Official announcement: BlackBerry 10.2.1 is here - Lets you do more, more easily

By James Richardson on 28 Jan 2014 08:15 am EST

The wait is over - BlackBerry 10.2.1 has officially been released to the masses. Hit up your BlackBerry 10 smartphones and search for the update and fingers crossed you should see it. Here in the UK my BlackBerry Q10 (on the EE network) and Z30 (without a SIM in it) have both offered up the good stuff so if you're not seeing it now it shouldn't be much longer. Both devices are have successfully updated to 

The update is going to bring us a whole range of new features and enhancements to the BlackBerry 10 experience, so here at CrackBerry expect to see a ton of 10.2.1 related content over the next few weeks. We'll even be revisiting all the current BlackBerry 10 devices to see how things have now changed since their launch now we have an improved OS. 

We recently took a brief look on video at some of the new goodies in a leaked version of 10.2.1. It will be interesting to see if anything has changed or if we get some new extra treats. 

Press Release


Waterloo, Ontario – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today announced BlackBerry® 10 OS version 10.2.1, a new software update for BlackBerry 10 smartphones that lets you do more, more easily, and helps you be more productive and stay better connected.

BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 includes hundreds of new enhancements and refinements that will make the things you do every day faster and easier:

  • Customize Pinch Gesture to Filter BlackBerry® Hub - BlackBerry Hub lets you access all your messages and notifications in one place. A new feature lets you instantly filter the message list in the Hub. You can customize the Hub to show only Unread Messages, Flagged Messages, Draft Messages, Meeting Invites, Sent Messages or Level 1 Alerts. Once the filter criterion is set, you can simply activate it with a pinch gesture on the Hub’s message list.
  • Simplified Phone Experience - The phone includes a new incoming call screen that lets you swipe to the left to answer or swipe right to ignore a call. New intuitive icons allow you to instantly silence the call, or send a Reply Now response through BBM™, SMS or email that you can’t answer the phone right away. You can choose from a list of standard automated responses or respond with a personalized note.
  • SMS and Email Groups - You can now create SMS and email groups for more efficient broadcast communications.
  • Actionable Lock Screen Notifications - You can now “Tap to open” a message that appears on the lock screen, letting you respond to an important message much quicker or to check messages more discreetly.
  • Picture Password for Quick Unlocking - You can quickly unlock your phone using a combination of a picture and a number (0-9) of your choice, which you place at a particular point on the image. When you try to unlock the phone, the picture will appear along with a grid of random numbers. To unlock, simply drag the grid so the number you selected overlays the particular point on the image.
  • Customizable Quick Settings Menu - You can now customize what appears on the Settings menu, which includes features such as being able to quickly change the Brightness of the smartphone’s display, toggle various network connections, and access the built-in flashlight. The Settings menu also includes a toggle that lets you instantly switch between your Personal and Work perimeter.
  • Offline Browser Reading Mode - You can now save the current web page you’re on for later viewing, even if you are offline or without an Internet connection.
  • Preferred Contact Sync - You can now choose the sync source for your Contacts ensuring you always have the most up-to-date contact details. When adding a new contact you can designate which sources you want the contact info to sync with, such as the corporate address book, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Device and Battery Monitor - A new and improved device monitor provides you with essential details on battery usage, the impact of installed apps on battery life and memory usage and storage, as well as CPU stats.
  • Automatic Software Updates - OS updates can be set to happen automatically over a Wi-Fi® connection to help ensure you’re always benefiting from the latest and best possible customer experience.
  • Enterprise Features - When combined with BES10 version 10.2, enterprise customers will gain additional security features and IT policies for when more granular controls are required, such as for regulated industries and for organizations that work with sensitive data. For more information about BES10, please visit
  • FM Radio - If you have a BlackBerry® Z30, BlackBerry® Q10 or BlackBerry® Q5 smartphone, the new software update unlocks the built-in FM radio in those handsets. You can listen to local FM stations, which does not require any network connection.  

