BlackBerry 6.1 is now named BlackBerry 7! (and no, it is not QNX based)

BlackBerry 6.1 is now BlackBerry 7
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Apr 2011 03:03 pm EDT

If you're a CrackBerry regular, you'll know both the operating system names BlackBerry 6.1 and BlackBerry 7 have been talked about quite a bit. BlackBerry 6.1 is the evolutionary upgrade to BlackBerry 6, and its existence and some of its features have already been announced by Research In Motion back at DevCon Asia at the start of the year (you can learn even more about it's features in our 2011 Roadmap post).

BlackBerry 7 has been rumored about too, and so far has been acknowledged as being that magical unicorn OS that finally brings the best of the traditional BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS together for a QNX-based Smartphone. At least that was the case... until now.

We've now received word from numerous sources that next week at BlackBerry World we'll see BlackBerry 6.1 now be unveiled as BlackBerry 7. And no, it won't be QNX-based so don't get your hopes up for that. Why the name change? We're not totally sure. Since the new OS will launch on new devices (I hope they announce the BlackBery Bold 9900 next week!) it could be they wanted to up the 6.1 value proposition with a new-sounding OS to match the new hardware. Or it could be that because some of the new features in BlackBerry 6.1/7 require hardware that's not currently in BlackBerry 6 Smartphones, that we won't see 6.1/7 hit current BlackBerry 6 phones so RIM wanted to differentiate the OS numbers a bit further than one decimal place. Keep in mind on our 2011 roadmap we also saw references to a "lite" version of BlackBerry 6.1 - so hopefully that means we'll still seem solid updates come to current BlackBerry 6 devices.

And I guess this news means that BlackBerry 8 is now the QNX-based phone OS a lot of us will be waiting for (though we keep hearing these new phones are super sweet so I'm still looking forward to BlackBerry 7).  Ahh well, I'm sure we'll know more soon, so keep it locked to as we hit Orlando for BlackBerry World next week! 

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BlackBerry 6.1 is now named BlackBerry 7! (and no, it is not QNX based)


What exactly is so disappointing about this? You were really that amped about the next OS version being named 6.1? You've somehow go it in your head that this name change will alter the current deadlines for future OS's? I don't get it.

Did you guys read the article? Maybe he (and I) is disappointed that his device will not get the update! Gee.

maybe you miss the fact that none of this more than rumors and speculation about what coming where. But if you had no plans to upgrade, with the specs I see, then you sir are the diappoinment. Just got Torch when came out and i will have torch 2 on release day.

It actually makes sence to rename it OS7 if the current phones won't be able to support it.Lord knows my OS6 9700 can't handle anything else as it is practically out of memory with 9 apps I ahve installed in it lol. Def looking forward to upgrading soon.

Some of you guys here are so shallow minded, its pathetic! You complain about the "isheep", but I can tell you, you guys are worse. All it takes is for someone to say something infinitesimally negative about RIM, and you attack like a pack of rottweilers! You're like little boys that need to grow up!
The point I was making, if you had any sense to read between the lines, was that with this name change, there might be a delay in the QNX for phones release.
Now I don't know about you, but that is definitely disappointing to me.


Everyone who has a Playbook (myself included) knows QNX is not nearly ready yet. When RIM finally gets the Playbook right in a few months time THEN it will be ready for phones.

You're right and it's a well-known fact that QNX phones will not be coming before spring 2012. I always wondered why they didn't just name it 7 since all the features in the new phones will not be supported on older models.

Hmmm I liked OS6.1, some how I don't feel like the update will be big enough to jump a whole #. I was definitely getting used to the Idea of OS 7 being the anticipated QNX based OS. :(

i strongly agree. the differences between 0s6 and os6.1 are too minimal to now call it OS7. i am a bit disappointed to be honest. These phones better be something great. I personally, am a bit skeptical about this whole better hardware means better bb. I currently have a 9700 running os6 and although i understand browsing will be snappier I cant imagine my life dramatically changing with 1.2 ghz and 768mb of ram. Is anyone else thinking this, or is it just me?

of course not, what kind of question is that when it isnt released yet. but from the leaked videos and articles here and there about what its going to offer you can pretty much conclude that its all small stuff. sure nfc, and better graphics, and manage the panes or whatever, but nothing dramatic. Dont get me wrong, I'm excited to get the 9900, but I know that after a couple of hours I'll be saying " what lol"

A sarcastic one. You could make the argument that 6.1/7 has more features/changes than what 6 had over 5, given what we know about it.

