Official BlackBerry 6 Preview Video From WES 2010!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2010 09:36 am EDT

Here it is! The moment soooo many of us BlackBerry users have been waiting for.... an official first look at BlackBerry 6. Check out the video above and be sure to drop a comment letting us know what you think.

When Mike Lazaridis introduced it during the WES 2010 keynote, he said the development team had three key design principles in mind while working on it:

  • fresh, but familiar
  • easy to use, but incredibly powerful
  • fun, but approachable

Watching the video, it looks like BlackBerry 6 is well on its way to taking the BlackBerry experience to the next level. It's still very BlackBerry (which is definitely a good thing), but with BlackBerry 6 we'll be getting a bunch of new features and refinements throughout the operating system. The best news here is that Lazaridis said we'll see it launch in the next calendar quarter, so we won't have to wait too long to get our hands on it. The wait should give us just enough time to master the BlackBerry 6 dance moves.

More on BlackBerry 6 Improvements..

Touchscreen friendly: The preview video makes it clear that BlackBerry 6 will be much more touchscreen friendly than what we have seen in the past from RIM, with new gestures, multitouch support and improved feedback for the user (kinetic scrolling, rubber banding). We've also heard that BlackBerry 6 will work well with non-touchscreen input as well and it looks like it should suit the optical trackpad.

Revamped UI and OS/Homescreen Experience: At first quick glance during the video BlackBerry 6 looks familiar, but then all of the new and improved features start to jump out at you...  Search from Homescreen, a pull down for notifications (sweet!), pop-up contextual menus, etc. 

Revamped Native Apps: It's clear that RIM has put a lot of effort into key native apps as well. The inbox and contacts and media apps are all getting updates, and they're looking good.

WebKit Browser/Rendering Engine: RIM's new WebKit rendering engine is going to really speed up the web browsing experience while keeping it efficient. The browser gets much-needed features like tabbed browsing. 

All in all, the BlackBerry 6 video to me is very compelling. It keeps the best of BlackBerry and modernizes it with some of the features we have been seeing in other mobile operating systems (and adds some new ones of its own). If RIM can execute and deliver an enjoyable and fast user experience, it's going to go a long way in keeping RIM fighting in the smartphone game. Will it be enough to keep RIM's momentum going strong? We certainly hope so. During the keynote Lazaridis told us his mission... he wants to see the number of BlackBerry subscribers double from the current 41 million to over 100 million. BlackBerry 6 is definitely fuel for the mission.

Reader comments

Official BlackBerry 6 Preview Video From WES 2010!!



This actually looks very promising, there are a lot of subtle changes that you would miss if you're not a BlackBerry user. I've created a list with time stamps.

- Slide the homescreen icons to pull up the Application Menu.
- "Extended Search" in the Media player which searches your library of multimedia while also searching YouTube, and presumably the internet. (0:23) (0:37)
- Cover flow style media player. (0:27)
- New YouTube application, more iPhone style looking. (0:38)
- Pinch to zoom added to photos. (0:53)
- Some sort of Quick Menu to switch applications, zoom, set as wallpaper, all within multimedia.
- Touching the notifications area on the home screen causes all of your "Today" content (Messages, Calls, Calendar events) to slide down. (0:57)
- Improved HTML email support. (1:02)
- New 'Contacts' Quick Menu, touch a contacts name to email, view, call, BBM, text, etc. (1:04)
- New Application Switcher, no more scrolling left-right, instead it appears in a 3xX grid. (1:11)
- New Search function, again, looks similar to a Universal Search feature. Search your applications, web, contacts, etc, all from the home screen. (1:15)
- New keyboard, presumably what we'll see on a new touch screen device. Is it surepress? No idea. (1:15)
- Much nicer looking calendar. (1:20)
- Slide through different application sections on your homescreen, "All", "Favorites", "Media". (1:28-1:33)
- New WebKit browser, which apparently drives a lot of the OS as well. (1:44)
- Tab support in the new browser. (1:45)
- New "Social Feeds" application. Looks to combine all of your Facebook/Twitter messages into a single stream. Also shows "RSS" option. (1:49)
- Improved messaging features, touch a contact to display all methods of contacting them. AIM, Twitter, Live Messenger, Google Talk, BBM, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, MySpace. (1:51)
- Native Twitter support right from the OS through the "Social Feeds" app. (1:59)

WOW... that was a HORRIBLE ad. RIM, I expected so much better from you. what an old song and the whole thing was soo distracting.

Hastings, THANK YOU for that list haha, it helped straighten the commercial out.

but seriously, I can't get over how truly awful this ad is. I'm not as excited for os 6 as i should be! :( looks.. like same old RIM. If they fix memory issues, i might be happy.

then again, maybe RIM is better playing it safe.. theres not going to be anything ground breaking here for the smartphone industry outside of the bb world

You're right in that it was a terrible ad, but the OS does NOT look like "same old RIM;" there are lots of much desired changes, and I am very excited for all of them despite the embarrassing ad...