Subject to carrier approvals, BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 will be available to customers around the world, rolling out starting today in the U.S., Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and will be available for the entire line of smartphones running BlackBerry 10 (including the Porsche Design P’9982).


Reader comments

Official announcement: BlackBerry 10.2.1 is here - Lets you do more, more easily



me too, still haven't receive any update.......tried since yesterday on both Setting and BB Link

Love the update! "Bedside mode from just swiping down from the main screen, Quick Settings under Settings is wicked-kewl, new Tip and Converter for the Calculator (sweet!), haven't tried answering left or refusing a call yet.., but everything feels.. I don't know, every swipe gesture or touch on the Z30 is like a feather touch now". So nice listening to Kiss 92.5 FM, no Jazz or Chum FM.. boo :( Vigrin Radio but no 97.3 or 98.1 or Z 103.5.. oh well, still listen to Raptors, Leafs and Jays on JVC boom box radio :)

Yes, I downloaded it from BlackBerry Link last night around 6pm here in NJ. After I downloaded the update, my phone was so slow. So i finally was able to play with it and for some reason, the update put back months of deleted messages from FB. I went and deleted all of them again and rebooted the phone and its awesome.

Posted via CB10

I was hoping for an update to BlackBerry Protect to bring it to the capabilities of the legacy devices. There is still no back up feature on there

Posted via CB10

Actionable Lock Screen Notifications. Does that also work when you have your BB protected with a password?? Or do you then have to enter your password first. Oh, still no update voor T Mobile NL. thats why the question ;-)

My unlocked Z10 shows the update and is downloading it now. The Q10 on AT&T does not show the update yet. Oh well, I guess one is better than nothing.

Amazing update, although im a little sad they changed the way calls are answered. Still liked the drag up or down function instead of Android left or right style. Still im grateful for this massive update. Thank you Blackberry and Mr Chen.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

Yeah...I don't know why they would have changed this. Was it really such a problem for users that BlackBerry deemed it necessary to put the dev team on it?
I LIKED the way the phone answered. It was just a quick thumbstroke down or a thumbstroke up to ignore it. Now I have to answer the phone like the wife answers her Nexus. Too much Android OS behaviors imo.


Can we have it back, so we can toggle between the two? Just hoping.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Seriously.... now text messages only show a phone number and no contact name??? What a joke. Great update.

Posted via CB10

I have the Z30 on Verizon and still no update. Will try to connect to the DM later and see if the update registers that way.

Posted via CB10

Lol so reading through the new features it says that the q5, q10 and z30 have built in radios...And then there's the z10 aka the red headed step child. what's that about? And didn't the z10 come out second? So why wouldn't It have the same as the q10?? IJS, I'm a little lost lol

Posted via CB10

Z10 was the first of the BB10 phones to launch. My understanding is that it is a hardware issue.

Frigging awesome! A little leggy at first but seems to have settled down.

First order was installing Netflix apk. Install process after download much like bb world. Runs perfectly!

Posted via CB10

Or go to your browser on your phone and download Amazon Appstore; then look for it in your File Manager and then launch it.

Did you download the Amazon app that said "Appstore"?. It would request to save on your File Manager. Then after saving it, launch it from the File Manager.
It should work.
Also don't forget to first go to your main "System settings" and tap on "App Manager" and then look for "Installing Apps" and authorize loading .Apk files.
Let me know how you make out.

Enjoy yourself's!! No, really!! To all who got this update.

And also, here is a complimentary bag of ***** you can share with the guys at T-Mobile & AT&T for NOT releasing it to us....just saying. BUT ENJOY!! :/

Posted via CB10

many side loaded apps are not working after update.And Snap installation is not happening.Any solution guys ?
I am Freeze after update

309 MB update for my Z10 on Rogers in Vancouver (if you need a Radio, TuneIn Radio works great).

Posted via CB10

I'm not holding my breath about seeing this on Sprint anytime in the coming weeks. The estimate is the end of February, but since Sprint always drags their feet so they can be "fashionably late" to the party, I'm not expecting anything before the middle of March at the earliest.

geze... have built in FM radio but just release the software now ?? WTF wrong with u guys before ??? sleeping under the rock ?

