BlackBerry OS device simulator now available

By Bla1ze on 18 Aug 2014 01:42 pm EDT

Whether you're a developer looking to test your apps against BlackBerry OS 10.3 or simply just want to take a look at OS 10.3, you can now download the latest device simulator from the BlackBerry website. Previously it sat at OS but has now been updated to OS Keep in mind, if you plan on giving it a look you will need some VMWare tools in order to run it all but you can find the full details on the BlackBerry Developer site along with the download links for you respective computer operating system. Shame that BlackBerry Blend link doesn't fully work quite yet.

Download the BlackBerry OS device simulator

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BlackBerry OS device simulator now available


I don't want to test anything... gimme the real thing already :)

On a serious note, this OS is so close now, we can all smell the fresh paint from here!

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You'll probably find BBM doesn't really work with a simulator. At least I believe that's the case. It's purely for application testing. I'm not entirely sure how much functionality the simulators give these days, last time I used one was pre-BB10 for BB10, which was. Mockup from PBOS.

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@AdamWeishaupt...You know if that new ass istant isn't any good, Chen is going to look like an ass and I don't think that is going to happen,Just hope they don't get slapped with some sort of patent infringement.I bet you it works just as good as siri and if it does I'll be happy

If you people were smart you would have the os already when the sim comes out the os is available too if not the next two days my call is Wednesday

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In the beginning, when I saw I wanted to say yeeee, but later...

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The screen shot shows BlackBerry Blend and BlackBerry Link as two separate options. Would it be safe to say Blend will not be replacing Link? If yes it's such a shame because Link is horrible.

If Link worked( like it used to) I would use it all the time. But I've tried nine ways to Sunday to trouble shoot it and all it does is tell me it's connected, but then it stares blankly (ney vacuously?) at me when I actually try to use it.

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Blend needs Link on your computer to function.

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Ffs. Flat design is THE TREND. Started much earlier than iOs. Implenented in windows 8 earlier than iOs.

Generally there are other things than iOs

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Flat UI started with BBOS 4.6

BlackBerry has been there before and learned its lesson from it, then forgot the lesson and is now going back down that road again.

Trendy things aren't always a good idea.

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Yup me too not a fan of flat UI trend. Its interface is inspired by IOS but with the tri color of white grey and blue on off switch thing. I dont know its just a screenshot hope we get the the leak soon. Cheers guys

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Flat graphics would come very close to preventing me from using a BB10 device. I detest flat graphics. I like actionable items like buttons to be obvious and respond like the real world equivalent.

Just seeing Blend being mentioned as a mainstream BB product waiting to be rolled out makes me so happy! The announcement for that alone will help the share price because it has the potential to be a solid productivity tool.

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I wish they would just release it already! There is too much delay between when BlackBerry announces something new and it finally gets released.

Everyone I know that has giving blackberry 10 an honest chance and tried it for any given amount of time has come to the same realisation I have.

That this is the Most Advanced operating system in the world and it's only getting more advanced with 10.3/10.3.1

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To be fair, it really doesn't matter what the title said. People will read it without reading the article and comment nonsense regardless

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Now BlackBerry is going the simulator over real time hardware beta testing for all? What a poor decision!! Mobile OS is tested on mobiles not pcs.


They have been releasing sim OS for developers to test the compatibility of the apps. Nothing has changed. It's not bad.

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These beta OS releases and devices are of course already out there. This is only to check apps as developer.

Dreaming about the new Passport

@Killjoy..BBM on desktop would look better than on the ipad and it looks pretty good on a bigger screen ,extremely good.Let's hope that we will get it on desktop and video to boot.

Lol wtf simulator, we neeeed os in our devices, a lot of leakd and beta os we neeeed a official :D waiting sun to rise up :P

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Looks nice. Downloaded and mounted. Few new additions. Data usage option in settings. Advanced interactions. Flip to turn off screen flip to wake and flip to mute for those running under vmware tools. I found that binary translation under hardware acceleration works the best. Been tweaking with it all day

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I hope that blackberry os 10.3 some features fix that can change the the transparent background colour..can change the alarm clock interfaces, the truth is the search at bottom bar not very useful..hope that can be changed too, by means can put any shortcuts to pin or apps or replace the search with go to hub or setting, much easier to use..ability to other developer to change or make custome interfaces effect.. i had lot of idea actually..but to lazy to wrote..this is done feedback

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Hello all, so when is this coming please? Iphone and samsung has already release their parts, when is bb? Bb, please focus on apps as well and not just on hardware.

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I'm having problem with the leak OS.. how can I rollback may OS? I installed at first it was great and cool but know my text messages arrived very late.. any solution for this.

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