Why in the hell is everyone so caught up in the ad? It's about RIM upgrading the OS that all you whiners have been bitching about. Who gives a rats ass about the ad?! Grow up please.

Let's hope they fix the OS us whiners have been griping about! Really, if the darned browser worked better, most of us would shut up and be happier. Kind of stupid to have a phone with a blackberry's capability hamstrung with a major part of the user experience crippled...

I'm happy that RIM is finally making an effort to improve their UI format and ultimately the software. I do think there are many improvements than we have seen from the incremental(read: SLOW) updates we have been getting. It seems that RIM is in the right direction but it will take time for those scorned to want to come back. Here are a few things i think RIM should be selling to people.

1. Overall latency- how snappy is this o.s. gonna be? are the devices hardware specs gonna be able to support so much rich format? How fast will the UI be compared to say Apple and Android devices?

2. FLASH - are the consumers finally going to get a browser worth looking at? Are the improvements enough to get people using their data plans more than their internet? (BIG selling point if flash comes out for BB's is that Apple wont have it)

3. 3D Gaming/App Production - Apps are the new game in Smartphone Devices. Can RIM find a way to edge in and supply some truly unique and beautiful games/ apps? Will Appworld become some business based system leaving the consumers to have to look to 3rd party sites to find the apps they want? IMO - centralizing the Apps and creating their own line of fully functional apps for all ranges of buyers would be in their interest. I drool in envy every time a friend plays a game on their iphone.

4. How long will we have to wait for the updates if we already own devices? Will we have to buy a new device next Q?

I'm happy that RIM is addressing their market and realizing a change was necessary (when you're using decade-old format it normally is) and taking steps to correct it. Thanks to the CB team for doing this and keep me wanting more!

With RIM's new "Social Feeds" I wonder if that has something to do with their recent purchase of Viigo! Maybe the social feed is a new and improved Viigo or at least from the same team that makes Viigo! Either way it would be awesome! I just hope this will come on my 9000

Thanks for the breakdown! I've watched this video like 3 times and keep getting more excited.

The changes will be awesome -- especially the better social media integration! (and the webkit browser, duh)


Hastings, thanks for the well-constructed review. It's the type of thing that keeps me at CrackBerry.
Everyone, I've gone to OEM developer conferences and seen this type presentation for a new product/OS/version. If you attended WES and saw this exact video there, please reply to hastings’ post with details.
Clearly RIM needs at least one other video, something which the  broad-range  of B’berry users can sit through, to highlight the improvements in 6 and show how it competes with or beats other smartphones.
I found this annoying on many levels. I’m old-school, no doubt, but a company shouldn’t announce to the world a major improvement in a flagship product with a minute of bouncing-boobs in a business-suit. Sure,it works well when seen once at the conference, but not when re-applying the same video to the real world of consumers trying to decide which phone to buy next or whether to update to the new OS.

Wow the dancers are totally distracting me from the screenshots. Old song with crazy dancing is not a way to introduce a new OS via screenshots. Being hip doesn't mean you lose the importance of your message.

After watching it a second time I notice the Feeds App and all the social activities put in one place. That is nice, as I dislike going from app to app to check info.

Hopefully the experience on a 9700 will be exciting enough to get me out of my chair and start dancing. Or else hello iphone or android.

I had to mute the whole video a few seconds in because the music makes me want to kick puppies and baby Jesus.

- Old Song
- Woman in a Business suit
- and as the song says "i'm so 2008" lol so true. RIM is still playing catching even with the ads and songs.

You either made the same comment on Engadget or ripped it off someone who made it there...

BTW, it's 3008, not 2008. So... fail?

But I agree... it looks like catch up and personally I think it's not enough.

no, youre wrong. well, youre both right

its "im so 3008, youre so 2008..." meaning shes that far ahead. an artist would NEVER write a song that would date them in two years lol.

ROTFL! That reminds me of "How I Met Your Mother" when Robin says something like "we didn't get the 80's in Canada until sometime in the 90's." I enjoyed the commercial for its entertainment value, not for its informative value. I learned much more about 6.0 from the list with the timestamps in the first comment. So thanks for that!

RIM sent out a little press note following the keynote. Here's the highlights as outlined by them....

Key highlights of BlackBerry 6 include:

  • Crisp, more immersive visuals, including new graphics, animations and transitions
  • New WebKit browser; it's high-fidelity and very efficient, for fast, rich browsing with support for multiple sessions (i.e. tabbed browsing)
  • Multi-touch support (e.g. pinch to zoom) while browsing, viewing photos, etc.
  • Graphical, context-sensitive menu pop-ups
  • Redesigned core apps, plus a new media player UI
  • New Home Screen experience; multiple views based on content type (All, Favorites, Downloads, Media, etc.), universal search
  • New app for integrating RSS and social networking feeds 


That was so miuch better than those fuzzy screenshots a few weeks back. Thanks to Hastings for a real nice breakdown and to you also Kev for the confirmation.. This should be nice on my 9550...