Incredible speed improvement on Q10! Almost feels like a new device. I also own a Z10 and Z30 and the same speed improvements are being manifested.

Posted via Q10.

I'm going to miss the old incoming call screen but I like all the other additions/changes!

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

There are reports from phonearena saying that 10.2.1 for T-Mobile won't released til' 10-20 of Feb. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Posted via CB10

Anyone know how this update affects the text lagging? Or is that just my phone? Like let's say when I open up a conversation to text someone and it freezes and the text box won't come up for a few minutes until it figures itself out. Also wish typing was better, so easy to misspell on the Z10

What happens when i am updating from 10.2.0 to 10.2.1. Currently I am running an encrypted Blackberry q10 with lots of data thats needed for work. Also i am using authomator to generate 2-step login codes. Do the data from them go away? I was usually updating without any encryption. So i am a bit nervous to lose some data.

Got it here in France (on Orange). Dying to try out the new goodies but will have to wait till later - too much work to do right now. But quietly happy about the update. Bravo BlackBerry! And Orange of course.

A 2nd re-boot seems to have fixed the sticky/laggy problem.The device does feel hotter to the touch now though. Onwards!

I think that BBM is still in Beta, I have a whole bunch of them, its yet to be released officially. I stand to be corrected.

Running Q10 on AT&T(Joplin) and no update....and someone please give ATT a swift kick in the pants....and add the Z30 phone...

I have the leaked version of
Am I not going to get this update until I go on official firmware or do I wait and it should still update?

Posted via CB10

Wish Vodafone UK would hurry up and release their version :/ been checking all day for mine....

Posted via my Z30 on CB10 App!

I have a non official os running in my Z10, I downloaded from here, it is, the question is, I will get the update?

I'm in the Caribbean from the UK, where I'm on O2UK.
Currently downloading, first part was 385MB, but second download is now 1001MB.
I'm due to leave the house now, will have to leave the Z10 behind to complete, seems to be taking hours.


Don't you use BlackBerry protect? Get to their house, dummy em up and get your phone back!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

T-Mobile USA Are Always At The Ass End Of Everything For BlackBerry. Just Found Out We Won't Get The Update Til Mid February

Posted via CB10

AT&T has gotten really pissy about answering when i call to ask about 10.2. I can't even imagine how they'll react when I ask about an UPDATE to a version they haven't even released.

Any word from Verizon on when they will start rolling it out? I am in CT and I noticed recently my Z10 stopped notifying me of software update every day 10.1 (I refused to download lol) Check the software update screen and says I have latest software installed which I know is not true. Should I install 10.1 then check again or is there an actual release date for VZW?

Would like to be able to toggle between the styles.

Hope they backpedal on that one like Microsoft with the Start Button. Win 8.1 is halfway there, heard they are gonna bring it back with 8.2.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Same here :( I think WIND is giving up on BlackBerry As they haven't even released the Z30 yet

Posted via CB10

Just got the notification now and it downloads automatically. I've had the 10.2.1 for a while now though but still love it! Go BB

Finally, the moment I have been waiting for has arrived...I got my update bright and early....thanks to LIME Mobile.....Repping Barbados, the Caribbean...I guess we fall under the Latin American Update....thanks Blackberry...

Funny how the official Press Release does not mention anything about installing Android Apps..

Posted via CB10

Just called Vodafone UK to ask what was going on with the update, but the lady said she had no idea what I was talking about - great help.

Posted via CB10


I'm in the UK and just installed the latest OS version. I do not see any way to open a Blackberry Q5 radio as you reported.
UPDATE!!!! - Select music app then click the radio icon, start scan and it working great. Fabulous sound quality provided you have the top line of Blackberry earphones.

