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BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: Contacts

Contacts for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 24 Jul 2013 02:33 pm EDT

Next up on our series of guides helping folks upgrade from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10 is contacts. This is a pretty important part of most people’s daily lives, as the address book ties into social networking, messaging, phone calls, and even maps. If a new BlackBerry 10 user is already accustomed to the way things are in OS 7, transitioning to BB10 may be a bit of a challenge - but hardly an insurmountable one, especially with CrackBerry on your side. 

So, get cozy with your new BlackBerry Z10, Q10, or Q5 and let's crack open that Contacts app. 

Contacts for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10

You can’t leave contacts on your home screen for quick access as you could in BlackBerry 7, but you can mark them as favorites by tapping the star in the top-right of their address book entries. This sticks those contacts to the top of the Contacts app. The phone app in BlackBerry 10 offers a similar speed dial feature at the top.

Contacts for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10

Contacts still have some beefing up to do on BlackBerry 10 in order to meet up with the linking capabilities of OS 7. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and BBM accounts can be tied to your contacts simply enough, but there’s no option for Google Talk anymore.

Switching contact pictures is a lot easier now. You used to have to jump into a contact, tap the edit button, then pick a picture on your device, but in BlackBerry 10, tapping the contact picture will let you chose whichever profile images are currently being used by that contact on any of their connected social networks.

Contacts for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10

On the upside, there are a few new sections to each contact entry. In BlackBerry 7, you would be able to see recent interactions with contacts, but now you get to see some of the contacts you have in common through the social web, check their work and education history through the LinkedIn connection, and view a full stream of updates from connected networks. You can flip through each of these by switching between Details, Updates, and Activity tabs in each contact.

Viewing specific groups of contacts is much easier now than it used to be. Previously, you’d have to manually designate groups for contacts, then toggle filters to view or hide those groups. Now you can view contacts that are associated with each network separately just by tapping the menu button in the bottom-left, or swiping to the right. This will come in handy when you don’t want to comb through all of your Twitter contacts to find someone.

Contacts for BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 7 had a rich set of options for picking ringtones and alerts for specific contacts, and they’re in BlackBerry 10 too, you just have to know where to look. When you’re editing or creating a new contact, scroll all the way to the bottom, and tap Ring Tone and Notifications. From here you can pick your tone, LED, and vibration options for phone calls, messages, and BBM. The options here aren’t quite as in-depth as on OS 7, but it will likely be enough to make sure some messages come through louder than others.

So that’s contacts in BlackBerry 10 compared to BlackBerry 7. Things have been shuffled around a little bit, but those picking up a new BlackBerry Z10, Q10 or Q5 after a long stint on a Bold will likely be able to find their way around with minimal difficulty. We've got a handful of tips for contacts in BlackBerry 10 below, as well as a step-by-step guide for setting up accounts (and their associated contacts) on BlackBerry 10 if you're just getting started. 

Fresh BlackBerry 10 adopters - how are you enjoying the address book experience BB10 so far? Anything sticking out? 



I dislike the contacts setup on my Z. My 9900 was better. Eh that's just me

Posted via CB10


I agree. Contact options on the 9900 are a lot better than the Z10.

Plazmic Flame

Truth. Group contacts was combed over pretty fast in the article but the loss of this is a negative. Seriously need to bring back group contacts in BB10.


+100 (yes, I do hope this comes back. I loved this on my 9900.. the ability to send an email to a group)

Posted via CB10 from my Q10


Also noticed that bbm suggests potential users I can add. Not cool as that maybe a privacy issue there. If I don't want someone knowing I have bbm but their bbm picks up my details from their address book and recognises I have a BlackBerry with bbm it would suggest me as a user to them. Not cool. Strange seeing as it's a Canadian company and they should know how PIPEDA works. But yeah. Not overly impressed with contacts setup. I prefer just to input what i want not have the phone come back and say hey they are on facebook and Twitter and u didn't ad that to the contacts so I'm doing it for you. Unappreciated. I keep deleting soc much crap. I just want an address book that doesn't have to link to my emails or anything else!

Posted via CB10


You can't share specific contact info, you can't delete duplicate contacts, that's the 2 things that we need on the conctacts app on BB10


I'm sure you can share individual contacts, I've done it using nfc. Long press the contact and select "share contact" from the options. You can choose how you wanna share it like any other file, bbm, nfc, Dropbox, etc. Also for duplicate contacts, just select both (via "select more" button) then select "link contacts" from the right side menu. Afterward you can view the new linked profile and make any changes if necessary.