In all honesty, I did not catch all of that. I was too busy looking at the attractive babe in the business suit. LOL!

I'm at work and I can't watch this lol......why did I agree to work someone's shift when I was off today?????? STUPID (facepalm)

Well if RIM would just give me my webkit browser wit I'm just sayin

Thank you kevin but this site doesn't help my addiction lol. Keep up the good work sir

There were barely two seconds of the WebKit browser shown in the video. I'm hoping for the best, but frankly I couldn't judge from that teeny tiny snippet whether it was bad ass or lame ass.

I did watch the video. Its the same OS but with a different skin. RIM has to do a lot more now since there are more phones that do push email now. Only thing that's keeping people is the BBM.

I hate to admit it, but this guy's right. I was hoping for SOOOO much more from this video. I'm currently running a Tour OS 5.0 with a slick hybrid. The only thing I'll really miss when I get my HTC Incredible this week is Blackberry messenger.

This OS is shown on the storm, obviously. Unless the touch part of the slider has the exact same screen proportions and icon sizes etc. Which we all know it won't.

The OS will differ slightly from this to the Tour. My guess is it was shown on the Storm because it is RIM's flagship device, and most of these changes incorporate OS changes for the storm (i.e. pinch zooming)...

If you guys think this is just a GUI upgrade, please do jump-ship to iPhone or Android. It doesn't take a hardcore BB user to notice all of the subtle and major differences here...

I, IMHO, am in love with this new OS...Change always excites me, small or in this case, large...I'm excited to see what this can do for my Storm2 :)

Keep it going RIM! Continue to put out what you're putting out...I'm one hardcore BB user who loves it

The Storm is not and never has been RIM's 'flagship' device - freaking joke - 9700 is currently and soon the 9650 will be.

Actually the 9650 won't be - it's a warmed over Tour and looks bloated next to the likely more powerful 9700 (except for the memory).

I agree, I can't help but wonder how this will look and operate on a non-touchscreen phone. My expectations aren't very high....

any hardcore phone user i've asked that still use blackberry says that the only thing they will miss when they finally leave blackberry is BBM, when i get the incredible this weekend i will miss BBM but i'll manage...with os 6 coming out yes everything looks great but from the looks of it, it will still be lacking behind.

I tried BBM and just didn't get the point. What a major distraction. That said, I'm still loyal to RIM. My Storm works flawlessly. Apple tickles my serotonin receptors, but RIM gets the job done. It's like the difference between penicillin and heroin.

Yeah, this was a pretty annoying "ad" (at 2-1/2 minutes you'll never see it on TV). But OS 6 looks like it might be pretty good. We'll see.

All I Have To Say Is WOW!!! (Sarcasm) C'mon Blackberry, You Gives Us A Lame Song With Just A Smoother UI?

We've Been Getting This Type Of Stuff From 3rd Party Developers Since OS 4.3, I Know Someone Is Bound (If Not Yet) To Make A Theme To Look Like This.

If Rim REALLY Wants To Impressed Us - Than Allow "BlackBerry Connect" To Non-RIM Devices Like You Used To Do.

Why are you trolls here? This is "" We love our BB's, and deep down you must too! Don't waste your time trying to convince us to drink your S***aid. Get informed and maybe you'll have a clue why true CB users won't part from BB.

We are here hoping to find some little tidbit of a miracle that will make living with a Storm piece of shit a little more bearable until our contract runs out.

After a year and a such luck.

I agree - the storm is the most crap phone I've ever owned...I got my 3rd storm switched out for the tour after throwing a fit. Hated doing it but, got my way!

That was the most annoying video I have seen in recent memory. OS 6 does look interesting was hard to tell from all of the fast moving, dancing images and people...aghhhh

I completely agree. That video is obnoxious to say the very least. What in the world is RIM's marketing department thinking? Oh right, the don't think.

Are you crazy, have you seen that scary Palm girl? That was bad marketing!

If you didn't liek the vid it just shows you are old.

There was a lot of information packed into that vid.

That's funny because I'm a 20 year old college kid. I am very intrigued by OS 6 and I just gave this vid another watch and I can't even focus on what they're trying to showcase as a product. All my eyes keep getting drawn to is the obnoxiously terrible dancing.

hahaha that's awesome. too bad i'm switching to android. I'm done with RIM. Hello Droid Incredible. i'm done waiting for RIM to play catch-up with... EVERYONE !!

this is why u were called a preteen in one of your rants. "stfu". wah? or just angry RIM lost a customer. come on bud its a phone and u want him to "stfu" because he chooses another brand?

