BlackBerry 10.3 virtual jam being held on June 24th

By Bla1ze on 16 Jun 2014 11:14 am EDT

If you're a BlackBerry developer looking to learn more about BlackBerry 10.3 and how it can make your apps better, BlackBerry is hosting a BlackBerry Jam Direct Virtual event on June 24th at 11:00 - 12:30pm EST. There's several items on the agenda for the event, which we've outlined below.

  • Learn how you can integrate BlackBerry 10.3 features into your app to provide your users with the best, most productive BlackBerry experience yet
  • Enjoy a live, interactive Q & A session with BlackBerry's development experts
  • Get an exclusive sneak peek of the gold release of the BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Preview OS, simulator, and SDKs

Of course, you don't HAVE to be a developer to attend. If you're just looking for more info on 10.3 or contemplating picking up BlackBerry 10 development you're also welcome to register and attend using the links below.

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BlackBerry 10.3 virtual jam being held on June 24th


They generally post them after however, the time when they post them is never really consistent. Could be 6 hrs after... could be 6 months after.

Guys I'm on z30 sta100-2 when installed the my BlackBerry started blinking red and never comes on. Any trick that could help.

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Q10SQN100-2/ did the same thing after updating BBM today. I just did a restart to fix it.

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Bang on. What's the incentive for devs if device sales aren't increasing? 18 months later and major devs still aren't on board. From what I've read porting apks has been just as easy in the past.

Good point. Maybe BlackBerry should develop a centralized App deficiencies list and then prioritize them and create a bounty for each one. Contact devs with the list and like a pot luck supper have them select which ones they want to build and maybe have 2 or 3 Dev limit, so they know there is competition, but not that there are a hundred devs building the same thing. Organize the current devs and build incentive for new devs to join the ecosystem. Just a thought....

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By "bounty", I mean some $ payment upon completion of app and submission into BlackBerry World.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Seems the official OS is on the way...BlackBerry should attract more devs to get  world full of popular apps which are found in Android or iOS!

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Wow, BlackBerry Virtual Jam? "It's as if dozens of voices suddenly cried out in happiness, and were suddenly satisfied."

At least it lives on and is not forgotten until it can be resurrected as a physical event!

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I'm thirsty to get the 10.3 on my Z30 and my wife's Q10. Better make it quick BlackBerry. By the way blaize I didn't make it still getting red blink,thanks for quick reply on that.jah bless

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Not sure if that was intended to be a funny comment, but it's a virtual jam. So, held online and there is a screen/webcasting session that you can attend

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Blackberry should provide more and more interesting free app and game like apple and andriod do....

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I would like to suggest...once again, that OS10 is the best OS on the market. Period. Here is why I am sticking with the BlackBerry devices based on the 10.2 experience.

1. I get to my phone and without even swiping to the HUB I can see new notifications. Brilliant.
2. Multi-tasking between apps with open OS is intuitive and easy
3. I LOVE that my upcoming calendar events are listed at the top of the HUB. No need to go into calendar app. This is so convenient
4. With 10.2 addressing notifications as they come in.
5. The fact that I have to teach the AT&T sales rep how to use the phone...and educate him about the new high-end devices coming out. HA!!!


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+10 but the other country like here in Philippines doesn't know BlackBerry 10 what can do, I think it's time to boost marketing strategy for BlackBerry to teach what BlackBerry 10 can do ;-)

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