BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: E-mail

BlackBerry Q10 with mail
By Simon Sage on 23 Jul 2013 12:19 pm EDT

Now that the Q10 is available in most major markets, we’re seeing a lot of old-school BlackBerry users getting around to upgrading their Bold 9900 devices. Of course, these folks aren’t always savvy CrackBerry readers that were already a leg up on BB10 thanks to the Z10 launch. More often than not, these users are transitioning to the Q10 solely for the keyboard, without any expectations about difference in software, as opposed to Z10 buyers that are fully aware that this is a new generation of BlackBerry and are braced for change. Even then, there are bound to be some Z10 buyers that are scratching their heads about how things are different compared to their last BlackBerry.

So, we’re going to start putting together guides for those migrating to a Q10 or Z10 from an OS 7 device - be it the Bold 9900, 9780, or anything older. Hopefully we can highlight the important differences with OS 7 and make it easy for late adopters to learn about and enjoy the new BlackBerry 10 experience. Let’s start with the core what makes BlackBerry what it is: e-mail.

In BlackBerry 7, e-mail was bundled into the Messages application, along with many other social accounts and app notifications. In BlackBerry 10, this has evolved into the Hub. The BlackBerry Hub is accessible from any screen and any app; starting just below the screen on your Z10 or Q10, move your thumb up, and then (without releasing) to the right. It’s easiest to picture the motion as a quarter turn.

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 notifications

You may be used to checking the notification tray for new incoming messages in BlackBerry 7. Though you won’t get the subject line in BB10, you get the same core functionality by not completing the whole motion; just stop moving before turning your thumb to the right, and you can peek at how many incoming notifications you have, and what type they are. If it’s anything interesting, you can continue with the Hub gesture, or just slide back down and release to return to what you were doing before.

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 folders

Though BlackBerry 10 won’t let you place icons on your home screen for individual e-mail boxes, you can filter what’s visible in the Hub by swiping to the right, or by tapping the menu icon in the bottom left. This will show all of the various accounts currently registered on the device. Tapping the blue title bar at the top will let you further drill your view down into specific subfolders.

Now, not all of the shortcuts in OS 7 have found their way to BlackBerry 10 yet. The one I’ve missed the most is the U key to hop to the next unread message. This is apparently arriving in the 10.1 update due to land soon. Another is the ability to swipe left and right between messages. On the Q10, you can do this up P and N keys (for Previous and Next), but it’s still not quite as smooth. Others are still there: T to go to the top, B to to go to the bottom, S to search, C to compose. F to Forward, R to reply, L to Reply All, and so on. You can see which keyboard shortcuts are available by tapping the overflow menu button in the bottom right and checking the light grey letters to the right of the menu items.

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 rich text formatting

One welcome addition to composing messages in BlackBerry 10 is rich text formatting. Just tap the pen along the bottom bar, and a bar will pop up with plenty of font options and bulleted lists. You’ll find the same Send From drop-down menu at the top, though by default it will be hidden - just scroll up a bit and you’ll find it. Picking contacts to send to is also a little more friendly. In addition to the usual prediction, there’s a plus button on the bottom-right of the text field which launches you right into the address book.

Those are just a few of the new things that BlackBerry 7 migrants will bump into when moving to the Z10 or Q10. Be sure to check out our top tips and tricks for the hub and e-mail in order to get the very most out of your new BlackBerry 10 device. If you haven't even set up your accounts yet, we've got a walkthrough right over here. Those of you that have already made the switch - what was the hardest thing to get used to in the new OS? 

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BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: E-mail


You're kidding right ?
I'm using active sync push email and I am getting my emails without delete..

Posted via CB10

So true!
Crackberry is only focusing on the devices. They totally forget BES&BIS as the main feature of BlackBerry.

imho there is os7 with BES - and there are the other smartphones (iPhone, Android, Win, BB10,...)
If I have to give up BES anytime in the future I'll probably go with an iPhone.

(yes I know there is BES10 - but it is in no way anything comparable to BES5)

Is it possible to turn off the rich formatting? I'm not a huge fan of the auto blue reply text colour.

Hey Simon, great idea with the article. Just missed talking about how to sign up email accounts. Especially the "advanced" button down the bottom that a lot of new users miss...

Posted via CB10

Yeah, seeing a lot of set-up questions. The goal for the series is more about getting used to the UI and behavioral differences of the switch, not so much the nuts and bolts of setting everything up initially. We did a bit on that back at the Z10 launch - will throw a link into the piece. 

If they're not already CrackBerry savvy, better let them know how Bridge works (or not) with PlayBook. Or, tell them they should have done their research afterwards.

My only gripe is that the email isn't exact instant as it was in legacy devices. It's surprising to see that the push email on bb10 isn't as fast the older devices of the past. Why is this?

