BlackBerry 302: A complete wipe and clean install of your BlackBerry OS

Operating System wipe and install
By Joseph Holder on 7 Feb 2011 02:32 pm EST

In this article, we explore how to completely remove and reinstall a BlackBerry Operating system. This project is not for everyone. During the process, we'll show you how to render your BlackBerry completely useless. Granted, that's the desired result; but if that's not something you're comfortable with, perhaps this project isn't for you. It wasn't for me until a few months ago. If you are looking for a way to update your BlackBerry's operating system, there are simpler ways.

Every so often, I like to give my computers and other electronic devices a bit of spring cleaning. On my windows machines, it clears out all of the dead folders, broken registry entries, and old programs that I never use. On those machines, I'll format the drive and reinstall the OS, giving me a computer running like it just came out of the box. You can do the same thing with your BlackBerry.

Perhaps you are noticing increasing errors on your BlackBerry; this can sometimes be caused by applications that don't delete properly. Perhaps you'd like to try out a leaked OS and want to install that to a clean slate. Maybe you've installed that leaked OS and now want to roll back to an earlier version. In each of these cases, you'll need to completely wipe the OS from your device in order give it a clean, untouched installation.

A Word of Caution, A Word of Advice

If you are good with computers and comfortable with electronic devices, you should have little difficulty in accomplishing this. I would suggest reading though this entire article before attempting the project. There are several steps; an error in one could cause data loss and major problems with your device. Reading through and then carefully following the steps will greatly reduce that possibility.

Should you run into trouble, there are articlesforums, and people to help.

If you don't feel comfortable attempting this yourself, no worries. Many of you will have friends, family, and coworkers who will gladly assist you. Please note that the customary gratuity for such services is generally one (1) let-me-buy-you-lunch.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools


Before beginning, you will need the assistance of several tools and files.

Since we'll be using BBSAK to wipe the device, you can choose an OS that is an earlier or a later version number than one currently installed. If we were to use the Desktop Manager or even app loader to install the OS, we could only install the same or a newer OS. Desktop Manager would even install the new OS on top of the old OS, leaving apps and most settings untouched. For most people, this would be fine. But we're not most people.

So you can choose which OS to install to your BlackBerry. You can choose an official OS, a leaked OS, or even a hybrid OS. I've never attempted to use a hybrid OS, but many people find them quite interesting.

Once you've acquired your desired OS or OS's, you'll need to install them to your computer. In the past, people were instructed to remove all other BlackBerry Operating System installations from their computers before starting to install a new OS. This meant that in order to install OS .241 to your device, you first had to uninstall .160 from your computer, install OS .241 to your computer, and then use Desktop Manager or App Loader to install .241 to your device. Well, no more.

We'll be using BBSAK to install the OS, so you can install as many OS's to your computer as you'd like. Remember: Each BlackBerry operating system you obtain will need to be installed to your computer first.

Step 2: Backup, Backup, Backup

Since we will be completely deleting all of the information off of your BlackBerry, it might be a good idea to perform a backup, first. In this article, we will back up both the data on your BlackBerry as well as any third-party apps.

Connect your BlackBerry via USB and complete a backup as normal. As a good habit, I recommend saving the backup as a different file each time it's performed.

Once this has finished, close Desktop Manager. We will be using BlackBerry Swiss Army knife for the remainder of this project, so it is no longer needed. Additionally, the Desktop Manager can interfere with using BBSAK. Go ahead and close DM, but leave your BlackBerry attached via USB.

Start BBSAK and enter your device password (if any) when prompted. If you've connected properly, you'll see your BlackBerry's PIN near the upper right corner. Backup your third-party apps using Backup Apps button in the lower portion of the program.

Once completed, you'll see a screen like the one above. If you do not see a list of COD files that were backed up, then the backup was not successful. Though a quirk of programming, BBSAK can erroneously tell you that apps were backed up when they are not. This usually happens when both BBSAK and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager are both trying to talk to your BlackBerry. In this case, Desktop Manager wins. The solution? Close the Desktop Manager and click "Backup Apps" again.

You'll be able to restore these applications after completing the OS installation.

Step 3: Wipe

This is it folks; this is the step in which we turn your BlackBerry (intentionally and temporarily) into a very expensive paperweight. Before you begin, you'll want to make certain that you have completed your backups and understand all of the following steps. Make sure you know how to bring your BlackBerry back to life before deleting all of the data on it.

