than the prior C-in-Charge,,, he recognizes what people are buying, & in turn *may* bring legacy features to "10", to get us onboard,,,


Personally, I don't think the price of the BB10 devices is that bad. Yes, they are a little high, but come on, you get what you pay for. I can say for myself, the reason I wanted so long to buy my first BB10 devices was the look. I am in LOVE with the look and feel of my 9900, and I didn't want to give that up for anything! I know the Q10 "feels" like the 9900 for most of us, but I can still feel the difference in my hand. If BB redesigns the BB10 devices, or allows me personally to keep my 9900 body and have BB10 softwear then I would be fine! But I'm still Team BlackBerry for life no matter what!

Oh good all 9780. Still my fav device after using 9900. But im having an affair with my Q10 right now

Q10.1055 Malaysia via CB10

Frankly, the OS structure of BBOS 7 isn't as modern as BB10s, but as Prosumer who owned 8520, 9780, 9900 and then switched to Z10 and Q10 now, I believe BBOS 7 has a lot to say on the communications front. I wouldn't go back to 9900 from my Q10, but I find 9900 a top-tier communication device.

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The issue is 1) Marketing 2) For Sale Sign 3) Price Issue.
Fix those and BB10 will do very well. And hoping that Code Name Jakarta is a BB10 based device and not BB7.

And just to add, it does not help when you have Carriers, especially in the USA telling customers that BB10 is nothing more than a basic BB7 upgrade. Then they recommend iPhones lol, this nonsense needs to be resolved and fast.

I want to share the following comment from CrackBerry with you:

I've checked crackberry nearly everyday since I got my Z10 in the first week of september and downloaded the app two or so days later. Never registered or posted until today, after feeling impelled to do so since getting 10.2 on tuesday. I've owned, in consecutive order, an 8830, a curve 3G, bold 9900 and now, my Z10. I'm probably a blackberry fan.

Up until I got 10.2, I used to think two of BB10's USPs were its being a proper multitasking OS and the sheer aesthetic appeal of the UI. With 10.2, I've noticed quite a number of tweaks and improvements, all geared to make for a more user-friendly experience. The UI's aesthetic appeal seems to have been watered down in order to achieve this, though.

With 10.1( the second iteration), the quality and beauty of UI design, layout,graphics and fonts sort of leapt out at you. I compared BB10 with android and ios and thought " this(BB10) has to be the best designed UI/OS available." I REALLY admired the previous design. The current version has clearly lost a lot of weight(a whooping 2GB in my case), seems to have shed a shade or two of colour, adopted a font size that gives it a cheaper, more cluttered look and has become,IMO, a bit underwhelming. For instance, the look of 'car finder', an app I have (probably an android app), has definitely changed for the worse. I used to show my Z10/BB10 off. Somehow, my inclination to do so has waned.

If BB10 is to thrive, I think it has to find a way to revert to that high-quality look while it continues to enhance the user experience .

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Not good... C'mon people... all bb7 user... buy a z10 it's not that expensive anymore?!

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The majority of existing BlackBerry 7 users would be better served to upgrade to a BlackBerry Q5/Q10 than the BlackBerry Z10/Z30 in my humble opinion. If the BlackBerry Q5 was priced USD250.00 off-contract, the incentive to upgrade would lure enough BlackBerry 7 users to justify the lower profit margin.

Offer a trade in like Apple did. Is this hard/ costly / or both? Seems like a no brainer to me

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you would be surprised how many people think blackberry is already out of business.last week i bought a brand new torch 9810, and i have an s4,they use differant sim cards. So i bought a sim card adapter to put my micro sim from my s4 into the torch. As i did , the sim became dislodged in the sim card slot, i got it out but i ripped one of the contacts off. the phone had just become a paper weight. Im pissed just had paid 190.00 for the phone. Well i found a repair booth in the hallway in the mall and asked could he fix it and he said oh! blackberry, there out of business, Now this guy repairs phones ( huh). We(blackberry)are just not out there, come Chen get the word out. Buy the way i found a sim card slot in the UK for 4 dollars, bought 2 just in case.

Please make available all BlackBerry phones eco friendly and user friendly by launching handset at a lower price . And also consider to provide application for free of cost. Then I am sure all ill become BlackBerry followers. Becoz most of all smart phone users get bored of Android and searching for new generation os like BlackBerry. Good luck to BlackBerry!!!!! I started to follow BlackBerry!!!

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Blackberry needs to promote BB10, i have noticed that the consumers know nothing about this OS and all that they know is there is no BIS and as a result they don't want it. What i find interesting though is that the same people go out and buy IPhone or Android devices which work the same way as BB10. I've seen that once you show them how different BB10 is they then start to have an interest saying to me 'show me more ' It all boils down to marketing and the negative perception consumers have on BlackBerry. It can be turned around though, question how and when?