Posted via CB10

In short, because it's not using BIS anymore. In technical explanation, gotta wait until more savvy CBer drop a comment :p

Posted via CB10

Good article. I'm still torn, pretty happy with my 9930. Just a few things about it like the camera that are lacking. But I'm sure the platform will grow up even more by the time I can grab my 1st BB10 phone. :)

Another BB 9930 user holding on strong. I was under the impression that BB10 was released late because Thor and the gang were tweaking the os. Why were the phones launched half baked and this lack of bridge is a complete disaster not to mention no significant updates for the playbook. Staying with my 9930 until I figure a better alternative in the future, hopefully BB will get it together.

You are not alone, brother. I am planning to buy another 9900 just in case mine dies and I can't find another one...

You should check official BB support boards, there are tons of people going back to 9900 or going from 9700 to BB10 then going to 9900. The list of requests for fixes or to bring back core functionality is over 100 pages long, and we have seen only a fraction of the fixes applied on 10.1 and even those not complete.

I am with you on hoping that BB will get it together...

Good article. Had the Q10 about a month now, and finally getting used to all of the differences from the 9900. Took more time than I thought it would.

Me too, so do hundreds of others, yet BB is still trying to improve camera, instead of fixing all that is broken/missing with new mail application.

The biggest gripe we're hearing in our company from people going from BB7 to Q10 is the lack of "Delete from Device / Delete from Device & Server" option that used to pop up. They raged so much, that we added it in red letter within our Welcome to BB10 introductory email.

I'd be happy with a Delete Prior that worked consistently, or even better, a move all option from Search from Sender without having to select multiple emails.

Yeah definitely my biggest gripe with the new system. I want to clear my mobile device of emails without deleting them from server etc.

Totally relate to their rage. Is it something to do with active sync.

Is this something they could add back in the future? (sooner rather than later)

I still have to check the email accounts on setting and manually re enter the password every few weeks or something.

But the most difficult thing in the transition was putting down my zio :p

Posted via CB10

I see it's on WIND. I don't know what they use, but if it's like AT&T, I know one of the later OS 7 updates changed the "H+" designation (which the 9900 can do) to "4G". Mainly to make AT&T and T-Mobile feel better about their use of HSPA+ as "Faux G".

I wouldn't of said hardest just different! Using peek and flow really jogged the muscle memory in my fingers using a trackpad and the back key! Swiping up down right and left took me a better half of a day and bang I got it. It took a boit of getting use to but I'm ok with it now and I love os10. Jest need a few of the shortcuts from os7 to come over to os10.

Posted via CB10

the bb1o has put more complex technologies than old BIS SYSTEM
Keep moving guys world is moving towards 4GLTE

Virtually nonexistent, when using Exchange active sync. Not sure why people are asking for push, it's there, just have to setup your email on active sync

From the Zed of Rockivy

Thanks for posting this Simon. A lot of legacy users around my workplace about to upgrade their devices. This will be a good place for them to start.

Like Rockivy said, virtually nonexistent. I'm also curious as to why some are griping about email delays due to the fact I haven't had such a problem at any moment during the five months I have used the new operating system.

Posted via CB10

For me it's about 1 min to 2 min slower than the ipod touch! I consider blackberry Z10 getting emails pretty slow compare to previous BlackBerry phones or even apple products.

Posted via CB10

All I ask is for the smaller carriers to carry the Q10/Z10 models. It's like you're penalized for not being part of the Big 4. :-(

+1000. I lead a team that primarily communicates through email, and having to add each persons email address whenever I need to send out a blast is a pain in the a**. This was never resolved on the PB, but I was hoping it would've been in BB10. For now, when I have to email the team, I just wait until I get to my PC.

That's sad. It really is. A hundred million bucks to bring BB10 to market and we still need to rely on our computers to perform a basic e-mail function that's availabe in legacy.

On legacy opening an email was bringing to the whole thread of a subject, but in the hub this is not that way. Is it not there because it was found not comfortable or just not yet implemented? Would be nice to see as an optional setting of the hub though.

Posted via CB10

Are you talking about conversation view? It's in the Hub settings. Tap on the overflow menu (3 dots), tap on settings, tap on display and actions, display styles.

Email is great on the Q10, though text editing--either because you made a mistake or simply want to revise--blows.

The "r u gunna cum 2 my house" crowd won't care, but us grammar sticklers do.

Bring back the trackpad!

Posted via CB10

My Z10 running 10.1 OS gets emails slower than my ipod touch! My bold 9000 always got emails before my ipod touch! They gotta do something to fix this shiz

Posted via CB10

I'm more annoyed at the 30 day limit on keeping emails on my device. I'm finding this very much a pain in the ass.

Posted via CB10

I think they resolved this problem with the 10.1 update. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Its just a shame on the 10.1 update that certain legacy options aren't available still like delete from handheld(therefore not off your mail server)

Can't believe S/MIME support isn't there for anyone to use. Even if you have BES10 the implementation is very poor! BlackBerry please get it in parity with legacy BBOS and make it available to everyone!

Posted on Q10

Push support is a must for a 'business phone' plus the option for automatic receipt of emails, with 'refreshing' would be great! Hopefully we'll get these in 10.2?