OS5 to OS6 involved a browser and universal search. Each of those alone are monumental upgrades. I'm yet to see something similar now.

So Open GL-ES 2.0, NFC, Magnetometer, HTML5 and HD video aren't major improvements to you? They all require quite a bit of work to implement.

No one wants to know about this stuff they just want to complain, it's the latest in thing, complain about RIM, no matter what they do.

The home screen on the iPhone has looked exactly the same since it came out, what 3-4 years ago, doesn't matter. They added cut and paste and fake multitaksing ooooo love apple.

Not really, NFC is something that may not even catch on from the security issues I've been reading. Maybe HTML5, but browsing on 2.8 inch screen isn't exactly enticing. look we can go back and forth, but I just don't see a big step. I'm gonna hold out till QNX in 2012.

all of you ppl who are sayin that ppl are complaining about rim and being all negative. your being naive. From a straight busienss perspective, RIM will go down and I do not want to see that to happen because I love RIM. but for me to ignore their choices is just dumb. I fear that rim will end up like nokia.

Majority are SPECs not really OS related. The Storm on OS 5 had Open GL. I'm def not complaining. I'm just saying I like the Idea of OS 7 being the "Hihglander" the one that brought both BB and Tablet OS together to make 1.

I agree. The changes all look very minute. Fr it to jump one whole number to try and push new hardware and justify its purchase is just plain dumb. If the new hardware is solid, it will sell even with just plain ol' 6.0. If it sucks not even calling it 9.0 will save it from going under. So just stick with what the OS really is......6.1 and incremental change at that is it. Remember what you said about the change from 5.0 to 6.0.."It's and evolution, not a revolution." Same goes here.

The differences between OS6 and 7 will be greater than pretty much any iOS upgrade. However, no one ever complains because the iOS upgrades come with a new phone, just like OS7 will.

cant argue with you there. I'm just saying. From what we have seen 6.1 looks a lot like 6.0 But whatever. Perhaps what others have mentioned is true. OS 6.1 is what current phones (Torch/Bold9780/Style) will get. The new line up will get a OS 7. And Dual Core Berries will get OS10! probably in 2013.......

I would gladly go for that. Just give us 6.1 and release 7 for the new phones.

Wait. Didn't we say EXACLTY the same thing before? "Give us 5.2 and release 6 for the new devices" anyone?

History has a tendency of repeating itself...

I couldn't agree more. This change seems like more than semantics, really. At the least, it gives the impression that RIM is settling with less and calling it more (ala the Torch and it's HUGE marketing push). At the most, it means current BB6 owners won't get this upgrade and that RIM won't make big upgrades--like front-facing camera, 1080p recording (2010 specs), dual-core processor and QNX OS--until BB8, which means probably fall of 2012, if that.

I know nothing is set in stone right now, but you're indicating that it's possible that my Torch 9800, which I just bought 6 months ago will now essentially run the same OS (with minor bug fixes only) for the end of days?

This honestly makes me think twice about future Blackberry purchases.

Guess I'll just have to hope a hybrid is possible.

So you bought your phone with the intention, that it will one day be upgraded to the newest version and the company would let you run their newest OS on your device?

dont get me wrong but whats wrong with your torch the way it is?

is the upgrade that important to you?

How Long do you people keep phone's. When I was teen every 6 months had new 1 but had no bills. I got my torch 6 months ago and in another 6 I will want new just in time for torch 2. A year or 2 max asan adult and time to upgrade technology moves ahead doesn't stand still. Makes sense doesn't it!

How long? As long as possible, of course. Why upgrade without a compelling reason?

I went from the 7290 to the 8800, then 8820, and finally the 9800. (That short jump from 8800 to 8820 was just for wifi.)

My last upgrade (in early December) was only because App World refused to install on my 8820.

I understand that upgrading every couple years is reasonable. However, I expect my $500 phone to make it at least a year before it starts to look outdated or worse, abandoned by the manufacturer.

I wonder if 6.1 will be the "6.1 lite" and 7 will now be what was 6.1. I just hope that the current 6.0 phones will be upgradable to 6.1 lite at the very least.

