BlackBerry 10.2 - The world's best mobile OS!

By James Richardson on 22 Aug 2014 09:38 am EDT

This is the kind of news I like to see just in time to kick off the weekend. Over in India it seems that good old BlackBerry 10 has been put through its paces along with it's competition from iOS, Android and Windows Phone and has come out on top!

Although you regular readers of the site will be looking forward to running BlackBerry 10.3 soon, if you have not tried a leak, it's 10.2 that has been awarded the title of World's Best Mobile OS by Digit, which is India's biggest tech magazine.

If 10.2 has kicked the competition into touch, think what potential we have with 10.3 lurking around the corner. The BlackBerry Passport and Classic can't come soon enough.

Press Release

MUMBAI, INDIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 22, 2014) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global leader in mobile communications, announced today that the BlackBerry(R) 10.2 operating system (OS) has been named 'The World's Best Mobile OS' by Digit, India's largest selling technology magazine.

Digit staff conducted a performance test of the BlackBerry 10.2 OS, Android 4.4, iOS 7.1.2 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating systems. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS won the overall test with a rating of 56.91 - the highest amongst all of the latest major operating systems that are available in the market today. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS was also judged to be the best OS for email, contact management, calling, photography, search and video.

"This was by far the most comprehensive test we have ever done, as the Digit Test Centre spent over 400 man-hours, meticulously checking over a thousand individual parameters for each OS, in order to arrive at a true and unbiased answer to the question, 'What's the World's best mobile OS out of the box?' By winning five of the ten aspects we tested for, BlackBerry OS 10.2 is a deserved winner of the title," said Robert Sovereign-Smith, Executive Editor, Digit.

The month-long comparison test was based on various OS capabilities including browsing, e-mail, messaging, settings and customization, managing contacts and calling, photography, notifications, lock screen capability, search and video capture.(i)

"We are extremely excited with the results of the test, as it is a testament to our commitment to provide the best experience to our consumers, without compromise," said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director, BlackBerry India. BlackBerry 10.2 OS is built on a solid foundation, providing consumers with a host of innovative features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, to help them be as productive as possible at work and on-the-go."

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BlackBerry 10.2 - The world's best mobile OS!


Lol that just shows even "if" the BlackBerry 10.2 OS is better than the other OS's with a less than 1 percent market share, lowest count of native apps no one is gonna care especially since the other OS's dominate the consumer market and now the Enterprise sector with BYOD.

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If the company is viable and provides product I like, I don't care what it's market share is. I don't chose products or services just because everyone else likes it.

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You will care if the market share continues to go lower because if BlackBerry can't sell handsets they won't make them anymore. They can't continue to make handsets that don't sell. Every BlackBerry 10 handset has failed miserably and with no apps people won't buy them. Its sad because its a great OS but people want apps. Android apps don't count because the apps that require google services don't work well.

Same here! That is exactly why I have a Blackberry today and plan to keep getting them in the future. I am so thankful I am not one of these drones that have to follow everyone else! I can make my own educated choices!

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Doesn't BlackBerry only need to sell 10 million phones per year to stay profitable in the phone market? If that's the case, I'd rather be the top 1% with BlackBerry than with the other mobile manufacturers. Not everyone has, or should have, a Porsche.

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Everyone in the one percent can afford a Porche. Porsche's market share is less than one quarter of one percent in the U.S. Just because people want more trunk space doesn't mean Hondas are better than Porsches..

Porsche doesn't compete on volume and price. Porsche can demand a higher price per unit because it's considered a luxury sports car. The other nice thing about not competing on volume is you have less support calls to deal with.

Look at GM for example that faulty cobalt ignition problem they're dealing with now that they knowing swept under the rug check the recall numbers on that.

You can't compare Blackberry to Porsche because it doesn't have the same brand power as Apple which is considered a "high end" in the world of consumer smart phones. If you want to go higher there's Vertu.

and people are stupid for doing so, but what else can we expect from society today? people are pack animals and the alpha leader is the media

Your logic is totally screwed up. Blackberry market share is low because of the perception that Blackberry is still what it was with BBOS. People were not educated enough about BB10. May be BlackBerry should have named it something totally different. Blackberry needs to change its image among people and good ratings and reviews like these will certainly help.

I can agree with that. Many people that I speak to about BBRY think that they are still running BBOS 7 and that the Bold 9900 is the latest and greatest (perhaps because that is what I own and yet I still chant BB10, as I await the Passport). Also lets be honest BBRY in the US is different than BBRY outside the US.