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Read it like this.

Revenue on 1.9M phones

4.3M sold through

More than 50% on revenue was bbos.

So no revenue on 2.4 delivered phones because these sales were previously booked and these would include many written down BB10 Phone.

Bbos phones are like selling through without much delay.

So the represents more than 1M shipped and paid for bbos phones. Less than 1M shipped and paid for BB10 phones and more than 2M previously shipped phones that sold late, good chance most of these are BB10 Phones that were partially written down.

If I'm right that's about 3M BB10 Phones and 1M bbos phones.

They really should release a told number of BB10 phones in the wild. They need about this many each month to replace current phones.

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The problem is that BB7 devices were made really well and last for years. BlackBerry did too good of a job making those handsets. If they had the foresight to cheap out people would be forced to upgrade to BB10.

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I would be happy if BlackBerry upgrade and keep both BB7 and 10 until BlackBerry 10 has all the old features of BlackBerry7. Only then can they phase out bbos. Only then can they drop bbos, any other move is suicide.

Koi na.. its gud.. wether its BlackBerry 7 or BlackBerry 10.. both r the products of BlackBerry.. so its gud...

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I can't believe anyone would want a crappy, battery pulling, lagging, app crashing PoS BB7. It's like ya, I'll take a PS1 over the new PS4.

Want to sell more BB10 vs BB7? Stop making them, period. Track down all remaining unsold BB7 and bury them in a giant landfill.

I had a BB7, the Torch 9860, and the day BB10 was released the Z10 replaced it and within 2 days the BB7 was an afterthought.

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BIS compresses data. That works for yesteryear's BBOS devices but not for a modern smartphone. People want more data, not less!

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Hard to sell what is not on the shelf as an active display. Verizon in Louisville has none to see or try. Hard to sell what the company does not promote or market. It's a shame since BB10 is a really nice platform.

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I would never go back to my Bold 9930. Although it was a very sleek nice looking phone with some better apps (headless, more app choices) it still doesn't compare to my Q10. I'm not in it for business.

Super fast, much more social for me!!! Slowly keeping up with my friends and showing them what my BlackBerry can do nowadays! The attention I get from my phone is cool; BB10!

Now if I could just get this damn 10.2 update in the US... -__-

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No surprise, most enterprises have not migrated from BES 5 to BES 10. I hope they will, then the number of BB10 devices sold will increase.

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With no real marketing, bb10 will only get into the hands of the die hards (like most of us on here). BB7 devices are 2, almost 3 years old (and basically a update to the 'berries most people know and love) so it doesn't surprise me that they are outselling bb10. The typical person that is interested in purchasing a BlackBerry over the competition already knows the reasons why they want a BlackBerry so I can see them buying a BB7 device as it covers what they are looking for and are damn good at what they do (pure communication, effecient). BlackBerry needs to do 1) educate current users on the benefits of upgrading to bb10, and 2) launch a whole separate marketing campaign for non BlackBerry users on how great bb10 is and why people should have them. Even if they do different little corny commercials showcasing different aspects of the os. All it takes is research, they need to have employees get active with the current bb10 users (like coming on these forums) and asking us what we love about bb10 & why and take that research and turn it into marketing to educate the masses. I know marketing can get a little pricy, but it takes $$$ to make $$$ that's business 101. On the Enterprise front, since they have written off all the Z10s anyway, they need to give them away to companies as incentives to purchase the bes10 to gaurentee that long term money to solidify the direction they are trying to go in with enterprise. Basically keep the bread buttered.

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This should not come as a surprise at this particular juncture ONLY because of the nature and cross-over to QNX. The status quo moves very, very slowly around the world and BBOS is inexpensive and affordable. This particular 'shift' in and from the old OS to BB 10 will take a little time, but will invariably fade out BBOs and usher in BB10 within the 3rd year. The world/internet/people are not delayed gratified entities; that is to say we want things yesterday including the plethora of eye-candy that comes with devices and more. We live in a world that is drowning in information, yet starving for wisdom. BlackBerry 10 provides the new gateway and thrust in the coming years that will be the standard by which other handset/software/devices will be measured by. To the early adopters of BB10 stellar; to the reserved and held back liking comfort zone of the stable BBOS, it will take a little time, but will happen. Kevin, EXCELLENT and poignant on-the-fly interview on CNBC! Although the glasses may be your trademark, just as BlackBerry crossed over into the new OS, let's get some new glasses to welcome and usher in the new CrackBerry Kevin representing BB 10 (LOL)... Geez, too early here on West Coast... :)

If you like BlackBerry then you like navigation tools. Get that throgh your heads at Blackberry! Bring back the bold design for BB10.

