BlackBerry 7 Fan Night... Great Success! Lots of Videos on the Way!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2011 08:45 am EDT

BlackBerry 7 Fanboy  CrackBerry Fans!
New BlackBerry Smartphones... Tons of CrackBerry Fans.. now that's a BlackBerry 7 Fan Night!

If you don't follow me on twitter (@crackberrykevin), you may not have realized yet that I was on location in Toronto last night for the much talked about BlackBerry 7 Fan Night! All of the newly-announced BlackBerry 7 Smartphones were on hand, as were lots of media, lots of people from RIM, some celebs (recorded a sweet interview with Joe Carter!) and a ton of fans of BlackBerry. I quickly realized that fans of BlackBerry tend to be fans of CrackBerry as well - it was awesome to meet soooo many CrackBerry readers in person!

I spent a bunch of time on the new BlackBerry 7 phones and of course recorded a bunch of videos that'll be hitting the blogs here over the next 24 hours (have a couple ready to go but have to head to the airport shortly to fly home so will do the rest as soon as I'm back). I also got some solid answers to a few of the questions we've been pondering, so will shed some light on those. There's a lot to talk about it and a bunch of videos to watch, so keep it locked to CrackBerry! Thanks for the great night RIM!

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BlackBerry 7 Fan Night... Great Success! Lots of Videos on the Way!



I hope you got to keep some of the phones you have your hands on kevin

I really wish I could have been there.

Definitely. Was a good time! I hope they do up this kind of an event again too... or if not, CrackBerry seriously needs to do one.

CrackBerry fan night in Winnipeg is a must. It's your hometown after all.

You guys could even bring stuff from the online store and sell it.

Kevin, I know you'll be posting impressions and videos soon so I don't want to jump the gun, but when you do can you talk to the photo quality of the Bold 9900 at all? A good camera is a major factor for me (I'm sure others could care less) and from what I've seen from the few samples I could find online I'm concerned about the 5MP camera's quality. The 720P HD video looks great. The images, not so much. That's a big problem for me and may keep me from getting the 9900. Hope you had a chance to take a few shots and look at the quality. If not I guess I'll just wait until you guys get to do a full review.

Sample videos and images here (from IntoMobile):

I'm the squinty guy on the far right!!! Awesome Night!!
Great meeting you Kevin (Wish you used the other group shot)

So, did you get your damn Bold 9900, then? Wasn't everyone getting a free phone at this event? I entered a few times via the Tweet contest, but I guess I'm not a clever enough tweeter!

I would have been more excited to hang with those cute chicks than see devices that were unofficially announced some 6 months ago.

Man the party was sick! We should do it again. And those photo booth girls were wow. I picked the 9900 too. Got a photo the Kevin. There was a LOT of pretty girls there. I brought my own though :P

I think the making of the BBM group for the night was the best decision I could have made.

Great call on the bbm group! Got my invite through it and met some cool people in it (including yourslef). Enjoyed the Patron shot we had.

Hahah I met Kevin yesterday :D THough didn't take a pic :< did shake his hands haha! He was just like above, wearing the awesome t-shirt haha ;_)

that's my arm in the first pic. i will be signing autographs at the eatons' centre in toronto after 7pm tomorrow night


I met Joe Carter, Deadmau5 and some of the Degrassi cast members last night @ the #BB7FanNight party. Those guys were all cool, but I was most excited when I met Crackberry Kevin! Awesome party last night, and Blackberry hooked us up with SkullCandy Aviator headphones too.

Not sure if many people saw her (and she stayed low key, maybe on pupose since ditching her Bold for the iphone 4) but at the main bar sat one quiet Erica Ehm from the glory days of MuchMusic...when they played music and the VJ's were the shizzle.

Also, another Canadian celeb - Amber Mac from CP24, BNN and other Bell-CTV media properties attended. I posted a pic of her and I on Twitter, @brotherneil

CBK gets my vote for best dressed at the party, though my Murphy's Irish Pub shirt was pretty awesome (and had my name on both sides). I was able to get 2 other CBers in via Kutty's BBM group, and had a great time. People might not realize just how hard Kevin has to hustle to get all these videos and blogs done, I knew he was gonna be there, and saw the guy in that shirt before i realized he was CBK Himself, Everytime I saw him he was either moving, interviewing, taking pix with the crowd etc, and it only makes me appreciate even more the hard work the CB team puts in on our behalf. Like just about everyone else on the winner's list I'm getting a 9900 as well, just that mine will be coming to NYC, cuz I came all the way to Toronto (including getting a passport in buffalo the day of the event) just to be there. Best mini-vacation ever.

Thank you Kevin!
-bill @murphquake

P.S. Gotta shout out @The7Line for my awesome shirt AND because the BB7 shirts look just like the NYC Subway 7 Train logo (showed my uncle when I got back to Queens this morning and he goes "oh cool a 7 train shirt" =-)

Looks like it was at the Blackberry lounge at the TIFF Lightbox . Neat place .There is even charging stations for your BB . I would of love to of gone .

had a great time at bb7fannight. met some cool people via the bbm group kuttyshark set up. overall the phones looked great and vastly superior to the current lineup of bb currently. after trying all 3 out, the bold 9900 is easily the best phone for old school bb users like myself who want the full typing experience but touch as well. the party itself had an open bar that the pkaybook launch did not, but the food was better at playbookto.

anyways, i cant wait for the next blackberry party. its always a good time