Regardless a bit of in your face-can your device do this-let's take a page out of Samsung's advertisements-type of marketing wouldn't hurt.

While market shares don't matter to me as a business consumer, they do matter to the survival of BBRY as a company. We need a win, win solution and I believe that Mr. Chen is the one to bring it.
"few can take it to the Chen!"

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Blackberry will never do an ad similar to what Samsung did. Their corporate structure isn't young enough to take risks. They like to do it the old fashioned way. " our phone is good and it does this and that".
The time they made an ad that hit out at Apple, had such a wrong timing that it made Blackberry a laughing stock.

How's my logic screwed up? Because I'm saying how BlackBerry's situation is despite it being voted as the best mobile OS?

BlackBerry's current declining market is not only bec of not proper marketing informing consumer users that BB 10 is totally built from the ground up and doesn't reflect the old BBOS. But, also they were late with releasing it as well with their reputation of going bankrupt.

Perfect example is Chris U who mention that the Android OS doesn't compare to BB10 but will stay with his Android phone just because of Google services. Others will be for the Android app ecosystem. Same applies to iOS and it's ecosystem.

Look at me I've been with BlackBerry since 2010 when I got my first smartphone and patiently waited for the new BlackBerry OS unlike many of my friends and ppl I know who went iphones or Androids. I don't need all those apps and most ppl who choose or stay with BlackBerry is for the same reason. A communication device not a time wasting toy that looks fancy!

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I don't think your logic is screwed up. I think your comment was misplaced. The article is about BB10 winning an objective test of which mobile OS is best. I think all of here already know that to be true. This has absolutely nothing to do with market share- except that it may help in the long run.

If a car wins the JD Power award (or any other award), I'm not sure how relevant a flippant comment about market share would contribute to get conversation.

In fact, BlackBerry winning the competition with such limited market share tells me that they actually do still have a chance.

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"In fact, BlackBerry winning the competition with such limited market share tells me that they actually do still have a chance.

Posted via CB10 using white Z30!"

I can't agree with this statement unless a change is not going out of business and being a small player like someone else said which is like selling 10 million phones a year and that might even be pushing it. Most people want a fun device with apps and not really one that pounds out emails. If you want that then bb7 or q10 type devices are going to that niche product that will sell. Not having a native app store is also a problem.

I want that emailing phone.

Scrapp the apps...

(We've got Amazon, and screw Google...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Well... here is where we need to make a choice as of things stand today: 1- Be the best selling OS and not have the best user experience or 2- Have the best user experience there is to date but have close to 0% market share. What would you choose? The first option? I'll go with the second every time, hands down. I choose based on my personal experience and likes and not just what the rest of the market buys.
One day you are at the top and the next you are at the bottom, no company stays at the top forever (except Coca-Cola). There are ups and downs for all of them, as long as you choose based on what's best for you that's fine, otherwise you are just a follower like probably 70% of the market that buys Samsung/Apple just because "it's the cool thing to have".

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I totally agree with you, but we need to pay great attention to this point. Because without good market share, BlackBerry will not persist in the hardware business.
Don't forget what John Chen said about selling 2.5 Million every quarter or 10 million in the fiscal year is enough to keep the handsets business.
Now unfortunately , we are going under this number.

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I believe that you are incorrect. BlackBerry sold 2.6 million phones last quarter, but could only account for 1.6 million of them because a million were already accounted for when they shipped under TH.

Also to note, BB10 was the majority of the sales, and shipments have increased since then.

This, all with no new phones since January. When Passport and Classic drop, they should have no problem exceeding 2.5 million sales per quarter, especially with more and more praise being given to them (such as this contest) and a obviously stronger MDM solution starting to shine bright.

In short, devices are here to stay!

BB10 is perfect for me. Stable, safe, efficient, beautiful. I will never use iOS, Android or (especially) Windows Phone. I would rather not have a phone than have a candy-toy-shtt.

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+1 unfortunately most of the public just follow the crowd. They don't want to stand out from the other sheep!

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If you would never use iOS, Android or Windows how do you know what is the best? That's like saying carp is the best tasting fish but you would never try salmon, tuna or halibut.

If every food critic told me carp was the best I would be inclined to think there was something to it no matter how large tuna's market share. How would anyone know BB10 was the best? Did you read the article?

I've used every platform except for WM. BlackBerry is the best OS out there and it's not even close. Now the app situation sucks, but as far as operating systems, BlackBerry is the Mercedes-Benz of mobile devices. Apple and android are like Ford and GM.