That was the old numbering though. Think of it this way:

OS6.1 will now be OS7
OS6.1 lite will now be known as OS6.1
OS7 (QNX) will now be OS8

Obviously this is all speculation, but it would make much more sense than having a "lite" version.

Current OS6 devices will be upgradable to OS6.1 and all new devices will be on OS7. There is no reason for my current Bold to have NFC support, compass support, extra graphics support and the other upgrades that my phones hardware wont be able to take advantage of.

No way to know for sure until everything plays out, of course, but anastasiophan's comment is a reasonable conclusion. That's more than can be said about most of the responses to this article, unfortunately.

I'm sure it also has something to do with the mindset of "higher number is better" in the consumer's mind in regards to the Windows Phone 7 platform. i think the features added would certainly constitute an entire number upgrade.

That's a little dissapointing to hear.
I was hoping to get OS 6.1 on what seemed to be my brand new Blackberry Torch.
I guess it's old news now...

I think 6.1 will me a huge upgrades for OS6 and OS7 will me half away between QNX and OS6.

OS7 will be something to keep users happy until QNX.

Exactly.. i expected 6.1 to run on my Torch, but since they name it 7, i kinda doubt it :/

Probably best not to look so deep into this. Don't forget OS5 came out for the storm. OS6 came out for the 9700 (and others). Other than RIM deciding on a different version number nothing is known whatsoever.

I'm new to BB, so i don't know about previous versions ;)
Anyways, even without a major upgrade im very satisfied with my Torch.

I'm guessing they will release a "6.1" on current OS6 phones. But it won't have features like the magnometer, NFC since none of the phones have the capacity. They'd release OS7 for the new devices that support all this. At this rate I'm guessing to see a major software update to current OS6 phones in another 5-6 months. The 6.1 should by theory work on current OS6 phones, since it would just be a few additional options and better visuals.

i just hope they implement the a feature which allows your to save apps on the SD card like android have.

I'm freaking out! will not be able to sleep at night, every hope is gone, 6.1 was going to be the best os, now 7 will not be as good!

sorry for my sarcasm ;p

I have some doubts about this post. Jim Balsille repeatedly referred to 6.1 as 6.1, on the earnings conference call, on a Bloomberg interview and on a WSJ interview. The latter 2 happened very recently (around April 19).

its a fresh launch with a fresh number. Thats all it is.....its like pricing something at 24.99 instead of $25 to make it seem cheaper and somehow better. Its a non issue is what im saying

To be honest I think it only has to do with the average person thinking on whole numbers the vast vast majority have no idea what OS is on the phone anyways.

potato, patato.

Who cares what it's called. expect this to be the last iteration of the old OS and bring on the hybrid OS (qnx) next. if that doesn't happen I will be dissapointed, but who cares what it's called.

Wait so I won't be able to update my brand new Torch to which I have for another 2 years!!? I know RIM are stupid sometimes but surely not that stupid! It hasn't been out for long enough to go out of date already surely. My faith in RIM is failing big! :(

You shouldn't buy a phone expecting that it will run a newer and better OS software in the future, in the first place.

RIM is a very confusing company in deed. I hope things will get better real soon because I am fighting so hard not to jump ship.

Idiots? Are you, perhaps, referring to the people sitting around you in your mother's basement while you surf CrackBerry, munch on Funyuns, and drink Mountain Dew?

Actually, I don't live in the same environment as you.

I was actually referring to BB. 6.1 is not a big enough jump to be called BB7.

So the next time you try to talk shit on a blog, make sure you know what you're talking about.

Little bit confused about 6.1 and 7.
Does that mean there will be no 6.1, or does that mean, that there was a misunderstood between 6.1 and 7. I thought previously that OS6.1 is only a little bit of an improved OS6. + and - the Favorite etc. Tabs on Homescreen.

7 is also a LUCKY number and it can be used for everythiing in your life. 7 can never be wrong..check it out

Wife or GF - "Honey, what size do you thnk I am"?
you - "7"

Wife of GF - How many chicks did you shag before me"?
you - "7"

wife or GF - "How many of me do you wish you had in your life"?
you - "7!"

See, it works for everything else, so you know this will be good

Another push towards switching to Android!!

My bf just got the Samsung Galaxy S 4G from tmobile and it is an awesome phone. If RIM cant compete with Android phones and the appearance of the android OS and iOS I am gonna swap, it is starting to get old being the follower in technology rather than the leader.

