BlackBerry 6 for BlackBerry Bold 9700 video walkthrough

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2010 12:15 pm EDT

Since the announcement of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 with BlackBerry 6, we've all been waiting to see how older devices such as the BlackBerry Bold 9700 were going to fair with it running. As it turns out, it looks to be in great shape judging from the above video. With a noted boot time of about 1 minute and overall snappy response from the device, BlackBerry 6 on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 looks like it will be worth the wait. Also noted was the fact it appears to be a full implementation of BlackBerry 6 as well. Not a "watered down" release as previously rumored. WebKit browser, universal search and more are all found on the device. What do you all think now that we get a chance to see it running? Looking good or would ya rather a Torch still?

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BlackBerry 6 for BlackBerry Bold 9700 video walkthrough


"What do you all think now that we get a chance to see it running? Looking good or would ya rather a Torch still?"

Its clearly evident that BB 6 was designed with touch screen like interfaces in mind, as it should. While the Torch falls short in a few areas, it is clearly a step in the right direction for RIM. With the Storm 3 right around the corner, and the Torch just released, BB 6 will be in good hands on those touch screen devices.

I cannot say the same for the cheap feeling and old looking QWERTY devices and congested, "srunched" interfaces of BB 6 on those units.

it was clearly made to not exclude navigation via touch, non-touch devices with the use of the trackpad and keyboard.

it clearly works well in this situation on the 9700.

doesn't look cramp at all. Can't wait to see a similar size candy bar shaped (traditional) blackberry with a touch screen - leaning towards some more the size of the 9000.

Cheap feeling, old looking QWERTY devices? What a turd. What's the matter, feeling a little PO'd that the 9700 runs BB6 better than your new Torch?

OK it is a 9700 - I know.
But it looks like the same ole stuff to me.

Boot time less than 1 minute - implying that you will still be booting/battery pulling often...geez..

Hard for me to find anything interesting here - much less exciting.

It's more of the same with a twist. If I wanted something totally different I'd go with another phone. If I wanted it to look like Android, I'd get an Android, and the same holds true for iPhone. Since I like Blackberry, I still like for things to be much of like they were, but with some upgrades and tweaks. I like knowing that I can grab a brand new BlackBerry, and be up and running in no time. Not everyone likes to spend hours trying to relearn a phone, and spend hours on end searching for apps to install. That's usually for those with a lot of free time on their hands. I'm loving the new features and browser. I can't wait to get OS 6

I figured that at&t would get os 6 first but thanks for crushing all of my hopes and dreams t-mobile. Well at least they will leak it.

TMO is really my fav carrier that I have had. I just think because of at&t getting the torch they will approve os 6 first and the phone in the vid is at&t branded.

The Torch excited me much more with regard to the OS than the hardware. Now that it looks like my 9700 will run pretty well with OS6, I'm pretty comfortable sticking with what I have until my contract's up.

Doesn't both the 9700 and the 9550 have close to the same specs? It's even better suited for the touch screen features of OS6?

Doesn't both the 9700 and the 9550 have close to the same specs? It's even better suited for the touch screen features of OS6?

Sorry, the 9700 and 9550 are completely different internally (GSM chipset vs CDMA chipset)... The only simularity would be the amount of memory :)

Heh, I know that. Thus the "close to the same specs". The radio wouldn't make a difference as far as OS compatibility goes (other than the appropriate radio file for the device). My point is that both the 9700 and the 95X0 have the same amount of memory, so why not release OS6 for both series of phones if it works on the 9700?

I did notice that someone mentioned later in this thread that all of the touchscreen functions being removed in the 9700 version of OS6 (which makes complete sense as it's not a touchscreen phone). Maybe this has made the difference in 9700 users being able to load OS6 and the Storm users out of luck? This also makes me question just how much free memory a 9700 will have once OS6 is loaded onto it and if it will even be worth it.

The Torch is nice but I don't need or want all of that touch screen-ness (let's make it a word lol) I'm fine with my 9700!! I just want something new. BB6 is the new I'm waiting for...

Upon a second watch ive noticed that the touchpad is almost useless. Notice how often he uses it and how unresponsive it is. I dont have this issue on my Bold. Perhaps this is an OS6 glitch/bug?

I don't see that at all. The only place the trackpad seemed slow was in WebKit (which, I hope there's a sensitivity adjustment for somewhere because I have that same problem with Bolt and Opera on OS5). Everywhere else, I saw even less lag in the OS6 demo than I currently have with my custom theme on OS5!

