BlackBerry OS update rolling out for all BlackBerry 10 devices today

By DJ Reyes on 27 May 2014 08:03 am EDT

We're getting a BlackBerry 10 update today. And no, it's not OS 10.3. It's a 10.2.1 update that brings a few new enhancements and features to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. We actually saw this OS version drop as a leak early in the month of May. If you're one who prefers to load officially, then look out for the update as it will be rolling out today for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

New features in OS

  • Applications - No more limits on the number of applications that can run in the background.
  • Support for 64GB and higher exFAT MicroSD so you can store and enjoy more photos, music and files to your BlackBerry 10 device.
  • Enhancements to Bluetooth, Media, Browser, and more!

The update will show as Software version but it is OS version As usual, this update is carrier dependent and the rollout for the update starts today.

  • Europe Middle East and Africa – Starting May 27
  • Asia Pacific : Starting May 27
  • Canada: Starting May 27
  • Latin America: Starting mid-June
  • USA: We expect availability starting late-June

Some carriers in the U.K. have already rolled out the update. Are you seeing this update in other regions? Let us know in the comments.

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BlackBerry OS update rolling out for all BlackBerry 10 devices today



Interesting to see that the US market seems to be the last, is that to punish the Americans or is it the Carriers playing their delayed tactics game?

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BlackBerry is in no position to be 'punishing' carriers or consumers, beggars can't be choosers.

Posted via CB10

Yes, because pretty much every body else released it except the US carriers. It sure looks like they are the ones to point the finger at.

The market is essentially smaller in the us compared to the other markets. Hence why carriers dont release it until very late.

But has anyone ever wondered, if u bought the phone unlocked running it with no sim, how would you get any updates at all???

Running a phone without a SIM card seems to be a strange way of doing things. I guess you could make calls with a VOIP app, and get an internet service via WiFi. Is that the scene you have in mind?

The unlocked phones search the default BlackBerry site for updates. The phones locked by the carriers search the site set by the carrier.

No, not necessarily. My kid has a BB10 "iPod" that didn't find today's update. It is unlocked straight from BlackBerry. I picked it up during the December $200 sale because it was cheaper than an iPod (with expandable storage for all their unboxing/opening videos).

I popped in a Bell SIM I had (for a tablet plan of all things) and it found the update right away.

I'll be putting the SIM into my Wind phone later today if it doesn't show up this evening.

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My wife and I both have an unlocked Z10 Phone. Her sim is provided by Vodafone NL and mine by KPN NL. But she got the update already while I am still waiting for it. Very strange. Is there a way to download it manually?

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What if I have a phone to from Telus and unlocked it, is it considered unlock or still from telus?

I agree. I point the finger directly at the US carriers. It seems as though they are only "tolerating" BlackBerry at this time and they won't do more than the absolute minimum for their customers.

I hope Sachesi has an update soon that I can download instead of waiting for AT&T to decide when to release it.

 Lovin' my Z10! 

That's exactly how I feel and I love MY Q10. I have t-mobile and they have abandoned us completely although it is BlackBerry's fault- I am a BlackBerry loyalist and have been with T-mobile for 20+ yrs!

Carriers have no incentive to expedite the release of updates if their underlying motive is to get people off BlackBerry and onto more profitable platforms.

Anything they have to do with BlackBerry is probably just a nuisance for them since the US market has already declared their favourite(s).

They aren't "punishing" carriers. Where do people get this stuff?

With every single os release they've done, carriers have rolled it out last in the US

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Because BlackBerry is such a small player in the States now that the carriers don't even consider BlackBerry device updates a priority anymore. It's basically a "we'll get to it when we get to it" type of rollout here. Although, I'm still shocked that Verizon was actually the first [in the world?] to rollout a 10.2.1 OS a few months ago.

Only to stop it after a day and then only officially released the update months after.

Talk about strategy FAIL!

