BlackBerry 6 running on BlackBerry 9800 video shows off its media capabilities

BlackBerry 6 Media Capabilities
By Bla1ze on 18 Jul 2010 10:54 pm EDT

Let's face it, BlackBerry media capabilities in the past have been rather relaxed. Sure, we seen some improvements from OS 4.5 to 5.0 but, nothing drastic by any means. The most promising thing added in my opinion was DivX video playback support. Now that BlackBerry 6 is upon us, we once again see that Research In Motion is extending upon those functionalities for the better. Salomondrin, got his hands on rather nice video walkthrough of those changes running on a BlackBerry 9800. "Terrible Bean" does the walk through for us all. Video after the break folks, looks pretty nice although --I'd have rolled with some better music selections but, that's just me. I overlooked the music based on the fact I got to see the Muppets. ;) 



Maybe Terrible Bean was depressed...


Sure seems like it...he took it to a dark, dark


Or maybe he was just trying to set the mood with his girl ;) LOL


both at a time, he is sure a multitasker ...


a true multitasker...not just a multitasker on select functions...right mr. jobs?!


A cheap copy os Apple coverflow.
Anything original on OS 5.1 AKA 6.0?


that 9800 is either his wifes/gfs or his gay....smdh


I know the video was intended to highlite it's media savvy, however I would liked to have seen a few other area's showcased.


Muppets and teletubbies ohh my


The capabilites look nice. I just hope that won't be the sample list of media that it ships with :)


I really have no complaints with my bb but it would be nice to not have to use a 3rd party app to delete the sample stuff so I hope the same thing


Not bad, here's hoping this kind of stuff will help boost RIM's falling stockmarket.


So wait... is the youtube app just a launcher for its mobile site, or is it actually its own app?

The Legendary

did no one else find it a little bit funny that one of the pictures he showed us was steve jobs haha.


Couldn't they get better songs on this that was crappy music.


Wow dude with this berry has the gayest music, NSYNC and Enrique ?? Happy that OS 6 will be good on the 9700, but seeing more vids of the 9800 i'm wishing i waited longer on my hardware upgrade! oh well i'll find ways to get my hands on this, because i'm a crackberry addict :-)


i mean no offense by this, but judging from this music and pic collection, is he gay?


i think BB9800 is a gay device.
it's so girly like 8900 and boldish like 9700.



He doesn't make this videos right? Someone does the videos for him then he just add the voice over.


Dont care about video and youtube playback! I just need an OS without leaks! Can we have it?


i cant believe the music selection on there. if i had no idea about the say he was either gay or an older mother of 3 kids.

there was not one thing right about the albums i saw or the songs i heard.

and we all know if that was Sal's phone...he would have played he always does on the phones "he" gets ;)


6 sucks out dated big time ! !
rim just keeps showing us media
stuff and music and pictures.
What about the brower ???
nothing on that EVER ?


And just to clarify... it might be using webkit... but still SUCKS big time.
RIM is like 4 years behind in it OS


I think it all seemed great. I thought the coverflow was fairly good. I hope this does come to vZW.


Wow! That man has some TERRIBLE tastes, apart from his taste for Blackberry's.


I def agree with other comments... that's just awful media to demo. lmao.

Looks pretty cool. I hate the 4.6 media player on my 9000.


Upgrade from 4.6 to 5.0 then. The music player on 5.0 looks much better.


I think Coverflow is the first thing serious Mac users turn off. I don't have album art for most of my music, so coverflow would be really annoying and I find the current music player to be pretty good. My only complaint is that I cannot read the tiny lettering for Album, Song and Artist.


They removed the video before I got a chance to see it! SUCKSSSSSSS!


Is removed D: I really wanted to see this sexii phone in action!


removed can't see it


da=*mn! videos have been yanked! hate that , now i will never know what i missed, what tease!!