Says the person who thinks this is good marketing. *LAUGHS* All flaming aside, who cares how late RIM is to do this, I just hope they get it right. I don't want to leave the Blackberry platform but if this OS doesn't drop and RIM doesn't release a solid touchscreen GSM device with 6.0 then I'll be forced to leave by the end of this year :(

Says the person who thinks this is good marketing. *LAUGHS*

All flaming aside, who cares how late RIM is to do this, I just hope they get it right. I don't want to leave the Blackberry platform but if this OS doesn't drop and RIM doesn't release a solid touchscreen GSM device with 6.0 then I'll be forced to leave by the end of this year :(

Says the person who thinks this is good marketing. *LAUGHS*

All flaming aside, who cares how late RIM is to do this, I just hope they get it right. I don't want to leave the Blackberry platform but if this OS doesn't drop and RIM doesn't release a solid touchscreen GSM device with 6.0 then I'll be forced to leave by the end of this year :(

Says the person who thinks this is good marketing. *LAUGHS*

All flaming aside, who cares how late RIM is to do this, I just hope they get it right. I don't want to leave the Blackberry platform but if this OS doesn't drop and RIM doesn't release a solid touchscreen GSM device with 6.0 then I'll be forced to leave by the end of this year :(

God what kinda of crappy music is that! I don't see any improvement over Blackberry OS 5. Just more lipstick on a pig. It will be just as slow and cumbersome as ever and will lack any decent apps and or games to make it any kind of Apple or Android killer

Goodbye Blackberry RIP April 29th 2010.

I presume...LOL Yeah..I'll be feeling up on that incredible but contract dont exprire till december..LOL

i've seen just about every droid incredible review there is on youtube... its the best android phone for verizon. and overall arguably. i mean i have a storm1 right now and i'm definitely getting it.

Song by Black Eyed Peas, called Boom Boom POW I think, lol. BB6 is refreshing and at least they are evolving their OS. as for lagging, could depend on the mem, proc speed etc.

This had better be a drastic change or incredible here I come. I will miss the amazing keyboard of the Tour but that is all. If I hate not having a keyboard that much then I can always swap back to the tour anyways. Don't think I will miss it that much.

Storm 1 user here... yeah this will kill my phone lol. Its hard for me to decide to stay with bb after having this POS all this time. must have it running on your device already right? This is what everybody has been asking for!!!

RIM TO CATCH UP! They've obviously done a lot of that in this video...People are just too stubborn to notice...

Open your eyes and watch it again...When it drops for devices, then let me know how "slow and cumbersome" it will be once you've seen it running...


You people are idiots. Have any of you touched this os yet??? NOOOOOOO how do you know that this won't be smooth and responsive after the first few updates are rolled out and kept up on. None of you can see the future.

Because they're the same trolls who keep going into every post and hyping up HTC and putting down everything BlackBerry without any concrete arguments. Buddy a few posts up doesn't even have his HTC yet and he's hyping it up like he's some HTC expert. These people seriously have to go elsewhere - this is getting boring. This site has become congested with annoying idiots who have nothing but stupid negative comments about BlackBerry.

I saw the video and I think it's great; this is what people have been asking for. I can't wait for a new device running OS 6 to hit the street. As far as the music in the video, I'm sure we all know that the Black Eyed Peas' tour is being presented by BlackBerry.

And there is no 'irony' that this doesn't work on BB...It doesn't work on any mobile device as there is no MOBILE version of it...

Thank You! Tell these dingbats what they don't know. How can you people be so stupid? "doesn't play on a bb' - noobs i tell you, effing prawns. Don't even understand what is going on in the world but comment like you own the place.

I get what you're saying, that it temporarily wasn't available for ANY phone, but that doesn't mean it is void of all irony. It was a video about updated cell phone software...yet there wasn't a mobile version for it. Mildly ironic.

Don't appreciate the rudeness by the prawn guy.


Yes showing it on a touch screen means nothing for me as I have a Tour, but it is rumored not to even be coming to this phone...

It looks good...I think...if only it wasn't moving with dancing people behind it distracting me.

Can't wait to see the new bb and use that new browser.

on a sidenote, I could have done without the lame dancing in the background. lol

It's not removed, just not working on Blackberry. Works fine on my Android device though!!! **Sorry for being a troll** Seriously though, it's not removed.

It's not removed, RIM is the one who posted it. Youtube and Universal Music Group just won't let it be embedded on for some reason. The embed works fine on

The video concept was incredible, but it's just going to be more of the same... and what's with making us storm 1 users upgrade to storm 2 or higher? Blahhhh...

Storm 3 better be the shizz, or it's droid X (whatever's out)

I really don't see a difference. Same ol' bland UI with same ol' bland OS...but with touchscreen?? Didn't BB already try this with the Storm...or is the device actually going to work this time?

