O2 UK hint at a BlackBerry 10.2.1 January 2014 release

By James Richardson on 29 Dec 2013 07:19 am EST

Take this one with a pinch of salt once again, but the latest word on the street is that we could see BlackBerry 10.2.1 released here in the UK within weeks. 

geekshut.com have reported the following, regarding a January release, although as yet we have nothing official from BlackBerry themselves. We know the update is on the horizon but until BlackBerry confirms its release we will have to wait and see. 

An O2 representative has (allegedly) stated: 

I have checked, and I can confirm that BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 will be releasing on the O2 network in January. However, BlackBerry haven’t officially announced an exact date in January yet. Once OS 10.2.1 is released, you will get a notification on your BlackBerry about the software update.

Only time will tell. 

Source: Geeks Hut

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O2 UK hint at a BlackBerry 10.2.1 January 2014 release


I figured in mid to late January it would get released :) It seems though everything is released in the UK first

Really, judging by previous releases I expected feb to march but probably with john chen, he is getting it done faster

Most people don't seem to understand that the CEO cannot simply push updates out faster than their software developers can code.

Yes a CEO has a lot of say within the company but software updates are one area which they may not have direct influence over if they don't have the background required.

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New release builds are being sent to the carriers on schedule in a timely fashion by BlackBerry for carrier testing just fine.

It is the carriers who are taking too long, especially in the US, to "test" the builds before telling BlackBerry they have approved them allowing BlackBerry to set a release date.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK - Activated on BES10.2

Are you serious?! BlackBerry never took more than 3 month to push an update, why would you think it would release on feb or march? We all knew it was lunching in January!

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Well that's the rumor it was releasing in January 2014. Hopefully update 10.2.1 is on schedule to be released in late January at the latest :)

What PlayBook update are you still waiting for? The one that upgrades the PB OS to BB10? If so, I think you should start holding your breath until it comes......

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Jesus I hate living in the USA. I guess Blackberry doesnt want American customers. Don't blame at and Verizon, clearly blackberry has written off the usa

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I think you'll find its Version, AT&T and US consumers in general who have written off BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK - Activated on BES10.2

You do realize that carriers around the world are running official versions of OS10.2.. and that AT&T and the other US carriers suck balls? I've been running the official Bell version of OS10.2 on my Q10 from AT&T for probably two months... Take my advice...look into Sachesi on CrackBerry.

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no they have not. Didn't you read the comments about how the carriers in USA drag the testing on too long, where in other counties it takes 2 weeks. Until its approved by the carrier they can't announce a date or release it. So in the UK it takes two weeks so they said will be available in a few weeks LOL.

BlackBerry can't compete in the US, as practically no one wants their phones. Why would carriers dedicate resources to test the new os when so few people own the phones and everyone is calling for BlackBerrys demise?

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Why!?!? Because they sold me my BlackBerry back in March and should continue to support a device as long as it's in business. All they have to do is test Android and BlackBerry updates as Apple releases their updates direct. I think 3 months is long enough especially when other carriers around the world take a couple of weeks SMH

O2 UK pay as you go customer here so I'll keep an eye out for this update, currently running 1925 so hopefully it will be higher.

Swiped On My Supa Fast 10.2.1 Driodberry via CB10

Might be like the 10.2 release then, same version with minor improvements

Swiped On My Supa Fast 10.2.1 Driodberry via CB10

10.2 wasn't really. released here in canada a week after the leak dropped for it. Then we were leakless for a while until 18xx came out.

That's what I meant, I was already running** when it got released so my update was only 27MB.

Swiped On My Supa Fast 10.2.1 Driodberry via CB10

I'm already running 10.2.1925 so I'm assuming the official release will be the same version but with any rough edges smoothed off and no noticeable bugs

I agree, I'm running and it is very much not even close to what needs to be in production. The 10.2.0.xxxx leaks was much more stable before we saw it ready for production. I think 10.2.1.xxxx is in the right direction but I also think they can and should wait to get it really stable and have all the little kinks worked out.

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I'm so looking forward to 10.2.1, whether we get it in January or a bit later.

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It's really important that something like this happen in January. In order to build positive momentum, we really do need something to happen in January. Ideally, we would see this update, and also cross platform BBM Audio and Video either in January, or early February at the latest.