Well, clearly, they haven't released a low-end phone in 2013 and it's going to take another 4 months for one to launch, so nothing surprising here. Andd BB7 still has more and more useful apps than BB10, if you exclude Android sideloads.

Let's see. No marketing. No ads for the Z30. Carriers not stocking devices in stores, only having them available online instead. Only available on specific carriers. Someone would have to know about the devices and seek them out to actually buy one. Is it really a surprise they haven't sold well?

Passive marketing = passive sales.
No marketing = abysmal sales.

Exactly. Not sure if they thought they could just wait for the Z30 to go "viral" or what.

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That is insane! They should just stop selling stupid BB7 phones. They are the reason blackberry is where it is now. BB10 or nothing

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In the USA it is difficult to find BlackBerry phones in any store. The reasons being poor sales . Why poor sales ? Introduced late after other countries, reputation that the Z10 was buggy, few of the needed apps and finally during this quarter the company was up for sale.

At this point in time it would take a marketing genius to turn things around.

Blackberry is ran by a bunch of banana's all they needed to do is revamp the 9900 with LTE,Better camera and a cpl hardware upgrades and they would have been fine. This OS10 was a learning curve and quite frankly one that the older BlackBerry Users would not go for.

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Maybe another multi million dollar, one time only Super Bowl commercial? Perhaps one that's a hit cerebral and does nothing to improve the image of the brand? Preferably featuring a new model and os version not available in the US for a few months after airing.

Sounds like a winner to me. If only they did something like that last year, maybe bb10 would have done a little better.

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Truly too bad to hear. I use the Z10 with not giving it even a thought to go back to OS7. The problems are IMHO:
- No BIS for BB10. BB to bring back this as OPTION for the user as this is a heavy COST issue!
- No Marketing. How should everyone know about the great features BB offers now?
- Target the Consumer, not only Enterprise. Remember, Consumers do work in Enterprises, so they will demand the device in their Companies as well (just like Apple did it).

Price is NOT the issue. Z10 sells at Amazon here in Europe (Germany) starting EUR 268,-- unlocked.
The Z30 was already available for EUR 440,-- (unlocked). All still cheaper than any iPhone or new Android based phones.

Price may not be THE issue, but it is AN issue. For me, it is the only issue (quality, etc. are givens, and favor BB). If BB would drop the price of the Z and/or Q 10s, I would jump. Right now $399 and $549 in the US (on their website) are outrageous. Your other points are right on.

Based on this fact, if Blackberry wants to survive, I think they need to make new optimized BB7 devices by way of (i) maintaining BIS, trackpad, and all physical buttons and keyboards & its shortcuts; (ii) adding the speed and smoothness of BB10 device's experience (e.g.: browsing, bigger RAM/ROM) and long life battery feature; as well as (iii) eliminating the frequent freezes/ pop-up ticking clock. For touchscreen features, I don't think all blackberry fans like the touchscreen. A feature that can turn on/off the touchscreen feature (in the form similar to the Ipad's side switch) would be great. I bet lots of people that have left their blackberry would come back to buy this product.

BlackBerry needs to completely get rid of BlackBerry 7 and make them jump ship to bb10, probably with an early upgrade plan they can work out with the carriers. Why bb7 is selling more than bb10 is beyond me

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For anyone making Bold vs Q comparisons, I suggest that you try a Z device. I've tried a Q and I agree that Bold provides a better UI (because of the track pad and other traditional BB buttons that went away), but I would never give up my Z10 to go either Q or Bold. In fact, I still use a 9810 (slider) for work. I find that I'm slower with that keyboard than I am with my Z10. That said, however, if I did prefer a physical keyboard, I would want a track pad and the other old BB keys because when I tried the Q10 (after several months with a Z10) the keyboard seemed to get in the way of swipe-up action from the bottom of the screen. But, again, I wouldn't take a Bold-like BB10 device over a Z!

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My bold 9900 was far better than my q10. This os has so many bugs I can't even rely on my calendar reminders. And while the form factor is better, the reliability and the bis (giving me far cheaper data) puts the 9900 way on top. Should never have traded it.

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Is this not what they wanted? They were making bb7 phones well after BlackBerry 10 was released.

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The biggest mistake they made was keeping an out dated OS out there too long on hardware that looked no different. Even now, they're being so slow to roll our BB10 on phones assuming a consumer will pay more for it! It's the most absurd strategy ever! You can't sell someone something brand new and alien at a higher price after disappointing them for so long! This strategy of 'keeping out' users from using BB10 is going to cost them unless they do something quick!

