BlackBerry 10.3 leak device codenames show handset development still a big part of BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2014 03:50 pm EDT

While many of us have been focused on the clearly visible things in the BlackBerry 10.3 leak, there are a lot of things in that OS that aren't exactly on the top layer. If you go digging deep into the OS there are quite a few device code names to ponder, there are assets for not only a 1080p device but also a 1440p device, and there are plenty of different specs to refer to.

The problem? The OS is, by software development standards, really old, so everything in it has to be taken with a massive grain of salt. Over the past few months we've seen some weird devices turn up, some devices have been rumored to have been scrapped, and some of them have even been downgraded and renamed. If nothing else, it shows handset development at BlackBerry is still strong. 

So what kind of code names and information has been turning up in BlackBerry 10.3? Quite a bit actually. Stuff like Mjölnir, Musket, Dev Alpha X, craziness. And like always, folks in the CrackBerry Forums like Ofutur, Thurask, UrbanGlowCam and many others have been busy discussing it all and here's some of what we're looking at. Again, I can't stress enough that this should all be taken with a grain of salt but it's interesting stuff.

Development and Reference Models

  • Touch - 5" 1080p OLED
  • ​MSM8974 - 1.9-2.26 GHz quad-core Krait 400 - Adreno 330
  • 13MP camera - 802.11ac Wifi - HDMI 1.4
  • Wi-Fi Direct / Miracast
  • Sensors: Gyroscope - Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Altimeter
  • Dev - Euphrates (Tigris variant with different Wi-Fi)
  • Dev - Tigris (Prototype, 4 Revisions)
  • Dev - Mjölnir (Yes, the hammer of Thor.)
  • Dev - Musket - Exynos 5 5410 - 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 + 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 - IT PowerVR SGX544MP3


  • Full touch based on Tigris v4 which was has been downgraded to mid-tier
  • 5.2"? 1080p OLED
  • R122 - OntarioNA - North America
  • R123 - OntarioVZW - Verizon
  • R124 - OntarioSprint - Sprint​
  • R125 - OntarioFDD - World phone FD-LTE​
  • R138 - OntarioTDD - World phone TD-LTE​
  • Rxxxx - OntarioChina - China

Classic Series - Q20

  • SQC100 - Qwerty - Touchpad - 3.5" - 720x720
  • MSM8960(AB?) 
  • 8MP camera - 802.11n Wi-Fi (Broadcom) - HDMI
  • R142 - ClassicNA - North America
  • R143 - ClassicVzw - Verizon
  • R144 - ClassicROW - Rest of World

N-Series / Porsche Design - P'9983

  • SQK100 - QWERTY - 3.1" 720x720 OLED
  • MSM8960 - 1.5 GHz dual-core Krait - Adreno 225
  • 8MP camera - 802.11n Wi-Fi (Broadcom) - HDMI
  • Wi-Fi Direct / Miracast
  • Sensors: Gyro - Mag - Accel
  • R139 - KhanB (SQN100-1) North America
  • R140 - KhanE (SQN100-3) EMEA

So, looking at that list it's easy to see there's still a lot going on within BlackBerry, but there's certainly even more than what's shown here. They've been testing a ton of different chipsets, camera modules, Wi-Fi chips and even new trackpads. If you're really interested in keeping up with all the latest device rumors, then I suggest hitting up the CrackBerry Forums and maybe even subscribing to this thread. You can also subscribe to Ofutur's channel at C001231E5.

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BlackBerry 10.3 leak device codenames show handset development still a big part of BlackBerry


I think that's for a rumored qwerty model running 1440x1440 (double the pixels on each axis of the Q10). Now the 1920x1080 one on the other hand, could be PB 2 or a high-end phone.

Great news on great products.
Ah, if BB could sell this stuff. :(

It is almost impossible for BB, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, etc. to (re)gain market share over Samsung (with a 14B advertising budget) and Apple.

In the evolution, people buy smart phones because they can run Apps. Who dominates the app market? Not BB. Unless BB can fully integrate running most Android apps as native, then, all is lost.

Not entirely perhaps. As a productivity aid, bb10 is pretty much unmatched. My colleagues use iPhone and Android products and when using our phones to do tasks, my Z runs circles around them. If my experience is typical, the OS at least will live on in the business world. The OS itself might be considered a mega productivity app.

.."bb10 is pretty much unmatched."
I agree BUT the public increasingly favors Samsung and then Apple.
Ya can't make a profit unless someone puts up the $$'s and makes a purchase.
BB's share of the market is becoming almost nil., as are Nokia, Motorola, and HTC.