One last time, make sure you have your backups completed. Once you've pressed the Wipe button, that's it. Okay, ready? Here we go. Click the Wipe button and BBSAK will begin the process. It will take a few minutes. Once it has completed, your BlackBerry will reboot, unsuccessfully. You'll end up with the dreaded 507 screen. Fear not, this is what we want.

Step 4: Load your Operating System

There are a number of ways to load an OS onto your pristine BlackBerry. You could use the Desktop Manager, App Loader, or BBSAK. Since I've already extolled on the virtues of using BBSAK to manage multiple OS's, we'll use that.

Immediately under Backup Apps is a button marked Load OS. Click it. Select your desired OS from the list provided. If you do not see the OS you want or if you see no OS options, this means it/they were not installed to the computer. After downloading an OS from the internet, it must first be installed on your computer.

Select your desired OS and click Load OS. This process can take up to fifteen minutes to complete, though is generally much less than that. Once this process is complete, your BlackBerry will automatically reboot. This reboot will take much longer than normal. This is to be expected.

When your phone reboots it will need to register with the wireless network. You'll get a message when this is successful. It shouldn't take long.

Step 4.5: Restore 

Now that you have a (almost) brand-new device, you'll want to load all of your data onto it. I would suggest beginning with your BlackBerry data before restoring your third-party apps, but there's no rule preventing you from going the opposite way.

Use Desktop Manager to restore your data and settings. Once complete, your phone may reboot itself. Once that's done, shut down Desktop Manager and open BBSAK. From this program you can restore your third-party apps.  

Some may consider not restoring the apps. Whenever I install a new OS, I use that time for a bit of spring cleaning. If I need to reinstall an app, I'll usually download it again from App World or even from my CrackBerry App Store account. Since my CBAS account keeps track of all my apps and their activation codes, I never have to root around in my inbox for a purchase email. I get a fresh installation of my apps, and I get only the apps I truly want on my BlackBerry.

Step 5: Breathe

After carefully following the instructions, you've completely wiped all data from your BlackBerry and successfully installed its operating system.  Since you made your backups, there should be no data loss. Well done.  So, there you have it, a complete guide to giving your BlackBerry a clean, fresh installation of its operating system and applications.

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BlackBerry 302: A complete wipe and clean install of your BlackBerry OS


im having a tuff time getting BBSAK to run on my computer. when i do get it up after a long delay, it wont recognize my device. any suggestions?

I just followed the procedure and enjoy how my device is a bit snappier now. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent description. Nice to have those videos. This is my preferred method of installing a new OS. Works well. Never had a problem by following the procedure exactly.

Must admit I prefer Blackberry Master Control Program for this type of work, safer - can't accidentally wipe device and has more options on restore. But other than this, good and thorough advise.

Super job with this tutorial, Joseph! My BB is only a couple months old, so I will not do this now. But rest assured I will come back at a later date to follow your excellent step by step instructions!

Man!! This is such a great walk through for people that haven't done this! Great walk just couldn't get lost.

As I understand it, the BlackBerry application center is a carrier-dependent app store.  In my own humble opinion, AT&T has no idea how to produce efficient apps.  Seriously, their apps are so slow as to be unusable.  In any case, if I don't want it, I don't install it.  It's up to you to decide which apps you want to put on your BlackBerry.  

Great Job with the walk through. I remember having my BB for a few months and wanting to try to load a leaked OS but wasn't sure how. While there are a number a threads on the topic here on CB it's alot easier to actually see it for yourself. I spent much time searching YouTube before I got the courage to try it. What you've done here will no doubt be helpful to many people who want to do this.

There should be a link to this article in every new os post.

Simply is the best way to assure a succesfull OS install.

My password keeper is gone from my home screen and I already tried the 'show all' approach and still found nothing. Also, I can no longer download bb app world to my device because I get an error saying the following:

Error: Invalid manifest or application descriptor.

The "MIDlet-Name" attribute is missing.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Nah, Nah, Nah.  We're far from calling that BlackBerry borked. Remember in the video where I discussed laguages to be installed? In that same list of languages - at the bottom - are a number of other apps to be installed.  Both Password Keeper and App World are in that list to be installed.  You'll need to make sure both are checked when installing your OS. Here's what I'd recommed.  Do another backup - make sure to give it a unique file name.  Use BBSAK to install your OS.  Don't worry about wiping again.  Remember to leave your BlackBerry connected to your computer until it finishes booting up.Good luck and let us know what happens.   

thank you exactly what i needed.

I was going through the forums last night copying and pasting it all into a notepad for later.