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I'm pretty sure both Samsung and Apple has tons and tons of data proving otherwise. Most "repeat" customers are generally happy with their devices "word of mouth" is a powerful thing and Blackberry does not have that. Blackberry fans need to stop making excuses about WHY Blackberry is on the bottom, fans and the company alike should just admit that they screwed up royally (and the numbers DO NOT LIE) We're not splitting hairs like Samsung and Apple with quarterly results.

This is year over year over year Blackberry has missed the mark, it's not the hardware it's the software I'd say Blackberry hardware is as good as Nokia hardware but like Nokia their software side couldn't pull their own weight.

iOS is for very simple people like the millions of school children who use it everyday.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

How is this or irony. The simple people, spend money on the simple product and make it a a top five brand on the planet. On the other hand, the not so simple people and the best OS in the world struggle to get even decent sales.

If it is the best OS in the world, some one ought to tell it to BlackBerry.

Blackberry always.....

Shows you, sophistication is on the downhill path...

( iSOphistication now! )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

You mean it's so simple to use children can use to learn everyday? BlackBerry 10 and iOS are very similar in a lot of ways. Both have a simple interface which is a good thing for consumers.

OK maybe now the press release it's oficial, but I'm pretty sure we saw that a while back already.

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Even though it maybe recycled news, I'm CERTAIN many haven't read about it Crackberry is just re posting I see absolutely no problem with that. Media has been negative enough for a long time and we need to reinforce the positives.

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Yes, it was published in a pay magazine that Bla1ze provided the link to. The results were in a published copyrighted mag, so that wasn't the official press release and CB wasn't illegally reproducing that matl. This would be the public release of the results, if I am not mistaken.

As the media changes its stance on BlackBerry there will be a slow migration that will accelerate. Remember, the writers have been so anti BB, BlackBerry will have to do a complete about face in order for these clowns to write a semi positive report. However it is happening slowly over the last 6 months. I have a hard core Apple friend who is telling his wife and kids he is getting a BlackBerry when his contract is up. They laugh at him, but he sees my z30 kicks his iphone. He does have a PB and loves it.

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I've noticed the same swing away from the mud slinging negativity, to many positive articles. There is no denying that the tide is changing.

This is a great time for BlackBerry, finances improving, excellent devices in the pipeline, better media reception, and the best OS just keeps getting better.

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BlackBerry's biggest struggle is still public perception. And their partnerships with carriers are at risk. The only thing that could turn it around is great consumer marketing which they're not prepared to do anytime soon.

Yep. Public perception. Gotta improve it! Some mooks think BlackBerry doesn't exist anymore. Oh, how wrong they are!

Posted with my Awesome Z10 via CB10

That is a valid opinion, even tough I don't agree with it. You can't swim against the tide, if consumer perception of BlackBerry is that, then you need to focus on your core clients, enterprise, where you are still perceived and seen as a leader and top player. That, in time, will change consumer perception. Don't forget that in the end every enterprise customer is a consumer, right? I'm not saying that BlackBerry shouldn't invest on consumer marketing or advertising, only that it does not need to be presented as If we were also cool, just five them facts of what CAN be done with a BlackBerry.

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As long as they don't loose money, carriers won't deny BlackBerry a spot at their stores. However, I'm positive they will not commit to a large amount of inventory. So they can minimize any impact in case of lack of demand.
Remember how Apple sold their phone directly when first launched and then they negotiated on their own terms with AT&T. It won't be the same for us any time soon, but all I'm saying is carrier support will be there, as small as it may be though.

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My wife and kids also laugh at me. Before because of my HP Pre3 and now because of my BlackBerry z10.
I hate them :)

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There is also humor that doesn't encourage breaking a family up. Check your joke bucket buddy. I'm sure there's more in there

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

I'm sure that the OP doesn't really hate them either. Tal vez en español no es una broma, pero en Inglés y dado el contexto que lo es!

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Doesn't matter in North America, this will never make news unfortunately. Especially when the largest advertisers are samsung and apple and sponsor the media. If you owned a large media outlet would you cut your own throat bragging about the competition of your biggest $$$ advertisers?

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30

Word gets around nowadays. If BlackBerry continues to get the software right, the word will get out.

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We at BlackBerry don't depend on the creepy stupid media houses!We know what we love and it's all that matters!

 experience the power of BlackBerry 10 

The word is already slowly starting to get out. Compare a sampling of BlackBerry media reports in the past few months to the same time a year or so ago.

