BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10: Calendar

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 calendars
By Simon Sage on 26 Jul 2013 12:21 pm EDT

Next up in our guide for those coming to BlackBerry 10 straight from OS 7 is the Calendar. There are a few things about the calendar that will look new and operate differently from the legacy BlackBerry experience, and we’re happy to highlight those differences for new Z10, Q10, and Q5 owners that are still finding their footing.

In addition to the usual views, there’s a new People-based view, which shows you who you’re seeing on a given day. This is often as important (if not moreso) than the particulars of when and where you’re seeing people. One nice little touch is that from the month view is that the bigger the numbers are on each date, the busier your days are. You can shut that off in the options if you find it annoying, though. There’s also an additional long-term view when looking at the month; just swipe down for the next four months, then left for more months beyond that.

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 calendars

Creating new appointments is nearly identical. The only real difference is that the location field now has a shortcut to the maps app so you can reference places already saved there. You can also create calendar items from e-mails in the Hub just as before in Messages. You’ll find a lot of the same options available for BlackBerry 10 calendars as before, including changing calendar colors, setting the default view, meeting length, reminder time, and snooze duration. You can still pick and choose which calendars to display, as per the old Select Calendar menu option, only now you have to swipe down from the top in BB10 and tap the Manage icon.

If you find yourself zooming into the future and are having trouble getting back to today, it might seem tricky without the Go to Today menu option. All you have to do for that is tap the icon of your current view at the bottom of the screen and it will hop back to where you started. Tasks and alarms aren’t as integrated into the calendar as they have been previously. You’ll need to check out the Clock and Remember apps separately to handle that stuff. Oddly, Remember still has due dates for tasks if you need them, but no times.

BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 calendars

In BlackBerry 7, you’ll be used to seeing upcoming calendar appointments in the notification area. That’s been shifted into the Hub, where all of your incoming messages are. Just scroll up past the top of your latest incoming message, and you’ll see everything coming up for the next two days. You also get a glance of your next meeting from the lock screen.

That’s a quick comparison between BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 calendars. We’ve got a few extra tips and tricks that should help you get moving on BB10 calendars, plus step-by-step instructions on how to set up your calendar accounts in the first place.

Those of you already with a BlackBerry Z10, Q10, or Q5 - how are you finding the calendar so far? 



I find that there is not much difference between Calendar app in OS7 and BB10


On Facebook calendar legacy give me typing direct to Facebook wall of the birthday guy or gal on 10 don't have that

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I miss that feature too. Hopefully it will come back in a future OS update.

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The BB10 calendar is a little more useful. Events are available from the hub and monthly calendar view can be revealed with just a downswipe.


Still ticks me that phone calendar shows limited past single events but has search, whereas PB shows my entire calendar, but no search, and the fields don't match with each other or google .....

Luis Torres2

I really miss add the multiple alarms.

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Same here.

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Extremely upset multiple alarms didn't make its way into BB10. I have no idea how BlackBerry missed that one. One of the most used features on my 9810. I miss it so much.

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Adam Zeis

That's coming back in 10.2. Hang in there!


Love it. Using it extensively.

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Again Simon, thanks for posting. Legacy users will soon have a complete migration handbook if you can keep this up.


At least the BB10 calendar syncs flawlessly with yahoo. My bold 9900 had its problems with that.

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My calender shows the alarms too. The only problem I have is that they are showing all my facebook'- birthdays. I only want to display events not birthdays. It used to work but on the latest leak I installed it seemed to be broken...

I wish there are better displays built in, Google calendars are still the best!

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Need multiple reminders. For example: I want to set up a reminder 12 hours before the event and then 2 hours before. BBOS had this feature.


Whats about coworkers calendars? Those are sortet by date I added them on my Q10. It takes me long time to find the one calendar I want to switch on or off. In addition to that all calendars are shown in lockscreen and hub even hidden ones.
Was that better on bbos7?

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Can't understand why my calendar randomly deletes EVERYTHING, from time to time, then it all eventually reappears again as if it had never "disappeared"'s very disconcerting, given how vital the app is in both my personal and professional life....and it has only started doing this since I downloaded the 'official' update to the OS (not a leaked one).

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One of my reasons for BlackBerry was the possibility to have files attached to calendar items in BlackBerry OS - i miss it so much and iOS did copy it now :(

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Works well for me. Especially, when I had interviews. It only can get better.

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I would like the ability to set multiple alarms, have the location appear in parentheses below the event on the calendar view, and the ability to increase the font size on the calendar--all the conveniences I had on my 9900.

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Did anyone notice that you could pinch to zoom when in the week view.

This was not highlighted in the "tips & tricks" from Simon, but still quite handy to focus on specific period of your day.

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I would like them to put a little Slash screen divider in the corner of the "subject" line, like they have in the right hand corner of the "Location" line to access maps, but for subject have a "+"sign to select from contacts instead of having to scroll down to invite. Further, I'd like for the selected contact name to be entered in the subject line without having to type it as Patient name is all I enter in the subject line and it would further be handy if it populated the Phone number so I could call them directly from the calendar. And while I'm at it, it's cool I can move a "New event" up and down and around to the selected time by long pressing it, I'd like to be able to move my already established appts the same way rather then having to go into edit to change start times. And finally, if I enter a phone number in the subject line it would be convenient to be able to press it to dial in the event view screen rather than having to put it in location or go into edit to cut and paste. Otherwise, I find the calendars very similar in both OS s.

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I have had many frustrations with the new calendar, please see this thread

Thank you

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