I'll have to check this out. a complete wipe and install sounds good to me!

Kudos my friend, the scariest part for me is after I wipe and try to load my new OS and it's not there!!! But I just have to breathe and look harder. Great review.

Good write up, this is how i've been loading leaked OS's for several years now. Just one note, if you use app loader to load the new os on to the BB, you can go down versions. I did this several times with the first couple of OS6 releases, i would try them out then go back to a OS5 until the next leak. So it's just only BB DM that you can't go down versions, just FYI.

Hey guys. I had os leak installed on my 9700 and it worked just fine. The only problem was when I went to upgrade to .448 it got stuck uploading ram image.

I installed the same .448 on my friends 9700 with no issue right before which has me confused. Does anyone know what I should do to fix this?

I'm using vmware fusion on a mac, is this the problem? Operating system is xp cause windows 7 was having the same issue.

Great, the videos were very well done, except for 0:52-2:15 of video 3, where it was all black screen with no sound... I might try this soon, and did you notice that this managed to get into crackberrykevin's twitter feed, that's how good of an article it is!

One of the best how-to-do write ups I've seen on here and I come on here multiple times a day for the last two and a half years...Only thing I would add to make it easier for first timers is where to download BBSAK. I would like to see a very clear and easy to understand how-to video and write up like this for installing leaked OSs where I must delete vendor files, etc.

All these apps and cases are nice, but man, RIM is starting to lose their biggest fan. ME! Think about their offerings as of late. Curve 3G with no flash or image stabilization. AT&T no longer carries any Bold model here in north Texas. The T-Mobile 9780 was just another 9700. This is getting very boring. use to be exciting. RIM is not giving you all anything to work with.

The PlayBook???? Release THE FU%^&ING tablet before the Motorola XOOM releases. PLEASE or else. I can't sit around and wait any longer. I have had a BB since RIM started making BlackBerry cell phones. But RIM is becoming so outdated its pi$$ing me off.

Then we get these sneek peaks of these new phones. I am hearing late this year or next year!?!?!?! are you serious? Everyone will have a Droid or iPhone by then. Even people who can't live without a keyboard may jump ship.

I work for a large corp and they are starting to test iPhones!!! Ahhhh!

I suggest restoring 3rd party apps before restoring your msgs/contacts. Some themes screw up because you the load the theme settings before you load the actual theme.

Running loader.exe will load an older OS, AND wipes your device to a 507 in the loading process. There is NO NEED to wipe beforehand, unless you want a screenshot of the 507 screen.
Why is this post even on the front page?

I followed those steps but after wipping the bb and running the application loader through BBSAK it gives a message saying that the BDM does not have the correct software for my device, although the correct os has already been installed

help pls

Two questions come to mind when I read this. 

  1. Did you download the correct OS for your particular device?  As much as I'd like to run .466 on my Torch, it's not available.  I'll just have to be happy with the .450 build that is available.  
  2. Are you trying to install a leaked OS?  And if so, did you remember to delete the vendor.xml file before trying to install it?


nevermind , i got it fixed, i just uninstalled the os 6 and then rebooted and installed it again and managed to install it on my bb using apploader .... thanks

Something i learned the other day, if you really want a super-clean install, add in a security wipe after backing up and before wiping with BBSAK. (select the options to remove personal data and apps but not wipe the memory card)

This is such a great review for people who have never done this before. It's an excellent video and written tutorial that every BB user should bookmark for the future users who make a mistake.

Great article!

Great tutorial. Very thorough with your step by step procedure.

Just completed this on my Torch. Decided to wipe completely while installing .450. Very hesitant to do this for the simple fact that I cannot stand re-registering all of my 3rd party apps. I think that is such a pain.

when loading an OS, the first time it boots takes a really long time. I usually like to reset the device one more time at this step. This way I give the device a normal reboot before putting back the apps and data. Maybe that's just over kill, but on device like the 9530 where memory is very limited it's good to because you will free up more memory. It also seems to help the OS settle a bit.

Is there a work-around for Mac users that I'm missing somewhere? I'd be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction...

how much of being in trouble am i right now, my device just will not pass the booting stage......gets to up to 60% of the booting time line then freezes, i tot its something that will take me couple of battery resets to get through, woh to my tries, it still get sucked at the same spot. both DM & BBsak just cant get in too..............i need help with this challenge pls, any one

What do you mean by "both DM & BBsak just cant get in too"?  It seems to me that re-installing the operating system would fix this.  

