BlackBerry 10.3 SDK beta now available for developers, time to build apps!

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By Simon Sage on 14 May 2014 10:25 am EDT

The BlackBerry 10.3 SDK Beta is now available for developers to get updating their BB10 apps. We've already been through some of the features the SDK promises to offer, but the major takeway is that the Adobe Air runtime will be retired. Beyond software, BlackBerry confirmed there is a simulator included for an upcoming device with a 1440 x 1440 square screen, which sounds an awful lot like the Windermere. BlackBerry's Tim Neil also confirmed that we'll see a BlackBerry Classic device this year running 10.3.1, so devs can get started optimizing now, even though there's going to be another SDK release for that software.

The UI guidelines for Cascades have also been updated with a few great new changes. That includes flat icons, highlight colors for primary actions, and black or white base colors for maximum readability.

Developers interested in trying out the BlackBerry 10.3 SDK Beta can get downloading over here. As for the rest of you, are you liking what you're seeing in BlackBerry 10.3 so far? Are there still key changes to the OS that you'd like to see? Developers, what's the best thing you've found in the 10.3 beta SDK?

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BlackBerry 10.3 SDK beta now available for developers, time to build apps!


Oh he is. If he'd just give it up, there would be no problem. Who gives a sh it if someone says first. I understand it can get out of hand but let the mods do their job. And if they don't care neither should anyone else.

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Well, at least he was crafty :) Seriously, I don't see what the big deal of being first is. I think if we ignore it, it will go away. Either that or some BlackBerry folks are freaking bored with nothing to do but keep hitting the refresh button and wait for CB to post a new article!

You should just insert "first" randomly into all of your comments. It is fun to see the knee-jerk reactions.


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Yeah sure it will, you just have to take it in to your service provider for a hardware exchange / upgrade ;-)

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Are the missing APIs you mentioned supposed to be in the Gold 10.3 SDK?

Also, does the Android runtime run any faster? I'd say 3 out 5 of the working Android apps I install have to be deleted because they run intolerably slow.

For example: I would love to see Tumblr actually run at a usable speed. Same with Kingsoft Office 5.12.

Wish everything ran as fast as Netflix -- the fastest Android app I have by far.

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For Tumblr I just created an icon for the Web site and I stay signed in. So, I hit the icon and I'm in, browsing content, posting, whatever, just like it was an app.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I'd love to see a quick switch between vibrate and silent profiles.
Glad to see the sdk out for 10.3! More good things are coming!

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Like mcdonalds im loving it!

By the way which apps on BlackBerry world are made using adobe air?

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Excerpt from the the developer-blog:

"Another important note for developers is that BlackBerry 10.3 is targeted only for new device hardware being introduced later this year. "

So does this mean, that 10.3 won't be available for "old" hardware like Z10 or Z30?

I couldn't find anything about 10.3, they emphasized so much on 10.3.1 but they did say 10.3.1 will be available to all BB10 but after BB classic comes out...

Logical situation is that 10.3 is for the new hardware as it will have priority for new features and bugfixes to start with and then both the new hardware and the current ones will both get 10.3.1 with Classic being the priority for that one.

This doesn't mean that they won't be building 10.3 for existing devices and some will end up leaking, but they will probably end up being a bit more broken than leaks usually are.

as already shown ... in videos, the 10.3 will be supported yes.
New model probably will have better screen and processor beyond the camera ...

A sentence later he says that 10.3.1 will be available later to all 10 devices so yes, 10.3 will arrive for Z10+

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I checked with the BlackBerryDev people on Twitter and got this response: "Yes, 10.3 only comes to new hardware this year. 10.3.1 comes to in-market devices & BlackBerry Classic later this year ^ER". So while leaks may work on current devices, we won't get an official release until 10.3.1 for Z10/Z30/etc.

Does This Mean We'll See Another CrackDate (Crackberry Update) Soon??

Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

C'mon BlackBerry, give it up!

10.3 official, that is.
I have the leak running on my Z10, and some features are seriously good. The camera has had a HUGE amount of features added that I could really use on my daily driver Z30.

Can't wait to see if BlackBerry will have any new surprises that the leak doesn't.

The other really important info is pixel density.. "This is for a new device with a 1440×1440 resolution and pixel density of 453 DPI"
It is the OFFICIAL confirmation that this device will be a 4.5" :)

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Now, that's something I'd throw my Q10 out the window for! Lol

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Hey Prem, just looked on the Telstra website but couldn't see any BB10 phones. Do you know if they still sell them?

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!!

Yeah.. How hard is it to add some input languages for all off the EU countries? For crying out loud every single other device in the market But blackberry have them. I can't add symbols like [Aa, Āā, Bb, Cc, Čč, Dd, Ee, Ēē, Ff, Gg, Ģģ, Hh, Ii, Īī, Jj, Kk, Ķķ, Ll, Ļļ, Mm, Nn, Ņņ, Oo, Pp, Rr, Ss, Šš, Tt, Uu, Ūū, Vv, Zz, Žž] because BB is too bloody lazy? Was working mostly in English and German before, but now I'm back in my native country and I can't send a decent message that makes sense because of No input language. I need no auto correct nor anything of that sort - just plain and simple input language.