Everyone says how it takes time to implement new features and new hardware and design new phones and so on and on and on. Other cell phone manufacturers are able to do it, why can't RIM?? They report great profits and sales every quarter, why not spend some of that money and come out with something new?? instead of something that Samsung or HTC came out with 6 months ago?

I love my torch, but the functionality of blackberry's is starting to be surpassed by those of other manufacturers. Come on RIM, give us something we can show off that no one else has, at least for a month or two

My thought exactly. BBM - the biggest reason we're all still hanging around........ Although.... Every time I play with a pb I am thinking "this is more like it.. One more reason to stick around".

This is the way I see it...

Android designs only the OS and the phone maker adapts it to their phone and makes changes to the os.

Apple does both like RIM but all the changes I see are bug fixes and new code for the new hardware running the phone.

RIM does both adds new features, bug fixes, designs the phone and so on...

So while Apple and RIM are close to doing the same I believe RIM still has to do a little bit more to put out a phone

Go get an android phone.. actually use one... I've heard from several people who switched from bb to android and are eager to switch back.

It's easier to innovate when you don't give a damn about security or battery power. You can focus on making things pretty, which is all you are really talking about.

Since I got my playbook I use the phone a lot less so core functionality becomes most important again email, calendar etc. Hope OS7 is graphically good like you do, but I won't switch eve if it isn't the added value of an Android phone over the PB is now zero.

I agree with this.

I moved to android about a year ago. It's a nice toy, I'll admit. But when it comes right down to heavy usage, BB has an edge, IMO. Sure, I can do the same things with a variety of apps, but the flow and cohesiveness just isn't there. Neither is the battery life, even after going to a custom rom to get rid of crapware from the carrier.

I'm eying the new lineup with a great deal of interest. Some of the new phones should be out about the time I'm due for an early upgrade.

I too am a bit skeptical about this 6.1/ 7 dilemma, personally from viewing numerous forums about OS 6.1 I do not see any major differences oppose to the icons and obviously the OS being a bit faster then the previous Blackberry OS. Personally I believe that it should stick to 6.1 because it is not a major upgrade from what we (i) know if in the near future they develop new features then all the power to RIM for calling it OS 7 then again it is not a major issue of names but I think Blackberry should focus on making the OS the best of it's kind rather then giving it a name after all actions speak louder then words.

I didn't get 6.1 from the day they started talking about it, it's geek talk not marketing talk. OS7 is a lot better than OS6.1 as far as educating consumers that it's different/better.

Recall that Jim B said carriers jaws dropped when they saw 6.1. The only think hinting at that was one photo of the compass on the Bold Touch that looked kind of TAT-like. Maybe there is more of that TAT stuff than we know. If so that's reason enough to call it OS 7. However, from the leaked videos it doesn't look that different, still 7 isn't that different from 6. Maybe QNX will be called OS10!

I believe the change to OS7 is due to the fact they are finding more things to do with the QNX OS after they have made plans to release the 6.1 OS. So to bring them closer to staying current with the rest of the Smartphones they are pushing forward and at the same time may even offer more than they stated in the 6.1OS.

I can just imagine what would be in-store with the OS 8 as in functionality and software and the devices they may have lined up to use it and possibly whats even in-store for the next few updates for the PB.

I don't care if it's 6.1, 6.1 lite, or 7.0. If I can just get something that will let me manage (remove) those useless home screen panes on my Torch, I'll be happy until QNX comes along.

This is confusing...either the QNX based phones are still a long ways away or you're going to have to upgrade your phone in a year or less...

People who say this are morons. Palm wasn't making any money. RIM is making record profits.

And, oh ya, that tablet that they put out that is supposed to be a flop is exceeding all sales expectations and they are increasing manufacturing by 100%!!!! It's over on BGR, check it out.

I guess "BB8" has got a nicer look and sound to it than "BB7" to be a wholly revamped OS system with QNX...
At least we know we're just one OS away from QNX implementation.

This. My thought is that they're trying to avoid the QNX release (which will presumably be huge news for them) having a '7' number, which might make it "blend in" with Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. Marketing types. Meh.

Is QNX software going to be better than software from Apple, Microsoft, Google or Accenture (Nokia Symbian)?

Who has more money for R&D?

Where are the Blackberry 4G phones?

It already is better, what planet are you from???