Business people now want the flexibility to have devices that have business servicess and personal 'apps'. For example, my Citibank rep has a BB 9900 for Bank services and an older iPhone for personal use.

Actually, 10.2.1 essentially does "integrate" Android apps. The only thing it doesn't do is run Google Play Services, but if you look at the global market, most Android phones don't either.

Ya gotta make an effort to side-load Snap before you can access the Google store directly.
This matter MUST be addressed by BB as a native Google app loader.

Yes, you are correct. Some of the Google apps do not work because
1) Google Play Services are not available.
2) BB folders do not equal Google Android folders. Therefore, Google apps many do not work on BB.

I am NOT saying BB10 must be an Android clone, only that there should be a better definition of Android on the BBOS.
Google is not going to help BB UNLESS it is apparent that Google can make a profit on BB's Android app sales.

And my point is that globally there are MANY Android phones that don't run Google Play Services. 10.2.1 now runs Android apps pretty much as well as any of them.

Are you suggesting that Android app integration can be BETTER than Skype? That is, I could select a phone number in my contact list on my Z30 and choose "call with skype" and it would work? If so, why doesn't BlackBerry or Skype get on that right away?

I am not sure what you are saying except to say, Skype is not a Google product. It is owned by Microsoft. MS has it's own OS for phones that it is trying to build upon.


Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

It's funny now that Thor's out, Mjölnir's in ;)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Want SLIDER. Is there any clue that one of those devices has a 16 x 9 screen AND a keyboard? That would probably be a slider or something beyond freaky. (cough Typo cough)

Actually, you just twigged me to something. We aren't going to see a slider. Really. I don't think we'll see sliders on ANY platform in a couple of years.

What we COULD see is a case for the Z10 that works like a Morphie, and includes a keyboard. Imagine a Typo for the Z10 that included some additional juice for the battery. THAT might sell.

Just like Senator Amidala said to Anakin Skywalker just before he went on that killing spree "You're breaking my heart!", except without terribly contrived plot.

I think there are far too many slider fans to just dismiss the notion... I still see 9810s out there in use, and like Princess Leia said "Help me, John Chen, you're my only hope." except without the 'droid.

I guess I keep hoping for a slider-Torch-like model with BB10. (Larger screen + real keyboard.) Having a Torch 9810 kinda spoiled me with that form-factor. Maybesomedaymaybe?

Because a slider is a superior experience over a detachable keyboard. I'm not ruling out the notion that a form factor better than a slider could come along, but it doesn't exist yet.

Yes there was a Octacore listed:

Dev - Musket - Exynos 5 5410 - 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A15 + 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7

That's a BIGlittle design.

Those of us who want keyboards get tired of being the forgotten stepchild with a small 1:1 screen. If they ever made a slider with a keyboard as good as the 9900 / Q10 then I'd be all over it. (The Torch keyboard sucks rocks.)

Until then, suffer I must at 1:1 because they can have my keyboard when they pry it out of my cold, dead, super-fast-typing hands.

A 1080p screen is a very welcome addition, i know everyone says you cant tell on a small device... but trust me, you soooo can

Posted via CB10

Z1701-D, Z1701-E or 1701-Z perhaps
(Original series Enterprise didn't have a holodeck - sad Trekkie\Trekker that I am) O=
(Sorry jasonvan9 :P )

Posted using the BlackBerry PADD :D

The thread's official Channel is C001231E5

And yes, massive grain of salt needed as this only tells us what happened these past months. More builds are needed in order to get the full picture.

I'm not rich but I will buy one.. so no chicago trip this year.. but I will be rocking a p9983 wohoo!

Since 2010 

I'm with you on that. Loving my Q10. To get it as Porsche Design would be awesome. I would like to see greater device storage (64GB) and support for media card up to 128GB with option of data encrytion (to incorporate having secure USB drive on the phone).

Oh BlackBerry why must you taunt us Americans with such wonderful devices knowing our carriers will never properly support them?

Posted via CB10

Why, if there are Sprint and Verizon varieties, they surely plan to market them and make them available, no?

Something else must be cooking in the marketing and distribution depts.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

A Z30 with 20% less weight and a 1080p screen with a better camera and better processor! Now that would make me really happy!

802.11ac, if that is true it would be the only phone with 802.11ac capabilities, unless the iPhone 6 will have it.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

I had assumed that the new Q20 would at least have a better camera then the Q10 already has I mean 8mp come on up it to at least 10-12mp??

