BlackBerry 10.2 will begin to arrive for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones in October

By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2013 04:00 am EDT

With the announcement of the BlackBerry Z30 taking the headline, some folks may have missed the fact that BlackBerry also announced the availability timeframe of BlackBerry OS 10.2 for the already released BlackBerry 10 smartphones such as the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and finally the BlackBerry Q5.

Folks looking to get updated to BlackBerry 10.2 can expect the OS to start rolling out in October across various carriers, though, it remains subject to carrier approvals and regional rollouts are expected. We've seen plenty of BlackBerry 10.2 in the past through several official and non-official sneak peeks and we've got a great list of what customers can expect when the OS is available.

We've already gone through and picked out 10 of the top things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2, so now that's it's all official and a timeframe has been set, drop some comments below and let us know what you all are looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2.

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BlackBerry 10.2 will begin to arrive for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones in October


As far as AT&T is concerned we can technically wait even of we don't want to. Well into 2020. Yay! So pumped!

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Well I'm in Canada and it will come as late as you guys...last time I waited for the 10.1 Mr, it came when Verizon finally released the mr... I'm on rogers Toronto lte network too...

At any rate, when the update finally comes to my phone via notifications ota, imma install a leak xD

I was literally the last person on rogers to get it LMAO, although when 10.1 was released, I got it as one of the first few people

I'm in Alberta and on Telus. I was on 10.1 from when they released way back. Maybe switch to Telus....I only had to call them once about an issure. It wasn't because of billing or service but my plan that I wanted to change.

31 october 11:59:59 PM for unlocked handsets (god helps those who depend on their carriers in USA, let's pray together for those folks)

And that my friend is why I went the way of leaks. Whilst I know the official release will be better than the leak I'm on, I'm comforted by the fact that my stable leak gives me adequate functionality to survive the wait.

That been said... is it October yet!

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Im already on 4.3 =P

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But I guess I'll blow off the dust on my Z10 to give it a update when it rolls out.

Don't know if you have heard, a lot of indie developers are dumping the android platform because of all the fragmentation which cause games and apps not to work on many android devices except the mainstream ones.

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We in South Africa will probably only get it in November - December.

Can't wait for the new awesome feature BB has build in for us.

Blackberry by Choice #KeepMoving !

Vodacom generally gets it as soon as vodaphone overseas starts rolling it out, however, if you are with Cell C that might take a week or two longer

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That is probably my problem and frustration, as I recently joined Cell C after MTN just kept on robbing me monthly.

I have the same problem, I still use Vodacom for my 9790 but at the end of the day money talks and C Cell was by far the better option for that

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The ONLY problem with Cell C is the slow rolling out of the BB10 updates, otherwise price and coverage is ideal for me.

#KeepMoving !

Rocking a Cool Z10

You two are having too much faith in blackberry to deliver on schedule. They haven't in the past few years, why would they start now...

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I think you may be shifting too much blame on BB when carriers are often the ones who aren't "ready" to roll out the upgrades.

Besides, we have the leaks.

Yess! Just hoping Verizon delivers this by end of year. Looking forward to Task Manager and multiple alarms to name a couple.

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Really curious to see when it'll start rolling out in the Netherlands. T-Mobile wasn't too late with the updates, so hopefully I can get the official version soon. In the meantime I'm happy to be able to use the 1443 leak :)

I'm sure VZW will release the 10.2 upgrade by October.... Better make that October 30th.... Wait I forgot for a minute who we are dealing with... I'm sure VZW will release the 10.2 upgrade by October 30, 2014.

At least one month after the official release.
And that if they put there a**** in high gear :)


Fantastic! I have already installed it on my Alpha Device , cannot wait to install it on my Red Z10!

I'm officially going leaked. I won't have 10.2 until 2014. Then, .3 leaks will be out.

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Hello, I would like to remove the English language in the keyboard setting, or put as a second languages, I use Spanish, so when I'm typing the first suggestions is in English and that makes my typing experience very low when I try to use the swap gesture. I just want my first suggestions in Spanish.

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Settings, language and input, change your language to Spanish, then tap input languages, add English and Spanish. Or don't add English.

Once it out do the following:
1. Take out SIM
2. Connect to PC via usb
3. Check out for update on BlackBerry Link
4. Upgrade

Worked here with 10.1 no prob. Then sit safe and sound until carrier's version is out with all the local/regional additions. (If needed)

cool that's better then my way which was to grab an old disabled Rogers SIM throw that in & then update via wifi

Headless apps is by far my most desired feature. It's really no big deal having an active frame open, but there is something about it that bugs the crap out of me and I just can't do it for very long. :)

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headless apps have been around since 10.1
However the API's were not public.
They were released last month with the 10.2 SDKs so that means that Devs can now take advantage of them...this means that we should see them start to appear as Devs start using them

Sorry, not correct. 10.1 does not have "native" headless app support. It does for Droid app but not BB apps..

