BlackBerry 6 for the T-Mobile Bold 9700/9780 & Curve 3G added to BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry 6 for the T-Mobile Bold 9700/9780 & Curve 3G added to BlackBerry Beta Zone
By Bla1ze on 31 Jan 2011 03:41 pm EST

T-Mobile users who are part of the BlackBerry Beta Zone have reported getting notifications to sign up for the BlackBerry 6 beta testing for Bold 9700/9780 and Curve 3G devices. If you have any of those associated to your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile you'll want to check to see if you're eligible. A limited number of slots are currently open although, Research In Motion has not posted any version available for download as of yet.

We're gonna toss it out there that chances are it'll be a version or two behind what has leaked but if you're not down with using a leaked OS it's a good way to get BlackBerry 6 in an official manner. Who knows, maybe RIM will suprise us all and toss a version higher then what has been leaked thus far in there.

*UPDATE* - As noted and expected, it's OS

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BlackBerry 6 for the T-Mobile Bold 9700/9780 & Curve 3G added to BlackBerry Beta Zone


The same leaked provided to us last week from crackberry was given to the BETA testers which is for the bold 9780.

I was invited and still waiting for a download link, but what a waste of time if they only offer what has already been available via leak.

(Consumer) T-Mobile US BlackBerry 6 In-Market Beta Program
Thank you for joining this program. You now have access to this program.

All they have to do to "beta" test is browse thur the leak forums! They probably have more information than testers themselves.

I received the same thing from blackberry beta zone that said I have access to the program but I am also waiting for my email with the download link.

Just signed up for it, but have to wait for the email to complete the download. I was hoping it would have been an updated version. I already updated to the leak Oh well, at least it'll be easy to comment and give reviews to the beta-zone.

i hve a bold 9700 but i guess you cant access this if your with rogers.
oh well i got .448 on my phone anyway

I'm a little jealous lol because I still haven't gotten the email :-P but is the memory leak still there? And the BBM cursor? I have a 9700...

its good in the matter that T-Mobile users dont have to delete vender and if anything goes wrong, they can bark in the beta forum so RIM employees can read and assist. :D

I also signed up and have yet to receive the on AT&T dont think it will be an issue from tmo....but the cursor needs to be fixed

Two things, one the link is PIN protected so uploading a link is pointless unless you are a beta member and meet the requirements. harjeevd, if you want the file just search crackberry and load it up. Two, it is only for TMO, so yes it will be an issue for AT&T users. musclezmarinara, just search crachberry as I stated above and install the leak.

I signed up for it in the Beta Zone and it said to look for an email with a link. No email as of yet! Are they only offering a limited number? Are they still sending them out? Can't wait to try it on my Bold 9700

I had been pretty happy with .418 but calling over wifi is just brutal.
Is UMA any better with this release?

BB desktop was giving module error so had to use app loader to install. Everything got deleted and had to restore all items and reinstall apps.

Looks like app storage for 6.0 is 127.8MB. Don't know about memory leak but there is an area called (Memory Now) to see current memory usage and that continues to decrease but need to see if it starts over and when that happens. Seems like cursor on BBM is there and on other apps. Haven't found it missing yet.

Browser doesn't scroll when hitting space bar. But when reading emails and feeds space bar scrolls about 2-3 lines at a time. Cannot press - or + to increase font on web pages.

Got my email yesterday & had to upload it via App Loader because DM wasn't working for me. I'm loving it but I do have some concerns. 6.0 is a memory hog. I found myself in the red (I have Fixmo) a couple of times. Also it seems like my battery life sucks. Ii fully charged my phone last night and found my battery less than half full. Also, I can't find my old themes or find out where to go to change it from default. Naturally, I'd check the themes option in options but all I can find is default.

No problem though. There are other things about 6.0 I'm loving. Like the tabs for the browser.

Received the email and upgraded my 9700... All I have to say is that I love OS6! I'm so glad RIM & T-mobile are working on finally releasing the OS. It's like I have a brand new phone. Anyway, I can't wait for the official release!

OS6 FTW!!!

Pretty solid OS very snappy and responsive... Cursor shows up on most apps except for BBM...Memory leak issue unfortunately is still a problem I am currently at 32MB

I still never got the upgrade.. I keep checking the websites and everything.... I want to upgrade and I don't know who to ask about it?