Says they are testing a bunch of different camera modules, I'm sure they have more test chipsets than camera modules and they need basic camera modules to make the development phones work... maybe they are just place holders for some of the chipset mules... just a thought

Posted via CB10

Am having issues with duplicate folders on the internal memory of my Z10! My music, videos, downloads and photos folder all have 2 additional folders located at "Device/ misc /android " my phone memory us almost full now...and deleting one of the folders automatically deletes the other two duplicates. I wrote to @BlackBerryHelp...after a couple of days trying to ascertain the problem, the gave up and asked me to contact my service provider!
I decided to do a security wipe and after my phone was restored, the problem is still on! The duplicate folder don't appear on a pc!
Anyone experiencing similar problems? Any solutions for me?

Posted via CB10

Ask that kinda stuff in the forums. Better place.

It's not a problem. Anything in this "Android" folder is just symlinked (symbolic link) to your real folder. Let's say you copy something into the pics folder inside the Android folder, it will then also appear in your pics folder on your device. (Anyone have any corrections to make?)

Otherwise, Android apps would have no access to your files, and the apps wouldn't work properly. Also a way for BB to restrict what apps can do.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Shall we say this was more like a running faucet? A lot came out in this one. My only hope is that many of the findings are legit.

Posted via CB10

Just release a couple new phones and keep working on updating the os. Stay efficient and take action to relive the BlackBerry name.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

They should licences BB10 OS and still sell BB branded premium devices as well....just a wonderment...

Posted via CB10

OK, does it have new encryption protocols? I want TLS 1.2 and a bunch of others.... dream come true openvpn?

Posted via CB10

I don't understand the need for the need of a physical keyboard!!! Love, love my Z10! Best phone ever!

Posted via CB10

It's good to hear that BlackBerry is still dedicated to making more devices. IMO the quality and user experience is better when a company makes both the OS and the hardware.

Sorry but that Q20 sounds like another 2012 phone that's going to be seen as BlackBerry's new "flagship" all over again. Not impressed. It's 2014 now come on. And don't come with that "you don't need 1080p screen on a phone" argument. If. BlackBerry want to recover and be seen as relevant again then they need the top specs expected for 2014 not 2012/early 2013.
The bar has been set so high by Sony and HTC already it's scary.

Posted via CB10

It's a work phone. People that want the tool belt aren't after high end specs, they want a well priced phone with the buttons they miss from bbos

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

And nobody I have issued a BB10 phone to where I work misses the tool belt buttons one little bit.

I have the worrying feeling that the Q20 is John Chen's knee jerk reaction to being shown that the 'new' BlackBerry is all about touch gestures, and rather than being objective about it he has allowed his reaction to be influenced by his own personal feelings on the matter.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

I personally want the belt back. But everything else we are seeing here about the Q20 seems to be stuck in 2012. An 8mp camera in 2014?? Seriously!?

Posted via CB10

Interesting, Musket- the Prime weapon in the REVOLUTIONARY war. Let's hope it is BlackBerry's Prime weapon in REVOLUTIONARY phones! :D

I have the BlackBerry Z30 and it's great! I'm now waiting for the Ontario Z50 with 5.2" touch screen, quad-core processor, full metal body, and better voice command integration. I can dream, can't I?

Posted via CB10

Same here, though I think it's important for them to continue making both sizes to cater to a larger audience.

Posted via CB10

So Musket is the 2015 octacore device and they have Ontario for maybe Q3 or Q4? Hope that doesn't get cancelled.

Posted via CB10

>> Classic Series - Q20
>> SQC100 - Qwerty - Touchpad - 3.5" - 720x720
:( ... Only 720x720 although the screen is bigger!?! I was hoping for 960x960 ...

You want BB10 in as many hands as possible, and to do this you need to sell devices.
Looking forward to the 5" full touch ;)

4.7 inch 1080p OLED with a nice big beefy quad-core processor, 2 gigs of ram, good size battery, 12 megapixel camera. Z20 I shall be satisfied.

Posted via CB10

Drool drool....all these new phones...good to see all of these developments!!love my Zed 10 with a passion but would really be interested in trying one of these new keyboard BlackBerry phones!

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life!

Posted via CB10

I want the phone to be a 4.5 to 4.7 max screen.
It has to be carry able in the pocket.

Posted via CB10

I'm am so looking forward to feeling a Q20 in me hands! To have the ability to easily c/p is the one thing I find dreadful on my Cue X. Other than that, this puppy rocks as a phone and as a mobile computing device!

Am also: Blackberry by choice.