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...and I don't wanna hear one more "gadget nerd" tell me that a device like the "q40" slider mockup with track pad and hard buttons wouldn't sell, because you'd just be expletive embarrassing your expletive self at this point.

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I can almost guarantee price is the determining factor when people choose between BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. BlackBerry management seriously over-priced the BlackBerry 10 smartphones. A smart strategy would have been to reduce their margin to zero thereby passing the saving on to the consumer during 2013 - BlackBerry 10's inaugural year.

BlackBerry Z10 - USD275.00
BlackBerry Q10 - USD250.00
BlackBerry Q5 - USD175.00
BlackBerry Z30 - USD375.00

After 31 December 2013 based upon market adoption rates BlackBerry could release a higher priced "premium" smartphone sometime during the summer months (June, July, August) with normal margins. Drug dealers have used this business model forever: the first hit is low-cost or free, afterwards you pay market prices maybe higher than market prices depending on product demand.

Gosh, I wonder why BB0S7 out sold BB10? Could it be anything to do with the fact that they left behind about 10 major features and advantages from os7? Or that, even to this moment, they still have an unfinished beta product? No thanks.

My question is, why can anyone even buy a BB7 device? It makes no sense. Sink it, move on, push BB10 and stop wasting time and money on the past. Take a page from Apple, move on forget what you made last week and soldier forward.

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Take a page from Apple? Apple hasn't released a significantly new phone since the very first's still basically the same thing that slowly morphs from one to the next iteration. If they took a page from Apple they'd still be updating OS7.

Anyone can buy an os7 device because BB knows that is what people are still buying. Why take that away? when you are desperate for sales.

The one thing that i miss from OS7 is the home screen application shortcuts with the one button. I have the Q10 and NEVER use the universal search. On the 9900 i would just press s if i wanted to bring up the search.

The problem with bb10 is that we all excepted it to be a better bb7, instead it's completely different and the the simple things we lobed in 7 are lacking in 10... i bought my z10 when it first came out then sold both of my 9900's...i so regret that, besides from the browser i don't see where the new system is that much better

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The answer probably can be obtained from a story published by the Globe and Mail:

"Inside the fall of BlackBerry: How the smartphone inventor failed to adapt"

Here are the excerpts:

And many long-time BlackBerry users found that the new system was too different from the classic BlackBerry experience for their liking. Many of the little “moments of delight,” as they are called in the company, were forgotten or overlooked by the QNX developers who lacked ties to the company’s past. For example, users can’t hit “u” and look at the last unread message in their inbox, nor can they easily shift to the next or previous e-mail, as they could on older BlackBerrys. Pocket-dialling is a constant hazard.

Mr. Lazaridis decided he would isolate the QNX team and get them to focus solely on the new operating system, while leaving existing programmers to work on products for its existing platform, BlackBerry 7. Eventually he hoped QNX, led by its CEO Dan Dodge, would retrain his entire organization.

But first, RIM had to answer a key question: If it wanted to remake the BlackBerry on the QNX system, what was the best way to do that? Should it move over some of its old Java-based applications, or rewrite them all from scratch? If the company abandoned Java altogether, what would it mean for third-party developers who used it?

These were not easy decisions. Discussions among the senior leaders in Mr. Lazaridis’ organization dragged on for a year – far too long, according to several insiders.

Eventually, the decision was made: BlackBerry 10 would be built from scratch. The problem with that approach was that a new team was being entrusted to recreate the BlackBerry. Those who had created the original system were still working on devices for the BlackBerry 7 platform. Once again, the company was split.

After using the Z30 and Q10 with 10.2.1 I have no Idea how anyone could even consider going back to the Bold, there is no comparison, the only thing I don't have is password encrypted pin messaging which I liked but no one in the general public probably ever used. Tons of customization, BlackBerry and Android Apps, Better Browser, Faster, More memory, in my opinion a better typing experience, the list goes on....

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I think an article entitled: Top 10 Areas Where BlackBerry 10 Can’t Match BlackBerry 7 posted in pretty much answers your question. For me, I do a lot of text selection / copy and pasting for drafting purposes which cannot be done smoothly in a touchscreen phone. For some other people in emerging markets, the capped fee for BIS data plan is very important (you need to only pay around USD 10 monthly or even USD 50 cent daily for unlimited BBM chat, emails and slow browsing). I can understand that those features may not matter for other people in other places (probably such kind of data plan does not even exist in the developed countries).