BlackBerry is the supreme ruler of the galaxy! Who's making fun of me NOW?!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I downloaded the Leaked OS last year. Now I'm not seeing any updates for my Z10. Should I wipe my phone back to original OS or will I still get an update?

Hi, I have purchased unlocked BlackBerry Z10 from USA. I am in india right now. I am still on Clicking on check update shows me you have latest software. What should I do?
Can anyone help?

Posted via CB10

AT&T in the US, where are you? Did you notice that other carriers will reimburse folks for breaking contracts? I could even get a Z30 if I switch?

Posted via CB10

There's no update for my z10. I still have 10.1 I wanna try to update, it says I have the latest. Please help

Posted via CB10

Same here. Can any one help? Shall we go for leak version to update manually?

Posted via CB10

This is the response I got from @VodafoneUKHelp on Twitter, about the release:
"We don't have any information on firmware releases - ^DN"

What a load of rubbish. They were first to release 10.2.0; so what's going on with this?
I even tried via BB Link - but there's no update there either!

Suggestions? Anyone?

I have not had a chance to do the update yet but I am hearing it comes with the 1899 radio. For anyone already on the 1925 leak is their any reason to install this and if so should we still install the 1926 radio after applying the update?


The first thing i did this morning was get the update.. and normally i like to pee first. lol Great job BB!!

Awesome, until now I haven't got the update yet but patience is a virtue. Anyways, a lot of welcome improvements but the FM radio is my favorite to test, which does not require any network connection. Iphone users, be warned, I will drive you nuts with that FM radio (you don't have) if you come closer than a yard.

I wish Chen had the balls to tell US carriers to take a flying fuck and release it without their consent. They provide zero support for BB anyhow, and if I ever buy a BB again believe me it'll be directly from BB not from any US carrier.

Verizon wireless reporting in for z10... two updates back to back... downloaded and installed first one which was 644MB, then it went on to second update... working on that one as I write this... that on is 1124MB. Which is a nice way of say "Son of a ..... "

Well, the new update came in Belgium today. Looks nice, but have to test more. I hope that the battery savings will be better, i consume +/- 3 battery's/day.
grtz Frank

tried since yesterday, still haven't receive any update.....on both Setting & BB Link using celcom (malaysia) :(

Just updated on my Q10 with Rogers and appreciate the new features and it's just keep on getting better...I had a bit of a surprise trying the new radio feature. It would keep on scanning and turning off showing no headset with my Monster Beats. I then tried some Skullcandy headset and it worked perfectly. But my Monster Beats works perfect to listen to the music stored on my phone???

I just installed update via BB Link but my Z10 still pops up message on wifi that an update is available. What's worng?

Does anyone know if there's an option to revert back to Swiping up and Down for incoming calls? Much better in my opinion.

Mr. Chen is the man, and he gets things done, because he uses BB10.
Good Stuff, keep moving forward.

QUESTION: Does anyone know if I can download the update on a Sprint Q10 if I remove the SIM and use wifi?

This is all very well, but for those of us on TMobile, well, "sigh"...we have to wait for another month. It's pretty disgusting. That's my rant for today.

Am from Bangalore India on a BSNL network. Got the update yesterday. It was a surprise , started reading about the update only after I got a notification in my phone. I am so happy with the Update as of now. They have to show this to people. They have to tell that BB10 is better than BB7 and that BB10 is far far better than Android

VZW Z10 STL 100-4, OTA upgrade to the Got the notice around 6:00 pm Eastern today (US). After download and reboot, screen stuck on blue icon showing 100% when touched. After waiting a long time, had to pull battery (backed up before starting the download), and that reset it.

Nice to actually have the upgrade on time :) But I just found out that when I click on the camera icon, i am unable to scroll through the pictures i have taken before, my SD card only show 1 of 1 picture. Is this a new 'feature'?