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Once BlackBerry has published the OS to the carriers, each carrier has to do the following before publishing it to their subscribers :
- download the OS
- check it for bugs, with regards to the carrier's own Quality Assurance
- add the specific stuff from the carrier (like some icons, and network parameters), and test it
- train their hotline teams

What we see is that all those steps are faster for small carriers (in South America for instance), and for European Carriers (like the UK).

for 10.2, ATT took several semesters later than UK carriers for example. Same for Sprint.

You forgot "add ridiculous, impossible to remove bloatware"

Posted via Crack-a-lackin'

Seriously where have you been? Why bother using resources to send updates to carriers that dont care for the company? As shown during the last 10.2.1 ordeal. Verizon received the updated way before the rest of the world did and "accidentally" released it on their servers. Soon after that they stopped the release and waited 2 months after the whole world has pushed out 10.2.1 before continuing.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

And where are we poor slobs still using t-mobile as a carrier, left out in the cold because of chen's pissing contest with them? Will t- month push out the updates? Oh yeah, go to a computer and download updates someone said! This thing is my computer and if I can't update over the phone, I'm screwd! But not if I go to iphone,correct. Thanking u Mr. Chen for cutting off your nose to spite your face! DOH!!

You need to calm down. TMO has said repeatedly that they would continue to support their BB users. The end of the license agreement means that TMO won't be selling any new phones. So, yes, that will suck when the new devices like the classic come out as we won't be able to buy those through TMO, but OS updates are supposed to keep coming.

Yeah,"supposed" to keep updates coming.I talked to tmo on 2 separate occasions and the rep said that tmo wasn't going to pull the plug on me.but as far as support with updates ,the answer was"oh, that I don't know". Hell most local sales people don't have a clue about bb quitting tmo. All they know is that the store don't stock or sell bb. So I guess I "suppose" we wait and see for feedback from the forum. Hell why should I lay out $299-$549 for a device that aint current! This BB crisis is gettin REAL OLD!

BlackBerry has no reason to punish carriers. The only one carrier was "punished" to date, and that was T-Mobile for its underhanded tricks to move folks off BlackBerrys to iPhones.

Since I'm a BlackBerry user for some 8 years now, your remarks as of BlackBerry is a beggar and not in a position to choose, I would like to refer to The Guardian newspaper of today: "Capitalism is at risk of destroying itself unless bankers realise they have an obligation to create a fairer society, the Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned."
If you know BlackBerry and it's competitors you will understand that superiority of the other brands have everything to do with their marketing power rather than with their customers satisfaction.


I'm not from the States but from what I've's more like, carrier indifference than support

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It's probably the Carriers who are punishing their subscribers for using a BlackBerry. Maybe it's a strategy to get us frustrated with our BB devices and move onto an Android or Apple phone.

Yup. No switching here.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

That's pretty sad....and pretty believable. :-(

Hopefully not though. Maybe TMO will take this an opportunity to play nicey-nice with BB.

Anyone know if you get the updates no matter what if you bought the phone directly from BlackBerry?

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Yes you do get the updates. All you need is a BlackBerry and a SIM card that is on a carrier's network that is offering the update.

I got mine and I bought the phone from BlackBerry.

PS make sure that you are using an LTE SIM card not a cut down version of your old SIM.

Let's be honest,t here is such a small market here in the US that making the US a priority to update to new software is actually pretty silly. They seem to push these updates to the markets most concentrated with BBRY users and work backwards. It makes sense.

In addition their "code" names for their phones tend to be the place they end up launching. Could that mean that Windemere is destined for England first?

BlackBerry is supplying the update to all carriers simultaneously. The goal is to have a global roll out within a short time.

If a carrier for some reason doesn't provide a Technical Acceptance (TA) the OS release is not released for their customers.

It's not in the hands of BlackBerry unless the start behaving like Apple and they are currently not in a position to do so and it's never been the way BlackBerry treated their carrier partners.

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US always add 4 months and you will nail it. So instead of late June, expect a early September

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?? Where have you been? The US carriers wait until they have downtime after servicing all non-blackberry devices. If there aren't any Android or iOS work to do, they may consider allocating resources to pushing a BlackBerry update.