Best game on PB Need for Speed, best game on iOS Angry Birds. Why is such a POS game the number one game on iOS?? Because it cannot handle real gaming.....

That is stupid because 6.1 sounds evolutionary and 7 should be more revolutionary naming the QNX OS should be OS 7 it even sounds better 7 is lucky and they need it.

I will be waiting for a QNX BB that runs on Verizon's LTE network. I will be waiting a long time unfortunately.

With so much hype around QNX I can't see any reason why RIM is putting effort into continuing the old BB OS that is nowhere near the competition. This just doesn't make sense to me. RIM needs to can both CEO's and get somebody in there that has a clue who can pick a direction for the company... asap.

this is a sign that RIM knows that even WP7 will surpass it soon... so they figured, hey 6.1 is less than 7... we can't allow that!... Lard-ass-itis: let's make it 7!

What's the deal? Why is there now doubt that OS7 will not run on current devices? I thought only QNX would not run on current BB's... AS far as I can tell they just changed the name. SO what's the compatibility issue?

Please tell me OS7 will run on my Torch.

OS7 means there is no OS8 which means we are still in the stone ages with an outdated operating system. I sure hope Blackberry announces some great phones next week.

I'm actually very excited for this upgrade, though it may not be QNX, I'm excited to see what OS 7 has in store for us blackberry users. But what I'm really wondering is if OS 7 will be available as an update for current BB's? I have a BB Torch 9800 and as everyone has noticed, RIM didn't put much thought to making this device a hot-shot like its successor (Torch 2). Will the 9800 will be able to support this new OS even with its semi-decent specs?

Summarizing the posts so far.....

Ok, that's it... my life is officially over... RIM has changed the name of the OS from 6.1 to 7. I don't understand it... I don't know why they are doing it, but I do know that they have ruined my life.

Not only that... the change of name it surely a sign that they are only inches away from bankruptcy!!!!! Never mind that their tablet is selling beyond all expectations and they have decided to increase production by up to 100% and push out the 4G version even sooner (see BGR). In fact the high demand for the tablet is surely an indication that bankruptcy is close!!!

This name change.... that does it! I was going to stay with RIM if they called the OS 6.1 but by calling it 7, 7! Well I just can't stay with them any longer I will have to move on to Android and the fact that they lose me as a customer is just further proof that this company is bankrupt!!!

Everyone needs to F'ing relax! 6.1 or 7 its the same dammmn thing. Reasons why they changed the name might be because they added a few new things. I think Kevin released something earlier that said 6.1 and 7 we going to be the link between the current OS and QNX. So take it as such its a transition. 6.1 now being called 7 might mean the process has been sped up. The "link" is not needed. they are gonna go straight to QNX after these series of phones. So once again, every CALM THE F DOWN! BUNCH Of *itches on this post, its a f*ing name change wow. PPL NEED TO RELAX! Blackberry users are gonna be the reasons why RIM goes down the drain, cause nothing satisfies us anymore. Name change and ppl are ready to jump ship!jezzzzzzz

I bought my Torch 9800 when it came out and i do not care if it supports the upcoming OS. I knew i bought with a contract and i like it the way it is and i travel alot and use it so much.

I am very happy with it. If i get an upgrade cool if i don't i am happy with it because i bought not because i was forced to but because i liked it as a phone.

So anyone that keep complaining about the ability to upgrade when the OS have not yet been released should think why did they buy it in the first place. If you liked it than stay happy.

As for the naming of the OS i do not care what version they call it not sure what that makes as a difference.

but i can say that it makes sense to call it 7 simply because they are releasing it with a whole new set of devices.

i really dont care what its called

all i want to know is if it would get better app support
im thinking about getting the blackberry touch as my first ever full touch screen phone
i will keep my 9700 and if the touch screen is not for me then ill default to my 9700.

6.1 or 7 it does not matter if its what i was waiting for from RIM i will be happy and contented.
i dont even think the average consumer ask what current OS is on the phone when they are going to buy it.

and one question the QNX phones will be able to run android apps correct?
ha ha android devs keep doing your thing

I finally updated my Bold 9650 to OS 6 like 2 weeks ago (love the new OS) & now they are talking about beefing it up even more! I personally can't wait for QNX to show up on the phones & will wait for that to happen before I get another BB. My Bold is doing just fine so I'm in no hurry to get a new phone lol. Can't wait for BB7 though!

i just wish theyd find some ways to allow OS 7 (despite the hardware issues) to the 9780. im not getting an upgrade in about a year or something! come on! lol

The question for me is - Will the next generation of BB Beauties run the QNX? I am talking about Bold Touch in particular!