Yeah I did. But of course it look different if it's officially app and attached other phone user to choose blackberry :)

Meh ... no wonder BB will always fail and fail. Who is the film director and actor behind this stupid decision?
it should be 10.2 first following by BBM cross platform. Once BBM become available in ios and android, more than half BB user in Indonesia includes many of BB10 owners will switch to android. I am pretty sure about it. Os 10.1 is not enough to keep them loyal.. still un-mature OS and lack some good features, even with token the android players is too laggy daggy.

I help two friends to install leaks 10.2 on their device because they are unhappy with 10.1. BBM for many user (incl. BB10 owners) is a big reason to stay with BB. And the only good reason to keep them loyal is OS 10.2 with decent 4.2.2 android runtime.

unlike my z10, my q5 still virgin

I am wondering I due to all the issue a with the maintenance release, they are just rolling up to 10.2. Originally AT&T was going to get 10.1MR in September /October does this mean we might just skip to 10.2? Because that would be amazing

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Are we ever going to see landscape mode again? Having a dock sucks if you if can't utilize landscape mode.

Why do the carriers have to approve the OS update? This is unacceptable, BlackBerry and only BlackBerry has to have the control over updates, not my lousy carrier.

Can't wait too see how long Verizon will take. I'd love to just see an official release, but will still be running the leaks.

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Q: Does this mean that Kris & the rest of the Berry Leaks team will be out of a job come October?

A: Nope, it just means they will have to start getting us 10.3 stuff lol

Looking forward to see what apps will be available with 10.2

We know viber and flipboard are on the way. What's next

Also what improvements exist from the leaked OS

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I bet it doesn't come out til November in the US. If it does release fairly close to the rest of the globe then we will know for sure that US carriers were getting the OS later than UK and Canada to test.

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"8. Native Evernote App
I love Evernote (use it religiously), and on BlackBerry 10 native support for it is there but it's baked into the BlackBerry Remember app. Some people are ok with this... others hate that. With 10.2, it's looking like Evernote will get a dedicated app experience. A good thing IMO.

Can someone explain what the phrase baked into Remember app mean? I have both and would love to transfer the notes from Remember to Evernote. Thank you in advance.

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This is great news...however I haven't even received the 10.1MR for my AT&T Q10 yet.. How about we speed up the rollout process and light a fire under carriers a$$e$. Just sayin' as people shouldn't be getting official 10.2 updates while some are either just getting 10.1 or haven't even gotten the 10.1MR yet.

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American carriers dont care about Blackberry or the fate of its users. They care about pushing all the iphones and androids down your throat.

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Can't wait for lock screen notifications, silent shutter for screen shots in public places lol, priority hub and upgraded features for the camera :)

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Please bring it on. Now to keep the Z10 or switch to a Z30. Either way 10.2 is a big step forward.

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Hahahhahaha WOW an announcement for a release date only? I knew they would blow it again. I swear to god Lindsey lohan or some other retard is running the show in waterloo. What a joke

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i'm getting the z10 the next days too; am really curious; a great forum and community here ...

If I have a completely factory unlocked, chained to no sucker telco z10, can i get it OTA, like a google nexus would update? Or must I still wait for WIND to roll it out?

Until they improve the rollout/distribution of the OS...the lackluster performance for the company will continue. Its not the only issue, but definitely one of the biggest. Since I'm with AT&T, under a corporate plan and on a BES, I won't hold my breath.

Really thinking I should not bother waiting. The official OTA 10.1 update from ATT didn't install right for me anyway. Had to get on the phone with BB to reinstall. I wish someone would just post a step by step guide to update to 10.2. If one exists it should not be buried in the forums it should be a perma link at the top of the Crackberry page. Not everyone who is interested has time to wade through the forums.

That's too bad. But on the bright side, you will become familar with terms "crash" and "buggy". I was fooled once by Android and have no plans to go back.

How many times do people have to be told that updates are at the mercy of the carrier? When Thorsten Heins announced 10.1 was ready I had a notification within two hours (Koodo / Telus). That's pretty on time to me.