...i think his trackpad is set to a low a 10 or something. I have mine set at 80. Makes a big difference. haha!

Oh and I totally agree.


"No flip, no crap" lol hilarious. RIM is wise to try both so that users get an experience more personalized towards their likings. Some want that flip/slide excitement. I prefer the "boring" bar :)

this guy left out the most important thing!
WHY DIDNT U SHOW US THE MEMORY?? i would like to know how much memory is left over.

i dont believe that 15MB number esp when u sound so sarcastic about it, i agree give us a source, i was thinking more along the lines of 50MB file free memory.

I assume that the 15MB number was pulled out of somewhere dark and smelly for effect, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were very low. RIM has been willing in the past to release devices with terribly insufficient memory, and I won't install OS6 if it will end up requiring that I use QuickPull twice a day like my 9000 did.

Memory...screw this I am dropping my 9700 as soon as I can for an Android based device. I can't believe I typed that being a LOOOOONG time BB guy. I used the Samsung Captivate this all I can say.

Then perhaps BlackBerry is no longer for you... People's needs change, and their device will change with it. We will welcome you back when you are ready. ;-)

I really get the memory thing, I wish there was always a sufficient supply and wonder why Blackberry does not include more on their devices. That said, my friend got the Samsung Captivate a few weeks ago and I have to say I was underwhelmed.

It seems more the cdma chipsets rather than touchscreens specifically, the 9650 got bumped up to 512MB whereas they didn't feel the need to do that with the 9100.

I think its very nice and can't wait. As above, why did he he leave out the memory???? You guys got any clue, how much does it use?

If you upgrade from OS5 to OS6 on a 9700, it wipes the slate clean...are the OS5 apps (like QuickLaunch, BeWeather, ScoreMobile, etc.) all backwards compatible with OS6? Or can you only run OS6-ready apps?

It will be the same as any major blackberry upgrade, some will be fine, some will mostly work and some will be broken, but ideally you will want os6 versions of all of them eventually.

How do we know this isn't actually a 9780 or similar? They haven't shown us the "About" screen with all the information.

Exactly what I was thinking... no showing the About screens, means it could either be 9700 or 9780... as they have identical cases and keyboards (as far as we know)... I would have a hard time believing that a full blown OS 6 would leave enough memory on a 256MB device... Especially considering the fact they mention how snappy it runs, etc. I'm betting this is a 9780 with 512MB of memory.

why would BGR mess with their credibility by faking a news story on something that's honestly not that big a deal?

Probably its not coming to our beloved 8520 because of the processor. I really like to see it though if it will be released but i really doubt it either I'll stick to the 5.xx OS or get myself android phone with froyo wich if this OS6 won't be realesed

Its nice to see BB6 running on the 9700, especially when most of us BBers have the 9700 bold. So I knw I'm happy, now let's just start rolling it out!!!! :)

I used to have a 9700 but it didn't sound like this one...I the curve, clic, clic, clic, clic.clic.

It's good to now know that OS6 will run just fine on out 9700. One thing that does bother me though is the lack of open space on the homescreen. I've always been a huge wallpaper person and thus always used minimalistic theme. Since OS6 themes wont really be able change the homescreen I'm going to miss having a large view of my wallpapers. At the end of the day its a price I'm willing to pay to use the software though.

On the second look, the trackpad or the pointer movement is not very fluid. I've seen it move like that on nokia E71. Will have to wait and see.

WE know its the bold 9700 and not the 9780 because of the chrome around the bezel... the 9780 doesn't have the chrome lining, it has a full black lining around it!! soo i would clearly say this is the bold 9700... HOPE THAT HELPS!!! :)

Other than the layout, I didnt see any record setting improvement in switching between screen/apps or web page loading. If there was I would be willing to bet it is no more than a 4 second difference.

Maybe my phone is just bug free and runs the way it is supposed to, I dont know. Please let me know if Im missing the big picture

I'm not interested in the Torch. Sliders are so 2006. I cant wait to run 6.0 on my BOLD though :) wooohoooo!!

Ive been waiting for so long!! its good to see how fast and snappy it runs on the 9700, and that this isnt a "watered down" version of the OS.

im also hear rumors that it will be out for the 9700 by next week... i hope thats true. Come on Tmo!!!! :)

About 2 weeks ago, I was told by a T-Mobile rep that the RIM people mentioned they expected a release about August 16. Since that time, in other blogs I see RIM has been working on several upgrades to OS6. I'd like to think that's why TMO hasn't released it yet. I'd prefer to wait a bit longer and have some assurances that the new release will be bug-free.