Posted from my incredible Z10


When I transferred to Z10 from 9900 I ended up with tons of duplicates. When I deleted duplicates they would re appear after reboot. When trying to link duplicates it would sometimes work and sometimes not. When trying to link people's BBM with contact book it would never link and the BBM would be separate from their actual contact in the address book. Also whats app was difficult to get the contacts name to appear instead of just the number. I have now just ignored duplicates and gave up keeping my contact list clean and tidy. Hopefully 10.2 straightens a lot of this out. #BB4LIFE

Posted via CB10


If your contacts numbers ( 123-1233 or same number but like 1231233 it will duplicate these) that's the down fall of BB10 contacts.

Posted via CB10


The bb10 contact app is shit. I gave up trying to delete duplicates a long time ago as they keep on reappearing. And whenever I delete a duplicate, Whatsapp doesn't show the name of the person again just the number even tho the number is saved in my contact list. I thought everything would be resolved in 10.1 but boy was I wrong. Oh well, guess our next hope is 10.2....Can't leave bb10 tho, the keyboard and flow experience has me hooked

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)


I too agree. My contact experience is short from perfect. There times when my contacts just disappear all together, then reappear on restart.
But like you I'm hanging on for 10.2 to fix. Though, sadly I must admit.. I love my Q10 and BB10 too much to leave even if it's not fixed in the next update. Guess I'll just have to come to love the "restart" feature.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10


I keep getting a notification about my email service no longer syncing and keeps asking me to put in my password, it works for a few then re sends the message. Can anyone help?

Posted via CB10


They need to display which contacts a duplicate contact is from when you try to merge duplicate contacts. Linking them is nice but you don't know which is which till you either disable a particular contacts (LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, etc ...).


Z10 contacts are still causing me problems, sooo many duplication or missing contacts

Posted via CB10


Bambi Blue is a very odd name, no offense, very unique.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |


Thank you :) Would you believe it's my real name? Hippie parents.


Has a lot of bugs. Need a fix asap

Posted via CB10


Tx Simon, keep 'em coming.


"Viewing specific groups of contacts is much easier now
than it used to be. Previously, you’d have to manually
designate groups for contacts, then toggle filters to view or
hide those groups. Now you can view contacts that are
associated with each network separately just by tapping
the menu button in the bottom-left"

With all due respect, do you even believe in ur own words....??
Groups & Categories were two options in BBOS I use daily
How does filtering thru Twitter or LinkedIn replace that ??

I had 20 "Categories" on BBOS for the over 700 contacts so I can filter thru quickly & send out a quick text or email to a certain group of 20-50 ppl or more.... Gone in BB10

I had several "Groups" already setup in BBOS for various events for the same set of contacts.... Gone In BB10

These two options need to come back ASAP and then we just #KeepMoving


I still have my triplicates that now I just ignore. I managed to get it working right for days ONE Time by flowing advice on the forums and turning off my SIM portion of contacts. It worked great with everything looking the way it should until I got overconfident and let's just say I'm back to Triplicates again. Hopefully 10.2 will address this.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


I love the new address book with two exceptions...1. Contacts randomly "un-link" and that creates duplicate contacts. 2. I can't create my own groups such as ( friends, church, work etc.)

Posted via CB10


Fixed in later builds

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4651


Often times when typing a name for a text or phone call it will list the wrong numbers with the wrong tags, ie it will say a number is mobile when it isn't. Then when I go onto my contacts to check the correct information is there.

Posted via CB10


After reading the article it made me wonder if they are actually using bb10.

Posted via CB10


I have a problem with recognizing which number is the primary for contats with more than one number in moment, when I do not know. How do you deal with that? How do you recognize it? It is just a coin flip for you or you have an idea, how to manage that?

Posted via CB10


So is there anyway to remove twitter from my contacts app? I don't see how this is useful even for a heavy twitter user.

Posted via CB10


You can remove any service contacts from the contact app.

* Open the Contacts app.
* Swipe down from the top of the screen.
* Click the Settings option.
* Select a service to remove from the contact app.

Does that help you?

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.