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It was an interesting article in the magazine, I bought the issue just for this cover story. Surprisingly, the blackberry browser and some of the features and characteristics of the OS we feel are the best among all OS'es, are rated way below, but yet the BlackBerry 10 OS comes on top.

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This is not really news to anyone here, but it is nice to see that the media is starting to recognize it.
If only we could get some press like that here. It will be interesting to see what happens when the passport hits. I really think BlackBerry is due for a home run.

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It will probably take some time. People will need to see the passport in the hands of some users before start asking what is that? I believe if this beings attention within the first 6 months, people will start to change.

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Maybe if we all posted this CB article to Twitter, Facebook, etc more people would hear about it.

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:) Make sure to tell your remaining "fence sitting" legacy friends to switch to the "real Mccoy". Enjoy.

If you think BlackBerry OS 10.2 is great, wait until you try BlackBerry OS 10.3.

I installed the leak foe the Z30, and what a delight. Clean. Very, very fast. Professional and beautiful looking. These are just a few words that describe the new OS upgrade.

BlackBerry nailed it with this one.

Finally, I agree, as well, BlackBerry OS is the best mobile operating system.

Fantastic job, BlackBerry!

Can't wait for the Passport.

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You can do it on OS 10.3.

I wrote to a couple of developers who offer such apps and that's what they told me.

Cheers. :)

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This isn't making waves though. I'd like to know the market share of blackberry in India

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

If possible kindly go through the parameters on which the tests were conducted on OS'es. Never saw something like that, so much detailing has gone into the tests. Brilliant work by Digit India Magazine.
Other tech houses or magazines around the world should pick up this story and publish in their respective regions. Esp NA and Europe.

Posted via CB10 on ZED10

When you have a mountain to climb, you conquer it one step at a time. BlackBerry one step at a time will lead you to win. Remember the tortoise and the hare story!

Finally, people are getting it. It always takes a couple of years, see Apple versus Samsung. Slowly, Samsung is next and then BlackBerry will creep up the ranks.

It shows that quality stands first after attractive marketing...consumers cannot always be pushed to dream world they will wake up one day and that day has come...jai ho blackberry... sir Chen you rocks...

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I hope this is a sign of a good times for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry - Pls do not ruin with your poor marketing skills now, do something about that as well.

Google yahoo or any American Canadian media outlets will not report this, which sucks. Hard to see truth like this proven but no one knows, except the users themselves.

Me too. My friend bounced back and forth from iOS and Android for years, but when I got my Z10 (over a year ago) , he went out and got a Q10 when they came out, but his hands are bigger than what would allow for a more comfortable experience. Luckily, he held out for a Z30 when it came out, and he hasn't looked back!

Posted via CB10

I've been saying bb10 is far superior for awhile now. I've used ios, androids newest OS's and they don't hold a candle to 10.2. I can't wait to get my passport on 10.3. The media and carriers need to stop bashing blackberry and report the facts is the only way to change all the zombies view of blackberry. It's Sad to say being the best means nothing.

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We already know this but too bad the BlackBerry name is like poison. Lots of credit should go to the designers and engineers of BB10. Not their fault BlackBerry can't market.

Posted via CB10

That's what I've been trying to tell people. Maybe now they will listen.

I sure hope BlackBerry takes advantage of this and turns this up during a marketing campaign, hoping they have a marketing blitz!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

The problem is, only people currently using it know about it. I try to explain why I like it so much, but until they really use it (and go on CB to learn all the little secrets), they won't understand.

I do find I am more convincing with the Z10 than the Q10 because it looks more similar to what they are used to. As soon as they see the keyboard on the Q they tune out because they think I got it just for the keyboard and they don't need it. But I like the OS as much as I like the keyboard.

I must say though, the Z10 has grown on me and my Q10 has become my spare phone.

Posted via my Q10 or Z10

This Is old news I have use Android iOS BB10!! is the best OS by far User experience wise

BB Z30!! running 10.3

I thought this was reported already . And how long will it take the world to really find out ?

 Is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

It was reported already, a while back even showing the Magazine cover. I guess it is worth recycling the post. Too bad it was not recycled for use on the ios and Android blogs. Even national news.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


Too bad nobody but us at Crackberry know.

This needs some major network attention. Hit up Jimmy Kimmel, and see how fast the west learns.

very old news but they tested it well and only BlackBerry had old OS from sept/okt 2013 all other OS's where updated and still they won from HTC M8 and Nokia lumia 1520

My opinion is basically all the different OS are a similar user experience with slight but important deviations.

