BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: Music

Music on BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 1 Aug 2013 01:24 pm EDT

We’re continuing our series on moving from an OS 7 device to BlackBerry 10 and are looking specifically at the music capabilities. I don't know about you guys, but I use my phone for music just about all day long. In fact, it's probably safe to say it gets more use as a music machine than as something that makes phone calls. Once I made the switch to BB10, it was really important that everything transferred over smoothly, and getting around the native music app only took a little bit of mental rewiring. 

On OS 7 devices, users could hold down volume up and volume down keys in order to skip tracks, and though that’s available on BB10 as well, the option is turned off by default. From the home screen, swipe down from the top, tap Options, tap Main Volume, and flip the toggle for Music Shortcuts.

Transferring music onto your BlackBerry is just about the same process.You’ll be using BlackBerry Link instead of BlackBerry Desktop Software to set it up, including media server options and wireless sync.

Music on BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10

Universal search still works as before, which bugs me a bit. I’d really like to see separate search results based on playlist, artist and album, in addition to the existing track searches. At the very least the search baked into the music separates these result types logically. The same Album, Artist, and Genre views are available on BB10 as before, but there’s a useful “recently added” category so you can quickly get to your newest tracks. You’ll also find a new dynamically-generated Collections section under playlists. This helps you find recently added songs and songs by year.

DLNA support in BB10 means you can play your tunes directly from your BlackBerry to a Wi-Fi-enabled system in your home. It takes a bit of set-up, Just tap the overflow menu key in the bottom-right, and tap Play On. If nothing is set up yet to select, just tap the gear at the bottom, and make sure the DLNA system is on and the proper sharing options are toggled.

Music on BlackBerry 7

One downside compared to BlackBerry 7 is that you can’t access the Now Playing screen thanks to a system-wide menu option; in BlackBerry 10, you’ll have to manually switch over to the app. You also can’t set songs as ringtones directly from Music, so you’ll have to dig into the system’s notification settings to do that. Though you can still get AudioBoost for an extra shot of volume in those settings, there’s no more headset equalizer.

Those are the major differences between the music player apps in BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10. If you’d like the full tour of how music is handled in BB10, check out one of our earlier pieces over here, complete with video. Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners - how are you finding the music experience on BlackBerry 10? Did you have a hard time porting over your collection? Are all the features you need there? 

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BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: Music


What the hell is aiff?? :S

And does anyone else experience a quick pause in the song when they play songs continuously? I always think that someone's calling me and that's why it stopped but then by the time I look at my phone, it starts playing again...

Aiff is the format apple uses to rip CD's in iTunes without compressing the music therefore giving a higher Khz per seconds. Its essentially apple's version of wav format.

Audio Interchange File Format. Apparently Apple created it in the 80s, basically it's an uncompressed lossless audio format. Because it's uncompressed, It takes up more space.

Posted via CB10

Yeah I DJ so all my music is either AIFF or WAV. I prefer AIFF because you can meta tag the file and add album art. Can't do that with WAV

Posted via CB10

Yeah... the native app lacks some features that OS7 had, super bass, etc etc, unfortunatelly... I enjoy as much as any of you my MUSIC (all day) and for that "had" to buy the NEUTRON app, totally awesome app, worth every cent, still have some bugs, but I'm sure they'll get around them, like finding my playlists (and playing them, most importantly), but it has great awesome features that some could have been included in the native app.

I prefer neutron app to the native but I still use it from time to time. Needs a Little work imo.

Posted from my incredible Z10

On a side note, I like the name Z6 for the A10. Has a nice ring to it even though it doesn't make sense. Rhymes with G6 too which is a great name.

Posted from my incredible Z10

All of these articles make me feel like I should still be using my 9930 instead of my Q10. I hope BB10 grows up fast.

P.S. - I still want my individual sounds for my individual SMS/MMS contacts.

Posted via CB10

Use my Z10 for music way more than I thought I ever would. The Music app works well enough, I like that the BB10 version displays album art that's embedded in the music file -- the OS7 version would not (for me, at least).