Odds are that the date given was just a random guess from that t-mobile rep, logically they are either going to want to release os6 for existing devices at the same time or just after they launch the 9780 since it is will either be bad enough to put people off upgrading to a new blackberry or good enough that people have no need to upgrade.

I'm hesitant about updating to 6.0 once released because many of the apps that I do use are not 6.0 friendly. Hopefully, the compatibility will be corrected by then. Other than the Torch being a great looking phone (not as leather bound as the 9700), I don't think it would have anything to offer me over my 9700. Sure, I would love to have a bigger screen, but I've stuck with BB for years even when all the "screen only" devices came about because overall, it's a solid, functional experience. We'll see, but I've been extremely tempted to buy the Torch, but I know there are some minor issues that users have reported. Just sticking with what I know and what works, thus far.

I love my leather bound 9700, btw, as opposed to the plastic/metal backing. The leather offers a distinguished look and a bit of style as much as it offers function with friction (it doesn't slip from my hands or the dash).

To be honest, I was pretty much worry about the performance of Bold9700 running OS6 due to the existence of 9650, which has more memory, but after seeing this it makes me HAPPY to see that the device can run new OS6 seamlessly fluid.

"What a relief!!"

How much memory will bb6 actually take up from our bold.... i have many apps and themes that im very happy with.. a nice little collection... and im left with 90mb on my phone!! it already sucks enuff that im gonna have to lose everything upgrading to 6.. but atleast with enuff memory left over i can hopefully start over with new apps and themes!! if not i would much rather just get the webkit browser and stay with my os5... i really dont see that much of an improvement for me to change to it if i gonna have to sacrifice all my memory on my phone!!!!!!!

u know what though. i had a HUGE collection on my BOLD as well, but it ran so god damn slow cause of all my theme and apps. just keep the ones that u use the most on ur phone and leave the rest on the sites where u got them from. ur device will run more efficient. mine does now cause i took most of my Apps off. just a heads up so u can run OS6 at the speed u want it to

I am loving this. I want the blackberry 6 right now. but being that I am an adict for technology and blackberry, I still want the torch but trust in believe I will have fun with my bold 9700 in the mean time too. GIVE IT TO ME NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!

After watching that, I am not sure if I prefer OS 6.0 to OS 5.0. I just feel that OS 5.0, while not miraculous is a little more polished for the Qwerty phones and less compromised in size and dimensions.

Now, on the Torch side, I think it's quite a nice marriage, but they should have(as everyone has repeated countless times) up'ed the Processing speed. Sure it may hinder Battery Life, but there's apps for that, there's Seido batteries - it's just kind of.. disappointing?

The video is cool, but without any phone ATM my options are kinda endless, and if my Carrier will just release a device I will be all on that (if its the Torch) BUT if its the Captivate(barring their initial GPS fixes)that'll be my first choice.

I loved my Storm2(kinda miss it) and I think the Torch is a collaboration, but to downgrade to lag, I dunno..

...But who's to say I won't open 2 limes, one Torch one Captivate :)

So when is this really going to come out? If the refresh is coming out in the fall and RIM want everyone to purchase that, when will we see this?

I like the 5.0 on my device and the 6.0 doesn't really look all that special (except for the icons but I can buy a theme for that. Plenty of awesome themes showing those off) And I'm pretty sure that Hedone or Elecite can make a theme that runs practically just like the os 6.0 They are some skilled masters of their trade....

And the browser is still poop. I will use my iphone for that. I'm just gonna hang tight until the best Blackberry phone comes. Hopefully soon...

Come on, leak it now, or i will call all my people in tj and we go and force you to leak it, so...ok, im just kidding, just leak it please!