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I think it will happen in January, at least on carriers that don't actively hate BB like the american ones, but as far as cross-platform BBM, isn't it more likely that we'll see steady updates to that app so audio first, then video and then channels as they will get a boost of attention each time they add a notable new feature to the app.

Voice and channels are coming late January or early February, video isn't coming before late march I think.

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Would be good if it is this soon but I thought releasing it Feb 1st would maybe make more sense as it's then been a year since the Z10 was released.

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Why would you wait for the anniversary of a product many claim is a failure to capture marketshare as the first device of the BlackBerry 10 family?

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Well with the exception of the US (for some sad reason) BlackBerry have been trying hard to release updates in unison, so hopefully Canada will be included.

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My CPW Z10 had a Vodafone logo at first boot. Do I have to wait for them to allow the update?

Posted via CB10

My cpw phone has the same logo as the sim card I insert.

Vodafone logo with Vodafone Simcard. 3 logo with 3 Simcard :)

Posted from Z10 with leak. Pwnage aparatus!

You are correct! Just popped a Three SIM in the CPW Z10 and it works fine. Thanks for the tip. It's an even bigger bargain now :-)

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I bet Vodafone will push this update before O2.

I'm on Vodafone, I'm also on so it's sad to hear that probably the official won't be higher.

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app

It's often the last to leek, but on official builds it comes out at the same time as all the other BB10 phones

Posted via CB10

I thought all Z10's were STL100's. If you meant STL100-1, then it is all pushed with the other variants for official updates.

With o2 mentioning that BB hasn't set a date yet, it probably means that the final software went to carriers sometime before Xmas and to avoid the release being too staggered they will wait until enough carriers approve the update and then they can have an official launch later in the month.

That means we're soon on to 10.3 ;)

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers [/URL]

If it's a rumour why are you posting it James!

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I don't know why blackberry can't concentrate on the basics. Atleast start to make their "keyboards" flawless. Hitherto, I've had double typing issues. Same was the case for my 9780 and 9900 and now Q10. What a waste!

Posted via CB10

I have the same double typing issues. Takes 3 tries to enter my password sometimes and also contributes to spelling mistakes. Not a huge issue but one that is annoying.


I've also read on the BBin channel that the official 10.2.1 will bring new features to camera, namely panorama and low-light modes + high FPS video recording like in iOS7, so you would be able to make those slow-motion videos. Pretty excited about this even though I'm running the leaked 10.2.1.

Yea I'm hoping for this too. BlackBerry has had these features in BB10 since B4 10.2 came out, but for some reason hasn't enabled them. I heard someone say that in the latest leak the files have finally been taken back out, I hope that's not true

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I'll probably need to get me a dummy sim in order to get the latest update for my Q10. :D

My 9900 already got the latest from O2 thanks to me checking the 9900 subforums. YIPPIE!!

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When he says there, he means they're. Punctuation is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z10 rocking

Donald, if you bought a BB10 device, you have just acquired the best smart phone on the market, IMHO.

Posted via CB10

Hell8 ewalker53, yes I bought the BB Z10 and I love it...... However, I go to Starbucks everyday and miss my Starbucks app which I use to buy my coffee. I've been bugging Starbucks to make app for the phone and I keep getting the same response..,,, I need my google, My Google Earth, Yahoo, and etc.... I miss those apps.... But, I love my new BB Z10!!!!! For one, the BB Z10 can do Adobe Flash...... the others can't......

Question is: did you make a mistake posting here instead of reseaeching befkre buying a BlackBerry or anyother device?
Always research we say but no one listens.

Posted on my Z10 Via CB10

Honestly yes.

It is not a bad platform but one that is dying a slow painful death. Your friends on Android and iPhones will have apps that you do not and cannot use. Sure BlackBerry will be able to run some Android apps, not all, but if I wanted android apps, why not buy an Android phone.

if you do not need to buy it for work, I would recommend any other platform (Android, iOS or even Windows) over BB.

THe only reason they still even exist is the corporate stuff, and in two years they lose that too...

I buy and use BlackBerry, because I dislike monopolies and I don't want my mobile digital life hooked up to a flippin' Scroogle server 24/7.

Please adjust your seats to the upright position and put on your tinfoil hats now....

Posted via CB10

If you are thinking of leaving BlackBerry I would suggest Windows Phone. The Lumias are amazing.

Posted via CB10

Scroogle is SkyNet....

