BlackBerry now available for developers

By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2013 02:19 pm EDT

Along with the Gold BlackBerry 10.2 SDK downloads, BlackBerry has also updated the BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS autoloaders. When updated, Dev Alpha devices will be running OS The links have actually been live for the past few days but now, they're fully official. Keep in mind, these downloads are NOT full builds and are specifically meant for developers. In other words, you're not going to want to use these as 'daily drivers' on your device.

Update your BlackBerry Dev Alpha Software



First and can't wait till official release as my has been totally awesome.

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It ok, second is still first loser. Haha but yes, when we get it official it will be nice.


Hahahaha ^

Too funny.

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The London Geezer

My goodness, I hope BlackBerry survives as a company.

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The heck that has to do with the sdk release ? You're lost Bros ?

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Confirmed, no Miracast for Z10s. Q10 and Q5 only for now.
WifiDirect will be supported on all of them.

This is from the NDK virtual conference.


Well that's a bummer...

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I hope that is just for now.

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Maybe, there was mention in the forums of a possible firmware update in the wifi chipset. No idea if they'll bother or it's just a pipedream. My TV is too old, so it doesn't really impact me, but who knows maybe one day.


Usually companies like to not chance things like this even if they are capable of it due to the number of bricks updates like that cause. Kinda sucks but I'll live, hope you do too :P

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Will developers be able to create sequencers for BlackBerry 10 devices and will they be able to implement audio over USB after this update will come live ? I am asking cause I have heard that there were some problems with it, and I would be very happy if this would be possible.

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I'm just itch 'in for another 10.2 leak. 10.2 is awesome!

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Is your Router Fucntion working properly? I have 10.2.1047 and is not :( Z10-STL3


I can see level leaks coming lol between now a d release date :D

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Why would devs even bother with a company that is ready to throw in the towel...


Trini-34 you lost? 3 bill in the bank and positive FCF all day. Go somewhere where your uneducated thoughts are appreciated (try BGR).

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This is for developers. I am in no way a professional regarding apps and what does it need to make one so please be kind.
Would that be possible with the new sdk to release a headless app that will let users choose which numbers to block?
Like many folks out there I would like to have the possibility to block specific numbers when I desire to do so.

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My carrier does that one their website. I imagine most others do too


Good news!

BB Z10 Rocks!


Has anybody extracted the android runtime from this? Is it better than Q10SQN100-3/

Matthew Woods2

Hi when will I know 10.2 update comes to. Me

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I've installed OS 10.2.01157, but no video folder, picture n etc. Why?

Sameer Mirza 786

What the difference between deva alpha b and c?

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Sameer Mirza 786

My bad lol

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Another mistake by Blackberry is not giving full non-crippled gold images, just like what apple did for iOS7. Why upset your super users which are likely developers? You expect them to carry 2 BlackBerry devices around town? Dumb.


I've installed OS dev 100-1 STL for Z10 and I only get 12 Application of the device software, don't include images, video, video maker n etc
like this:

but when I wear Leaked BLACKBERRY has many applications.
like this:

if someone could help me to solve this problem?

glen requizoe

In Z10STL100-1/ it cannot reply instantly! I better autoload the

glen requizoe

I already updated. Mana function had gone :( like media, search, photos, file manager and etc :( i already backup but I don't know why like this :( need help :(


even can not retrieve the full backup


My battery is dying in 3 hours. Is that normal for 10.2

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Try a security wipe. I know it's a pain, but I had terrible battery life with 10.2 until I did a wipe AFTER installing and then adding my apps back one by one (No restore from backup). I take a huge difference.

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Wht about lost applications after the update

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Losing apps too. Is that coz of it is a developer os?

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Yea. This is only a bare bone OS for developers to make sure their existing apps run fine on upcoming OS and test new API. Lots of core apps are missing. It's not meant for users at all.