BlackBerry 7 owners, have you installed a leak, hybrid, or kept the official?

By Jared DiPane on 5 Sep 2011 07:14 pm EDT

For the first time ever since owning a BlackBerry device I have yet to feel the need to install a leaked OS, or make any other modifications, and in talking to some others that I know with BlackBerry 7 devices, they feel the same way. Sure, the OS that came on the 9930 isn't perfect, there are kinks like every other OS, but I have yet to feel compelled to switch it up and install one of the leaks, or mess around with anything else. 

So for those of you who have upgraded to a BlackBerry 7 device, have you installed one of the leaks, messed with a hybrid style install, or kep the device stock and been using it on the official OS? 

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BlackBerry 7 owners, have you installed a leak, hybrid, or kept the official?


Big red's OS doesn't have NFC. So I decided to get .340 which everyone seems to like. I have no complaints as of yet.

How's the NFC working for everyone? Seems they rolled out this technology way ahead of its time! May not even take off as expected. I barely see those square codes to scan. Will the NFC feature really become a benefit to Blackberry users or will it ever really take off and just be an unnecessary feature? Think NFC should have been full blown out there and ready to be used before introducing this feature! Nice feature, don't get me wrong, but don't see many companies embracing and using NFC yet or in the near future.

I upgraded my T-Mobile to the official Vodafone. The orginal tmobile would not play HTML5 video files, since the upgrade I can now play them! Hope the battery on this one is good...

Stock os (.296) was a super experience but had to upgrade to leaked .353 due to terrible battery life. Now my battery life is nearly trippled!!

I'm even using the stock theme. I don't know why I'm so perfectly fine with what the 9900 comes with... On my 9800 I had the latest leak and a new theme every week!

Installed .353 as soon as I could. The back key / task switcher bug and the unbelievably poor battery were making me think I had mad a huge mistake. Things are much better now. However, the split second a release becomes available that sports UMA, I'm there (The phone should not have been released without it - UMA is not new)

Completely agree with all the reasons in previous post. I rely on UMA as there is no cellular coverage for hours with any carrier around here. Hoping a feature that has been around for years will finally be released, as it is really all just software related. Can't see why 3g+ wouldn't be compatible, when they just solved the 3g to uma handoff issue. :|

UMA is a feature blocked by the Carrier. I had a 8900 before my 9900, with a OS that had UMA, but Rogers blocked the feature months ago.

That was not my experience. My 8900 had UMA from the start and it worked great. Sometime last winter it stopped working. I reboot, checked router - all the usual and then started googling to see if it was just me. I found out that Rogers had turned it off and was turning it back on for a fee of $15 a month. This prompted a two hour phone call to Rogers with much waiting on hold, some implied threats of leaving and some genuine insults. A reboot of my phone later (and no additional fee) and my UMA was turned back on.

The 9800 phone that I used as a loner also had UMA which worked, so I suspect it not only has to do with the phone but with the account too. Now I fear that the 9900 and RIM, by withholding UMA, will somehow manage to hold the feature hostage to an additional charge by the carrier (Rogers). Read as it's still UMA but we're calling it something new that you have to pay for. I'll be happy to be proved incorrect.

I think it is good they released it as soon as possible, even without UMA. However, I will install a leak as soon as UMA is included.

I see a lot of people are on .353, did anyone try both .340 and .353? which one Is better (mostly in terms of battery life)

I actually tried several times (5) to upload the latest leak for the 9810. I've failed miserably each time. So I'm stuck with the current OS unless AT&T makes it official.


I've decided to wait until I'm through Telus's free exchange period of 14 days before I upgrade to a leaked OS, just in case it causes any issues with them. So far I'm very happy with it and don't really feel a need to upgrade. I know some people have reported issues with battery life, but if you prevent the Facebook app from constant checking for updates the battery life improves dramatically. If anything we need a proper update for the Facebook app.

Leaked .353 here on my 9900... and lovin' it

Couldn't stand the over-sensitive trackpad and lower screen in stock .296 which kept opening links whilst scrolling in the browser.
Thankfully fixed in .353

I haven't even been paying attention when leaks are available, now this whole thing makes me wonder am I missing out on something.

Still waiting for my 9930 to come. It's an upgrade from my Tour. Ordered it from Sprint on Friday, and it'll be here on Wednesday...the wait is killing me!