After i connect my phone to the PC, when i run BBSAK, it will not see my phone then a dialog comes up with 'No device detected so is the, push ok button' while the desktop Manger just sees my pin but cant go any further. when i tried the apploader it didnt make any difference..........i am now tired and i want to completely wipe my phone & i cant just go into the phone with these my phone pls. thanks

How to Recover a Nuked BlackBerry  

  • I think you might want to check out this article on recovering a nuked OS.  Hopefully, your backups are still safe and you'll be able to restore them after the process.  I'm assuming your BB won't start ever, you just see the loading screen all the time.  If that's the case, you have a nuked BB.  Just read the entire article, and then try it.  If your phone starts up, and you can actually use it, this article is not for you.

Regardlessly all these upgrades are not meant for asia-pacific's BB user.. Installed it first then my Torch was like shit.. Downgraded to the original OS version that is Now my BB's running normally like before until I find a new update that is originally from

im having a really tuff time getting BBSAK to even run on my computer. once i do get it to run it wont recognize my device. any suggestions?

At what point in this guide do we delete the vendor file from the OS file or what ever if we are installing a new official OS from another provider like 3 UK than mine?

I had to do a file search (on my computer) for "apploader" and deleted the vendor file from there. BBSAK did not regognize either verson that I downloaded and installed. Be sure to delete the "vendor" file before you install the new OS.

I just tried the process of wiping and installing the new OS. I am stuck with an error 507. THe swiss army knife will not open. I deleted it readded it. same result. Imstuck pls help. ..

I just tried the process of wiping and installing the new OS. I am stuck with an error 507. THe swiss army knife will not open. I deleted it then re-added it. Same result. Is te problem the BBSAK ? Imstuck pls help. ..

I try to back up on BBSAK but I can never get past the 100%! It just freezes on me and never gives me the OK sign. I uninstalled and reinstalled it to no avail. Help please!

I Have installed an OS on my laptop, but when i select Load OS on BBSAK, it gives message "No OS found, please install a OS for your phone".

i have reinstalled the OS but of no luck, BBSAK is not recognizing the installed OS. but when i open BB Desktop, the installed software is showing in there.

Hi...i'm back..
Just tried to solve the problem since i'm very curious about this...
First, close the BDM and BBSAK program find the Vendor.xml file in the AppLoader folder, in my PC it would be in c:program files(x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/...
Delete the vendor.xml file..

Unistall your blackberry device software using the control panel uninstall program..
Restart you PC...

Re-Install your blackberry device software...
Restart again your PC...

Again, find the vendor.xml file in the AppLoader...and delete it...

Launch the BBSAK program. When you click the Load OS, it would still show message "No OS found...." but don't worry, I also still wonder why and still tryng to find out...
You could launch it mannualy, you could click the application named Loader in the AppLoader...the same folder with the vendor.xml you deleted
Please make sure your blackberry device already connected to your PC before these process started

After Application Loader Wizard launched, you could do the rest same as the video tutorial showed, i already managed my blackberry 9780 device back to life again with .480 OS... heee..
Hope this help you also... cheers..

Dear Mr. Holder,

Thanks for an absolutely fabulous tutorial. I have performed the various backups and am about to take the plunge but one thing still has me concerned:

The last time I installed a new OS, I needed the IT people in my organization to reset my Enterprise Activation. I seem to recall learning some nifty tricks (ALT + CNFG) to reset Wireless Sync to restore all my contacts and email.

At what point in the OS/data/applications reinstallation process does this happen, if at all?

please, i need help because i just wanna wipe my bb now reload it. i want to use the process described above, but i noticed that you didn't delete the vendor file as described in other methods. am asking this question because the bb os i wanna use is not from my carrier. thank you.

Hi Uzo...
Seems Joseph forgot to tell that we have to delete the vendor.xml file first..

I've done below steps and managed to bring my device back to life again...

Close the BDM and BBSAK program, find the Vendor.xml file in the AppLoader folder, in my PC it would be in c:program files(x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/...
Delete the vendor.xml file..

Unistall your blackberry device software using the control panel uninstall program..
Restart you PC...

Re-Install your blackberry device software...
Restart again your PC...

Again, find the vendor.xml file in the AppLoader...and delete it...

Launch the BBSAK program. When you click the Load OS, it would still show message "No OS found...." but don't worry, I also still wonder why and still tryng to find out...
You could launch it mannualy, you could click the application named Loader in the AppLoader...the same folder with the vendor.xml you deleted
Please make sure your blackberry device already connected to your PC before these process started

After Application Loader Wizard launched, you could do the rest same as the video tutorial showed, i already managed my blackberry 9780 device back to life again with .480 OS... heee..
Hope this help you also... cheers..