I have AT&T (USA). No update. Still awaiting official release of 10.2, not to mention 10.2+.

BillW69, please give me the number you have been calling. I will call. In fact, anybody with information regarding who can be contacted at AT&T, please share that contact informatiion. BKGreen, is there some official source indicating February 10 release?

When the rest of the world has been enjoying 10.2 for months, this wait with AT&T has been ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

At last!! this new update has fixed all my 'stuck' love with my z10 again!! :)

Posted via CB10

Swipeing left to answer a call is counter intuitive. Majority of people are right handed. To answer a call one would ideally use his right thumb to swipe rightwards and next put it on the side while talking. If we answer a call in BB 10.2.1, we first swipe left then bring back the thumb to put it on the right side. Not a big deal as it takes just fraction of a second more, but its not intuitive. The entire BB 10 OS is beautifully designed. They must think again about this.

Upgraded yesterday via Virgin UK and my PC. Took ages, otherwise it was trouble free. The browser still isn't right:

a) no text reflow when I zoom, that I can see
b) bookmarks still not movable. Don't like one bit the most recent bookmarks at the top
c) still haven't found a way to make the opening screen the bookmarks page

Thank goodness 10.2.1 now installs and runs Opera Classic. I'll stick with that for now.
Otherwise, 10.2.1 is the bees knees!

BlackBerry please bring the older Phone screen setting. I wish they'd bring it back now it looks more like android! It was much easier actually and might I add unique! Again please bring it back!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Well after this update, the wifi is very unstable and won't connect to my home network. The Android facility is awful and all but one of the apps don't work. Some of the features like picture password I can't find and this 'update' has finished off my relationship with Blackberry. I've been a loyal user for years but enough is enough.

Changed over from a bold 9900 to Z 30 . Thought to myself, oh why did I change. Well Blackberry you have improved on features that I had on my bold 9900 ... being able to delete email from hub and not the server. Thanks Blackberry Coder for listening to the Crackberry World on features that will keep them coming back.

Got the update and now link on my MBP doesn't work. Don't have the latest version of link because my MBP has snow leopard OS and can't be updated to a newer OS , to old and the newest version of link needs a newer version of IOS . :(

Posted via CB10

I have the new update on my Z10 from Fido in Ontario. All this about what the update will do is fine but now from many of my apps I can no longer post to Facebook because the screen just flashes open and closes without allowing me to click on the post button. 1 step forward 2 steps back it seems to me. Anyone know of a solution?

Posted via CB10

Hi. I updated to 10.2. and everything works fine except my HUB. It just shows a blank screen when I click on the email icon to go into the HUB. And when I click on the app, a black box appears where its supposed to be on the recent apps screen.

Please help.

I din get any notification on my normal text messages......instead I have to peek into the hub just to find dat I have unread messages......please BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Nothing yet from Telstra on either my BB Q10 or ZED10, and please don't say "use BB Link" 'coz Link on MacOS X Mavericks is like running Windows 95 all over again (ie not fun or stable)

Did anyone got official update 10.2.1 in vodafone India Z10 for STL 100-2... :( still I have not received update... please help when it will be coming for STL 100-2 in India

Posted via CB10

The best update so far ! Love this lock notifications !! Great idea the battery life info.

But since previous update, I lost in battery life duration !! Used to have like 16 hours easily, now, with same daily usage, 10 hours and I'm done !

Posted via CB10

After installing 10.2 the battery is still drawing too fast,messed up my blackberry.will have to buy different phone.

Posted via CB10

I have a BlackBerry ST 100-1 and after the upgrading of 10.2.1-537 my BlackBerry is crazy, the battery life just 3 hours or less, I've never seen this! Am so angry because it charges rapidly and discharges faster too, a total madness, and also gets hot in all ways possible :-s

Posted via CB10

AT&T users cannot get 10.2 till sometime in July.... this is what AT&T tech support told me. a lot of good that will do for the Sochi 2014 App...egh