I have always hated side sliderS like the htc touch pro 2 it just doesn't make sense how when u slide to type unloose so much screen real estate but the palm pre style has always been my favorite too bad tmobile never got the psalm pre for me just used some of my friends.. I didnget a chance to play with my friends 9800 for an and it is truebto slide like between bum conversations was a bit slow I believe this will be addressed in software updates... I love the much wider bigger LCD for watching videos and theboption to sometimes for quick messages ton have to virtual keypad mind u I hate v keypads Hate them iPhones Hd2 droid x etc it's just not possible to typenfornhours as I can on my 9700 but the addition of having the option tontype with a bold like real keyboard and also ton use touch menus and watch videos in landscape is just non way in will keep my bold and jump tO the 9800 as soon as I can find one for at least 350-400 dollars for now I'm waiting liken the rest of usnto implement 6.0 on my bold then put it up for sale in exchange for a 9800 unguysnthat hatebsliders ur notnjust getting a slider but also more optionsntontouch mrnusnand usenlandscape mode for videos not to mention a bigger LCD,,,,,one thingnthat rim really screwed up royally on was this continues crap using that same olsn624 MHz chipnmy God get a 1Ghz chip like everyone elses flagship fones... Shame on rim maybe the next 9800 will have a faster CPU and come to tmobilenfor now I'll be stuck using 9800!sit only edge on tmobile and hope the next 9800 gets faster hardware and comes to tmobile 3G

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this made my morning! super excited to have this on my 9700. whats that in the comments about it only having like 13mb of free space AFTER deleting BBM? i call BS on that bbm is inegral integral to BB.. anyway here is waiting for OS6

I highly, highly doubt a 9780 would have branding on it already. It just doesn't make sense.

Also, this video doesn't work on my requires flash.

It looks great and I'm not surprised it runs better on the Bold9700 than Torch 9800. People automatically assume that because of the jump in memory to 512 on the 9800 that OS6 will run better on those devices. I think the 9700 is the best device RIM has on the market today. As far as the memory required to run OS6, I'm almost sure RIM delay in releasing the new OS6 is due to them trying to optimize it as much as possible so that it will not consume the majority memory on devices that have only 256mb.

I love my 9700 but I'm still holding out for the 9800. IMHO BB OS 6 looks to be more intuitive with the addition of the touch screen option. I'm hoping this build running on the 9700 above will have the same "snap".

YOUR CRAZY....i think it looks great. i have the 9650, and i'm glad to say im happy for u 9700 owners. all u guys we're so worried about not getting it when u we're told that u we're gonna get it....LOL...looks great!!!

I've used the Torch and the slide has too much play...Still can't get used to touch screen either. 9700 all the way!

Ahh stop keeping us waiting RIM, I need OS6 on my 9700!
May I ask anyone whether if AT&T or another network releases the OS, can others from other networks download that too? Thanks in advance..

I am wondering weather to keep my unlocked 9700 or craigslist it. Seeing as I now have the 9800 it's a wonder if ill ever want to rock the 9700 with OS 6 on it.

Altough it seems to lag a bit sometimes it´s a definite new experience that i want to experience...


the 9800 is built more like a 9650 than a 9700, so makes sense it runs OS 6 choppily, as 9650 running 5.0 suffers from some serious lag as well compared to a 9700 running 5.0... So OS 6 running more smoothly on a 9700 vs a 9800 is not a huge surprise...

If you pop open the back of a 9700, it's quite obvious it's a completely different design from the 9550/9650/9800 school... almost like the 9700 was designed by a completely different group... maybe even outsourced... which is why it runs so well! :p

Actually the 9800 is bound to have more similarities with the other gsm devices as far as components and those are going to be what dictates its performance in the long run, the thing to remember with this 9700 leak is that it is probably newer and the 9800 will also improve with any subsequent software releases.

Are we all still going crazy over BlackBerry OS 6? Woopie we get a minute boot up time for only 3 devices! Almost all phones now have a minute of boot time, BlackBerry is just getting, awesome. I love BlackBerry but still, if everyone acts so grateful over little upgrades, RIM will stop, we need to demand much more! A much better app store, more social networking apps! I know I am sounding greedy, but really this is only benefiting a small group of users, what about other users? We are getting screwed over and everyone just seems to be so happy about it. I am still happy about OS 6, its a start... But really the browser is the only thing that's great but the social feeds app is extremely weird, just linking crappy RIM social networking apps together and saying its something new. A plethora of devices are going to be abandoned and no one cares. This rage might mainly be coming from the fact I still have an 8330, but come on put an Android phone next to a BlackBerry phone and it does everything better(besides multi tasking at least). Anyways its still looking pretty good by RIM's standards.

Can't wait to get BBerry 6. I've been stuck with this less than stellar web experience and other problems for too long.

I love my 9700 but when I went to the ATT store to play with the 9800 I really enjoyed it. So much so I would have taken one home with me if they gave me the early upgrade they gave to the Iphone3GS users when the Iphone4 came out (Boo).