An Apple a day....
... but BlackBerries have more antioxidants!

Micro$oft Borg (or was that Bob?):
Prepare to be assimilated now...

If one of the above dies... less choice ( say: competition = innovation) is always bad for the consumer, whether they be BB supporters of not. It will hurt even them, in the long run.
Think about it, droidheads, iPeople, microsofties...

Posted via CB10

I'm hoping Verizon customers can enjoy the update as well so I can get me some of those sweet Android apps and show off the power of QNX on my blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Get on the leak bandwagon, the latest one works flawlessly for me and the android games and apps are smoother than an oiled up seal sliding down a butter covered chute.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z10 rocking

Nice! I'm on Verizon running official 10.1. Think it's time to install a leak! By the time I get even 10.2 I'll have grandkids! Lol

Posted via CB10

Really !! I'm on o2 using the leaked on my Z10 so hopefully the official 10.2.1 is a newer versions than that so I get an update notification.

Hopefully Vodafone UK will get the 10.2.1 update soon, they tend to get them first from what I have seen in the past with BlackBerry 10 updates.

Looking forward to having a new update with newer features.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I would assume so by downloading the Android app and firing up the runtime emulator.

Posted via CB10

I hope this is true. I love installing leaks but the whole process has begun to take up too much time.

Posted via CB10

Verizon better not release 10.2.0.x when 10.2.1.x is being released or everyone here who owns one here will be pissed and they'll prove just how incompetent and clueless they are.

Yeah, and Verizon hasn't even released 10.2.0 yet. Gonna stay with the leaks, and 3 or 4 steps ahead of them.

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised CrackBerry hasn't reported about the alleged 10.2 update from T-Mobile USA for the Z10. I know it's just a rumour but a lot of people have claimed to have received it for the Limited Edition.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for crediting my article on Geeks Hut - I did some additional research and talking to O2 UK to confirm that BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 will be releasing next month on the UK O2 network. BlackBerry have told them it's to be released next month but are yet to provide them with an official and specific date of release.

Posted via CB10

Be nice to get 10.2.0.xxxx over here the US. This could be the last straw for US loyalists. Read the forums, even though we have leaks to allow us to keep up, people are still angered by the lack of support coming the carriers.

Sent via my Q10 on VZW from Philly. My thumbs can't live without the physical keyboard!

January...interesting. There was a similar (hearsay) claim in the forums about T-Mobile US dropping 10.2.1 in the same month...except it was supposedly a BLACKBERRY rep who made this comment.

It would seem like a more logical option for them and the other american carriers to skip 10.2.0 entirely by this point.

Mean while in the US. We still waiting for a 10.2 Official. US & T-Mobile sucks balls. And not jingle balls.

Posted via CB10

OS 10.2.1 release imminent! Decent!!

It's all about the UK! :)

BlackBerry Z10 on UK's EE Network. 

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Limited - www.skill7.org - BBM: 2670CCEA

I'm desperately waiting for it, I haven't installed any leak yet just waiting for the update.

I'm running

Posted via CB10

Son muy lentos en México, utiliza sashesi para descargar una versión oficial más actualizada de otro país que corresponda al modelo de tu teléfono, así me instalé la 10.2 y funciona de lujo.

Posted via CB10

This would be insane, imagine us carriers skipped 10.1 Mr, 10.2 and went straight to 10.2.1?

Via CB10, Brklyn, NY

I'm incline to believe this, however based on previous history of BlackBerry, I can also forsee a release date push back. But everything is just speculation. I'm hoping if this is true, Canada will also get the update not to far behind.

Posted via CB10

I just really hope they change back the call screen swipe direction before the release, as trivial as this may sound i do NOT want to swipe left and right like the rest of them!

Posted via CB10

Hope they make it an option in the settings menu, so both parties if adherents are made happy, ...

Definitely prefer up /down now after using it for months. No Android habits invading BB territory!

Posted via CB10

January 4, was the date I read a little while ago. At least for the North American release. I can't remember the source, though.

I just bought z30. Wondering if new os version let to download android app? Any help? Cheers

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry rarely announces a release father out than a week. We need a steady cadence of releases and heavy marketing to enterprise clients if there is any hope of converting BES 5 administrators and users to use BES 10. The window is quickly closing on this front; a slow measured approach will be too little too late.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Uh, enterprise users prefer fewer, more stable releases. The more releases that happen, the more work for the IT department.