You don't see a difference? Do you own a blackberry, and if so, have you ever turnned it on? Ever browsed the web on it?

Yes, I did own a blackberry. I have browsed the web, and it was incredibly slow. A commercial is different than an actual OS/browser on a device. Just because it's cool and snappy on a commercial, doesn't mean that is how it is on the device itself. That's why I bought a Blackberry in the firstplace. After buying it, and realizing it wasn't as *cool* as I thought, is the same reason I am now a Droid owner.

Ok. Well not expecting blackberry 6 to be like this commercial is different than blackberry 6 being like OS 5. There are some significant improvements on display here. A major one is the new browser, which shouldn't be worlds better than the current browser.

To each his own, personally I am stoked about this new BB6 and the 9650 (note: I own an 8830 now, not a tour), but enjoy your droid.

All I saw was a QUICK glimpse of the "new" broswer..and all it showed was Pinch-2-Zoom. That's what put a sad face on me. The MAIN reason I ditched BB was due to it's browser. Then I found more reasons later on. But I will stop being a troll now.

In my previous post it should say, "A major one is the new browser, which SHOULD be worlds better than the current browser."

And you still hang out on a BlackBerry website because? Oh, you're a loser with nothing better to do with his time than bring other people down. If you love Droid so much, why don't you go to their site. Just scroll to the bottom of the page on your browser, and click on androidcentral.whatever it is(com or net) and let those of us who do enjoy BlackBerry have our fun. I happen to like the UI, it works for me, if you don't like, get over and go somewhere else, as you already have, and stop whining like a 10 year little girl. Have a good one.

Looks way better in video than it does in still images!
Looks very useful, creative and fun...but still has that familiarity that we all love!
Love the concept of the video as well, very well done!

This looks like it will be a great progression from 5.0. I actually don't mind 5.0. I just hate the browser.

Wow, couldn't stand the video. Felt like I couldn't get a feeling for actually what was going on with the new features. The screen was jumping so much, I thought I went into a seizure. Hopefully a better hands on video comes out. Of course I'm on a 8350i, so what do I care, we're lucky we saw a trickle of 5.0.

I am completely satisfied with OS 5.0, however, OS 6.0 will improve on the user experience. I'm glad that RIM chose not to completely re-invent the operating system, but to improve elements that needed improvement. It looks like a friendly enough OS, but I am glad that it retains the business appeal of OS 5.0.

ok, I must admit..I was secretly considering defecting to the new Iphone when it came out.....NEVERMIND!!!!!!!

all those people in the video look like raging CRACKHEADS who just smoked at their bus-stop.

jesus.. do you really have to dance like your on amphetamines while you use a smartphone? .

I can see in the pitch meeting.. the number one site is CrackBerry.. we're appealing to the crack cocaine demographic!

.. worst part is, OS6 won't be as responsive as the video.. that's how they got me with their first commercials for the storm. lies lies lies

The commercial video is simply awesome!!!

Wonder if it's gonna bring near real-world experience?
There's a glimps of the multi touch pic zooming, but today with "Storm 2" picture viewing experience is awful!?!
Worse than on cheap Chinese MP4 players, that are, btw, 50$ or less. And auto-text disable glitch that reenables itself.
That's the two things that crossed my mind which I would like to see improved first.
Hope to see some real-life usage improvements.

This video commercial is certainly among the best I can remember of, and that encourages me :)

hmmm not bad... but watching the vid.... with the keys coming up on the screen looks like its for a touchscreen device...
what about those non touch screen

What did that show us that was so cool that I had to have it?!?!?!?!?! Where's the web demo? That's what needs the biggest overhaul and they didn't even show it! Not impressed!

To all those compalining, just go get and android, we won't miss ya! Do you tink you'll say the same?

This is an exceelent progression from previous OS and that is what users want. I want to make sure my bb is still a bb, just with the easier to use touch and scrolling features (and better browser of course!).

Remember the millions of users who are not on this website! BBs are for them too.

BB users are different because they value functionalty. Many of us want this on a 9700, what does that tell you? many users are not looking for an iPhone or Droid copycat. If we want those phones we could buy them. I know I could, like today!

This is cool but still bb, great job! Just wish it was on some device now. I think slider would be best for me. Hope we see it at this WES, but probably not.

Last time I checked 40% of BB users would strait up trade for an iPhone. I don't think RIM would like to lose 40% of its user base. Just saying.

And yeah, I going Android when my contracts up!

I wish that people choosing to use that survey to back up their argument would actually look at the details of it rather than just mindlessly parroting the headline of it, but I guess that stating 40% want to move sounds more impressive than 39 people which was the actual number of people that wanted to change.

My point was that just because someone complains about the OS doesn't mean they should automatically move to Android. And I do think RIM cares about wether its current users stay on BlackBerry.

tthat survey was biased and based on vzw users last i checked and if it didn't so what. run that poll on cb and see what bs it would be.

