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Quick Tip: BlackBerry 6 - Do you double flick?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2011 02:48 pm EST

Love them or hate them, the BlackBerry 6 views are here to stay (until BlackBerry 6.1 at least). If you use them you really are getting the most from your device, but if you're like Kevin and myself, you try to stay clear of them at all costs. If you are a power user that likes to get the most out of all the views, here is a quick tip for navigating BlackBerry 6. You don't have to expand the panes to scroll around - just go to the far right or left icon, do a quick "double flick" and you will scroll to the next view. In the same manner, a "hard flick" down opens the full view for you. A bit confused? Check out the video above and see how it's done. Happy flicking!



Awesome tips, thanks. I just started using 6.0 and love it. This makes it even easier...


I use the free theme called "leebo" - no silly views for me! OS6 but sensible.


me too.. and i love it!


Aw, man, I keep doing that by accident and hate it! Thanks for explaining.


wow just an amazing tip thank you./s its just one flick btw.


Couldn't stand the os6 theme, I'm running BGT U-shape theme right now on my 9780. All I need :)


to kooool!!!.......I did it couple of times by accident and then when I tried again it wouldn't work..........I thought I was imagining it..........glad to know about the "double flick"


Come on guys, you need to be running one of al3azim's free themes. Super simple, super efficient, and NO VIEWS!!! Yes!


I'm not a fan of having to screw around like that. I have always liked to have the main icons I need an rare ones in the home screen. So because of that I use and love the stockplus theme by Vincetheprince.
Perfect style.


Hehe i knew that already i find out by mistake :) But good tip/trick though.

And right now im using HTC theme and i love it sorry for BB theme but is to classic for me :) and yeah the HTC on torch is Awesome.


Cool tip thanks. I use torch but i can see that these flicks can still come in handy.


Got any quick tips to make these ridiculous view trays go away all together?! OS 6.0 is proof positive RIM does not test their operating systems prior to releasing them. Along with all the improvements there are so many frustrating features that can't be personalized and the browser is still disappointing. Makes me want to feed my Blackberry to a Droid on most days. Well at least RIM made it to 2005 finally...


Remember last fall before the Torch came out? Everyone was making an OS6 theme, using OS6 icons, etc. Now it seems most people use OS5 style themes on their BB6.
I love the creativity shown in the OS5 themes but like the functionality of the OS6 themes also. I'm hoping eventually that theme artists take the BB6 theme as far as they can with colors, weather slot, etc.


Nevermind, re-read your msg, and my comment doesn't quite make sense in response :-)

Steve Rizla

I have found that putting your apps in specific folders works best. If you end up on Favorites, Media, Downloads or Frequent by accident, just hit the Call End Button and it will bring you back to "All"


Steve, That is a GREAT TIP! I'm constantly ending up on one of those annoying side screens when trying to scroll to a specific app icon. I want back to the "ALL" screen.
Pressing the Call End button works!!
Another tip to add to my "Tips" Memopad note.


Im using a free theme courtesy of one of the many theme builders out there. No need for double-flicking now! The stock blackberry 6 navigation can suck it.


Is anyone using a Torch able to get this to work? A "double flick" doesn't seem possible anyways as the Torch reacts SO FAST to the single flick, it automatically slides to the next folder view.


Kerry, I use my finger to flick on my torch but it sounds like you may need to go into your options to change the speeds for sliding as you may be more comfortable slowing them down.


I can't believe you guys are still being fooled by Mike and Jim. OS 6 is a big improvement, but guess what, all those things including the webkit is not new nor original. BB trails behind in all these smart phones attributes and present them to you guys as new and innovative. Where is Adobe Flash 10? RIM hasn't implemented them on their cell phones yet...but ANDROID users is enjoying total browsing as we speak. HTC, MOTOROLA, and SAMSUNG running Android 2.1 and higher are way ahead. So wake up and ditch your BB until rim put that damn playbook down and turn their attention back on smart-phones and get updated. How dare them bring out the Torch in 2010 with a processor less than 1 gigabyte, no Adobe Flash and a Android rip off version of a webkit. Take action people!!! or...come on over to Android.


I assume you mean Gigahertz...


If you assume it then stfu.


Hey small green dood: Android Central is down the all, and the exit is on your left. Don't let the door hit you in the rear...


Strange, mine does not require double flicking... as long as I make a reasonably large and quick drag with my finger it goes just fine...


When I was using the tray, I preferred to double-click the BB button instead when it comes to expanding it. Same affect, but so much easier to do in my opinion :-)


You can also use the "double flick" within messages and sms to scroll through messages.


You mean like for email? I don't get this working.. I open an email and double flick and it just moves like normal... are you saying I could progress through multiple emails like a "next" button?


You guys need to wake up. You have little plastic toys of yester year. Throw them away and get an HTC, Samsung, Motorola or any phone that runs on....Android. I know that in October Rim will finally roll out 1.2 gigahertz processors, Adode Flash 10, 4 or 8 gigs of internal memory and other goodies, and watch how they act like it all new and presented first by BlackBerry. Of course by then iPhones and Androids would have already been sporting newer innovative cellular technology, and all you poor blind little Blackberries would be running around in the dark all so happy not knowing you are so far behind. Oh and when you do finally get a 1.2 gig processor, will you be able to overclock it up to 1.7? Probably not. And when will you ever be able to play 3D HD games on your little tiny BB? why, I'm playing Gangster Miami Vindication on my Andy now. Just like playing an XBox game. Get an Android, because its GNU Open Source baby, can you dig it?

krillian hex

As much as I consider getting an Android, I went for a Bold 9780. I'll switch over once the Androids battery can last for more than 30 minutes. They are great phones, but unlike most children, I dont need to play games on my phone. To each his own, buddy. As someone said before, you'll be better off at Android Central. This is a blackberry fan site and as much as we like other phones and platforms, we admire what the BB is capable of. Just move on.


You gave up an Android for a BlackBerry???? you must be a FOOL. I mean a damn FooooLLLLL!!!!! You obviously know nothing about Android OS's an its ability to be rooted and customized inside and out. Oh what a damn fool you are mister.


Guys, i'm giving my left nut to get that wallpaper!!! it's a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!

I've searched around 5000+ wallpapers on the bold wallpaper forum and can't find it :(

Someone please link me?



Please please anyone?


Get an Android, that will solve your problems and you can even keep your left nut.