That is an issue for more than EU countries. Other than Hindi there is none for other Indian languages.

Take Gujarati for example. Spoken in one of the richest state in the country whose population is larger then half the countries combined that do have an input language and there are at least over 5 to 10 million living outside of India. It is one of the most effluent immigrant group in NA. Yet nothing.

I am using one example to illustrate the point that for business phone having all the languages or more than the competition is a differentiator.

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Same with Lithuanian language. But only 8 letters missing. We are asking not whole iu translated, but only some letters on keyboard with dictionary.
Wake up BlackBerry, 2014 now:)

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3D background (parallax) is all I want added.

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I am using 10.3 on a spare z10. I really like it so far. The hub is nicer and more productive. In general I do not like the centre large blue icon-function, especially in replying to email. It's just too big. But format of mail is sharp and much nicer. And more productive. It's hard now to use the 10.2.1 Hub in comparison. I like the camera app much more - format, UI, and options are intuitive and helpful. I did not see a music equaliser which would be nice. The new assistant looks good but far from ready - this could take time. Advanced interaction is nice, but only wakes up on lifting if it was put to sleep on facing down? This is too limited.. should have the option to wake up whenever lifted.

What would I like more:
..where ever an input screen is now at the top of the device, move it to on top of the keyboard. This would minimize finger travel. A good example is the contacts app
..telephone.. own telephone number is more prominent than number being called
..file manager.. there should be choice on the default device and folder when app is open. Now it is "device". I keep all my files on the media card so it requires direction. needs equaliser. keep fixed focus until changed, it would be nice to have voice activated trigger. Also
..hub, keep blue circle but make it smaller... default action should be reply, not reply all .
..I would like an option in email to check before sending.. like "Send this email to...?". Y/N. Too often we do not look at who is getting the mail!!
..clock for bedtime mode.. give us a Porche version ! pages... provide option to name pages.. once on a page, or inside a folder, stay there until you leave the page/ folder. Now closing an app puts you back to home screen... not good.
..home screen is boring, or keeps current apps, I would like it or the lock screen to have weather too, not just time, or any other customizable function.
..bbworld... I hope access to Google play will soon be made seamless, (at extra cost!) through bbworld.

Bring on 10.3 asap. Keep the focus on productivity and help us all do more than we ever thought possible

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Strange. I don't see it. Is it possibly different on z10? I would not think so.

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I would love to have BlackBerry include a contact management module that would help manage duplicate contacts and maybe duplicate files and pictures . That would be great if it was a native application.

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Yes please.

Merge, and "copy all" (from computer sync accounts that no longer exist), xls backup and table-based or "biz-card style" edit in Link on the desktop computer

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

this is a dev version. It doesn't include all the apps found in the leaked OS. DO NOT install this version for daily use. It is for developers only.

Things I'd personally like to see with 10.3 are camera option to take panoramic photos. A timer on the camera. Graphic equaliser on the media player. The option to change colour themes and move icons where I want them. Love the idea of the new home screen as I like to see my wallpaper :) but that's just my wishlist :)

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The leak of 10.3 has the camera features you want. Plus it is quicker to set up and adjust. Home screen too.

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Contacts app needs urgent work to fix issues with linking accounts that absolutely should not be linked.

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Probably sounds stupid but this is a software right? I am not a developer or anything but can I just download it on my everyday device and use it?

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Bad idea. The developer version is missing a ton of stuff. It won't really be use able as a daily driver.

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1. BlackBerry needs updates to Voice Control. Something that is Wolfram Alpha of Business.(a startup company is doing just that). I hear INTEL Chip Company is working on something great.

2. BlackBerry should update the music player. We need more control over sound,
HTC is partnering with HarmonKardon Apple with Beats. How about BlackBerry with BOSE.

3 BlackBerry Phones could have special editions of z10, Q10, Z30. It's keeps the phone new in people's mind.

BlackBerry Nation Unite

Let's Hustle these carriers to give us what we want.

10.3 on Time.

If we wait to let them know : they will wait.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I love my Bang&Olufsen speakers and subwoofer on my Asus N56 laptop.

BOSE or B&O, both will be a good match with BB.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I have updated to the 10.3, it has a nice new revamped look, but it is very buggy and yeah

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How about a serious call blocker! NOT the BS one included with OS 10.2. Or give the developers what they need to work on a proper app to do so.

I'd like an option that would turn off all radios except the GPS receiver. That way I could use the GPS function when I'm out of cellphone range and not kill the battery. My Z10 seems to drain the battery very quickly when it's out of cell range.