Is this BIS issue region-specific? Here in the UK, having BIS at our disposal on the BBOS devices did not result in any significant savings on data cost, as far as I can tell, compared to BIS-less BB10 now. I'm assuming that's the opposite of what others experience in other regions. BIS pricing and service is looks to be configured differently in the UK vs. elsewhere.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

The article entitled: Indonesians Still Love Their BlackBerrys in businessweek will give you a better picture of what I have informed earlier. That explains why the next phone is targeted to Indonesian people (code name Jakarta). However, if the next phone is released at above USD250 and cannot use cheap BIS plan (they say it would be a BB10 device), I doubt it will be a successful launch. To some extent, I fully agree with An Open Letter to Management from Brian Blair, Wedge Partners principal saying that:

BB10 into the low end. You need to focus on taking the BB10 software and pushing it into a few SKUs that you can sell at USD99 – 199 retail (without subsidy), but that you can still pull a 25 per cent gross margin from. Stay with me here. The Q5 is a step in the right direction. Start with this and make it a bit sleeker. The recent Porsche-designed Blackberry turned a lot of heads. Many loved it. Maybe your next device is something in between. Either way, it has to be sleek and futuristic but still have that keyboard. Speaking of keyboards, did you see what Ryan Seacrest is investing USD1 million into? A keyboard that slides on an iPhone. The keyboard doesn’t have to die. BB10 in a USD149 sleek Porsche-designed Q5-like device could be your 2014 breakthrough.

He did not mention about the cheap BIS-plan though.

The switch from BB7 to BBX (as I like to call it, might have been a marketing strategy there) had to be abrupt. The problem is as I have noticed the countries other than North America don't have networks that can handle BBX. I paid $700 for my Z10 and was happy to do it dropping my 6 month old 9900(which I really liked). The marketing Dept at BlackBerry is possibly the worst I have ever seen. They drop the ball on every opportunity.

From the Mighty Z

That's pathetic. After using a BlackBerry 10 device I can't figure out why anyone would want to use an OS 7 device.

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A Full Year without so much as a sniff of ANY Advertising, Marketing whatsoever..WHY...???

We are doing our part...Time for BBry to do theirs...and here we sit 4 days before Christmas and fucking nothing......what a joke.

Have Q10, Z10 in the house...questioning my own judgement now.

GET OFF YOUR Collective (_i_)'s and get moving!!

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I'm one of those sporting a BB 7 device. Hopefully, next year I can get myself a BB 10 device even if it's just a Q5.

I had a 9900. Of all the BBry's I've owned, it was truly an excellent communication device.

Now on a CUE, I could never go back.but, when it comes to copy/paste? aint happening on the cue - If for that reason only? I too would have no issue with a return of the track pad.

But like all new things, it will take time to smooth out the various bugs and streamline this platform..and in the end, become known as the best device platform available.

...just start marketing the damn thing already k??

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ALL 3 Girls i spoke with who own a Z10 hate it. Too complicated OS. BlackBerry is for Freaks and Businessmen,not for the mass market.Too extensive also,here in Germany 300euros! 100-150 more you get a top noch LG G2 or Nexus 5. Z10 should be around 100euro,hands down IT is not worth more. Bad battery,not even Wifi direct. An 2012 phone.But i like IT but looooong way to go!

People dont know about BlackBerry 10 here in Germany, People not even dont know BlackBerry has New Phone! Those People will not buy an expensive BlackBerry device.blackberry needs to get Phones in peoples hands.z10 is a nice Phone throw it out there for 100-150 max and let People try this awesome OS cheap, maybe some like and stay with BB

BlackBerry setting on huge Cash, why not buy or a Company like that and build a cheap high security phone.people will pay for security dont worry.BB strength is security

I wanted the q till i found out the speed dial was neutered
Don't know if its been fixed yet but pricing is the big factor. If you want your new os to take off you have to price it right especially in markets where subsidies do not exist.

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Honestly, i own a Q5 and I totally miss my curve. The only "better" thing is camera (not an os feature) and... angry birds.

Had to fight to get fm radio, currently only on leaked os, whatsapp sucks in bb10 (lots of bugs, can't auto search contacts...) not sound per app in profiles, no color leds, pad is way better than touch screen (not an os feature though), curve size is more comfortable for any pocket....

In the end i regret "upgrading" (should say downgrading?) my phone

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Thats because the old Blackberry phones has track balls/pads and actually work with the playbook. Get it together BlackBerry

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I love BlackBerry 10 and I love my Q10. But I had a BlackBerry Bold 9930 and it was the best phone I've ever had. I couldn't put that device down I loved it so much lol.

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If they drop the price down on BlackBerry 10 devices then people would buy them,

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