Scribed via zee Cue X on X.II.I

For heaven sake. Work on the battery juice power. That's imp for any phone :). Be The First and Live The Best.

Posted via CB10

This exynos prototype sounds a bit unnecessary. They have to code and optimize the OS for a whole different platform, which takes time and resources. They did the same with the previous generation, which had a TI OMAP variant alongside the snapdragons. Supposedly to reduce unit costs, but it's not like it sold in great numbers, so did it manage to recuperate the costs of development? Even samsung is not using the exynos... Couldn't resources be better utilized if everybody concentrated on a few important things without spreading themselves too thin?

BlackBerry used to work on TI, so did Nokia. Look at the PlayBook (1080p high profile ahead of other s). So they had to transition to Qualcom when TI stalled on their 5th gen and may have had running contracts. Meanwhile Qualcom was recovering from a mistep they had with a earlier chip generation partly because TI went very dominant on the phone market (like 56%), pushing the phone makers finding alternatives. Qualcom was a bit more power efficient, saved manufacturing costs with integrated radio, but had lesser gpu. they nailed it with cortex sub a15 generation, which was the perfect time to market. They thus dried up the foundries production at the expense of their competitors. I guess that phone makers are now worried about the Qualcom dominant position. But Nvidia has lost credibility, Samsung us too many hats, and Chinese are not on top end yet, and Intel is still closing the gap on power.

That may have been back then, now qualcomm is not delaying anything, so there is no reason to try to diversify. And BB is not in a position to worry about such things anyway, they are one of the smallest handset makers anyway. Exynos 5 doesn't offer any benefits compared to snapdragon, and it's very doubtful it will be any cheaper. Also, qualcomm didn't dry production from their competitors, as there were no competitors, for them to have the production orders, manufacturers looked at the competition, looked at snapdragon, and chose snapdragon. It obviously offered better performance and/or better price, that's why it had the most orders, at the expense of competitors.


Where the FRAK in your documented details of the reference models listed in your post - besides your commentary - state anything about BlackBerry testing new TrackPads?!

Nowhere. So why commentary stating so? A chip set has nothing to do with a track pad.

However good to hear Porsche Design P'9983 is the qwerty SQK100.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Why do consumers buy Samsung or Apple over BlackBerry? For most people it's has nothing to do with the app the selection or anything else. I have a Z10. I download and use more apps than the average casual Android or Apple user. This is the Android and Apple Trend. It's not who's bigger or better. It's what's popular. Popular with carriers or in the eyes of young people. Most people don't know that bb10.2 exist to make a decision to purchase a BlackBerry. Most people idea of a BlackBerry is the Curve. My opinion, I think BlackBerry make better phone but in order for them to complete with Samsung or Apple they'll need to find a way to reverse this Trend.

Posted via CB10

I was discussing with a teenager cousin of mine interested in phone, and very social thus prone to lead opinion in his pairs. He is aware of BlackBerry but still prefer android. Why? BlackBerry is theorical knowledge android is practical experience. I mean it really matters for user to use a phone to get its plusses. BlackBerry is not in shops, but even in shops, you can't really experience and quantify the benefits (how to use the keyboard, take then share picture with editing text ? ). Another point was there was a showstopper missing app for him: Spotify, and the global perception that you must be prepared missing apps. The last point was android can highly be customized and is open source so that it is likely that every cool geek experiment can be done and shared.

I would like to see a new Z10 Series II basically the Z30 but 4.5 inch

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

About time. Now release them quickly and make marketing damn right. Competitions like Samsung s5 and sony z2 are already up. Next iphone also coming soon. Please don't be late this time. It feels like when bb release something, competitions are already moving to next generation.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Only the Q20 and maybe the Porsche will make it to the market this year if rumour is correct.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry following the footsteps of Android? All I see are bigger and bigger screens. I guess iPhone will be my next platform of choice then. :/

Only 720x720 on the Q20? So a lower ppi than the Q10. Same mistake that they made with Z30 vs Z10.

Z10 STL100-1 ( and PlayBook (

If Rim bring us the device as description i am afraid that will be one error . The new device must.... will need have the better technology at market . The new processor 64 Bits . The best pixel . and one new Q20 with more inch..

Why i shoud buy more the same . Where we have the big changes !

It's nice to know they are still exploring creative new product options. On the other hand, this gets back to the issue of leaks. It would be nice to know more specifically what's in the works.

Hologram phone calls, including BBM video projection ;-)
Project a useable, full sized keyboard from the side of the device onto an adjacent surface. Just lay your device down, turn on keyboard projection and type away on the adjacent surface.