Not a fan of contacts, especially how they don't show up in the phone app even though their phone details are linked with the contact type I have turned "on" in the contacts app.

Posted via CB10


One thing I am missing on the contacts is customizing my ringtones for a contact, ring and vibrate when holstered...also, when you select a certain tone for "message" it refers to emails and not text.


Sorry I don't see any problems, my Z10 is perfect, the address book is fantastic and works like a charm, just for the record I have never loaded any apps on any of my BlackBerry phones as I don't have time to play games, I do download lots of music from blackberry world which I find great. I love blackberry and I see them being the number one phone producer in a year or so time.

Posted via Z10


Because you don't see the problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I've dealt with contact problems since February and have only had about 2 months of problem free contact lists during that time.

Posted via CB10


Can't wait to see what happens when I try to move my contacts over from my OS 6 device.


My contacts are constantly disappearing and duplicating. I moved from Gmail to Outlook, same thing,now I moved from Outlook to Local contacts only, FB, twit. Etc... all disabled. No more duplicate contacts but some are still randomly disappearing. It's very frustrating.

Posted via CB10


I don't think you've used the BB10 Contacts app properly if you don't even mention the fact that it's terrible! -_-

Brutal Efficiency

Okay, to be honest, even though BBOS 7.1 had a few more options, the layout in BlackBerry 10 is very elegant. I guess that this is the Gist implementation. Gist was an exception acquisition. Gist and TAT combined make for a very elegant solution to Contacts. Even though there are some missing features on the platform, the menus and everything are very elegant.

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Contacts on the Z10 are really nice, I love that you can link people with all of their different information. BUT transferring them from BB7 to BB10 SUCKS!

Posted via CB10


Some work to do with contacts is an understatement. I expected that the contact issues would have been addressed before the q10 rollout, which tends to be an old school business users product. Instead they're getting poor reviews thru word of mouth, and slower uptake of the q10.

Posted via CB10


I haven't really had much issues with contacts on bb10 but I decided to start fresh and not even attempt to transfer from my old phone. When I registered my accounts at setup it just pulled in all my data, i added a few missing ones manually and had to link a couple duplicates. I didn't want twitter contacts so I just filtered them out. Best to keep things simple. I can see how it would be problematic for ppl with hundreds of contacts tho. Better mass contact management and grouping options are needed.

Posted from my incredible Z10


Contacts app needs some development. Group contacts is a must!! Linking contacts automatically is a must! Sharing specific contact details is a must!!!

Posted via CB10


Nice ... good review. Thanks


Bb10 contact has more features and flexibilities though dup contacts handling is annoying.



I agree. The contacts app was much better for os7 than os10. When you scyned with outlook it would convert you categories into groups. And you could merge duplicate contacts. It also gave the same functionality with facebook and linkedin that is currently available on os 10. Overall the application and features should be ported over

Posted via CB10


So there is still no two-way sync with Outlook?

ie: Change Outlook contacts from your computer PC, and BB10 device updates after sync.
ie: Change contact in BB10 device, and your computer PC Outlook updates after sync.

So the Bold 9900 (BB7) can do this much better?

Tilman Mueller

And it's not possible to choose one contact as "that's me" like in OS7 :(


I had an idea that BlackBerry Protect would update. Did it when I moved from curve to bold. But bb10 failed me. Used link to transfer from old phone. Could do it. Then link never worked

Posted via CB10


You can choose LED options... yep if you can call it "options" better to say you can only choose to switch on /off that stupid red light.

Posted via CB10


Truly finding it difficult to use efficiently since Groups are no longer


I dont like it at all
Some off my contacts are not showing in the phone app (if you know what i mean) but only in the contacts app.
Beside the dublicated names there is another thing when i receive sms it doesnt show the sender name

Posted via CB10


The messages section of contacts for notifications, only applies to email, I want it to apply to text messaging so I have a certain text tone when someone sends me a text message. They use to have it on blackberry, but not on 10....kinda disappointed.

Posted via CB10


How do you add an additional phone number or email and note to the contact entry? I don't see this as an improvement over BB07 at all.

Posted via CB10


Well, ok it does have some good features.....but still want to know how to add multiple contact line entries.

Posted via CB10


Found what I was looking for. The add fields showed up after I did a Link sync. All is well....

Posted via CB10