Posted via CB10

I dun really need Push function and I am quite happy that BB10 dun have push function, because:
1. I now get emails much more faster than when I using BB7 or before.
2. It is very ignoring that when using BB7 or earlier, the email I read on my Mac won't mark as read in BB, so there are several thousand of emails which marked unread in my BB are actually read.
3. I now can read the emails that I stored in other folders which I am not able to do so when using BB7 or earlier.

BUT, I really want BB10 to update their email attachment (image file) re-size function which is a basic functions when I using BB7 or earlier. It is very ignoring to use other apps (which need to paid as well) to re-szie the photo attachments one by one before I send out the emails!!!!!

Posted via CB10 from Q5

The only problem i have is filters. The older platform allowed to do this very quickly and efficiently. There doesn't seem to be a way to use filters now.

Posted via CB10

CB you are really pushing it hard, but it won't happen. I won't leave my 9900 and go back to a BB10 device, won't happen until they fix it. It's been 6 months, there hasn't been a solid improvement what actually drove blackberry for a decade. Email application is weak, even you are confirming, keyboard shortcuts.. Yeah U might come with an update, but what about I, J, K, ? What about advanced search? there are so many things missing from the BB10 email client, I would rather just go to android or iphone but I won't because OS 7 email client is the best there is, nothing can beat it, not even the "NEW Blackberry" which is not a BB at all, just a poser. A great OS, fancy looking, fast, smooth, reliable, but not a BB.

Will check back in another 6 months, if things are not fixed in 10.2 or 10.3 (if we ever even see those) I am buying another 9900 and keeping it as spare in case I can't find one or in case 9900 costs more than Q10 (it will because 9900 is a blackberry in the eyes of veteran BB users!)

I'm on the q10 coming from the 9900. I must say when it comes to the 9900 was a lot better. Because of the bis support and the way that the device handled my email. If I'm getting a bunch of emails from the same sender. Bb7 groups them in one slot regardless what the convo is. Bb10 does it based on a conversation or thread only. Its also a lot easier to copy and paste on the 9900 because of the trackpad. It gives you more control. The other I had to refresh my inbox to get an email on my q10 where as on my 9900 I didn't have to think about it. I also enjoyed the security of blackberry services also that came with os7. I am in business. In business timing is everything. I need my email now. I don't want my phone syncing every 15 minutes for email. It will kill your battery faster. That is one of the best benefits of BIS and push email. Fast, reliable, saves batery life and security. Blackberry needs to market that.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry needs to keep what has made it successful for all these years and integrate it into bb10. They had it right with bb7 and should have included all of the bb7 features into bb10 along with the BIS services. I mean what is the point of owning a blackberry with out BIS? Doesn't make any sense especially when you're generating high margins with blackberry services anyway. BIS saved many subscribers from going over they're data caps with their carriers because of the compression.

Posted via CB10

Why is it when somebody enjoys something new they assume that those that find it less efficient "obviously don't understand it yet." Maybe that is true, but I don't see many of my concerns addressed. Apparently, I'm not holding it right.

I feel that the compromises to the Q10 were to make it easier to run other apps and that takes away from what I considered its' core functionality. BB is again competing with Apple. Kids these days use more social media, call less often, and never use email it seems, but I was hoping the Q10 would focus more on those of us with roots in email and texting that still actually made phone calls. Work is all about email still, I do not place an order over twitter, or use FB to update my team. Social media is for play, email is for work. Unless your work is play, but most of us do not have that luxury. Phone calls are more cumbersome without the "Send" and "End" buttons and you must actually look at the screen to see where to put your finger to call or end. The call button is sometimes even wrong. I've been on a call and when I went to hang up it showed that I was connected to the previous call. Searches are often still on my previous search, so every time I open it I need to clear it. Phone first, messaging second, various apps third. The core functionality needs to be easy to use and by making it more general, like removing those call buttons, it makes calling require more attention. More keystrokes, looking at the screen, deciding if what is on screen is appropriate, changing screens to get back to the call screen, etc.

Many people want more functionality, but they do not consider that the more you do the less efficient you become. I want to focus my attention where I can be most effective, those core functions, and avoid the distractions.

And I want Playbook BB bridge - tethering, email, remote control, etc. This is what I used for play on BB7 mostly. Now it is barely better than a paperweight. It was only really relevant when it bridged.

BB Balance looks cool, but not everybody has an Exchange server to run BES on, so this looks like an Enterprise only feature.

One feature I really hope for in 10.2 is the "Delete Original Text" feature! OMG I MISS THAT! I used it every day on my 9700, 9810, & 9900 & REALLY want it back.

Perhaps I'm missing an easy way to accomplish the same thing, & if so, someone please let me know.

Hi Simon...Please can you help I am using Blackberry Z10 and have a enterprise account Lotus notes the problem I am facing is when I send email or forward the body of the email is missing and the recipient gets only the email address details rest all info is blank
please help, Vals