That is actually a great idea. I would love to see the results. It would definitely be swayed the other way, but an interesting find none the less. Kevin, can you hook us up?

yeah because a poll based on people who are so enthusiastic about a brand that they would register at a website dedicated solely to that brand wouldn't be biased at all.

cool looking OS - stupid looking preview :p

But it looks real good, I cant wait to se it on a non touch device! :)

gotta say that was one of the most annoying promo videos i've seen from rim but whatever i'm looking forward to 6. just won't be a single black eyed peas on my media player

Did you see the upgrades to os 4 for the iphone? Were you seriously impressed by that POS. Features that we've had on our old ass os forever. Enjoy Steve-o's ball hairs all over your locked down device..

If you don't see a difference you don't want there to be a difference. I have only had a BB for 8 months and I can see all kinds of differences. Can't wait to upgrade my Tour to the Bold and get OS 6.0 when it comes out.

The difference is apparent. Now the question is how will it behave on certain devices. Some ppl will be turned off if BB6 doesn't do well on old h/w.

This is just more of the same just different icons. Glad I sold my 9630 last week and will wait to see but most likely I'll jump on the EVO 4G.

RIM just needs a complete overhaul of their OS.

This OS is a great improvement over everything else that we have had. However as a Tour owner who has had this device for less than a year I am now pretty pissed that this OS will not be available for the Tour. This slight, as well as having to wait forever for an official release of OS 5.0 that was buggy at best, is making me decide to move onto a different type a phone that might be able to last at least a year before it becomes outdated. I like what the Blackberry has done for me and all, but it's looking like it is time to move to an Android phone. This is just too little too late for me.

No I am not a troll, I am just frustrated by what I bought less than a year ago.

you people watch one video and think it's the end of the world. first off, even if you had no idea the tour's os was getting upgraded those other devices were already here so jump ship and stop whining, besides Mike L said they would try and make the 6 os backwards compatible the tour will get an upgrade

you people have no idea what's going on. At ctia or mwc this year they 9700 had the webkit browser on will obviously have bb os 6

Am I impressed? I aint doing backflips, will it be a stop/gap measure? most likely. It all depends and delivery and ease of use. The clip appears to be demo'ed on a storm. The first minute is media functions (looks cool, nothing outstanding), the next minute is overall messaging, new layout looks good, looking forward to playing with it. last minute shows social media and browser webkit. The webkit again looks great. Hopefully it will work better than advertised. And it will work on 9700.

The key here will be app development, more accurately EASE of app development to let Berry fans go app building crazy.

6.0 LOOKS GREAT!!!...And come on now guys, really? complaining about the video/song??? Grab your incontinence briefs and sh*t on yourself...LAMES always find SOMETHING to complain about.

maybe im just confused because i dont see it listed under features, but it appears theres a new touch system that is dance based...

also this is kinda a rip off of palms commercial with the mos def song with the giant screen in front of the person

I'm pretty happy with how well my S2 runs now but if I can upgrade to 6 it'll be that much more awesome. Can't wait!

What I could do without is the annoying song...

Whenever people criticize BB's the fanboys come out of the woodwork to defend RIM by saying how BB's are business tools, they're not a toy like the iPhone . Yea, that video sure backs that up. LOL!

Nothing but a bunch of visual enhancement over the same garbage OS. Wake me up when they really do something new.

you HAVE NOT TOUCHED this os yet. How do you know that it sucks based on a video? Clearly it's better than what we have but we can't decide if it's an epic jump or fail until it's released.

Especially the drop-down notification area. Really like it!!! Although I will be going to try Android for a while, BB will have a place in my heart. Can't wait to see what happens in the next couple of cycles for RIM.

Great job RIM!!!!

So this video only shows a touch screen version of the new BB OS 6... does that mean that the current Storms will be able to operate it? Or that a Storm 3 (or equivalent) will be released before or shortly after?

Looks great for those with the storm what about us with the non-touchscreens? or by the 3rd quarter will *cough* Sprint Cough* be getting a storm also? but if that doesn't happens looks like us without might not get the full affect from 6.0

It looks like they are trying to make it more like the iPhone, lame. One thing I love about my BlackBerry Storm is the black and blue keyboard. Gray buttons? What a disappointment.

i hope it offers custom colors or keyboard themes so you can shut up. the entire os was gray scaled - add a theme and you have colors.

Looks like some great improvements. Release next quarter? The only problem is that Verizon will take another year to release it.

Well, I loved the video, tho like everyone I'll wait to see if 6.0 delivers. Something to realize is that the ad cost a fortune to make, so it is giving something to the "choir" (us) while attempting to pull in a broader consumer base. It is meant to appeal not only to the traditional BB owner needing serious business function, but those wanting a fun "toy" feel.