Bet a million our carrier will not roll it out. (SUN cellular/DMPI Philippines. They never have since day one when Z10 came out. Had to put a different sim card to get updates

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I was hoping for landscape mode for the Q10 and enabling features to take advantage of the BlackBerry Multimedia Dock.

I want beside mode while docked please.

Maybe this will come with 10.3. Fingers crossed.

Im already running the leaked... hopefully the official will bring a surprise or two. But know BlackBerry, I won't expect the official to drop till October 31st. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will the Leak team get access to the production 10.2 build from the UK carriers that are launching the Z30 next week? :)

I'm kind of excited about on-screen editing instead of waiting for that side menu to show up. Lock Screen Notifications are going to rock the whole system, though.

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I just hope it comes with an updated Facebook that is par to is and android cause our fb app sucks!!! Otherwise looking forward to 10.2!

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Actually, the custom ringtone and notification is not running correctly.
So hope it will be fixed in official 10.2

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What about geo-zoning? :) I was looking for more leading edge features.

Apparently it also has an Android 4.2.2 runtime with hardware acceleration!

Toast notifications are hands down the best part of 10.2. They could really improve the lock screen notifications in my opinion. They look unappealing and it would be nice if clicking on the notification would, ya know, actually take you straight to the message. Another beef I have with bb10 in general is no access to the top bezel settings from everywhere. What's the point if I have to exit to the home screen first then swipe down from the top to have "quick" access to my wifi/bluetooth/sounds settings? iOS and android seem to have figured this out, why can't blackberry? Perhaps a small gripe but IMO there's no excuse for these things in the latest and greatest BlackBerry has to offer. Not to mention the features in 10.2 should have been on BB10 devices when they launched. Smh.

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I'm confident, that Swisscom will publish it very soon. Usually they are really fast.

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I can't wait for a rogers or tmobile one to pop up in the forums. Because waiting on US carriers is just too painful.

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I have a Q10 with SQN100-3. What's the latest leak that I can install on it?

Thanks Crackberry

Posted via CB10 is the latest but brings back the pin watermarks. If your not ok with this there is leak.

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finally a official release. I wish BlackBerry were more media friendly with release dates and marketing. BECAUSE THERE PHONES ARE THE BEST!


I hope Verizon doesn't wait as long as they did with 10.1

Random question - there might be a better forum for it, but thought I would start here. Is BBRY working on fixing the ability to send a larger video file? Since we are limited to 6 MB?

BlackBerry you need to push this update out sooner I've been waiting since June for this update and makes me really mad the ios7 came out before the 10.2 update so please from a blackberry lover stop slacking and put it out there

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I wanna b able to start a text to ANY # within the phone app. That is long press on the # and see the text icon pop up where the add contact icon does. Not press the info icon and then have to press text; like u currently have to.

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excuse my ignorance, but is it possible that once the first official 10.2 is released, someone like the great and powerful BerryLeaks, make an official 10.2 leak outloader so that those who want it can have it and not suffer the time waiting game? i'm loving 10.2.1047 on my STL-1, but it does have some bugs and the whole hotspot thing ain't working.

Some of us will have a nice surprise Halloween morning. The rest of us will have to wait for St. Nick. Oh well can't wait.

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With Verizon track record, it will probably be the last day in October.....ohboy here we go again

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Hello! Being a European Blackberry lover, have insatlled your leaked which is running greatly on m y Q10, unfortunately I do not see the 'upgrade' tab on it. How do we sort it out when eventually new carrier 10.2 OS gets released? Thanks!

This is what I've been waiting for. Great news. Now, let the waiting begin!!!


Question: Why is Apple able to release their new OS (iOS7 in this case) to all iPhone users all at one time, yet BlackBerry (OS 10.2) get's a staged release after carriers have approved it?

Does Apple simply wait for all carriers before releasing whereas BB let's carriers release individually when they're ready?

My sad story...I cracked the top of my z10 screen and can no longer swipe down from the top. Therefore I cannot install any new OS because of the practice gesture part. Blackberry please allow a bypass to get past this! The phone still works well for almost all apps, sometimes I need to go to landscape, but that's okay. Current screen replacement cost is $350, which almost floored me. I could try to replace it myself at a cost of about $150. But for ow I just want to be able to get past the gesture practice screens (as appear on leaked 4.2 versions).

Install a android settings bar file.. and that will take you straight the the blackberry settings.

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im running the latest leak, what happens when my carrier launches 10.2? will my phone recognize it or do i have to keep the leak i have installed?

Please don't tell me that I'll have to wait til the last day of OCT. I want it early so that I can compare BB10 10.2 with iOS7

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