BGR said this was incorrect information on his Twatter page, and that guy is ALWAYS right. Like that time he had the release date of PlayBook spot on. Oh, wait. Anyhoo, I do not care what the OS is called as long as it works. Well, I would also love to see some TAT influence. Do it, RIM. Do it.

I read this causing a delay to get to QNX, and a lack of updates to OS 7 for my Storm2, since I didn't get OS 6.

Either support touch screens or get out of the game RIM... I'm sick of having to upgrade phones to get a new OS, I thought OS updates were supposed to be free, but apparently they come with a 2 year contract. If I have to upgrade my phone to get a new OS, I might as well get a new brand at that same time.

I would like to start by saying that I Love Blackberries. I've been a Rim customer for many years. I can't tell you the number of friends and family that have switched to blackberries because of my love for the devices. However, even I have come to realize that things are getting a bit ridiculous such as the bridge issue with the playbook and AT&T. That should've been worked out before the release of the tablet! I've been waiting to buy one since I first read about it nearly a year ago. Needless to say, my 600 dollars is still in my account. I'm no longer excited to get my hands on one now. My wife recently upgraded and went to an iPhone solely because of the apps. Since her switch she says that she misses her blackberry but she loves the speed and apps of the iPhone 4. Rim has plenty of time with R&D to get these products up to par before they're released! Buying a device and having to wait months to get it where it should be to begin with is Insane! I feel like Rim better step it up quickly. Personally, I won't have any phone but a blackberry but, I constantly see others going to other phones often, even my friends and family now. By the way, 6.1 should be called 6.1. It's silly to make that jump to 7 when changes are so minimal. This is just my two cents people. By the way, I wont be buying a playbook now, just too many disappointments to spend that much. Blackberry for life for me though! As I type all of this on my iPad. Maybe the playbook2 will get my money.

Whenever someone starts a post with

"I would like to start by saying that I Love Blackberries. I've been a Rim customer for many years."

I stop reading because I know this is some stupid post that tells me you or tons of other are switching to other phones... was I wrong...

Again RIM doing things pretty much ass-backwards lol....1st off they should have concentraded on getting the Bold Touch & Touch and maybe? Torch2 out six months after releasing Torch, Style & 9780...nice time frame to bridge it all together, OS 6.0 to 7.0 (Bold Touch & Touch and Torch2) THEN maybe bringing out PlayBook (by then, fully updated and ready to fly without glitches) and what QNX will bring next year...then offer up the Curve Touch & Curve sedona/apollo in the fall for lower devices...then have things primed and built up for BBW 2012 to introduce the new next gen 4G QNX BlackBerrys by June-July of 2012. Again, it's easy to be an arm-chair QB...but c'mon...common sense is...well COMMON SENSE! lol

RIM sold 50,000 playbooks on the first day, they are ramping up, no doubling!, production because it is selling so well and you are all "LOL" and telling them they don't know what they are doing... yeah right... sit down kid and finish school before you open your mouth again...

If its not QNX based, and a good version of QNX, whats the point in calling it 7, i feel like its too much change to soon for a whole new number.

And really they should have held off the playbook till a majority of the bugs and missing elements had been worked out. They need to slow down and fix the problems they have before moving forward. And get QNX across the board, not release phones that will behind everything once they get QNX working how it should.

the part i dont get people all over the world are buying the 9800 and 9780
they are at this point their main phones but no one can tell us what their plans are
for future os on these fones ??

Really, people all over the world are buying these phones???? From reading these posts I thought no one bought blackberries they only bought iPhone or Android phones. I thought RIM was declaring bankruptcy tomorrow and shutting their doors.

Now either RIM, a multi-billion dollar company that is making record profits, is run by a bunch or morons or 80% of the people posting to an article on OS6.1 changing it's name to OS7 are a bunch of morons..... hummm let me see?????

Still no Adobe 10.1, so they will always be light years away from really great internet. Why does RIM have to treat us like second class citizens?

Os7 sounds better and it suites it better,when i see 6.1,it makes me think its a micro upgrade from 6.0 (even though it's not,so 7.0 will do it more justice