I pull my music over from a primary system, so never have any "recent" songs, so I wish that wasn't the default view. I strongly rely on playlists (also brought over from my primary), having 250+ different lists. I do wish the playlists could be displayed in an alternate form, such as a simple text listing by name, as I find the covers become just a blur of images that do nothing to differentiate the lists when trying to pick one, and the space for the playlist names is generally too short.

Having said that, there's nothing that has made me go out looking for an alternative to the Music app, it just works!

I use it lots... my only gripe is its really slow to edit playlists.... I'd like to be able to move multiple songs at a time

Swordsmanship Channel: C000C9AF6

The stock Music app is fine but the lack of equalizer makes me not to use it. On the other hand, Neutron player works soo good that I'm sure BB can make the native app better with 10.2 . The chip inside z10 is the best I've ever used in a portable mobile device; with equalizer options in Neutron the my music's soo good.. I don't know if it's the same chip with other devices but I'm very very happy..

Hey Airbatross....this may be a stupid question, but with the Nuetron Player, will it effect streaming audio, or only MP3s stored on the device?

I miss the EQ also. I used that a lot when playing various types of music. Hope they bring it back in 10.2

Posted via CB10

Would by nice if when shuffling all your music, it was intelligent enough not to include ring tones. To me it would be obvious.

Simple solution. Store your download ring tones in voice notes under a new folder (create one) named ring tone and they won't show up in your music player.

Posted via Z10 and CB10 on Rogers

Thanks for the tip, but my ring tones and music are already separated at the file level: ring tones and music. The old BBOS seemed to default to the Music directory. Weird.

If that works I will kiss you...I have griped about this since day one. I created a folder called Ringtones under /misc and they still get picked up as music.

Would like it if I it would give me back my equalizer and add a feature to detect and delete duplicates on a playlist, that's about all I need for it to be great for me

Posted via CB10

I use Neutron and it's amazing! Not only is there an equaliser but I can change it to my liking! This means I experience higher quality music compared to my iPod!

Posted via CB10

Amazon MP3 app is a big loss... used to work great on my previous blackberry

Hammered away on my BlackBerry Q10

I never owned a BlackBerry legacy device be4 so I wouldn't be able to compare it with the Z10 but I like the music app on BlackBerry 10. Just that I don't really like the fact that the "All Songs" collection is tucked into the Playlists section as opposed to "Library" where you can sort by Artist, Album, and Genre. I ditched the iPhone for the Z10 and I can proudly say that I LOVE IT! Just that my iPhone I used the "Songs" tab a lot so a few UI changes just doesn't sit right with me. I know, it's a completely different OS, but still...

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

I thought that's what you might say....I'm running the latest Verizon Update 10.1....there is no option for Audio Boost! Was it recently added in another update?

The defult music app isn't bad as I first made it out to be. But its bad. First the app is laid out poorly. It should start with songs then artists then albums and you can have the recent added/played. Or at least make it an option in the settings on how to lay it out. One of the biggest problem is that you can't scroll though the app by the letters, you could do this on BBOS 7.

Transfering music was easy and simple with blackberry link. However none of the album art synced (Which should be there because I have all of them).

And then the problem I have is when i deleted certain albums they still appear on my phone. And if i'm playing shuffle and one of those deleted songs comes up it plays the song after it under the deleted song's name. Therefore completely messing up every song that is played afterwards by displaying the wrong name.

Only problem I have with the music app is that I can't pick the songs I want to listen to next without creating a new playlist and making new play lists everyday sucks. And I'd like that slider that adjusts where you are in a song to be put into that box that pops up when you increase the volume, that way you don't have to stop what you are doing to take a song back a little.

Posted via CB10

I haven't really used it for music yet but I will say the earbuds that came with my BBQ are the best that I have received with any phone or device. I even use them with my ipod now. And I like the little hooks that keep the earbuds firmly in my ear!

Posted via CB10 with my BBQ

My big gets gripe:

Why can't I play all my music, and search for a specific song, and have it play other songs after it!!!