I agree BB needs to be more supportive of app development and it seems I see a shift in that direction. The Android is putting tremendous pressure on both RIM & Apple in that department, which is good for us.

What I hope RIM gets, is what so many people have noted here. When someone buys a phone it needs to be relevant for a time period that fits with what carrier industry contracts look like. I am in an S2, but I would be feeling abandoned/betrayed if I just bought something that was about to die on the vine.

Let's hope this OS brings us tons of BB joy and allows RIM to launch into a whole new level as far as future appeal & development.

OK if the interface is as speedy and as interactive as this preview I'd be glad enough.

Now we need a more intuitive Options area and please please fix BBGroups.

Gonna get a Storm 2 come 6.0.

Wait, don't they claim that touch screens aren't that popular? Yet they choose a touch screen to show off the new OS? Why wouldn't they choose their "popular" phones to show off the new OS? Oh and by the way I'm so glad to see they are making their new OS work and look just like an iPhone. I have a great idea... why wait you can go buy and iPhone today. Glad to see RIM is leading the way with innovation LOL.

that article was edited and half of what they thought he said about touch screens he didn't say. get your facts straight.

The slider seems like it is likely to be the first os6 device and it is a touchscreen so promos and demos being biased towards touch seem sensible, not to mention the fact that they have more to prove when it comes to touch interfaces.

there is no way tis os is going to run smooth on a slow ass 600mhz qualcomm processor, even with 512mb on memory.

We need a 1ghz snapdragon cpu with on board dram like the ipad. This is not going to run smooth on our phones.

Go get an Incredible if you want Snapdragon... enjoy poor batt life and washed out screen in bright daylight while you're at it...

that even with poor battery life and a washed out screen outdoors, the Incredible is still light years ahead of anything BB offers. It's an ancient platform for slow folks.

I'll be here tho waiting for RIM to join me in this century.

you guys are hilarious - how many people do you think give a flying f**k about a snapdragon processor - these device devs are wasting time and money on devices that a few people will get, people look at some of those droid devices and are intimidated - do you honestly think something like the EVO will 'change the game' ? It won't - nice refresher and only device of it's class but I won't miss out not having a huge processor and large mp cams. I'll take my battery life also.

Newbie question...will this be available soon on ALL Blackberries (I have a 8330m, yeah I know) or do you have to buy a new BB in order to get OS6?

It is almost certainly going to follow the same pattern as os5 with new hardware getting it first since that is the higher priority for both rim and the networks with any upgrades to the existing devices coming later or not at all.

The style of this introduction to OS 6.0 is as tired as my spelling out of "ugh" in the subject line. This is an awful way to introduce the new OS, despite the promising visual. I actually couldn't sit through the whole thing with the volume up - thankfully that's what the mute button is for.

This looks great (many iPhone-like features in there)... but I wonder how it will be on a non-touchscreen device? Without the gestures, it'll be just like OS5.

shoe me something that was iphone like besides the keyboard - iphone doesn't have a serious form of multitasking for fluid integration with the os as the bb does.

I am also curious how it'll function on my 9700. I thought it looked nice on the commercial though. And I think I get the whole dancing thing :)

Looks good. RIM stole a few things from these Other OS devices but I like. Why we gotta wait til late summer to see this is beyond me. You're showing it so drop it.

I'm liking this a lot- save for the annoying dancers and the music, but that's just my taste. The way it's all animated and smooth is certainly a plus for me. Though I'll be extremely pissed if they don't release for the 8520, I bought this thing less than a month ago and being obsoleted already isn't my idea of a good user experience.

So I'm new to this whole 'knowing stuff about BB's'. This video shows the new 6 on a touch screen. Does this mean the storm or storm2 will get this awesome upgrade?

Everything looks nice and all, but seems to me that there is a glaring ommission! Where is the native weather app?

So I'm new to this whole 'knowing stuff about BB's'. This video shows the new 6 on a touch screen. Does this mean the storm or storm2 will get this awesome upgrade?

With all these improvements the first thing that came to mind, and I'm sorry to say this but MORE BUGS! We have some now that still torment our day to day usage at random for some. So with all this new stuff what new problems will It bring?

I think to really enjoy this new OS, RIM needs bigger screens on those BB Touchscreen. That 3inch screen don't know about it. I can see flicking thru those screens might not be that easy.

I was on Twitter earlier this morning and someone posted info from a supposed "insider" at Blackberry and they said that owners of the 9700 and the Storm 9550/9520 will be able to run OS 6 on our phones. I'm waiting for an official announcement, but it sounds like good news :-)

so honestly though, other than the webkit browser, what is featured here that could not be done with a custom theme? i can't watch the video at work, and the video does not work on mobile devices (irony)

The video itself was awesome, but I am kinda bummed that it was ALL Storm. There wasn't an iota of non touchscreen in that video. Kinda worried. It looks very nice none the less.

This OS is everything that I have ever wanted on my blackberry.