You are awesome!
these instructions DO WORK! forget BBSAK - it wasn't recognizong the any OSs installed on my computer. I followed this instructions, using the apploader, and like magic my phone came to back to life! I did have to use an older version of OS. I figured, after reviving the phone I could update it.

By the way, I got the 507 problem after trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing AppWorld icon... still unresolved.

Thank you very much!
This worked and got my BB back to normal... we'll see in time if she is better than normal as normal for 9520 is not very nice any way!!!

hey guys, im new to this and first time updating OS, i am slightly worried because i have wiped my device and went to upload an OS that i had installed previously but it said there is no "OS found" am i doing something wrong? thanks

I am one of those freakies who always install the latest upgrade whether official or leaked. Lately my Bold 9700 was slow and had serious memory problems.
I knew I had to go for a complete wipe but didn't expect it to be so efficient. My BB acts almost as I knew. Quite impressive!
Just follow this great and straightforward tutorial and you're done. I just made a clean install of the apps I had previously.
Memory stabilised, no more leakage. Smooth and efficient. No issue at all.

I've downloaded BBSAK and it seems to be working fine. But I can't find a complete OS to download to finish out this process. All I'm finding are the updates. I'm assuming I will need the entire OS once I've wiped my BB? VZW's site only has the update available for my Curve 3G 9330. Any help is appreciated.

thank yu
i am on step to load the Os, i have isntalled the Os and its still saying there is no OS,
can you help me fix this?

thank you

THANK YOU! This is a great tutorial with the step by step instructions. I had purchased an unlocked 8900 from Amazon 2 years ago and could not upgrade with tmobile or blackberry! This was perfect!

Hey, Guys,

I've go through first 3 steps successfully (which is upto Wipe BB) but after that when I tried to Load OS as in step 4, it gives me an error msg. saying, "No OS Found, Please install a OS for your phone".

I had installed BB device software to my PC but didn't get through....

Suggest me a way to overcome from that.


Thanks, this was terrific info. I went from a complete novice, given a phone used at his job with a bank, which required a 6 digit password every time I went to use it. Got rid of the password priority, re-loaded a much faster phone, new OS, app, etc, and, went from a battery that lasted a couple of hours unused, to one that lasts all day. I gladly made a doubled donation after all this was accomplished.
Many thanks.

Hi Joseph and All,

I received a BB Bold 9650 as a gift from a friend from USA. The phone seems to be unlocked as I can call and receive Calls and SMS. However, I can not use 3G internet on the phone, only WiFi internet is available and where I live, there is NO Wifi Internet. I need to be able to use 3G net on my BB to make it useful.

I am currently located in Tanzania, and my local service providers advised that their settings for Internet connection are correct in the BB, The internet service still seems to be locked by Verizon.

Any help?

This process worked flawlessly - thank you. The reason I did this wipe as my I had my home internet email setup on my corporate Torch using the setup icon. This worked well for the last few months. However last week they opened up and pushed the social media apps to my BB and every since the folders for my home email accounts are gone and even though the email addresses show up in setup, no mail is being exchanged either. I hoped by wiping it would fix the problem. Can't find a solution anywhere on the internet or internally.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


to my BB bold 9000 didnt work ...after the loader in loaded it's saw me a message that goes like this " The BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the device that you connected to computer. Contact your wireless service provider os system admin

Hi guys
i tried procedures with the torch9800 everything was fine except i can't restore any apps and now am stack with ERROR 507 and it's not rebooting

I wiped my Blackberry using the software but I can not get any OS options to appear when I click Load OS. It just says "No OS found. Please install an OS for your phone." I downloaded and ran the OS file from my carrier website but it's still not showing. Am I missing something? I was able to reload it and get my BB working by using Loader.exe so I know it's there somewhere, just not being recognized in BBSAK.

Hey, this is my first time on the crackberry forum because I can't seem to figure out a problem I'm having with my BB. My Bold doesn't load the OS and instead the screen flashes white for a split second and then jumps to a black screen that has a battery symbol with a red cross through it. Now I've been reading forums for the past 2 days and I've tried a hard reset, charging my battery for a whole day, even tried using a brand new battery...but nothing works. I was told it was a software issue and that I would have to wipe the OS and reload a new OS. BB desktop manager will not connect to my device so I can't even do frustrated. WHAT DO I DO????