But seeing this I might want to wait for a leaked version to play with and see which I like better.

Love having choices!

The browsing is fast due to the fact he is using WIFI!! if you haven't notcied. But it seems overall pretty good. I'd still get the torch!!

Even on WiFi, the native BB browser (5.0) didn't load FULL webpages as fast as it showed in the video. Plus, RIM has repeatedly said that the problem with the browser is not how fast the information is pulled from 3G or WiFi, but what goes into translating it afterwards.

Go to,they have a bb friendly youtube video.While we are waitng for os 6 to be released, checkout one of the 3 hybrids with os 6 files in the os/hybrid post.

Man I would have loved to have this for my 9700!!! OS 6 looks great on it, I know alot of 9700 owners and they are going to be thrilled.

I went from the Bold 9000 to the new Torch - though the Torch is nice and has many additional functions that the Bold didn't have - I'm really not liking the slider on it. The keys are awkward and a bit smaller, making it a little difficult to use the slide out keyboard.

I loved my Bold 9000, but like many others, got excited at a "new Blackberry w/Touch Screen". But the touch screen really isn't all it's cracked up to be! So...I'm seriously considering taking it back and getting the Bold with the OS 6 (which ultimately, is what makes the Torch so great!)

ok now that there's a video showing os6 on the 9700, time to show us one of the pearl 3g running os6!

....doesn't mean it's real. OS 6.0 is a figment of our imagination, like Bigfoot, Aliens and Obama's success.

I LOVED my 9700 but i miss my Android. RIM please convince me to stay with you or I'm jumping for the G2..that thing is delicious!

Had the 9700. I still won't go back to it after getting the Torch. Whats with the guy in the Video saying the Torch gets bogged down, the swipe isn't great also? Sorry, but my Torch has been great. I haven't had any lag or device bog down. Touch screen is awesome with OS 6. Great to finally see the Bold running OS 6 now.

Must say, my fav part is how it runs better than on the Torch. I love my 9700, and I can't wait 'til BB 6 is out, am definitely stoked :-D

When u press menu it should open the tray instead of having to click twice. Other than that, I'm all for it and can't wait till I get OS6 for my bold 9700

I'm happy now to see this as I do not plan to give RIM any more of my money for at least another year as my 9700 is not even a year old yet itself.

Even now the 9700 STILL gets better reviews than the TORCH and the 9000 as old as it is also got a better review. I understand RIM wanting to push for the Torch to sell before releasing the OS to other devices (they did the exact same thing last year to us 9000 owners when the 9700 was released) but if my device can run the OS and run it WELL, why the hell should I shell out more bucks just to get the SAME OS on a BIGGER SCREEN? I already have an HTC HD2, so I don't need a bigger screen than that one =P

Anyways, RIM can you please release the OS for the 9700 now PLEASE!!?

I'm definitely looking forward to installing it on my Bold 9700. No chance I'm going to buy the Torch anytime soon since I only have the Bold since May and it's not available overseas yet. My first BB is the one that sparked my love for the device and the new one will most likely be a BlackBerry again. :D

We can't be sure that there aren't some compromises being made for os6 on the older devices that would result in the 9780 being a good upgrade, it is definitely encouraging that it doesn't seem to be too cutdown on the 9700 though.

besides being slow, it could not play sling mobile.. for me, a frequent traveler, that was a killer. I returned the torch and got back to my bold 9700. The 9700 is way better that the torch or any other RIM device. The 9700 is indded the best BB ever.. the torch is RIM trying to be an iphone wanna be. BB is for business mainly, and it should remain that way.

Maybe RIM gave them the 9700 version of OS 6 so that people will stay hyped for it for the next month or two? Nothing short of a release to MY device impresses me at this point.

Here are some facts that I think might ease some minds.

I went over to the Forum's here on Crackberry and looked at the info for the Leaked OS for the 9800. Here is the info

Software For BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone
BlackBerry Handheld Software v6.0.0.278 (English)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

Software Platform:
File name: 9800E_PBr6.0.0_rel278_PL6.4.0.64_A6.0.0.141_AT_amp _T.exe
File size: 122.27MB

Now look at the File Size........ 122.27 MB.

Now I have downloaded Leaked OS version's for my 9700 that were 155 MB.