Posted via CB10

Neutron music player is the best and only thing people should use to play files on their blackberry 10. New ui in today's update amazing. I honestly don't use it too often because I don't like to kill my battery playing music all day on a phone but it's nice to throw on every now and then. Other than that app make sure to get very good headphones. And no, beats are not good headphones, they suck just like apple. And for those of you a little more serious about music get a small portable head amp.


I am missing most an equalizer. Furthermore, an option to search song only in (currently playing) playlist would be nice.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry released BBM betan today ...

BlackBerry missed the schedule and a golden launch windows (back to school).

Now I can only hope BB doesn't miss the quality.

"Half baked and Buggy" has gradually become the icon of BlackBerry since 2007, partly as a result of the big and unfair anti-BlackBerry movement that culminated in 2006 in U.S.

I hope the cross platform BBM has high quality and is fully baked. By "fully baked" I don't mean it has all the features. It is perfectly OK not to have voice and video for now. But for what it does provide it must provide them in complete. This is an opportunity for BlackBerry to get rid of the "Half baked and Buggy" badge; This is an opportunity for RIM to fairly fight back against the anti-BB movement. Yet, it could be a big flaw that permanently sink BB.

One month for Beta (usually means Alpha quality in today's BB vocabulary) is definitely NOT enough for a reliable real-time messaging system. So, to this point, BB lovers need to have patience to allow BB to take extra 2 to 3 months to fully bake it and achieve the highest quality of all - even higher than the original BBM despite the difficulties.

Let's make a loud and clear voice here:

BlackBerry can afford no mistake on cross platform BBM!!!

I don't like that there no all songs tab. Kind of annoying. I do like the app overall though. Also have been having issues with the songs and folders. In file manager I organize the folders based in artist, album etc. But some of them don't show up in the actual music app once this is done and it makes no sense. Any ideas?

Posted via CB10

You can actually access the now playing from anywhere, given that you're not streaming/ viewing any other media. Simply press volume up and click on the album art.

Where's Mr. Krabs?

The native BB10 music player is a pathetic joke. One of the many aspects of BB10 that needs serious attention to bring it up to the same levels of functionality found on five year old feature phones. Where's the all songs category, where's the equaliser, where's the option to specify a directory, why doesn't it start playing a selected track, why do I have to faff about with the interface just to get the basic "now playing" play, pause, back, forward up on screen, why does it assume everything is an album, why can't I select a single track (in artists since it's so crap it doesn't have an all songs category) and then have it play the next one in the directory instead of just sitting there? Absolutely pathetic. I can't believe seasoned smartphone users are content with this in mid 2013.

Hi diegonei,

1. Many thanks for confirming that program works for BB10 cover art, that's what I've been waiting to hear!

2. Honestly, the Bold 9900 sounds like a better communications phone, if one does not care about Apps.
(You just need a bigger battery, autofocus camera, and maybe 4G lte).

3. As for the BB10 devices, sounds like a lot of work still needs to be done (Music App, phone one-touch dialing, missing/double contacts bugs, buggy BB10.1 MR update, etc. etc.)

******If BlackBerry reinstate an updated Bold 9900 with bigger battery, autofocus camera, 4G lte, & TrackPad, I for one would buy it as a top-notch communications phone!

When you have a song playing by a certain artist on a certain album, is there any way to tap on the artist or album so that it shows the rest of the songs in your library by that artist or songs in that album?

On the legacy BBOS MP the artist name and album were both actionable links that could be tapped so it would jump to the artist or album.

As other mentioned, after you finish playing a song you searched for, it should not stop playing! Should obviously continue playing your library, either sequentially or shuffled based on your selected setting.

These are both pretty basic features of any music player. Hope they are addressed in 10.2

Posted via CB10

this annoys me too, when I hear a song in an album and most of the time I want to be swipe down on the artwork and have the album songs. Not the beginning of my song list


I was running os6 before this didn't seem to different from os7 but I got to say os10 is missing an important feature I'd say I liked the equalizer but now that doesn't exist

Posted via CB10

On os10 if u close the app the music is gone we need the headless API ASAP

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

One of my favorite uses for this amazing little palm computer and the "Neutron" is being able to play full rez tracks from my DAW. From my understanding the on board DAC is capable of 64bit but the OS brings it down to 16 bit is that correct? Has anyone heard if this will be upgraded to 64? And is or will there be a way to use stereo mic's through the USB?

