New BlackBerry 7 devices recap, roundup and more!

BlackBerry 7 Devices
By Jared DiPane on 11 Aug 2011 09:51 am EDT

The past week or so has been full of some extreme CrackBerry madness. So much has gone on with devices being officially announced, full specs revealed and tons of hands on time was spent with these devices. There is no doubt that with everything that took place you may have missed some of it or perhaps there was just something you want to go back and read again. While Kevin madly cranks out his BlackBerry Bold 9900 review and Bla1ze is hard at work analyzing the BlackBerry Torch 9810 for his own review, let's check out some of the unboxing, specs, photos and more for each of the new devices along with some of the carrier announcements we saw.


BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 / 9930

BlackBerry Torch 9810

BlackBerry Torch 9850 / 9860

Unannounced Devices

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New BlackBerry 7 devices recap, roundup and more!


Verizon, we can't hear you now!! You aren't being the NOW Network without them!!!
I know you are working on your top secret classified program, but clue your consumers in!!

I'm cautiously excited about getting the 9850 on Sprint next Sunday (21st). I'll really believe it when Sprint officially announces it, however...

i dont care what anyone says, i get to upgrade my bb torch 9800 in february with bell and im drooling over that 9850/9860 torch. they will be mine hahaha.

According to one carrier (Bell I think) Wifi hotspot capability will come with a software update later on.

looking forward to purchasing the Torch 9850......... come on Verizon let's get on board with program. it is way pass time for a release date.

What I am want to ask of is that can someone do an article on the process of using the BlackBerry Desk Top Software\ Manager for switching from an old to a new device and how this is going to work with the new operating system 7 and the older versions. Also who much of the applications which we have on our current BlackBerrys can we expect to be incompatible with Operating System 7? I have the Storm 9530 o/s (Verizon). An article on this would be helpful to those of us who have never been through the process before and want an idea of what to expect, when we purchase our new BlackBerrys with o/s 7.


Come Verizon get a move on.....Can you hear us now??? I want the Torch 9850 and the Bold 9930 for my wife........Hello!

i thought that the torches all had wifi, thats kinda retarded. thats weird since i saw a wifi signal icon on the tirch that kevin saw at the bbfanexpo .

Its unfair how these cell phone carriers lock us in contracts jus cause we want to use a Blackberry....there needs to be a Strong NEW carrier to compete with. no contracts no $130 bills. something simple and afforadable like Metro but WaY Faster and not Ghetto... Jonathan Kopycinski

There is nothing stopping you from buying a phone off contract, but the $200 on-contract price becomes something like $500 or $600 off-contract if you do that.

I don't get why some people insist on buying off-contract, the carriers don't give you a discount on the monthly service if you bring your own phone, so there doesn't seem to be any advantage other than being able to switch phones more frequently.