Personally, I think the "late June" prediction is way off base. I'm predicting either

A) US gets the update in about 2-3 months, or

B) US does not get any updates until 3-6 months after 10.3.1 arrives, at which point they will push 10.3.1 (skipping this update altogether)

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Can anyone confirm that the phones from ShopBlackberry will have this latest update before they ship? Really thinking about taking advantage of the $100 off deal before May 31 for a couple of B&W Z10s...

Yes I believe they do, any BlackBerry 10 phone I've bought direct from BlackBerry has had the latest OS update.

Its not an issue, BlackBerry 10 OS is just very proven by the RAM 2GB on (almost) all BlackBerry 10 phone but use a not-competitive processor to reduce overheating.

Wait. This update, only available today, was the first instance of BB phones being able to use SD cards bigger than 32GB? SMDH...

The first release to support exfat formatted SDXC cards. Before this release, BB10 was cheating by formatting 64GB cards as FAT32. This also means files > 4GiB in size.

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So I should expect Sprint to have it sometime around Christmas... Great news for non-U.S. Blackberry users though!

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So enhancements to Bluetooth, Media, Browser and more is kind of vague..

So what's new?

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This thing is FAST!

My Z10 feels twice as smooth and responsive after the update. I also deleted a large 1GB game before restarting to finalize the update.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Will check tomorrow on the Q10.

No updates without prior backup. Made it a policy. Too important.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Hope it's stable on the STL-1. The leak of this same version has been HORRIBLE...

Need to let BlackBerry employees go? Start with the entire BlackBerry Link team including the "genius" behind the idea. ;^L

It'll be the same OS, I can only think of two instances where a link was different and even then, that was only the signing dates.

Q's even faster than the Z10, less pixels to compute and less travel for the active frames to find their spot after swiping. Hooray!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Active frame animations ate faster. I noticed that (faster to switch between apps).

Posted via CB10

All animations ate faster! Opening folders, swiping between homescreens, etc...

Android performance doesn't seem to have changed. Still slow to load and laggy/stuttery.

Posted via CB10

I'm guessing he's referring to the limited wifi access thing. I get it all the time on my stl100-1 on my cellular data takes priority over wifi (regardless of signal strength) until I go in to settings and turn mobile data off

Posted via CB10

Really, never seen this. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen but it is very odd. Perhaps its unique to the STL100-1?

Stl 100-3. Happens to me also. But in spurts. One day, then good for weeks sometimes, then splat.

Posted via CB10

I get this all the time with my Z30 STA100-2 running, I was told by my carrier T-Mobile UK that it was an issue with my router not the handset?

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Hoped for that too, but when I get up today with the new OS I was greeted with the same old limited network msg. Hope it's less often now at least.

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Telstra and Optus released almost simultaneously, got the notification on Z10/Optus first, then a manual check on Q10/Telstra - BANG!

That's a, well..., first!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Got it on my z10 when I first looked at this morning. On Telstra. Very surprised that Telstra has pushed this so fast. That's just not typical of the carrier we love to hate but we use because the others coverage sucks or you need regional coverage like me.

Got mine!!! Any improvement to the android player?? Or must we wait for 10.3 for that love???

Posted via CB10

It's also appearing on carriers in the Netherlands :)
Someone should slap those US carries.

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Yes, I'm interested in the new bluetooth updates, my girlfriends SG4 outshines my Z30 majorly in that respect... its embarrassing lol

Posted via CB10

Maybe you can provide a little details on how SG4 outshine Z30? I bet the good people in BlackBerry is watching. :)

Posted via CB10

We have a 2014 chevy cruze, her phone hooks up and she can do texts, view her contacts, music, everything and its nice and stable...

My Z30 can barely do music and the connection is not very good, the music often skips are stops playing for periods of time...

Posted via CB10

That's frustrating. Have to wonder if it's an issue of what Chevy tested on vs a BlackBerry bluetooth issue. For example, I use a BlackBerry bluetooth device daily in my car and never have issues with streaming or skipping or stopping music.

