BlackBerry OS 10.3 has twenty new wallpapers, download them now!

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2014 09:30 pm EDT

Looking to add some BlackBerry 10.3 love to your device but don't want to deal with the hassle of loading up a developer version of the OS? No problem. BlackBerry OS has twenty new wallpapers (possibly more) within that are sized for all devices and we've pulled them out for you.

You can check them out in the gallery above however, if you're looking to download them please download the full zipped up package. We've linked it below for you all or you can head on over to this Imgur link and grab them individually, just be sure to view the full resolution version. Keep in mind, they mind not be final so get em while they're hot.

Download the new BlackBerry 10.3 wallpapers

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BlackBerry OS 10.3 has twenty new wallpapers, download them now!


Took a little doing, but these are awesome...have the mountain one rocking the Z30.

Thanks, Blaize

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The mountain one is nice, but the ocean horizon one is my favorite...when you swipe up, everything shrinks off into the distance. :)

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Wow these are so awesome, sleek and modern. I love them can't wait for my BlackBerry Passport ;)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Good on you Bla1ze. Keep up the great work. Sorry about the first. My first time being first. Haha. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

For the COPs...just saw Ice-T and Body Count on single---"Go Back To Rehab".

It Rocked...Hard!!...Yessum.

I love how sometimes when you flip through zee cable TV...there's actually something worth the price of admission.

Murray Squire Marr

I like most of these new wallpapers...thanks for the information...will be using the trapezoidal ice formations for the near future.

Murray Squire Marr

Agreed. Bla1ze, keep up the great work that you're doing so far! The hardest working man in show business!

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When you select an image and "set as" wallpaper, it gives you a crop step with the crop area predefined by your device screen. You just have to move it horizontally to chose the section of the image that you want. It's the same as with current wallpapers on 10.2.

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True, but then you get too zoomed into the subject of the wallpaper.

I'm wondering if 10.3 gold will have parallax wallpapers...

Either that, or there are still some Z10/Z30 formatted versions of these out there somewhere.

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When cropped for the Z30 they look nothing like the originals and all the goodness is gone. For instance the one with grey circles you get to choose the really light corner or mostly dark portion but no balance, which is what makes the previews look good. Proper backgrounds have to be designed for the aspect ratio they are intended for.

They're all square and I can't download the zip file :(. How do I get the full resolution?

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This collection is suspiciously devoid of anything resembling a photo someone might take, such as a landscape. Oh wait, the background-less icons make anything more interesting than some squishy pastel crap impossible to use.

"Your browser does not allow data to be written. Please make sure you are using the default browser settings."

I've looked around and I'm pretty sure everything is on the default settings. What am I doing wrong?

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It's happening. 10.3 is a real OS. It's will look s stunning people won't be able ignore BB10 if (I say if for a reason) they see it

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That's all nice and dandy, but I would like to have a home screen without app icons to show these great wallpapers off.

Tools not Toys my CrackBerry brothers!

In 10.3 u have one
In 10.2.1 keep pressing on any app and then go to the last page u will have new one with no apps :)


10.3 stuff already? I literally just downloaded 10.2 about 2 months ago. This was the "official" download via ATT when it was released. How long will it be until 10.3 is officially released to providers and then I will have to wait 9 months for ATT to release....then I will finally be happy with the app market and I won't have to constantly pick up my iPhone to access critical I need for my job.

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Some may ask what critical business apps? I would say an HP financial calculator for one. A financial calculator replicating the 12C is what I use to make money. Tripcase - my company uses this travel app to book all of out travel. Not a mobile website version so I hate logging on. Same goes for southwest airlines, delta airlines,etc...I won't rant because the "app-gap" is closed come 10.3. I just don't want folks saying you don't need apps for the enterprise.

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And I too would like a Home screen with only the time (optional toggle (on/off), showing - nothing else.

Make it happen guys or at least give us the option?

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

This is my least favorite change in 10.3. Although if it has the time on it u til an app is opened that would help. Having a useless empty screen turns down the productivity dial a couple notches.


Thanks Bla1ze!! Just added them to my collection. P.S. Congratulations on getting EiC. You'll be perfect.

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You know what would be nice...I say this here as it is stated that there will be wallpapers for different phone aspect have the ability for the OS to scale to different resolutions based on the monitor - TV, computer screen - it is connected to. That would be very useful in connecting a Q10 to a TV with wireless keyboard and mouse while enjoying a full screen... Just sayin...

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Many thanks!

The one with the water and horizon does provide for a real nice effect when you peek.

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On the, I can't change my wallpaper. Then many bugs with device accessibility setting. I'll try this leaked, thx for shared

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Thanks Bla1ze!!
There are two WP that look very interesting for the Pic-PW!!

BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Where do the files save to? Can you download directly from the device? It looks like it works but then I can't find the file directory on my phone. Help appreciated. Cheers.

Posted via Q10 (but I prefer the 9900)

BTW whats the deal with that "double SS"? Kind of interesting to see a new approach to the design, but I prefer the BlackBerry logo

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These are amazing! I love the simplicity of their design. Makes me excited for BB 10.3 more now :)

Thank you...don't mind if I do!

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You have to install the mega app and then open the link in the browser as opposed to the CB app.

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I downloaded the zip file from mega but I'm still finding I have to crop them on my z30, which defeats their purpose.


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I didnt get the new OS update until now :S and I tried the links that carkberry put it in their topic and also it didnt work toooo when will we receive the update in the middle east

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Jam the wall paper, how about a call blocker app that blocks individual numbers, white and black lists etc.? Never mind an app, just bake it into the phone os.

Dear Bla1ze is it possible to get the red, yellow and blue ink wallpaper that came with the 10.3.1052?