Hi everybody!
I really need some help! I completely wiped the phone and I opened the Application Loader where should be that list with the OS on the top and the Apps below that.
I don't know what to do. Please help!!!!
I have a BB Storm 2 9520

You can't have more than one OS on the computer. Uninstall the older ones and delete the TWO vendor files from your computer. It'll find it.

heyy my blackberry curve 8520 has no os on it and when i plug it into the computer ther computer beeps because its plugged in but all software i try says its not there, blackberry desktop manager, bbsak crackutil ive searched the internet for days and i now dont know what to do am i wasting my time or is there a way to solve this please help. oh and ive also tried reebooting everything reinstallin everythin with the battery without the battery unpluggin and replugging the usb with internet without internet im stuck pleeeaaassssee help anybody :(

Hello, i followed all the steps to format my blackberry bold 9700 and everything went ok except that now i'm having audio problems when using the phone, i get static and poor quality audio, but the other person hears me fine, the problem is just on my end...what can i do to solve the problem....i formatted the phone twice already?

Here's the dealio: I have a Telus 9860 out of Alberta that was 1 month old when I bought it 1 year ago. It was able to be added to SaskTel's network so I activated it.

Everything was tickety-boo until June of 2012 when it went rampant on me.

BlackBerry start-up screen is good, then progress bar loads approx 3/4 of the way, then goes to a white screen. But no error message.

I've followed tutorials with DTM, every variant of's "nuked" BB guides, from using AppLoader (It finds the PIN instead of USB:UNKNOWN) and deleting the vendor file to BBSAK and nothing has worked.

Is it possible to wipe any and all traces of the Host (Bell, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, MTS, etc) by accident and end up with a completely blank device? If so, how would I fix it?


Beautiful!...I hope this process have fixed my freezing up on a regular & daily basis. Thank you Berry much.

hai, i had my device wiped and its showing the error 507 .. but when i try to connect it to my pc its not recognizing the device .. i had tried battery pull , restarting my pc ... but still i cannot connect it to my pc .. help me please

Ok know this is an old post but after wiping the os, it rebooted, error 507. Pressed load OS and selected the OS I want to load. However a pop up window opened, Application Loader Wizard, I have no .alx or .ali files so i cannot go forward from there. Also, The Blackberry DS is not recognizing my device. Help please.

Hi, i performed a full wipe and loaded a new OS, now when i turn on the cell a message invalid sims appears
also it shows Movistar in network operator but my operator is other
i wiped and tried with other OS but still get the same problem
any idea ?
thanks ,

I have a BIG PROBLEM. I have done the complete instructions from above and I have the error 507 on my phone but step 4 the guy shows that the wizard appilcation loader asks you which languages that you would like to add. Well on my screen there are no application to add at all!! It only says that they cannot detect an software... Please can somebody help me, please!

I did it..
But i am in a trouble now.. can anyone help me ?
after os installation, ma phone is not restarting..
it is just staked

Excellent article Joseph. Thank you!

I have a problem with the loader.exe though. When it comes to choose an OS to load, I get an error message saying there is no OS installed on my computer but I downloaded and installed BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2910 for BlackBerry 9720. And I confirmed, this one and many other OS are installed on my computer in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files" folder. I am using Windows 7.

I went around that by loading all the *.cod files (all 2369 files) by hand using BBSAK "Install COD(s)" function to upload the files to the mobile phone. It's a very looooooooooooooong process because you can't upload all the 2369 files at once. You have to upload in packs of 100-400 files at a time. Each time you upload CODs, the mobile phone reboots. Until you upload like 80% of the CODs uploaded you see no changes on the mobile phone, you still get the famous 507 error on reboot, but BBSAK show you the CODs were uploaded correctly, after that you get a 200 error on the mobile phone, around 95% of CODs uploaded you finally get the mobile phone to restart.

This is a very long process, but works... I just don't know how to upload the rest of the OS files, like the *.ALX and *.SFI files.

If anybody knows why my Loader.exe can't detect any OS installed, and a cleaner method to reload the OS please let me know...


pls i ran into problem while updating my blackberry bold 9700, at a point after wiping the phone i gotb a message that the app which i wanted to load toes not match the phone so i disconnected but now. NOW IF I CONNECT THE USB TO LAPTOP BOTH BBSAK AND BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MESSENGER COULD NOT DETECT THE USB. PLS HELP

PROBLEM. I use AT@T US career from north east India and,

I can't connect to APP WORLD.
I can't connect to APP WORLD.
I can't connect to APP WORLD.