BlackBerry 6.1 icons point to NFC, compass and more

BlackBerry 6.1 Icons
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2011 01:35 pm EDT

After yesterdays leak of BlackBerry 6.1, we've seen some great stuff roll out already. There were some extracted apps as well as a sweet new Six dot X theme. In his work to extract icons from the soon to be released OS, Dave came across some new ones we haven't seen before that will show up on the next generation devices. Included in the mix are what we think to be a compass, NFC, BlackBerry Wallet and the BlackBerry Bridge icon (as we saw in our PlayBook Setup and BlackBerry Bridge Setup tutorials). All we have to work on is the icon images themselves, but some detective work and what we already know about BlackBerry 6.1 and some upcoming phones lets us piece it all together. There are various cod files in the OS as well that point the way back to the icons, so it's a pretty safe bet as to what we'll see. We know the new BlackBerry Touch photos that leaked yesterday had a few icons blacked out... the odds are good the above were maybe at least *some* of them.

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BlackBerry 6.1 icons point to NFC, compass and more


The compass reminds me very strongly about the iPhone 4. It is good RIM has added these into 6.1
I am curios to know what the 'BlackBerry Wallet' is...
I am so excited over the Torch2!

You can already get Blackberry Wallet! :D here

And according to their page, this is what it does:

Designed for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Wallet helps make mobile, online purchasing faster and easier. It lets you retrieve information securely stored on your BlackBerry smartphone to help fill in forms with the following:
-Credit card data
-Reward program account numbers
-Shipping information
-Retail website login details
-Gift card information

I have it, its really useful for "Loyalty Cards" basically your Grocery store cards, Blockbuster, etc..