So I thought to my self, well maybe they are using some supper compression. So i downloaded the 122.27 MB file and extracted it and well with no surprise they are not using compression at all. The total folder size when extracted was 144.1 MB

So here is a comparison of
9700AllLang_v5.0.0.862_P5.1.0.175 151.9 MB
9800E_v6.0.0.141_P6.4.0.64 144.1 MB

So my point here is that I don't think we are going to lose much applications space at all considering the OS 6 size is almost the same as OS 5. And in this case its smaller than OS 5.

Or maybe I am just wrong..............

For some reason the os will only be for touch screen and track-pad devices, but what do i know they might surprise you .

yeah it looks awesome... I love my 9700 but would rather have a 9800 right now because the form factor is perfect for me. Can't switch to ATT though so i'll be here with my 9700 and OS6 hopefully soon. thats not too bad.

What are the chances The Boy Genius leaks this OS?? Or if he has it, others must have it! Can the leak be more than 24hrs away??

Am I the only one just refreshing on crackberry, bbleaks, bgr????

since i hate touch screens i cant wait for 6 on my 9700. the 9700 is my fav blackberry so far...and i dont see anything changing my mind anytime soon

I'm sold! When will it be available? I know T-Mo will take their own sweet time with releasing this, but I don't want to wait!

K guys. For those that dont know, the video is from boygeniusreport. You should be visiting his site too.

Heres a nice quote from him.


"Sorry! Yeah, we don’t leak software…

I’m not sure on a timetable, I just know there are lots of builds and they are coming fast. So far, I’ve been using the OS all day and besides a couple minor glitches (sometimes the notification bar at the top of the homescreen takes a second or two to update the new email icon), it’s actually been rock solid.

Really pleased with it!"

Also, he replied back to me when I asked how much memory was left.


"Around 68MB on start up…"

Personally Im ok with that. And Im very much looking forward to this. If he says he's pleased with it, most of us will be pleased with it.

How much of that space is required for phone operation, and how much would be safe to use for applications? Does anyone know? And what if the OS was shrunk first... You would think that number would improve, wouldn't it?

I thought for sure at four pages of postings, a Tour owner would have chimed in. The 256mb thing.
I gave my G/F my Tour when I got my Bold 9650 and kinda felt like I may have gyped her, being a device with a chronic trackball issue (and wouldnt you know it, a week later after she had it...)(diggin BB over her Palm Pre though, that got ripped.)
Was bummed cause I know Im am going to be a jubilee when I have 6.0 on my Bold and shes stuck w/ a crappy browser and all. I so hope it runs 6.0w/trackball.That phone was suppose to be like a professionals phone, always wondered WTF?
One other thing, was reading some earlier post and got to thinking, wouldnt 6.0o be totaly cool in a Modual" version. Like, take what function you like, leave the rest. I would take the browser for sure and the new Camera options.

BB6 is a REFRESH of OS 5, youre G/F wont feel too bad. Especially as us 9700 owners work out the bugs on an OS that may not see many builds for our device. Believe me, BB6 may be a curse in disguise... OK, enough trolling for now!

Like someone has already stated, this new OS would suffice for me until my contract is up. While having touch screens are nice for watching videos and swiping through music albums or apps, it isn't a must-have for me. I'm impressed with the improved browser and other tweaks presented with this OS version. This will make an already useful device all the more useful.

This video may have just saved me 500 bones. I think I'll keep my 9700 and wait till I'm eligible for an upgrade (1 1/2 years). Maybe by then they'll put a modern display on a Torch update.

Ok BGR said that 68MB of memory were left but we know from experience that BBs need to have at least 10 to 15 MB of free space in order for the BB to work correctly so in worst case scenario 68-15=53 MB. Now BGR answered that at startup the BB had 68 MB memory but the question is what apps had it installed BBM that is about 2 MB, Facebook about 1.5 MB, WLM, etc. Because now we have only left 53 MB but if none of that apps are installed then we would only be left 45 or left MBs after installing those apps.

So what do you think.

1. Is 53 MB enough for not worrying about apps space?, of course media is out of the question because for that there is the media card

2. Which apps do you think where installed when BGR said 68 MB at startup?

1. No

2. I was thinking he didn't have anything installed. Or very few apps.

I'm a little concerned about 68mb. Of course the ideal thing for Rim to do would be to enable the installing of apps to sd cards. That would solve any problems with limited internal memory with os 6

1. So what apps do you think the got installed?

2. Do you currently how much of free memory does the 9700 has after startup with os 5?

How much of that do you think is "integrated" now? (comes installed with the OS). From my understanding, OS6 has social feeds to things like Facebook, which leads me to believe apps like Facebook are preinstalled. How else would the data be collected for the social feeds? This would mean the 1.5 mb for the FB app would already be taken into consideration. This is all fine and good as long as we can remove what we don't use. I use FB but not Myspace or twitter so I should be able to delete those.

