BlackBerry 7 is named the most secure mobile platform for enterprises

BlackBerry 7
By Jared DiPane on 11 Apr 2012 12:35 pm EDT

We know that RIM has always prided themselves in having a very secure platform for their enterprise customers, and have worked hard to maintain that through the years. Recently the folks at Trend Micro set out to test the current mobile OS platforms, and see how they compare for enterprise solutions. As expected, RIM's BlackBerry 7 took the cake for several different reasons. In the current Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment that many companies have began allowing, each of them is a risk to the business in some way shape or form, but BlackBerry devices still remain the most secure. 

What is interesting in these results is that, whilst some mobile platforms have evolved very noticeably along enterprise lines, there is still a strong ‘consumer marketing' legacy in some quarters and this is negating some of the progress made on the enterprise front. Indeed, some of the attributes we have examined in the report are still firmly ‘enterprise-unready'.”

We have seen the US Government continue their support of BlackBerry, and other large companies are doing the same, and the benefits are obvious. People want their information to be secure, and BlackBerry devices offer that and plenty more.

Source: SCMagazine

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BlackBerry 7 is named the most secure mobile platform for enterprises


My guess is a good proportion of folks in the US, or your average Joe doesn't care too much about having highly secured devices...not until they experience a breach first hand or discover a guy down the street has ripped off their identity. Only at that point will they care.

Most people let their needs drive their decisions. So until the security need takes precedence, devices aimed to entertain will continue to be flavour of the month...

I'll keep my BB anyday.


I still cannot believe that RIM has not hired a security firm to demonstrate how vulnerable a company's data is when Android and iPhones are allowed onto the company's network.

If RIM does not show the world that security should be paramount then I am lead to believe that security is less of an issue than RIM is making out to be.

"BlackBerry 7 is named the most secure mobile platform for enterprises" - **** YES, That's RIGHT!!

LOL got a bit carried away ;)

...and people will get carried away with the word "tools" by not using it for Apple fanboys (appropriately so) anymore...

Probably depends on where Poodwahr is from. I'm quite willing to believe what he said for at least some East-Asian countries.

Many people who have Android or iPhone find that security is under-rated unfortunately. I myself love the fact that no one is snooping around on me and my BlackBerry when I go just to the mall for example. Nonetheless they must build on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

There's a reason that I won't use banking apps on anything other than a BB.
Corporations with sensitive data and government agencies do care about security. Yes, I know that NOAA and GSA are using other platforms. Consiering NOAA's function, I'm not sure how anyone would find its information to be sensitive. With regards to GSA.....considering its latest decision making processes, I would find all their decisions suspect.

Anyone who would use a banking App on an Android/Apple/Microsoft phone needs to have their head examined. You shouldn't have to be a government agency, or corporation to appreciate the great qualities of a Blackberry device, but I don't think the average consumer realizes what hackers paradise the internet has become. If they did, Blackberry would probably have the top selling phones and tablets.

Article is at (apparently URL links are not allowed)

uh...not really. considering that the average consumers have very little or even no security software installed on their personal is probably easier for hackers to target their computers purely due to familiarity. So for the average consumer, doing internet banking on their phones are probably not any more dangerous than doing on their computersm unless they don't use internet banking at all.

Ummm.... This article is about the level of security afforded by the OS's of the various phone manufacturers and has nothing to do with with the security of home based computers. Home computer systems are not really relevant to this discussion.

well, you either do internet banking on the phone or the don't go to a branch to do internet banking...

for the normal average consumers, who do internet banking over android/iOs or computer, it is simply not correct that doing it over the computer is more secured than doing it over their phones...

Again, you are trying to change the subject. Why is that? Are you attempting to draw the attention away from the iPhone's and Androids abysmal security rating compared to the BlackBerry? If you are, you're not doing a very good job of it.

All the Banks, governments and major corporations that have allowed ios and android phones need to read this.

I wonder if this will boost sales for them at all, seeing as most businesses already know this and are still choosing to move on to other platforms.

Yup, people generally don't care about things until they have to. People smoked and didn't care about warnings until they got cancer. People didn't care about seat belts until a loved one got killed. People won't care about security until they have to deal with botnets, phishing scams, and stolen identities.

People who rely on security know how important it is. With NFC becoming more popular with purchasing things from your phone will find security very valuable. I, for one thing, feel very comfortable with Blackberry's security. I don't want anyone attempting to get my information as I'm walking by or getting within WIFI range. I have been a BB fan for many years now and believe that, despite all of the negativity and nay-says on the web, Blackberry has a great product and have just been exonerated with the research that they have the best security. When RIM started slipping I believe that they were sleeping and didn't have the right people in place to react to change. Being at the top and not realizing they can be beaten at their own game is a scary place to be. Hopefully they realize that and give us a reason to want/need Blackberrys for our lives to be better. I love my BB Tour and am just waiting to upgrade to a fantastic BB10 device. Come on RIM, don't make me give my money to Apple. I WANT A BLACKBERRY!

Go for a BlackBerry 7 Device now! You don't know what you're missing! ;) (keeping the tour as the backup blackberry is still awesome!)

Security is very important. This should be part of the sales pitch where ever they sell BB phones.
RIM works hard to make devices secure...sing it loud and proud.

Sweet. Great PR for RIM. I have a Curve 9330 and cannot wait till BB10. Security is a huge factor. It is mainly why I have a playbook and BB phone. The U S government sticking to RIM solidifies this post.

This article has put the icing on the cake, I have not done alot of research on the security issues with other phones but from what I have read and my dedication to my BB I feel very secure when using it for banking and anything else. Security is number one in my book either on the road or at home. I know people who just love the iphone yet at the same time they have dealt with the phone either getting hacked and sending viruses or issues with the device itself. Recently it was suggested that I get another phone which was compatible with a new app developed for work and my immediate thought was no way, I would continue using my BB and access the system the way I have been. I to hope that RIM takes this information an use it to there advantage and continue to build good quality products. I love my 9930 and playbook and ready to see what BB10 has to offer.

Well, then you should be much more careful, because doing internet banking on your BB is not as safe as you think. Having secured data is only a very small part of it. For example, It would be very dangerous to let your guard down just because you are using BB.

While it is true that no system can be entirely secure, and often the human element is the weakest link, the mechanisms described in the eweek article would not actually allow a trojan to affect large numbers of BB users. I'm sure the author and the quoted experts mean well and not trying to sell anything.

Most importantly, never grant permissions to apps from sources you don't trust...

Quite franklt, RIM/BlackBerry do the job right. In today's environment with more and more transactuion being done via mobiles and more and more personal information available on people's mobiles, good device and network security is a basic requirement.

Well done RIM - again.

I would rather have a secure and functional device than a pretty interface on my phone any day, thanks.

Im sure BB would have still won, but it would have been a bit more accurate had the used ICS instead of Gingerbread.