Releases with features are more of an end user thing, not an enterprise thing.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, def "No Nexus" for me, I nuked mine and put Ubuntu Phone OS (Linux) on mine....

pla..iOS yeah. Home button is so 2007. Zwipe up FTW!

Posted via CB10

And down here in South Africa we gonna get 10.2.1 when the 10.3 leaks comes out!!! Hahaha stupid #CellC + #MTN + #Vodacom networks!!! #lol we still on (

Posted via my sexy QTEN (the BOLDIER BOLD) :D

Don't mind current on Vodafone. I don't let the lack of a few incremental digital progressions in terms of software versions become a big part of my life.

Please gimme 10.2.1, now!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Bit of a discrepancy between the two paragraphs. Love it ;-). Nevermind, give us 10.2.1 or dare I say 10.3.....

Posted via CB10

It will, it will......

Maybe you get another carrier's SIM - even a foreign one - ready, just to avoid dramas....

Posted via CB10

BB10 wasn't ready for prime time. This one will be...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

BB is never ready when they release anything. Either an OS or an App. Besides they put BB10 off what an extra year? How much more ready do you have to be?

Really? What did I say was wrong?

Trolling would be lying to get a reaction. My statements are accurate

How about we call BBerry10 a maturing OS, while the iOS apple is ripe for the picking...?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Even a pathetic troll like you has to agree that 1. BB10.2 put BBRY on par with iOS and Android


2. BBRY's marketing has been abysmal...hence the crappy BB10 sales.

Posted via CB10

1. No it is behind. 10.2 is a nice giant leap, but hey if your happy with late 2012, more power to you.

2. Sure that takes some of the blame, but the majority is not delivering on time and allowing it's user base to look elsewhere. Not to mention a nonexistent presences in the computer market fueled by lack of apps, lack of wow factor, and a stagnant design.

BB pissed away their lead in smartphones. It will be impossible to catch up.

Sounds like you're happy about the loss of a competitor. Or "just being a realist"?

Any lack of competition is hurtful to an economy and all of us con-/prosumers.

Welcome to the iDroid duopoly....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Maybe they decided to skip 10.2, and go straight to 10.2.1. Would be awesome for all BB folk in the US...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Ok better answer.

BB is an afterthought to carriers when the money makers are the focus. BB is on the "when we get around to it" pile

Everytime I come here I am surprised that it is still up.

In the coming weeks for BlackBerry usually means 3-6 months

"Every time I come here" - Man, your life must be pretty sad if you keep coming to a BBRY fan site just to spread your anti-BBRY propaganda

Posted via CB10

Your work requires you to be a troll,huh? Hmm...shouldn't you be on the Yahoo BBRY Message boards? I don't think the hedge funds pay per post on CB yet, but I could be wrong...please correct me if so.

Just got an update on my Z10 yesterday on Optus / Australia. An update to an already installed 10.2.

It was only 4MB, but the description said something about hundreds of small improvements, so I though, "bring it on, 10.2.1 official cannot be too far away".

Really hope it's "coming soon". No BB pun.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Well hopefully one of the things it Fixes is: when Typing an Address in Contacts, Auto Capitalize is off icluding the Postal Code.

This happened on the update from 10.1 to 10.2.

No amount of dickin around in System Tools can this be changed...as far as I can see. So hopefully this will be looked at.

Posted via CB10

I would appreciate an update to keep auto-capitalize from capitalizing in- sentence dots after abbreviations such as

Inc. or approx.

How about pressing the alt or sym or any other key down while hitting the next letter to prevent that behavior on the Qs,
and some other nifty way on the Zeds.

Swiping to the left on the Zed deletes a whole word. Anything like that on the Q? Shift-delete does nothing... Am I missing anything? Anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I feel for you guys in the USA. And I put all the blame on the carriers for not releasing BB10 updates on par with Canadian carriers. We've been on 10.2 for several months now. I can't believe the disconnect going on with USA carriers.
This is obviously not BlackBerry's fault, though I do put some blame on them. Such as 20% on BBRY and 80% on carriers.
Not cool at all.

Though I wonder if you can download and install the BETA 10.2 update then just do the regular OTA update of 10.2.1?

1. It is amazing how many people don't get the first part of your comment.

2. I'm running the official Bell version of OS10.2 on my AT&T Q10 thanks to Sachesi. Amazing how many people don't know about this as well...