Posted via CB10

Love that i can delete songs on my device! The app is decent to say the least full functioning could have a better ui though and much more functionality! My take on it be patient and it will come BlackBerry 10 is still in its infancy and I'm in for the long and exciting haul as an investor and consumer! Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

One solution to the system wide menu option (assuming this is the one that drops down from the top) would be to add app specific options in it and allow gesture access to it from any app. The gesture could be a diagonal swipe from the top or bottom (since they didn't transfer the keyboard gesture from Playbook).

In doing so, you still have the system wide menu but with more options and access from any app.

The music app works horribly for me. My recent section never changes, has never moved since the day I transfered my music. For some reason, if I search a song and then tap on it, it doesn't play the right song. You have to go into the list, find the song you want, and tap the song that is two spaces above it. It doesn't play the song you want to! You can imagine how annoying that is for me. One of the reasons why I'm moving to iPhone.

Posted via CB10

The most useful feature I miss from my old Bold is that I'm not able to delete a song when it play and it goes to the next song in the list.
I get lots of song and only time I have to listen is when I drive. if I dont like the song, then press Del key, and that songs will be deleted from my memory and next song in the list will play. But now, if i manage to delete, the song start from the top of the list.
I stopped listening to songs after I got Z10. I wish some one bring an app to play music from the folder and has delete function as I desire.

I really miss the ability to set a song as the ringtone from within the music player. Otherwise I have no problems with it

via CB10 on ZED10

I too use my native music player a lot. I miss being able to choose a song to kick off the random play. I used to do it every time in OS6.

Posted via CB10

I liked just about everything better on my 9930 besides the Q10's better keyboard, hotspot feature, less freezing almost none actually. A bit taller screen even though I still miss back, send, end and trackpad specially since when u play videos the size of the video is way shorter than the space saved by removing those keys for swiping

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if OS 10.2 will address the problems downloading cover art when downloading music?

Posted via CB10

I couldn't connect my Z10 through BlackBerry Link to my lenovo and transfer my iTunes library. So I purchased a sd micro card and I transferred my songs with usb mass storage. I s it just me or it's a known BlackBerry limitation?

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Link has been nearly useless. I use Mac OS SL. It won't recognize new playlists I create in iTunes (among many other problems). Very disappointed in BL. Hope they make it useable in the near future. Love Mac OS. Hate iPhone. Love my Q10.

Posted via CB10

I would like a button or search field built into into the main screen rather than menu > search.

Ability to view/sort by songs

Ability to edit ID3 tags within the app

Posted via CB10

The music app in BB10 is horrid compared to BB7! It's simply a mess. I don't get why they had to alter it so much in an effort to upgrade it.

I miss that option where I could see my Home music! And the organization was so much better.

Music in BB10 is a massive downgrade. It's just another example, one of the worst, of how BlackBerry has completely ignored the maturity and intelligence of BB7.

They really need to sit down with BB7 and learn from it. What they're doing now is a mix of genius, underdevelopment, and major mistakes.

The entire media and file management systems need to be UN-overhauled. What they've done with it so far has been nothing less than painful in comparison to BB7.

Posted via CB10

And yes, I forgot to even mention BlackBerry Link problems. You cant direct your music to sync to the media card. Playlists aren't being transferred over either. With 4500+ songs on my media card, I need playlists!

Then, I can see EVERY picture on my phone through the pictures app. I don't want that. There's a folder for pics. That's the only folder that pictures should have access. Whatever images exist outside of that folder and the Camera folder should NOT be viewable outside of the file manager.

Another example of BlackBerry ignoring the intelligence and maturity of BB7.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if OS 10.2 will address the issues with the art cover when downloading music?

Posted via CB10

I've had a hard time with the music. I can't get the music to sync with my computer. BlackBerry Link can't load my music library to my computer.

Posted via CB10