Doesn't make your life easier and doesn't resolve the impression of BlackBerry but there's often two sides to the coin.

I have a Z10 and drive a GMC Acadia. I have no issues. The systems are the same, just branded differently. So it should work fine.

What year is the Cruze?

What do you mean about texts? Voice commands? Or does the Cruz have another type of input? How do you stream your music over the vehicle bluetooth? I'm very interested in the type of technology in the Chevrolet. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

2014 Honda Odyssey Paired with my Z30. I get calls, emails, texts on the car display. Any audio output including phone calls, bbm voice and video, you tube etc all seamlessly flows through. Am I pleased? Definitely. No issues here!

Posted via CB10

Had outages on 10.2.1 with Bluetooth, could not hear the first 3 or 4 seconds of a call when being connected to the KIA system.

This wasn't present on 10.2, as far as I can remember.

Hope this update fixes it. Sometimes embarrassing if you have to ask for their name again.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I drive a 2014 Dodge Dart with the QNX built Uconnect system. I can't use the messaging service through the Uconnect because it says it does not support my device. I have a Z10. How does a QNX built system not use the full features of a Blackberry?

Don't have this issue with GM Intellilink.

The audio has cut out on rare occasions for a second, but that's it.

Posted via CB10


I almost gave up and went the autoloader route.

Posted via CB10 via Z30STA100-5/

No, 10.3 was expected for October I think And that's only for new devices... we will get 10.3.1 which is probably late November

Posted via CB10

Not at all. 10.3 development continues. There may have been security fixes that prompted this update and they threw in some goodies at the same time.

Any issues with battery life? The current version is fantastic. I hope that doesn't change.

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update of Software release - Size 72 MB available for download in Saudi Arabia on STC carrier...

Notification received from Three in England, on my Z30.
I am actually interested in some feedback if this is going to make a real difference for the running of the OS. I don't want to end up with glitchy machine afterwards.... the case with many updates.

Posted via CB10

:-o I thought it meant unlimited active frames. What was the background app limit anyway? Did that exist too? :|

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Hi Graham, I'm also on Vodacom here in South Africa, haven't got the update yet...

Posted via CB10

I Hope this fixes the contact issues, for too long BlackBerry have shown no particular interest in fixing any issues that continues to hinder the OS.

Whooohooo! I thought I wouldn't see an update for at least another year, I'm on Verizon and am still enjoying my 2.1 update.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I just received my update, disappointed it's not 10.3 I've had my Z10 for 2 weeks now it is pretty rad the mind baffles why we are failing with such a good product. I guess I'll have 2 keep holding out for 10.3 leaks look fantastic.

Posted via CB10

Good news. I always think that the network and connection has some bugs.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

In Italy and now updating. Would be nice to have updates gradually rather than waiting for a big one every year. I guess it's easier that way.

Posted via CB10

Woohoo! Got notification of OS, 104MB on Celcom, Malaysia ;) Will do it tomorrow then, hehehe

Posted via CB10

Who cares? How about everyone! Updates are updates.

I prefer stability over bleeding edge any day.

My Z10 is a communication device after all

Posted via CB10

Hey, it's actually great to see folks all across the world happily downloading BlackBerry 10 updates. It's a great little community here. Greetings to all! Maybe folks can share what they like about the new update?

I'm in Delta BC on VMC and I got the update notification this morning around 9am!

Telstra - no update.
Optus - got the update.
Voda UK - got the update.
M1 SGP - got the update.
TELKOMSEL - got the update.

for God sake, Telstra come on.. not again!!! thanks Voda UK, my Z30 has been updated to!

I got Optus and Telstra almost simultaneously.
Optus first, then manual check on Telstra. Good luck

Cairns, FNQ

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Feels like a new phone.

Can't imagine how this is gonna run on a friggin' QUADCORE or better in November on 10.3.x !!!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Update here. Nigeria

I live my life trying to make up for yesterday. By tomorrow, I'll be ready for today.