Posted via CB10

Yeah the first part is difficult to have people grasp. It is the same with Android.

Some of the problem with Verizon and sprint is that Cdma is really "closed source" and won't let anyone use that code.

HTC put out a graphic for android updates the other day that helps illustrate the process, look it up

N4BB also reported on a possible Jan 2014 OTA release update coming. This is awesome news, and will help the BB10 adoption rate IMO. Providing the right marketing is finally put in place.

UK is getting the 10.2.1 -WOW
And here US is still waiting for 10.2
Fck these US carrier/s, leak is the way to go here...

Posted via CB10

It's interesting to me of how the US and UK take an extra 3 months to release the OS?

Cough cough NSA...

You are now in my Bingo Book

Why is that I can't post in the forums anymore? Does this mean I got banned? Cause I didn't write anything offensive to anyone.

Posted via CB10

Hoping to get a 10.2.1 update here in Belgium as well. Android-apps are missed :) (some of them)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Can't reveal my source, but from what I've been told, Vodafone customers should be a little excited when turning out the lights on Sunday night, 5th Jan 2014... ;)

Posted via CB10

Been waiting months to save up and buy me a z10. Now in January 2014 its finally going to happen..I think: Been looking at the HTC One and the specs look really good compared to the z10. I need some persuation guys..remind me again on why I love Blackberry please.

I just picked up the $200 Black Thursday unlocked z10 that I bought for my wife and I have a few questions I'm hoping folks can answer or provide some thoughts on. We're Canadians, and I already have a z10 on Fido, she's currently using an iphone 5 on Telus and trying out the new z10 on wifi without any Sim card to see how she likes the UI, etc.

1) Will BlackBerry likely be offering the OS upgrade directly from their website for unlocked phones? If so, is it likely to be restricted to US-based IP or open to Cdn I addresses?

2) If it's not available via BlackBerry directly, what would be the easiest way to load it? Should I swap my Sim into her phone and load it on both phones that way? Will the Rogers / Fido version cause any issues with Telus down the road or is it the same? Would it be better to load via Sachesi the official version once it is released by Telus?

Patently waiting for Verizon release date rumors...


Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Will it bring wifi direct and otg? If not, then BlackBerry still doesn't understand that it needs a comparable feature set to compete. I paid over 500 bucks for my buggy, half baked z10, partly on promises that were made about upcoming features. As a PlayBook owner, I should have known. No one buys BlackBerry here in the US but company diehards. App gap, bad battery life and still bugs oplenty. And where are those features we were promised?

Posted via CB10

I had the exact same sentiment, but the latest leak has smoothed things over a bunch.

Looking forward to more 'fixes' though.

Posted via CB10

I just called AT&T and spoke with a representative who knew nothing about BlackBerry phones, put me on hold to "contact BlackBerry," and when she returned to the call, insisted that was the last release BlackBerry had provided AT&T for the Q10. Dissatisfied with her response, but recognizing the futility of talking further, I decided to try another avenue.

I fired up my computer and got on a chat line with a different AT&T representative. He'd said he has been with AT&T for 10 years and acknowledged that when software releases are made available to AT&T, AT&T does not make them immediately available, but puts them through "testing." He also said that AT&T does not inform reps like him of the proposed release dates until they decide to actually release the updates, so he could not provide any new information. The information wasn't new, but at least it was more accurate than the rep who insisted there was no update released to AT&T.

It's hard to believe that there isn't someone in-the-know from AT&T who has a BlackBerry, reads these discussions, and cannot provide some insight without risking job security.

Posted via CB10

What's really going to be interesting is how the market responds to 'officially' seeing APK files be able to be used on the bb10 handsets.

Shock and awe.

Posted via CB10

Still waiting for 10.2 in the United States! -_- Apple must be paying Verizon big bucks! Lol JK.

Posted via CB10

I've been very displeased with my phone recently as the BlackBerry Hub would either hide the icons for my emails or sign me out of my emails and keeps the icons... it's been happening ever since the released of OS 10.2... the update is great overall but, just fix these problems for us please! My phone has never been this difficult to use! I used to be very pleased with my phone until this started happening...

Posted via CB10

Although I've been having problems with my phone, I'm looking forward to this software update because you always surprise us with more developments in the system BlackBerry so thank you for that :D

Posted via CB10