I love the hub, swipe, and how BlackBerry is integrated deep into work content. IOS is awesome, especially the ecosystem. Android is great for the price.

BlackBerry needs to pump out the best devices if we expect any gains.

Posted via CB10

It's obvious to anyone who actually used the new BlackBerry bb10 OS that nothing compares to it. It's the same reason why a person can run a country or company on their BlackBerry phone.

Posted via CB10

My experience with z10 and z30 is indeed comparing them with Android and iOS it is better, faster and easier. Ok you need an hour to get used to it. Then it flies higher than anything else.

Posted via CB10

As a former IOS and Android user, I agree. There is just something about BB10 that makes it so efficient and effortless to move around quickly. Not only that, but my Z10 has operated flawlessly for over a year now. No crashes, no reboots dependable.

Posted via CB10

We bb10 users know this stuff already! Post this somewhere else to android and ios sites..

Posted via CB10

People will come back, since the passing of Steve Jobs, IPhone has really nothing new. People are getting bored with the same look, and not much changed with the OS. The updates released from Apple have only created more issues with the handsets that cause owners to bring them in to get fixed. At least BlackBerry you can always go back to a previous OS.

 Kenny 

If BlackBerry focus on marketing in India...... within next fiscal year BlackBerry will become no 1 position in India.

Posted via CB10

There is no doubt about the OS but definitely blackberry need to launch best of the smartphone by improving the z30's screen and specs a little and after that I guess that device should outrightly beat any other smartphone in the market

Posted via CB10

I'll back my BlackBerry right to the wall and put her head to head with any phone that thinks it's Man/Woman enough.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Blackberry needs to market its self differently, they need to get up close to the business traveler by setting up kiosks inside International airports, similar to the way visa and american express do. Place experienced blackberry specialists at the kiosks and showcase the software and hardware to the business people and decision makers gather feedback and boost the BB10 experience.

Posted via CB10

I really like OS 10.2 and the love I have for 10.3 which I'm currently using on my Z10 is overwhelming. Having said that, iOS has an edge over BlackBerry OSes for ease of use, user friendly and work flow between different iDevice inline with cloud based services.
The news that came from India will have no impact on north American or Europe because they can conduct the same test and come out with different result.
Anyway it's good for BBRY to be well recognized by a magazine even if it happened to be in India

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

I love blackberry, but there are a lot of things they could do right that they don't, ie creating a robust atmosphere for developers, and improving the android runtime.


I started going through each of the thousand rows and found that Digit has not found hidden BlackBerry features like swiping the photo from camera app to middle to share or delete. What else can you find?

"..the world's best OS!". You gotta love the ring of those words. Go BlackBerry Go!!!

Posted via CB10

Not surprised to see this. After using my friends Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S from my relative, I can see why BB10.2 was rated the best. I love my #Q10 and find it so helpful with everyday tasks. I am proud to be a #BlackBerry user and more of my friends are saying the same. Can't wait for the Passport!

Posted via CB10

Great news. We need a direct link to this story, so when I sent it to my friends on the edge of converting, they dont criticize it for coming from crackberry or another site that looks to them to be biased.

Being voted number #1 in India? Might as well have been Antarctica. The big bucks are made in America. You want to number #1 in America, NOT india.

Posted via CB10

China and India are two of the biggest emerging markets out there. United States market is dead for BlackBerry. They have to go where the opportunity is.

No matter what brand of handsets are in the market. I will never leave BlackBerry! Its the best that ever happened in a smartphone industry! I can't wait to grab the BlackBerry Passport here in the Philippines. Will it be sold here by Smart or Globe? Any idea? Coz I'd like to pre-order. :)

aNz loves BlackBerry

Guys! Maybe we should start making YouTube 'commercials', ourselves, to bolster the BlackBerry image. There's no better advertising than first-hand users' experience! Call it "The BlackBerry Jam Session".

(I'm the guy in the background who pushes the "volunteer" forward.)

Posted via CB10

I am yet to taste other mobile devices run on different os. For me BlackBerry os is the best and most reliable in the world. I am not concerned what the market share is is but one thing is sure launching of new devices passport, Classic, Z30 successor, coupled with Z3, Z10 and z30 the BlackBerry 10 series looks quite formidable devices.
It is just a matter of few months we will see the numbers!!

From my Z30 Device using

I will never ever leave BlackBerry and shall continue to be a brand evangelist for BlackBerry.