Im excited to see this run smooth on the 9700...thinkin i may save my 500 buckeroos i was gonna spend on the Torch and just upgrade my software!

Wait for a 6.XXX something to fix what you can already see isnt that great at all...the browser is almost the same. A lot of hype was around 6.0 and it didnt live up at all.

Uh, this is CrackBerry! oh, and your screen name discredits ALL you have to say. Why would we listen to a DroidTroll?

TROLL.... Yeah, Droid does!!!

This made me a little happy right here. I'll stick with my 9700 a while longer....until the iPhone comes to T-Mobile.

i was just over at and they posted that this is not a fully version of the OS. it a testing OS because of the "level 1" thats at the top of the home screen. so i was thinking when i saw this video that if they have the OS then leak should be here very soon. well, they convinced me thats not gonna happen from them. read there article on the home page. pretty astonishing if you ask me

nope,.......i didnt notice that, my bad. its just what driphter said that all....juust "he said, she said" BS.........thats all

They drop the OS 6 for 9700. The internet will crash, bump all the haters hating us for loving our phone. I'm good and sticking with this til the contract is up or maybe until next year when i settle for the 9780.

When Blackberry 6 drops for the 9700 the torch will lose some of its shine, let's not forget the Bold is and always be a GREAT phone!!!

I'm not a die hard BB, Android, or any other platform fan.

But as a TMO BB9700 and Samsung Vibrant owner, I'm a little excited about getting 6.0

As much as I love Android, I love my BB just a little more and use it as my daily user/work horse. (I'm a part time TMO RSA)

Other than the browsing experience, I'm really happy with my BB. For me it does everything I need it to do. With this OS, this just made me love my BB a little more. :)

To have 68mb is fine with me, I'm not a big fan of the apps for blackberry anyway. Besides FB, Ubertwitter and maybe another 4 more apps, you won't find anymore of them on my device. When it comes to apps, BB's suck compared to what Android and Apple offer, not to mention they are horribly expensive. I'll stick with my HD2 with Android and WM dual boot for apps and my beloved 9700 for what it was made for, business. I don't mind it having a little makeover though. So 68mb is good enough for me!

I'm really looking forward to this :) BB 9700 is a great phone, i've never used the torch, so i can't really tell if it's better or not, but i'll love my 9700 with OS 6, i guess it isn't a big deal anyway but it's a nice refresh

Can't wait. T-Mobile subscribers should not sleep over not having a Torch. Blackberry 6 and UMA will do for me at least. UMA rocks

I agree UMA rox just wish the Canadian Big three would use it on their 3G phones like Rogers does with EDGE phones

I have to say as a Blackberry user I am satisfied with the my 9650. I got hooked with the 8800 and liked both the storm and the storm2, I have absolutely been happy with my new device. If I wanted the other phones I would have purchased them. Actually when I tried the 8800 I did so reluctantly because all other smartphones disappointed me so much I only had them for 29 days. I am patiently, who am I kidding impatiently waiting for OS6 and doubt Ill return to a touch screen again. I wish everyone would stop hating on BB, if you don't like it don't use it and leave those of us who are satisfied the hell out of it. Thanks

gives me hope to hold on to my 9700 and wait for a touchscreen with the keyboard without having to slide. OS6 looks smoother can't wait where is the leak already.

Over at bbleaks someone made a comment that made me think. They claim that there is a good chance that carriers won't release BB6 for the 9700 so they can better push the refreshed bold 9780. I can so see att do this without aby reservations. I mean heck how many official versions of OS 5 are out there for the 9000 from them? If you were a bold user back then and wanted 5 you had to get the 9700! If that is the case that would be a big kick in the d..k for us 9700 users. I refuse to plop down more money for a new device to get 6. Unbelievable!

i defininitely agree...i HOPE something can be done with this. it would make sense...anyone try using it with their 9700? AHHHHH I DONT WANNA WAIT ANYMORE LOL

have you guys noticed that the 9780 OS 6 is more colorful than the 9700? this looks like OS 5.0 to me lol.

im sure we are ALL waiting on an answer to that question lol i, myself, would love to know the same thing! i CANT WAIT for os6 on the BB 9700!!!! WOOOOT!!