I can relate, I ordered one (9900) from amazon last week. I paid for expedited but vendor shipped ground instead. I've been tracking it bumping along in a truck all over the eastern seaboard for the past five days. Grrrrrr.

i found my stock o/s worked fine.296 but when a newer one became available,i couldnt stop myself from upgrading.still ok though

The 9810 is not an option. 9900 or nothing...well I would just stay with the 9800 although the $49 price is very attractive.

I moved up to .317 on my Rogers 9900. Works great, but for some reason I lost Russian Cyrillic as an input language. Its not even in DM anymore to reinstall.

I think the language selection depends on the service provider. My old os was Rogers. My new one, 317, is a Vodaphone leak which has fewer languages. Can someone who has installed 340 or 353 do me a huge favour and check to see if there is Russian support? :)

I'm using the official version on the sprint torch 9850. It is great considering i came from the tour, however there are a couple issues i am having with it:

1. In the threaded messages, sometimes i cant scroll up to see the older messages unless i click view contact then click on the most recent message under the recent updates thing

2. The browser sometimes loads beautifully, but sometimes takes forever or shows an error message. also, when searching something in google, if you type something out but type it slightly wrong and it is too long to view the whole thing on the phones screen, it there really NO WAY to scroll so that you can fix what you need to??? it's annoying the heck out of me!!!!!!!!!

3. It takes a really really REALLY long time for picture messages to be sent (when it shows the check mark) and an even longer time for the recipient to actually recieve it.

4. We need more apps/games/themes (there's only one, and it's three dollars. when i had my tour i changed the theme almost every month) in the app store. and some apps that i used to have don't work such as pandora, slacker, sprint promo of bebuzz :(

other than that and maybe some stuff im forgetting, i like how the os runs on this phone.

first of all, i HATE the trackpad. never use it... when i try to use it i always end up accidentally touching the screen. Second, i tried to use the trackpad for the message thing i mentioned and it keeps scrolling up but the screen doesnt change...

My stock Sprint 9930 is A-OK. Weird. I was just thinking this yesterday. With my 8530, I was updating as often as I could. But with this 9930, I have no desire to try a leak. When Sprint releases an official update, I will. But most likely not until then.

Kept stock os, very happy with it - so smooth and fast. Only complaint I have is it wants me to recalibrate the compass almost every time I use Wikitude. :)

that's because the holster magnet for some holsters causes it to "lose" calibration. Someone didn'tthink that part of the design through very well...

I'm always keen to install the latest leaked OS, but find I always have to put aside a few hours reconfiguring all my applications' passwords, settings, etc. The Mac/VMWare Fusion apploader stalling bug doesn't help either.

Has anyone found a way to upgrade to a leaked OS keeping all settings intact?

Love my 9930 as is. I'm going to wait for an official OS update. As far as battery life, I'm a power user and have had a blackberry for the last 4 years. I know how to tweak it to get max battery life. If what I'm hearing is true and the battery life will get better with an update then this phone has taken it to the next level in my opinion. You can't even find a 9930 in my area, they're sold out every where.

Stock OS is not bug free, but it is reliable. Hasn't crapped out on me; however, there are some temporary freezes that last about 5 seconds from time to time on the 9860 (no clock, no response), but it does come back. Otherwise, all is good.

I have no evidence of this, but I suspect the OS on the 9860 isn't as clean as on the 9900 (the 9900 has been around longer). Probably less testing has been done on the 9860 versus the 9900, and the 9810. Nevertheless, I really like the 9860 and I think an OS upgrade in the next month or so would be very nice to have!

Stock .261 on AT&T for now; bugs minor and very rarely battery-pull fatal, especially compared to my old 9700 with OS6, which was horrible no matter what release I used.

Warning for anyone considering the device--the Kindle app will not work at all at this point, and Amazon isn't saying when they will extend support to the 9810.

Installed the first leak on my 9810 less than an hour after bringing it home, then installed .353 just a day after that. My only complaint is with the browser touch screen precision - I can't seem to pinpoint a link on a web page to save my life, where I had no such problem on the 9800. So far .353 has maybe slightly improved that, but it's still an annoyance. Other than that, this phone just flies. The browser speed is unbelievable on wi-fi, and battery life is about the same as he 9800.