From my Z30 Device using

A little more BlackBerry marketing in NA would go a long way...seems everyone here thinks BlackBerry is dead and/or sucks. Come on BlackBerry, buy some air time, Web space, and even some print media space in the USA. That is the only way anyone is going to know of success.

"Dogs bark but the caravan moves on."

First to do is share this and let your friends know more about BlackBerry 10 and let the best os be heard . Change is near


Posted via CB10

Thrilled to know I got the best of the beast!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I'm really glad I chose BB10 over IOS, Android & Windows.. I'm also happy that I didn't listen to all the B.S. about BlackBerry that was so widespread and indeed still prevalent today..
In 1 word BlackBerry 10 is simply AWESOME and for sure is here to stay.
I am not at all surprised that finally BlackBerry 10.2 has been recognised as the World's Best Mobile OS by Digit of India.. hopefully this FACT will eventually dawn on others in the West too.. (and don't forget BlackBerry 10.3 is just around the corner..)
Also, I too do not choose a product or service simply because of its dominant market share... I look into matters more deeply than that and eventually choose on what is the superior product and what is best for my needs..
- So again I say: BlackBerry 10 is here to stay.

Posted via CB10

India shows more love to Canadian technology than Canadians. Did I wake up in the twilight zone?

Posted via CB10

Not sure about best contact management but I do enjoy it more than some of the other OS. Especially in terms of usability.

Posted via CB10

I've used bb10. It's fine, but needs more customization options. I'd like to be able to place my own shortcuts I the bar with phone, search and camera.

Also I'd like a Swype like keyboard.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I knew That..! Lol. Seriously though this is very good news!

Great OS that will only get better in time.

Z30 or Classic is my dilema...

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

Already 5 premium branded Android & 2 iPhone5S owners converted to BB10 OS. They all & myself own Z10. One more is in pipeline & soon joining my "Z10 Gang - Beat the Best".

Anyone who likes this tagline??? We can use it for Social Media Marketing. It catches all around it like a wild fire. The more u try to extinguish faster it spreads.

Mr Chen should start buy back offers for all its existing models. It will work pretty well as BB10 OS is kinda begging from its executives to take it into d hands of existing BB users but of previous OS. BB Z3 can be a big tool in it as it doesn't cost a lot and has very good features which will make d users to stick with their BBs.

"BB10+ OS are way ahead of all MF competing OS and will be until next OS from BB itself"

Posted via CB10

Encouraging, good to read this, I feel also that BBY is been treated better from the media now days.
In Greece have read recently an article with announcement of the new Passport that is coming and with very good comments.

Sent from my Z 30

This is great.

There is HUGE potential in india. I believe that in terms of long term success, winning the developing world is more important than winning market share in the U.S.

Posted via CB10

I am so happy and proud now to be the owner of BlackBerry Q10 using the best operating system in the world.

Posted via CB10

Yeah once you try bb10 you realize how good it is, but what if no one tries it? Last week it was my dad's birthday and I took out my q10 to snap a photo, my sister saw the phone and said, "you still have an old phone? I have an iphone 4 I don't use if you want it." of course after I showed her how the q10 worked she wanted one but most people don't even know about it.

Posted via CB10

"Contact management" Lol...c'mon now. Not on my bloody Z30. I'm lucky if the contacts are still there the next time I need to use them!

Swiping and flicking like I'm stuck in a bag of mosquitoes!

I have been having issues with my z10 after every two or three months it hangs and I have to reload it again. Anyone can help?

Posted via CB10

Dont know if discussed...why this news is nowhere found in google?
There is even a news saying Windows fon wil overtake sales position this year comparing to blackberry...

Posted via CB10

If by "the world," this misleading article means "India," then yes. BB10 is NOT known as the world's best OS.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

If 10.2 us the best OS then just wait for 10.3 It will surpass all expectations!!! I prey that this good news will help propel the sales of BlackBerry devices.

From my Z30 Device using

Although a BlackBerry dan, I find it hard to believe that BlackBerry won in the pictures and video category. Email and the os, i can see but pic and video?? Surely the others have better specs when it comes to this.

India is a market full of tech savvy users. This coming from their top tech news organization should be a wake up call for US consumers. Unfortunately, nobody is listening or cares about getting things done in the most productive manner. They just want the big name apps (which BlackBerry lacks) cause everyone else has them. The fact that 10.2 comes loaded with the most productive native apps out of the box means nothing when you can load your device with thousands of apps that emulate what BB10 does.

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