I'm glad I got to see OS6 running on the 9700, to me it definitely looks good on it. I have to agree with others though & say that I'll wait for a definitely number on memory before I jump to upgrade, hopefully it will leave a good number behind, which I'm hoping since there won't be any touchscreen interface to deal with.

it looks to me that the 9700 is running BB6 very well. whats the point of even bringing the same model phone to market with a slightly better camera, and 512mb of ram? i could see them wanting to bring it to market if the 9700 couldnt run BB6. but it looks like it can do it very well, and if they enable running apps off of the SD Card or built in mem then the 512mb of ram on the newer 9780 would be negligible. Now if it was a combo touch screen and phys keyboard candybar that would be worth it....

I think it looks great, as I am a proud owner of the 9700. It's missing the cool things we saw on the torch, such as dragging the menu up for full display. While I love to try new devices, I also love to push my device to the limit and see if it holds up. Can't wait for the release, and we'll see if I want to get a torch or not.

Im not sure about you guys, but a leaked version on the Bold 9700 will probably slow the phone down, and there will be lots of lag probably. So idk about the whole leak thing.....

Okay, I know this is probably how every other 9700 owner feels but I just wanted to check to see if I'm normal.. I believe I have an obsession with the 9700 and any possible leak for its os6. I check the Crackberry blogs and the forums every 10 minutes or so. If I'm busy, every 30 minutes. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now. Can RIM and other sources who have the OS just leak it already?!?!

Like the guy said it seems to be a snappy OS, that should calm some nerves. I had heard some grumbling about OS6 might be slower on the 9700 with the less memory at 256mb compared to the newer devices at 512mb. That should be a moot point, since I'll already have the Torch before OS6 is released for the 9700. I will be updating the OS for my wife, since she will be getting my 9700.

It'll arrive on the 9700 once the carriers, one or more, put it out as official.

I won't use a leaked OS, but an OFFICIAL release. I don't care what carrier lol (delete the vendor file to install it)

I thought it would be a little slow on the 9700, as 9780 comes as an upgrade, but it doesn't on your review. I read a post that Verizon stops testing OS6 on Storm2 due to slow performance. Guess that BlackBerry OS is running better on non-touch device? Hopefully other devices with 256MB RAM will be able to run this. Can you show us how many storage left after OS6 installed on 9700?

For those who are worrying about 9700 os 6 performance issues, RIM are not going to release it if the testing proved the 9700 wasn't capable of running it smoothly. :)

I am waiting for Bold 9000 like form factor with atleast 1 gb memory and OS6.
Camera is no use for me,
Media player, I don’t listen music on my BB,
And I wish if track pad could be white colour too.
So a complete white bold.

This is a hybrid, which is based on os base and adds other files, including into it. It is not os 6. there are quite a few of these hybrids out there. Willyboy makes some of the best hybrids. there are newer ones based on the lates os and include os, .151, .161 files in there. Check them out because they will make your bb run super fast with great battery life.

This is a hybrid, which is based on os base and adds other files, including into it. It is not os 6. there are quite a few of these hybrids out there. Willyboy makes some of the best hybrids. there are newer ones based on the lates os and include os, .151, .161 files in there. Check them out because they will make your bb run super fast with great battery life.

can sumone leak this already. im seriously getting really impatient already. driving myself crazy by sitting on the comp all day waiting for a leak to drop (even thought i have notifications sent straight to my phone)..........get on it already !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like my Bold 9700, but I would love to have this OS on it. I am not to fond of the slider of the torch. I really think that this OS6 will / is worth the wait to put it on the 9700. I just hope it comes out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BGR is garbage. It's a pro apple site that always nit pick every other phone. Says the BB is at the bottom of the barrel.

How convenient is it that video doesn't show the phone with the network radio on so it would actually say CDMA. That is the 9780.

Anything to get hits. Retarded site, stay clear.

I feel like Blackberry needs to go one step further, and take a blackberry 9000 design the body and size... Put a better camera on the back with the ability to record 720p video, also put in a front facing camera, and make the screen a high res capacitive touch screen... That would be a work of art... and I'd buy it without a question in my mind... Of course I'd like to see it have a faster processor and more application memory... RIM listen to me!!!! :)

First off this is a 9700, google 9780, you will see the differenct, second, there is a video out on youtube where there is a white bb bold 9700 as well as the new pearl with os 6 AND it shows the about section, it wont take up that much mem