The storm 2 with OS 6 will destroy the droid IMO

It looks really good, but I want to see this in real time before I start to judge. Need to see how smooth it runs after putting everything in it and using it after a while.

Aside from webkit browsing, tell me why I should AT ALL be excited about this on my 9700? This look all too optimized for Touchscreen devices.

Would of been nice to see this on non touch screens as well. I was looking at that video thinking how it would work with the 9700. If at all.

the original iphone lacked plenty. all this os is giving is is better apps better ui/browser and more seamless integration - screw the iphone - steve can't even keep the basics on that thing.

Well, here we are after all this time waiting! It would seem that appears that anyone under 256mb will be SOL on this upgrade!

It just looks like they finally are going to have an OS that works properly with a touch screen device, nothing amazing or really new other then the browser.. I would have been impressed if they demoed the new OS on the new storm or something to see how it actually worked.

Im guessing that a touch screen blackberry device will be released to all carriers across the board?!

I love my Bold 9700 with AT&T ... But as we all know, the storm 2 is only with Verizon at the moment ... anyone has any insight as if a touch screen blackberry device will be coming to AT&T?!

My contract with AT&T is up this year anyway .. soo regardless

The fact that this video isn't available on mobile is hilarious and is the exact reason we're aLl waiting for a new OS.

In this video I see:

From the iphone: responsiveness and feel (if it lives up on a real device). iphone has no features that need to be replicated/competed with beyond that.

From android: expand the 'feeling' of the home screen. Pull down today tray, sliding icon sets that expand the useful screen area beyond the physical size of the device.

What I want to see:

Run it on a real device

Show it to me with trackpad navigation.

Show me more function and less media capabilities.

They probably chose the song because it is a catchy, jingle type song perfomed by the Black Eyed Peas who are still on tour and Rim is the major sponsor on their Tour.

However, I am disappointed that they chose to rip off Palm's Pre commercial with the girl in the red dress walking down the street flipping through her phone's interface. Boo, not very original.

While it is coming in the next 6 months we all know that the carriers will screw it up and not allow it to be released.

Hell AT&T STILL has not released OS 5.0 for the 8900 and the Bold. Now I am among the people on an 8900 that got gone from another carrier to put 5.0 on my phone and it looks like I will have to do the same for 6.0.

Why cann't RIM do what palm and apple has done and just give it out to everyone and go around the carriers.

that's why leaks are here for us. even official releases have bugs - RIM lets go of beta OS's so we can have them.

That looks amazing. All these naysayers are crazy. I mean if this works like its supposed to it will have the most intuitive and conducive UI on a cell phone. Sorry HTC's Sense UI is my favorite on any phone currently, however with 6 it looks like those thoughts may change. I'm definitely eagerly awaiting its arrival for my storm 2.

PS If you're done with BB's then just leave we don't need to know that your done with a certain cell phone...jack asses.

Anyone try calling or texting the phone numbers shown in this video at 0:59, 1:07, and 1:22? Just wondering, usually they don’t have real numbers in a peak shoot, always something like 123-456-7890, or 777-777-7777. Other than that curiosity, looks pretty slick, like people have said before, would like to see it on a device and see how smooth it runs.

Very nice. I am hoping this is the same experience on the actual device :)

But heres being Hopeful it'll come to the 9000 Bold :D

It looks just like the iphone UI......

cmon RIM give us some real innovation, stop copying...

Is this "So you think you can dance" this looks like it came from a bunch of out of touch old guys.

Droid Incredible April 29th, catch up RIM...LMAO

the difference in processing speeds between tour 9630 and bold 9650 are as follows:

Tour 9630:
528mhz Arm11 main processor for os and apps
274mhz Arm 9 co-processor for modem

Bold 9650:
600mhz Arm11 main processor for os and apps
400mhz Arm9 co-processor for modem

its pretty slight increase, thats why most write-ups so far have said that it is slightly beefed up.

between the slight increase in mhz and double ram, i do not think it justifies being in a new device, they should have released a 1ghz snapdragon cpu instead.

RIM adopted old Microsoft policy...
" If you can't make it good,
Atleast make it look good."

RIM baby... Listen....
If OS6 fails to impress people...
God bless RIM.

I hope its not just visual delight...
Even expecting snappy, lag free, memory leak free and very stable.

I am happy with OS5 on 9700.

I think I will be among last people to upgrade...
if OS6 rolls out for 9700


One minute they want you to think touchscreens are not popular then 48 hrs later they are back in?

RIM is at the same crossroads palm was a few years ago.

how can you say that when RIM sells plenty of devices all of the time and people love them. Screw what half of you people think with your pointless negative opinions - i was able to say what the bb faults were in the past and as soon as we attempt to grow from that we get dingys like you saying what you said tp put us down. the only thing the bb os really needed was a browser. this delivers on that and gives us a fresh feel.